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World War Z Adaptation Troubled By Money Woes

This is not good. Fanfolk, quickly! Empty your wallets and pool your money together! We have to save World War Z!

It seems that the adaptation of Max Brooks’ (excellent) novel, an oral history of the fictitious apocalyptic zombie war, is having trouble rising from its grave at Paramount thanks to a $125 million budget. Even with Brad Pitt set for the lead, that’s a lot of scratch for one movie that isn’t a franchise picture.

The studio is looking for a financier to partner with, Vulture reports. Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman told the website, “We’re really committed to making a big, kick-ass giant movie with [director] Marc Forster and Brad Pitt,” but refused to comment on whether plans would move forward if someone doesn’t step forward to share the risk.

There’s really no other way to put it: This sucks. There’s a really great story to be told in World War Z. Even if the film version diverges from the book’s approach of documenting the events of the world-changing event through a series of scattered survivor interviews with a more traditional narrative, the heart of the story Brooks created is a strong one.

Even if you’re suffering from zombie burnout, this is one book that’s worth your time if you haven’t read it. So do so, and then express your positive opinions on it loudly in a public forum.


  • Lion_okitkat

    $125 mil, I wonder why so much. How much did it cost to make the first Resident Evil movie? I guess Brad Pitt does come with a hefty price tag.I’m slightly over zombies right now although I did like The Walking Dead television series. Hmmm. I guess it depends on the material. Maybe they should continue to look for financing and just not rush things. From what I’ve read the material should make a spectacular movie.

  • Farson89

    Oh dammit, I was really looking forward to seeing a WWZ movie but this doesn’t sound good, I hope they don’t scrap the project. Surely Pitt could get some of his many celebrity friends to donate about 1% of their cash each, then we’d have enough money for WWZ and probably a space station or two.

  • Tomfitz1

    Maybe Brad Pitt ought to take a pay cut and take a percentage of the box office profits instead, if he wants to see this movie made.

    Maybe I ought to check out the book, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m such a The Walking Dead fan.

  • Adam Rosenberg

    Think about it like this, Tomfitz1: Robert Kirkman would definitely recommend that you read World War Z (after TWD of course).

    The book is great stuff, very sharp and not what you’d expect from a zombie story. There’s a very authentic feel to it, and with good cause. I interviewed Brooks last year and he told me that he’s a big history buff, and a lot of his base ideas for setting a scene revolved around stuff he read in history books, largely from WWII. Also stuff he heard from his dad (Mel Brooks), which is pretty fantastic.

    As for the budget, assuming they stick with the book’s rough presentation, there are a fair number of big moments to capture. I won’t spill any spoilers here, but some of the book’s “interviews” detail some pretty insane showdowns, from a set piece perspective. I wouldn’t blame this on Pitt’s undoubtedly high pay. It’s probably just a fraction of the $125 mil.