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Dwayne Johnson Set For Snitch

Dwayne Johnson gives good movie. The man that many know as The Rock realized one day in his career as a professional wrestler that he was actually pretty good at that acting stuff, and damn it if he didn’t leverage himself a solid body of primarily-but-not-all action-movie work. He’s one of those guys where a day one ticket purchase from me is guaranteed so long as he’s got top billing.

Enter Snitch, the latest effort from Felon writer/director Ric Roman Waugh. Deadline reports that Johnson is now set to star in the film, which follows an average blue-collar citizen who puts his life on the line to save his falsely imprisoned son. The script comes from Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road), with a rewrite from Waugh.

That’s as high-concept a pitch as I’ve ever heard, and it should be the perfect platform for Johnson to do those things he does best.


  • Scud

    That’s not really high-concept but Dwayne in another action movie? I’m there in a heartbeat.

  • Adam Rosenberg

    How is that not high concept? A “high concept” pitch is one that can be summed up in a simple, succinct statement. “Father risks life to save falsely imprisoned son” is that.