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Could New Heroes Save NBC?

For those who didn’t read yesterday’s post, I’ve decided that The Event and The Cape should serve as a wake-up call to NBC that they need to stop playing it so safe with their genre shows. And, if Wonder Woman isn’t what the network needs to return to former glory, I had another suggestion: Bring Heroes back.

Yes, it sounds like a terrible idea, but wait: I have a plan.

For its first season, Heroes was great; it had a direction, it had speed and it felt organic. By the second season, that wasn’t the case anymore – the characters had no real reason to stay in each others’ orbit, and the idea that they would regularly save the world (or even have the chance to) stretched credibility more than the show could handle. By the fourth season, everything has become ridiculous, despite the show’s periodic attempts to reground itself, and it became hard to care about anything that was going on. So, first thing to do with any new version of Heroes: Let the show’s characters go their separate ways again.

No, that’s not exactly right; that’s the second thing to do. The first thing is make sure that this isn’t a reboot. Keep everything that’s happened in the previous four seasons of the show in place, so that the fans of the show can be happy with the revival and that whoever’s in charge of the revival doesn’t have to start from scratch again.

But allowing the characters to go their own ways also allows you to thin the herd out a little; Heroes finished its run with a large, large cast, and it makes sense to pick and choose who gets to come back on a regular basis, and who gets written out for awhile (if not permanently). Allow some characters to stay away for awhile to recover from their overexposure in earlier seasons (Hi, Sylar! Hi Hiro! Hi, Claire!) and build up the other characters, instead.

Also: Change the format of the show. NBC had kicked around the idea of opening the Heroes world up to guest directors and writers with the mooted-but-never-happened spin-off, so it’s not as if this is an entirely new idea to them, but what if the series became one that ran all year, instead of all season, with stories lasting however many episodes necessary before passing off to an entirely different character/director/writer team? It’d be a bold move, but one that would work for the benefit of the ensemble cast and, potentially, the network (No need for reruns = All-new material each week = More audience, in theory). Plus, this allows all manner of interesting possibilities of new writers and directors to come in and reinvigorate the show (My suggestion? Raid the writers’ room of Being Human, which shows what Heroes could be like, if it hadn’t gone so far towards the melodramatic).

Ideally, this would result in a show that could take advantage of the pluses of the original Heroes – the attachment to existing characters, the brand recognition – while spinning off in a new direction in both format and content, allowing NBC to look like they’re trying something different and experimenting in genre drama again. I know I’d watch, but I’m biased. What about you?


  • Sdc10

    The fact of the matter is that the show fell apart after Brian Fuller left and Loeb was brought in. Loeb, being a comic book writer, wrote the show like a comic book i.e. all about the powers and over the top plot lines. This was the exact opposite of what the show originally was, which was more about the characters and their problems rather than their powers.It also didnt help that they clearly didnt have long term stories in mind. Both Peter and Sylar were both supposed to die at the end of the first season but since the show was so popular they kept them alive, and we all saw what happened there.

  • Michael Sacal

    We will see a Heroes revival someday, just like we are seeing a revival of V, Wonder Woman, Knight Rider, and Bionic Woman now.

    It will probably take 20 years to happen, though.

  • Dave Morris

    Yeah, it needs a lot longer cooling-off period, then when they bring it back it should be a reboot.

  • Wildstorm

    They should have it a one and done format. One episode could be all about Hiro and his dealing with everything. The next another character. The whole over arching story format is tiring now.

  • Kelly

    It’s funny that the guy heading Marvel TV is the one who killed the show: Jeph Loeb.

    As it is, I don’t want to see that show ever again.

  • Michael Sacal

    Not necessarily. It could be a TNG-type deal.

    It be interesting to see what the world of Heroes will be like 20 years after Claire revealed their existence to the world.

  • Chi_dago

    “Heroes” was a train-wreck that never needs to be resurrected again

  • No

    No x1000

  • Bclewis6593

    I think that NBC will revive Heroes at some point, probably sooner than we think. Otherwise why would they keep the website up?

  • Ryan

    The original idea behind Heroes was a revolving cast where once your story is told, you’re gone to make room for the next guy. The only reason they kept the entire cast for so long was because of how popular the actors got and they didn’t want to chance losing viewers when they lost characters on the show. I think the show would have survived a lot longer if they didn’t keep trying to force the same characters to stick together like you said. I think the mythos of Heroes is so convoluted at this point that most people (and I know I fall into this category) don’t care to keep up with it all. Not that I think NBC needs “saving,” but a good show for them might be one in the vein of the original plan for Heroes in some sort of spin off where characters come and go and you can really jump into the show at any point. I know the reason some of my friends couldn’t get into Heroes was because they didn’t want to have to watch previous seasons, and I bet a lot of other people felt that way too because it was a very continuity heavy show.

  • Paul Penna

    If I were writing as new episode of Heroes (something I thought about as a screenwriting student) I’d open with a guy sitting watching television, living a normal life with his powers unrevealed.

    Then he sees Claire reveal the truth to the world.

    And then I’d have this guy (plus characters new and old) have to deal with the fact that everyone now knows that they exist.

    Because showing how these abilities affected normal peoples lives is what made the series great.

    We don’t need to jump ahead in time and there is no real need to wait for a relauch.

    I completely agree with this article. All Heroes needed was an infusion of new creative talent and it could easily have returned to the greatness of Season 1.

    They had the building blocks of a great show, they just didn’t know how to use what they had.

  • Anyone

    Never going to happen.

  • CJ3

    I have not read what others are saying, however, maybe it’s time to just go a different direction with Heroes in that it is all new heroes and maybe some appearances once in a while with the older heroes making appearances. I would also like it to be set years later with the world aware there are these heroes.

    The old story got stupid with the heroes losing their powers or having them drastically altered. To me that ruined the characters and destroyed the show. The idea of people with super powers to to exploit weaknesses and instead they just changed, altered or took away their powers. That is when I began hating this show.

    That’s my two copper…

  • DM

    20-30 years ago, they used to do shows like that. There was one that had to do with the class of ’69, I think, where they focused on a different class member each week and told the story of what happened to them after they graduated high school.

  • Tony

    NBC doesn’t need Heroes. They now have one of the big 3. They now have Wonder Woman. They should try to put Wonder Woman in the same universe as the upcoming Green Lantern film and Superman film. It would add to the world and give the television show the feeling of being part of a world that was bigger and more epic. Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill should also guest star in a few episodes as Hal Jordan and Clark Kent respectively.

    It would also be the start of putting the wheels in motion for a Justice League film.

  • Masked Man Issue 1

    I think this is definitely tricky, because you’re going to get same bias for either side of the spectrum. I think the discussion from yesterday’s post says that very clearly, and also the way this one is going.

    I’ll admit that I’m also biased. As hurt and nauseated as I was by Seasons 3 and 4, I would take Heroes back, if the proper creative talent in the writer’s chair and tested talent on the director’s chair.

    I do think we may still need some time, although not 20 years- a la V or Knight Rider, making the show become as ridiculous as these reboots have been. Maybe we need “Heroes- 5 years later” (without a 52-style series in between), let some characters go their separate ways and attain some maturity (whatever happened to the awesome future Hiro? why four seasons with a Hiro that was de-evolving instead of becoming the hero we saw in Season 1?), and bring back the wonder and the glory of the show in its first season (and part of second).

  • Shomy092

    I like the idea of Heroes coming back…. I hate that NBC didn’t finished the show the right way…. The Clair jump opened so many possibilities and nothing….. We’ll see if they listen to the advice…

  • Sheindie

    Couldn’t have written this better myself! …. hope it’ll happen.

  • nailsin

    At this point NBC is so low bringing back Heroes wouldn’t be so bad and
    who knows it might even work.

  • Samf14

    You should tell this to NBC.

  • Jacob

    Wonder Woman is only one of the “Big 3″ because of how long she’s been around. She’s easily the weakest character of the trio.

  • baalroo

    And how exactly is it that writing “about the powers and over the top plot lines” is “like a comic book?” I mean, what comic books are you reading? “Comic book” isn’t a type of story telling, it’s a storytelling medium. I read a lot of comics (including stuff from the “Big 2″) and if a story was “about the powers and over the top plot lines” I’m pretty sure it would get dropped from my pull list pretty quickly… unless it was intentionally parodying or homaging those particular traits for the sake of comedy.

    I know your post wasn’t an attack on comics, but those sorts of blatant misconceptions are frustrating to read when you are a fan of the medium and understand how ridiculously misguided these sorts of comments are. Based on the rest of your comment, I’m guessing you’d probably actually really enjoy a whole lot of comics… because a good percentage of them are exactly what you think they aren’t.

  • Willow

    I absolutely agree, Paul. Having talked to Tim Kring personally about this, he repeated what I’d heard before: “I don’t understand why people thought Season 2 was so different than Season 1. We actually didn’t have any kind of break in the writer’s room because of the timing, so we just kept writing episodes and were very surprised by the fan reactions to ‘Season 2′ which, for us, was just the same thing continued.”

    Having said that, I do think that Bryan Fuller (who is extremely unlikely to return to the show due to personal differences) wrote some of the most character/people oriented episodes, such as “Company Man” and some of the more successful moments of Season 4. If it gets to the point of a return, assuming the primaries aren’t in other projects (including score composers Wendy & Lisa, and Kring himself who has the pilot “Touch” under development), let’s hope that the writers listen to outside voices a bit more, and not just Sylar’s Army who gave them a distorted image of what the majority of viewers wanted. Considering who Kring is now talking/listening to, it’s not far-fetched that they might, resulting in a better show.

    An interesting article, let’s see if it goes anywhere.

  • Shaun

    I think Graeme just like pulling ideas out of his a** to see what kind of rise he can get out of people, and bring readers to this blog. In this ridiculous instance, it worked on me.

    And no… Heroes wasn’t “great” in its first season. It was mostly watchable, had a lot of potential, and reached its peak with the excellent “Company Man,” but it was never “great.” It just got worse and worse from there.

  • Willow

    “The old story got stupid with the heroes losing their powers or having them drastically altered. To me that ruined the characters and destroyed the show. The idea of people with super powers to to exploit weaknesses and instead they just changed, altered or took away their powers. That is when I began hating this show.”

    Agree completely. This is something I tried to impress upon the writers, and hopefully if the show is resurrected in some capacity, they won’t do this again. The argument is given that Peter was too powerful, but that ignores his humanity and empathy, which would naturally keep his powers in check if done well. The whole “synthetic powers” thing was also a huge mistake that I compare to the “miticlorians” thing in Star Wars — talk about ruining the mystique. They also said that Mohinder and Ando would never get powers, and they jumped that shark too. Again… let’s pray that if something ever comes of any of this, that they’ll listen to the fans more carefully. And that they’ll bring Nathan back, which was also a huge mistake judging from the fan responses I’ve seen from around the world (it is possible to do within canon in at least two different ways).

  • Willow

    Great points, Ryan.

  • redskye72

    I think it’s just best to let Heroes go, I mean it had a good run and it’s sad that NBC refused to let it continue on through another season at least to wrap it up. I honestly don’t see them bringing it back in any form, on another network maybe (in another form, with new cast members), but not NBC. As for saving NBC itself I think that ship hit a ratings iceberg long ago and sank.

    I really only watched the show for Sylar to be honest. And Hiro.

  • demoncat_4

    doubt ful even bringing back heroes would help nbc for even if they did do it with a select cast and like being human. odds are nbc would still want to play it safe and repeat would finaly killed hero’s in the first place. for they should just resurect comedy which is what made the network a hit so long ago and accept the genre show is not for nbc

  • Ryan

    I didn’t mention this in my original post, but I think the main problem with Heroes was really the writer’s strike. I liked where season 2 was going, and the original planned ending sounded way better than what actually happened. It was all the backtracking in season 3 that really killed it for me, and I never even saw any of season 4. Again, not that I think Heroes needs to come back, but if something similar were to come along I think it might fare better without the 18 or so months off the air that Heroes suffered from.

  • Justice Gray

    “but those sorts of blatant misconceptions are frustrating to read when you are a fan of the medium and understand how ridiculously misguided these sorts of comments are.”

    Why do you care? Is your self-worth so wrapped up in being a fan of the medium that you feel personally assaulted when someone is misinformed?

  • Madmike

    This is your brain : “Heroes really sucked after the first season.”

    This is your brain on drugs: ‘They should bring Heroes back.”

  • Guest

    Y’know…I love how certain individuals have to begin every comment, or at least include it in there, how they personally spoke to/with the creator and writers of Heroes. As if that gives their highly individual, and provably wrong, opinions any more validity than the average viewer’s.

  • tom

    The first season wasn’t that good. Better shows have died a more premature death. Heroes fans should be grateful for the 77 or so episodes they were given. (Compare it to Veronica Mars’ 64, Pushing Daisies’ 22, Firefly’s 15, Drive’s 6…)

  • Flip Maker

    Actually, you’re TOTALLY wrong about your time line. Loeb was part of the show from day one. When Loeb and Jesse Alexander were fired, the show went FAR further in to decline. People wondered at the time of their ousting if possibly they were the problem and the show would improve, but that did not happen. The show went in to a massive decline following their departure.

    I’m not saying they were the reason it was good or bad, but I am saying to blame either of them would be completely unfair. Fuller leaving the show to create his own (Pushing Daisies) was a huge blow to the show, no doubt. But ultimately the blame must lay with series creator and visionary Tim Kring. He has stated in interviews that his main interest was in telling the origin stories. Once season one ended, it became clear that was his strong point when it came to Heroes, as telling the continuing story in Season Two and onwards was a clear decline in quality over season one.

  • Thom Vane

    Remaking heroes would be the same as them finally admitting that they have no freakin’ clue.

  • Redhawk

    so…..create a whole new show…….got it

  • Rebel

    The simple fact that so many have commented is proof to me that interest in “Heroes” continues to endure. I think everyone wants to see what happens once Specials are “out”.

    My idea: uses HRG (working for gov’t) as a framing device so we could do any of a number of things. From original new stories & characters to working in existing characters to appear organically.

    Here’s a Heroes fan comic in meantime…

  • Mdksun1

    Just forget Heroes already. It was great in it’s first season, but they let Fuller get away, they hired Loeb, the didn’t fire Kring, it’s NBC’s own fault, they blew it, there’s no way to bring it back. Doing so would be almost as stupid as ABC airing a Lost sequel series (AfterLost? Hurley Reyes’ Place? Joey?). It’s dead, keep it buried. We’ll always have Season 1 on DVD or Blu-Ray (even though all the show’s problems showed up in that godawful season finale).

  • kalorama

    They should revive Bionic Woman and Journeyman while they’re at it. And buy the rights for Sarah Conner Chronicles and Dollhouse from Fox. Then they can program an entire night of shows audiences have already soundly rejected.

    There’s a business plan.

  • Anonymous

    She’s ‘the weakest’ only because she hasn’t had a truly defining series (like Dark Knight Returns or All-Star Superman.) The closest was the George Perez revival, and that eventually petered out. But the character herself has no less potential than Batman or Superman.

  • Anonymous

    To me the interesting part of Heroes always was seeing how otherwise normal people, from Japanese nerds to Las Vegas strippers, reacted to gaining superpowers. Had it remained as character-focused as the in the first season, I would’ve watched it beyond the second season. The only overaching plot it really needed was the origin of the powers, and they took way too long to get to that (probably trying to imitate “Lost”.)

    Also, for a show called “Heroes” it sure had very few truly heroic characters. The most popular one was a freakin’ Brain-stealing serial killer! Maybe they should have titled it “Superhumans” instead.

  • Rebel

    Ilike Greame’s idea. New episodes of “Heroes”could do anything. You could have single episode stories and episodic ones. Doesn’t havevto revolve around characters we we’re left with in S4.

  • Nour Chams

    I thought what HEROES can do to make it A FAMous Show Again
    This :

    When they left off when claier showed what she can do to the world: [IN live Tv]
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  • Dave Morris

    Interesting to whom, though? Not like the world at large cares one way or the other.

  • Dave Morris

    Or he could have said: “We didn’t really have much of a clue where we were going with season one, and we just did the exact same thing with season two.” It had its chance, failed – move on.

  • Dave Morris

    She’s DC’s Submariner. And that’s the charitable view.

  • Anil Yossundara

    The show was over for me when they introduced the third nikki triplet

  • Dawnell_do

    I say give it a shot, whats the worse that could happen other then it getting cancelled of it sucks.

  • maxweb00

    nope. don’t bring it back. too soon. NBC needs good better dramas and comedies. if Law and Order was where CSI is now, the cycle happens and ends. move on. if the Amazon Princess can’t do it, then no one can and let cable channels do the developing of such shows like Heroes.

  • Isa

    NBC also brought in eleven new shows this past season. Out of those eleven shows maybe two or three stand a chance of making it to next season. That’s being charitable. Do the math. That’s at least eight or nine time slots that need to be filled. So far, I have heard of maybe two shows picked up by NBC. Again, that leaves six or seven slots that are open. Plenty of room to bring back a show that still has an avid fan following and could be great again with a little work.

  • Isa

    Even with the crack that was Season 2 and the worse crack that was the writer’s strike, Heroes Season 3 still premiered to a more than respectable ten million viewers. What killed the show was the constant side-switching and confusion in Season 3, and don’t even get me started on killing Nathan. That, more than anything, was probably the final nail in the coffin for the show.

  • Isa

    Working on it.

  • Jacob


  • Jacob

    Did you see The Cape? They already did.

  • Willow

    Hi, I assume you mean me. I’m not saying these things to boost my personal opinions as more valid than yours. If you actually read what I’m saying, I am trying to act as YOUR advocate. Some of us do have their collective ear, and have met with Kring and other writers in an effort to try and improve the show on YOUR behalf. We’re not going in there with solely our personal opinions on what would have made the show better, we’re reaching out to all corners of the fandom and the general public when we approach them. So, despite the anonymous slap to the face, you’re welcome.

  • Anonymous

    We never met #3. Only Nikki and Stacy.

  • Anonymous

    I would take it back just to have some closure to some character arcs. Plus to see more of Samuel and Papa Sylar.

  • Tarot1

    I don’t care to see a reboot or remake. I do like the year round idea. I don’t think the multiple long hiatuses helped matters. I have to wonder which Being Human Graeme McMillan is referring to: the original or the Syfy remake? I love the original. Couldn’t get past episode one of the remake. As far as Heroes goes, new characters could be interesting but I’d like to see some of the original cores but some do need to go.

  • Tarot1

    The Cape was a disappointment.

  • graehaus

    I thought it was a great start, but with two over-powered characters, it would, and had spun out of control. A reboot would be nice, but let’s give it a rest.

  • Bluntkrayon

    I think the “Company” would work. A series based on bagging and tagging “supers”, so you get fresh one’s every couple of episodes, along with their origin stories, etc, and if you really wanted to keep them around, make them join the Company, and probably some against their will, to see the dynamics.

  • Mummra_t_e_l

    NBC should raid the writer’s room of “Misfits” if they want a show about powers in the real world!

  • Brandon Y.

    Yeah, I still don’t care. I agree the first season was great, but I would add that its season finale was way anti-climactic and set the tone for the remaining run of the series. If there is no follow through, then I don’t care about the rest. (Hi, Lost!).

  • Mory Buckman

    Your mistake is in thinking there were a few key problems with Heroes that could be fixed with minor tweaking. The problem with Heroes was the entire writing staff. Most individual members of said writing staff were excellent, but working as a group they were no good. They couldn’t agree on where they were going (even from one episode to the next), and unless you replaced all the producers on the show with one with stronger leadership, the deterioration of the story was inevitable.

  • Alex

    This is a horrible idea. But let’s pretend NBC were to use it.

    “Keep everything that’s happened in the previous four seasons of the show in place, so that the fans of the show can be happy with the revival and that whoever’s in charge of the revival doesn’t have to start from scratch again.”

    Or try alienating your new audience because people who haven’t watched the show before and there would be lots since this idea would be multiple production cycles away.

    Also since the show was hemmoraging viewers it wouldbe hard to convince them to give the show another try if it was a defacto fifth season.

    “but what if the series became one that ran all year, instead of all season, with stories lasting however many episodes necessary before passing off to an entirely different character/director/writer team?”

    First of all massive change in creative direction, sorry massive repeated change in creative direction, as you envision it, would be a terrible idea. You yourself complain that the problem with Heroes was that it did not remain consistent. Also when the creative direction is being handed off and one team is fully wrapping up its storyfor another to jump in, many viewers will find that as a jumping off point not a continuation especially if the show is being aired year round as you imagine it.

    “(No need for reruns = All-new material each week = More audience, in theory)”

    This equation makes me laugh. At it.

    Do you know how costly this production schedule would be???? especially because in order to maintain your schedule multiple production crews would haveto be filming at thesame time. This would have to pull the highest network ratings ever in order for NBC to invest that much money in it. And it most certainly would not.

    1. Its fighting the bad reputation its already garnered from 3 of its 4 seasons.

    2. Its not a reboot and that will inevitabley put some people off, regardless of how its executed.

    3. Most people will not watch a show year round especially in the summer season. There’s a reason networks don’t air their big programs in summer, many people are out in the evenings and not infront of their TV sets. If those people miss a few episodes of Heroes then they’re almost guarunteed out altogether.

    And yes there are DVRs but that doesn’t do much to help shows scheduled for friday nights let alone all summer which is basically as far as TV viewing goes one long Friday.

    This is the worst idea ever, in no way a viable sollution for any problems NBC might have, and in no way a feasible option for creating a tv show.

  • Goof

    If NBC wants to go with a people with super powers show they should adapt George R.R. Martins Wildcard series into a show instead of bringing back Heroes.

  • Robert Sparling

    Maybe I just don’t understand; but people here actually liked Heroes?

    I grew up with comics, have been reading them for decades. I’ve been through the good and bad times of the last 30 years, and I cut my teeth on my mom’s collection from the 60s and 70s. I love superheroes and comics. This show had nothing to do with comic books and was no better executed than The Cape, The Event, or any other train wreck out there.

    Heroes was, at best, mediocre in the first season. If you’d ever read a comic book or even a heroes journey-style fantasy novel, you saw the path of the narrative. Even if you didn’t, the writers spent no small amount of time telling everyone about the future through the deus ex machina of Future Paintings, which I hoped would go away when Isaac died. Of course no less than 3 more people managed to get future painting power, 4 if you count the one-off African who died. It was haphazard and poorly put together as the story drew all the characters together, and almost entirely unnecessary since at one point, Peter had every power set there. At best you could say it was watchable in the first season.

    Then came the 2nd season. I can only assume that the writers woke up one day and said “Man, we really didn’t think this through. Let’s make some sweeping changes in order to correct our mistakes.” Most powerful character? Gets amnesia and his powers work erratically because someone realized Peter could raze cities with the amount of power he’d accumulated. New characters are introduced in order to try and spawn new stories, because origins are the only thing they can write, and a little lip service is paid to multi-culturalism because two of them are Latino. Time travel proves a tricky beast again, and some poor Irish girl is left in an alternate future full of dead people, and the topic is never brought up again. The Company…does things, none of which are very effective, especially trying to corral Sylar. Claire dates a flying emo kid who hates her dad. She eventually wants to reveal her powers to the world because she really can’t do anything other than heal, and finds that so very boring. As if that weren’t enough, there’s another threat, from the future, a virus that will kill everyone, perpetrated by someone from the past that Hiro was stuck in, who ultimately causes Adam to hate humanity and superhumans enough to want everyone to die. After that’s stopped, someone shoots Nathan. Why, you ask?

    Season 3: because the future is bad again and Future Peter must shoot his own brother, even though he has about 100 other options with which to murder his brother, and only a few thousand more that don’t involve murdering his kin. For some reason, this causes Nathan to become Graydon Creed. Matt, whose powers just keep growing (this is when secondary mutations were stolen from X-Men because Loeb has nothing resembling an original idea in his head), has a strange pseudo relationship with someone who looks 17 who has zero chemistry, only to have her die. Supposedly, this is supposed to be character development. Claire, who is the most boring character, is pretty, so the writers have to find something for her to do. She runs an underground railroad for powers! No wait, she’s evil and bad ass from the future! No wait, she’s a loving/petulant daughter who constantly risks her family’s safety because she doesn’t feel emotionally fulfilled. There we go. And then there’s Peter, WHOSE POWERS CHANGE COMPLETELY FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER, because the writers finally realized that having a god-level power makes all the others obsolete, including Sylar. Now he touches people and copies one power at a time, about 13 episodes into the season. This season was the worst written of all of them. I won’t even get into the stupidity of the cloning, the pointless first half of the season about the virus and evil father Petrelli, or the fact that the writers had to nerf Hiro because, once again, someone realized how incredibly powerful a time traveler who teleports with no seeming limit to his powers truly is, and how impotent it makes every other character. Oh, and then Nathan is murdered, Parkman evolves a new power just in time to do a mindswap on Sylar. Cue the bagpipes and eclipse. Oh yeah, Eclipses take away powers. Because. For a show with an evolutionary-minded geneticist on staff, they really didn’t spend a lot of time figuring out how the powers worked. I suppose it was more interesting to see Mohinder punch things, whenever he remembered he had super strength.

    Season 4:Despite the power change, Peter seems to enjoy his new life actually doing something heroic for a change and far less grim mugging for cameras. Claire goes to college, again reveals her powers because, ultimately she wants to, all the time, because she needs constant attention from the world around her. Also, she’s a pseudo-lesbian because it gives her something to do and allows a few tight shots of her breathing heavily next to another pretty girl. And then the Carnival. This was actually interesting as viewers got to see new types of powers, or different characters using old powers in new ways. A fairly charismatic villain with a not unsympathetic outlook on life was presented. Things were looking up. And then we spent hours on HRG trying to be a father/family man/bachelor/independent investigator of superhuman affairs. Also, he has even more secrets about his past, all of them having to do with his sex life apparently. Hiro gets a brain tumor, because time travel is too powerful and they already made him a 10 year old. This also treats the viewer to very long, drawn out Twin Peaks-like dream episode with judges and flashbacks and absolutely no plot development. He gets better. The carnival becomes less interesting as the days go on, but NYC, again, is at risk of being blown up. Sylar becomes good, then bad, then ambivalent, then good again and he and Peter bond over rock breaking. They save the day. At the end of the season, Claire, in desperate need of attention again, jumps off a ferris wheel, revealing her powers to reporters, which is what got Nathan almost murdered 2 season ago, but Future Peter must not care all that much because he doesn’t appear to murder her…oh wait, he no longer has every power in the world so he couldn’t stop Claire from ending the world. Fittingly, thus ends Heroes; a bullet to the brain of nearly dead horse.

    There was almost nothing good about this show. Poorly scripted, lacking in direction, even more poorly acted (note to Hayden and Milo; you’re uncle and niece in the show. Try not to eye-hump each other in every scene you have together), incomprehensible at times, tragically aware of its flaws at others…I cannot understand the popularity it garnered, though I suspect it was simply good timing since superhero shows and movies had been absent from pop culture for a few years when season 1 rolled out. I was forced to watch this show for work, and it boggles my mind how how anyone who likes television, stories, or logic was able to stomach them.

  • Axehorn99

    The damn writers strike is what killed the show, becasue of that the second season was shortened and the spin-off was not made.

  • Equilax81

    The show fell apart because the writers were total hacks. They had no concept of characterization or pacing. They would consistently forget (or choose to ignore) character abilities. Instead of Sylar remaining a serious threat, they bring him in as a regular and neuter him. So many failed opportunities. No reboot will work unless you have intelligent writers who approach the genre with respect.

  • Jacob

    The Cape was a migraine.

  • Jacob

    More like insulting to Namor.

  • Jacob

    Every character has potential. If someone had told me that I would be looking forward to an Aquaman book three years ago, I’d have laughed in their face. And yet, Johns looks to be doing some wonderful things with him. She’s the weakest because nobody has bothered to define her, she suffers from constant retooling and rebooting. Which is a sign the concept itself needs to be grounded and solidified. Until that happens, she’ll never really deserve her status as one of DC’s “Big 3″. What she really needs is for some new, up and coming writer to get on the book for a LONG time, tell a huge epic, and bring her book into the top ten (when there’s no event). (personally think Spencer or Hickman would do a fantastic job)

  • Jacob

    The world at large never cares about this kind of thing. That’s a moot point.

  • Wayfarer073

    ABC is trying something similar with No Ordinary Family, but that show seems heading for cancellation after one season. I actually liked the Cape, it didn’t take itself too seriously. And I believe the hiatus hurt the Event’s momentum. Will Wonder Woman be the lighting in the bottle that saves NBC. I doubt it, however I will give it a try. I am more concern that the networks will give us more reality based shows instead of taking risks on more serialized dramas.

  • Fanboi

    first season was amazing.

    2nd season sucked because the culminating moment was essentially someone NOT dropping something (instead of the high drama of saving New York City from an exploding serial killer madman).

    that season killed whatever momentum they had gained from the wide popularity of the first season. Subsequent seasons had merits but also had plenty of faults and holes in plot you could drive a truck through.Which is why viewership dropped – online viewing probably had something to do with it too. People chose to watch it later as it wasn’t the priority it had been.

  • Rene


    I LOVED Heroes in the first season, but please, just let it die. Every time they tried to “course correct”, they made it worse.

    There was a very cool balance between grounded and outrageous in the 1st season, and that’s what drew viewers. After that, they forgot “grounded” (and it didn’t help that they shoehorned all those contrived romances).

    I would love it if someone did a completely different show about “superheroes in the real world”, perhaps a spiritual successor to Heroes, if you like. But in a different world, with different characters, different cast, different everything.

  • C.F. Arnold

    The Cape’s cancellation has more to do with NBC not giving a show a fair shake.

    The Cape and Heroes are polar opposites.

    Check out our opinions on the subject here:

  • EdZ

    The show got tiresome toward the end, but I still enjoyed it for the most part and wouldn’t mind seeing it come back. It seemed like a no-brainer for the next season to start with Sylar as a “Superman” character to most of the world – an incredibly powerful hero who has saved countless lives and is beloved by the world, with the characters who know of his past having to struggle with keeping it a secret or telling the rest of the world what he had done. Kind of like “Irredeemable” in reverse… or would that be “Incorruptible?”

  • Seamuskeaneart

    Never Mind Heroes, check out Misfits, its a british TV show, and its what Heroes should have been

  • Jacob

    Misfit’s has got it’s own problems. It’s just that the cast is likable enough that no one gives a fuck.

  • Seamuskeaneart

    well for a show with no budget its entirely more watchable than the later seasons of Heroes, maybe they should do a US version of it like they are doin with Being Human.

  • Michael Sacal

    Interesting for people who might be curious about stories that deal with empowered superbeings in a real-world setting, specially without spandex customs, which would be something original to a Heroes follow-up that would set it apart from other similar stories like Watchmen or Astro City.

  • Rebelhideouta31

    Heroes is for adults.

  • Faustxxx

    If they were to do a new Heroes, i would welcome it. I think if they did a year long campaign showing teasers but not letting you know what it is would be smart too. ALL NEW actors taking place years after Claire spilled the beans. With the occasional cameo of a familar face. Then the next season ALL NEW characters again. Repeat new characters every new season over and over. After ending it the way they did, they owe it to the real fans of the show anyway. BUT the most important thing to do is actually sit down and write out where they want to go with it (taking place in about a 5 year stretch or so) AND STICK WITH IT. Don’t change gears mid-way and screw up the storyline so it doesn’t make sense.

  • Bomberbohen1

    I would love to see Heroes return to our screens but not in the timespace it left. Personally, I want to see Claire and Sylar fifty or even a hundred years down the road. Does Claire still hate Sylar with a vengeance for killing her father and is she actively trying to neutralize him. Does Sylar still grapple with the ‘hunger’ or has he learned to adapt the IA to something more constructive and fulfilling.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would bring it back. Even in its weakest point, (volume 3 for me) it was still more engaging to me than their other recent attempts. The Cape and the event both seemed to have potential but fell flat. I’m sure Wonder Woman will suck too. If this is the best they can come up with they should absolutely bring back Heroes somehow.

    On a more random note I’ve been buying Heroes calendars since 2007. The wall in my room is still blank because I haven’t found a show to fill that Heroes void.

    Also, if Heroes ever does come back, can we put Summer Glau in the cast? That’d be awesome. Unless you buy into that whole Summer Glau curse…

  • Masterhiro

    As much as I like the show, I have to admit your analysis is spot on for the problems the show had.

  • Cirmma

    Its a network and they don’t watch TV they r not fans that’s why they canceled it n the first place.

  • Jokeydees

    I agree with almost everything except I think they need to lose the carnival and the bicurious claire! They need to get back to the marks and the company.

  • Jokeydees

    Also I thought the reason for the decline was the writers strike.

  • Jon

    Is it a suggestion or is there rumors about it ?

  • Momodou m.

    I would Definitely watch BIG fan! 

  • Selenajyates

    I agree with you. I love heroes and the ideal of them but really how many times can claire skylar and hiro save the day.Bring back peter and other people with differnent skills. The first seaon of heroes was the best.

  • tom zhu

    Bring Heroes back