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Deadpool An ‘Irreverent’ Reboot That Ignores, Or Mocks, Wolverine

Fox’s long-brewing Deadpool movie will be an “irreverent and violent” comedy with an R-rated screenplay that remains true to the comics, producer Lauren Shuler Donner tells Empire magazine. And, perhaps just as importantly, she confirms that although Ryan Reynolds is still set to reprise the role, this Deadpool won’t be the one audiences saw in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

“It’s a total reboot,” she says. “We’re either going to pretend that X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn’t happen, or mock it, which he could do.”

Deadpool fans who were disappointed by the transformation of the deformed, wise-cracking mercenary into a handsome, mute swordsman in that film may be a little happier this time around.

“I’m tellin’ ya, it’s true to the comic,” she says. “You’ll see all of them. You’ll see Wade Wilson, the good-looking Ryan Reynolds! You’ll see Deadpool in his costume and you’ll see the cancer-scarred face.”

Donner acknowledged, however, that the studio is still searching for a director, a job once offered to Robert Rodriguez. (Swedish commercial and video director Adam Berg was once thought to be up for the gig, but nothing more came of that rumor.)

She also reveals, in a quote plucked from Empire‘s print edition by The Playlist, that while Matthew Vaughn’s prequel X-Men: First Class looms on the horizon, producers aren’t finished with the original franchise. It turns out X-Men 4 is in the very early stages.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it,” Donner says. “And X4 leads into X5.”


  • Paul

    Reynolds should take the role and get out of Green Lantern. He doesn’t seem very committed to that character if he’s going for a second superhero franchise. They could and should get someone more suitable for GL – like Fillion.

  • Spike

    @Paul: Third, actually. He played Hannibal King in Blade Trinity, it’s why he’s so muscular in the first place. Also, considering Chris Evans was the Human Torch in the Fox Fantastic Four movies and is now Captain America, I don’t think Ryan Reynolds being in multiple franchises would really hurt.

  • Jacob

    “mock it, which he could do”

    Should say “he WOULD do”

    Also, Reynolds is a pretty good cast for Deadpool. I just hope he can tone down the smugish comedy in favor of a more insane style.

  • Jacob

    There isn’t any getting out of Green Lantern. The movie has already been filmed.

  • the fan

    Deadpool and X-men are Canadian comic book characters. He is more familar with it than most Americans, he grew up with them. He is the reasons Deadpool appeared in X-mem Origins

  • Amanda

    Oh, God, no. They’re never going to give up their hold on the X franchises. They will have to completely undo the existence of X3- hopefully in First Class- before X4 could be even remotely decent.

  • Amanda

    The only Canadian on the X-Men is Wolvie. Marvel is an American company. I’m afraid your argument… doesn’t make much sense.

  • Matjhow

    I think Reynolds will do a good job. However, Jackie Earl Haley would be cool too!

  • nailsin

    Deadpool MAX would make a great TV series.

  • Russell Burlingame

    I think mocking would work better than ignoring, if you’re using the same actor to play the role.

  • Farson89

    Deadpool is Canadian too.

  • Farson89

    I think Reynolds could do a good job if this actually gets off the ground. I’ve read that leaked script and it is fantastic.

  • Shift

    I always thought that Renolds was the prefect casting choice for Deadpool. Its everything the production did with him that was the problem. So I’m very supportive of this being a complete reboot of the character, although you KNOW its going to confuse the hell out of casual fans because they’ve got the same actor, but a completely different continuity.

    As for the actual X-Men films. Take a chapter from Deadpool and just reboot it before you keep digging a deeper hole for yourselves.

  • guest

    mocking is definitely something he would do. perhaps even just addressing how they portrayed him in the wolverine movie lol. I could see that happening.

  • Kelly

    They should really get over Reynolds starring as Deadpool and move to another actor already. How many comic book characters is this guy gonna be?
    If GL is a hit, he’s gonna be off filming a sequel. I like the Jackie Earl Haley suggestion.

  • Jacob

    David Benioff, one of the two writers of Wolverine, is responsible for including Deadpool. Reynolds had already been attached to a solo movie for the character, so they just brought him in.

  • Jacob

    Deadpool doesn’t even know who he actually is, hence the whole “Agent X” thing. Best guess? He says he’s Canadian to piss off Wolverine.

  • Jacob

    Just because it’s an American company doesn’t mean there can’t be entire teams of Canadian characters. Look up Alpha Flight. They’re Canada’s Avengers.

  • Farson89

    Deadpool doesn’t know who he is regarding the whole T-Ray thing but he is Canadian, he calls himself Canadian in his own internal monologues, lists his birthplace as in Canada and his citizenship as Canadian. He’s a Canadian.

    As for Agent X, I’m not sure how he’s relevant due to his being a separate character from Deadpool.

  • Lex

    I hope they get that guy. I rented WOlverine Origins. Not being a fan of the Quesada Origin to begin with I think the film had other problems, but I liked him as Deadpool. That is, I liked ‘him’ as Deadpool and not what was at the end. Come on, Three Mile Island and that ‘sshhh’ ending.

  • Anonymous

    If this indeed ends up being R-rated (which I seriously doubt), it will fail. Deadpool MAX is not the DP most people (and fans) have been exposed to.

    MAX comics deserve R-rated movies. Regular Marvel books should be PG13 or lower. It’s not that difficult.

  • Jacob

    Calling himself Canadian doesn’t make him Canadian… That just means that’s how he chooses to identify.

  • Farson89

    Not necessarily no, but a combination of that, being in the Canadian Weapon X program, being a Canadian citizen and having been born in Canada certainly do.

  • Mister Guest

    I’d love to see the opening narration be by Renolds in character, and end with “and then I had deathrays for eyes and …” then cut himself off with “nah, that’s stupid”.

  • Jacob

    If it’s true to the character, it will end up being something like that. Deadpools narrations are a staple of the franchise, and they’d be fools to leave it out.

  • Jacob

    MAX is to Marvel what NC-17 is to the MPAA. It’s only rated R so that they don’t have to hold back. PG-13 Deadpool would be horrible.

  • Jacob

    “being a Canadian citizen and having been born in Canada certainly do. ” He doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know those things.

  • C. O. Mix

    Alpha Flight are not Canada’s Avengers, they were (and look set to be again) just Canada’s premier superteam. The Avengers are the Avengers for the whole world, just based primarily in the US.
    Deadpool has no real recollection of who he is or where he was originally from. Wade Wilson isn’t even his real name, it was the name of a guy he killed earlier in his mercenary career, and then he stole his identity and his real one got lost along the way.
    Agent X was a completely different character.

  • Nilla

    Deadpool being R-rated would fail? He regularly gets dismembered, blown up, stabbed, shot, and dishes out the same to other people. Not having that would be an insult to the character.

  • Video Beagle

    Jackie Earl Haley can’t open a movie.
    Reynolds is currently an A List movie star who loves the character. Without him, there’s no movie.

  • Wes

    Deadpool was one of the many things wrong with Wolverine.

  • Anonymous

    You know that’s not true. NC-17 in movies, AO in games … those are things that create such a stigma that theaters won’t carry the movies and stores won’t sell the games. MAX comics are nothing like that. They can use pervasive language, more extreme violence and themes that are sometimes disturbing. It’s a label that Marvel puts on it its own books too, unlike the MPAA or ESRB. Sorry, but the comparison is not valid.

  • The_nephilim71

    What does it matter how many comic characters he portrays? I don’t see a problem at all.

  • Brannigan

    So, if anyone out there in movie land is listening: you want Deadpool to be, smart, funny, irreverent, and full of geeky cool all at once? You’re still looking for a director? Two words: Broken Lizard.

  • Bornsupremacy

    NC-17 and AO are nothing more than marketing ploys. The content doesn’t shift enough to justify a whole new rating level. But, it does draw the under 18 crowd to it like a moth to a flame. Corps. know this, as well as knowing theaters and stores will carry what makes them money-regardless of content. and that male ages 13-17 demographic will find a way to see the movie and buy the game. They know that as well. They court the R to create a buzz, settle into a NC-17 and sit back and watch the $$ roll in. The integrity of the franchise only matters to Fox so long as it’s marketable.

  • Dennis Sweatt

    “irreverent and violent comedy with an R-rated screenplay” Score!

  • Arch1521

    Ok…first off wow…you people are brutal. Obviously Origins wasn’t what we hoped for but if things get to close to the comics where’s the fun in that? It wasn’t great but we got a taste of Wade Wilson. Nevertheless the next one will be its own thing and being R doesn’t mean it’ll be lame or poorly produced. Dear God please stop with the Jackie Haley idea…A he doesn’t have the look. B you really want that raspy ass voice being the comedian Despoil is? And C he’s a dwarf…you want a cg-Deadpool Ala Xerxes in 300? Ok and what is the deal with everyone wanting Nathan Fillion as a super hero? Have I missed something? Apparently but think about this, what Deadpool is is a merc with a mouth which translates to Van Wilder with swords. DEADPOOL EVEN REFERS TO RYAN REYNOLDS IN THE COMICS! Just because he’s trying on Green Lantern doesn’t mean he’s destined for a Halle Berry performance. Why can’t people just let a film flesh itself out without picking it apart or destroying it before it comes out?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop laughing at how comic book movies are rebooting as often as comic books relaunch. The explanations also crack me up “that version we did before sucked”. Cool, can I have my money back then?

  • Farson89

    You keep saying that, but even if Deadpool himself didn’t know those things he has frequently been acknowledged as a Canadian citizen, hell, he was asked to be Captain Canada not long ago. Marvel says he’s Canadian, I’m inclined to believe them.

  • Jacob

    Except Marvel has a long history of not actually knowing their own history (and several cases of deliberately wiping out pieces of it). Being called Canadian and being asked to be Captain Canada (is that a real character? And whoever assigns that position must be batshit insane) do not make him Canadian.

  • Jacob

    The comparison by application is invalid, but in intent is very valid. MAX books are Marvel comics that are allowed to do whatever they want, no matter how objectionable it may seem. The same is true with NC-17 and AO. It’s not the fault of the content producer that outlets don’t accept the ratings, but it’s also irrelevant to my point. Comic book shops just happen to embrace creative freedom.

  • Farson89

    Jesus man, you’re really set on this one aren’t you? Fine, I bow to your apparently superior knowledge great internet warrior! Clearly you know better than me, a Deadpool fanboy who has read literally every Deadpool comic ever printed, and also better than Marvel themselves! What a wonder it must be to be you. It’s not like even alternate universe Deadpool’s are Canadian or anything

    Fun fact: Did you know Superman isn’t Kryptonian? Just because DC says so doesn’t make it true, after-all they deliberately wipe their own history every other crisis, and just because everyone calls him Kryptonian doesn’t make it so!

    (Too much snark?)

  • Gyrorobbo

    Deadpool is a scarred merc-with- a mouth. And Wolverine ended with him being a scarred merc-with-a-mouth. What’s the problem?
    Just say the optic blasts wore off and lose the Barracca blades and go from there.

  • Deadpoolcc

    It’s just a damn shame that Bruce Campbell is too old for the role…

  • Jdd 1988

    you do know, he’s not a real person, right????? he’s a fictional comic book character which really doesn’t have a nationality all its own????

  • Mr.Awesome

    LOL, you stumped him there Jacob! Since we can’t list his citizen ship as “Imagination”, I’m going with Canadian for the time being.

  • HelloKittyFan264

    Dude, Producers like this make me sick. Yeah, they’re listening to the fans, but they’re also completely shitting on the work of the writer and director who were under their employ a couple years ago. They’ve actually said they’re going to willingly “mock” Gavin Hood and David Benioff’s work. “Oh you guys thought it was stupid? Yeah, yeah… we thought it was stupid too.”

  • Thouhastenabled

    Just because the Weapon X program was in Canada, does not mean any of the memory wiped experimentals are Canadian at all. If I go to Canada, say on vacation, get hit by a bus, get amnesia, have no ID, and no idea where I came from or who I am. Does that make me Canadian? Ive never read any Canadian lingo from his comics either. I like the guy they used as Wade, hes funny and a good actor. But….isnt Deadpool ripped? How about the actor who played Leonidas in the movie the 300. Hes ripped, has great acting skills, and is in fact in great physical shape. And can act just as well.

  • Chinger

    If Marvel says he’s Canadian, it doesn’t matter what he knows about his own history. Wolverine didn’t know about his own past, but it didn’t make him less of a Canadian. Every comic at some point changes its history (It’s called a ret-con, short for retroactive continuity), that doesn’t mean that you can just assume anything about a character’s past for the sake of argument. I mean, Captain America could be a Cuban spy who was captured and brainwashed by the CIA, but Marvel has never made a book saying that is the case, so you can’t pull it out in argument and say “it could be possible because they’re always doing things like that.” And seriously, it’s all imaginary, so try not to get your panties in a twist over a lesser-known character. He was plagiarized from the DC character Deathstroke anyway.

  • Chinger

    Reynolds got all huge preparing to play Hannibal King in Blade:Trinity, and apparently decided he liked being that way. And the guy you’re referring to is Gerard Butler, who does one awesome movie for every 5 or 6 shitty romantic comedies they stick him in. It’s kind of sad, I really like him as a badass, but they keep trying to make him into a heartthrob, then the critics cut down his acting skills because they don’t think he’s believable as a romantic lead. They should just keep putting him in period-film action roles, with the occasional “cerebral” film (think Russel Crowe without the reputation for being a dick), and we wouldn’t have to see shit like that one he did with Katherine Heigl.

  • Anil Yossundara

    ” handsome, mute swordsman”
    Hmmm Deadpool was mute in X-men origins? He was wise-cracking until he got turned? wasn’t he?

  • Frakearth

    This is literally hilarious.. And yet so true.

  • Thom Hunt

    I’m just replying to this thread to see how much skinnier the reply columns can get when more and more replies are added.

  • None

    Same here.