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Is Warner Bros. Really Planning A Justice League Movie For 2013?

Art by Alex Ross

An otherwise-standard profile of “misunderstood” incoming Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov contains a bit of a bombshell: Considering the studio’s post-Harry Potter future, Los Angeles Times reporter Ben Fritz briefly turns his attention to a DC Comics-based movie slate consisting of Green Lantern in June, The Dark Knight Rises and Superman in 2012, and “Justice League, a teaming of DC’s top heroes, in 2013.”

That’s right, Justice League, the film that was shelved in January 2008 — amid the writers strike, concerns about Australian tax incentives and the possibility of an actors strike — just four months after Mad Max director George Miller was attached to the project. Cast members, who included Adam Brody as The Flash, Armie Hammer as Batman and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, were reportedly told at the time that the studio was still determined to make the film with them in it.

However, that was more than three years ago, during which time we’ve heard virtually nothing about a Justice League movie beyond unsubstantiated rumor. So what, if anything, has changed?

It would be easy to dismiss the inclusion of Justice League as the reporter’s lack of familiarity with the properties, or a slip of the keyboard. But the description of the movie as “a teaming of DC’s top heroes,” would seem to discount that. Still, an offhand mention in a business-section profile is an unlikely way to announce that a major movie is back in development. Stranger things have happened, though.

As for the 2013 target date: It’s certainly possible; the previous incarnation kicked into gear in September 2007 with an eye toward a 2009 release. And while the options for the cast lapsed long ago, during which time Hammer’s Hollywood stock rose dramatically, there’s already a script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) that Warner Bros. executives are said to have liked.


  • Lemuslandiaishere

    “a teaming of DC’s top heroes,” Sounds like Superman/Batman

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think a Justice League movie is likely, at least not yet. Right now DC has only two characters (with a third on deck) that they’ve educated the moviegoing (and non-comics-reading) public about – by the time Marvel gets Avengers out, they’ll have five or more. Let them get more characters back into the public eye – Flash, Captain Marvel, etc, then go for the teamup movie.

  • Jacob

    Only because nobody outside of the comic book community takes Aquaman or Flash seriously (my sister even thought that Super Friends was a parody of Justice League).

  • Farson89

    I wish this would happen but I’m too cynical to think it will.

  • Dawnell_do

    Thats why DC should make a Aquaman cartoon too show off his awesomeness and I think people take Flash seriously.

  • Mad Mad Jesse Bray

    If they can make it a time piece and stick to world ending crisis then it could be epic. Personally I’d like to see them use Kingdom Come as there bible for this film.

  • Daniel Wheeler

     maybe it would be easier to just leave Superman and Batman out cause they are too big and too iconic

  • Daniel Wheeler

    there was an aquaman cartoon a long time ago