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WB Developing Justice League, Plans To ‘Reinvent’ Batman

Erasing doubts about the Justice League movie mentioned in its profile of incoming Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov, the Los Angeles Times reports a new script is the works, with the aim to have DC Comics’ top characters together onscreen in 2013.

That film would potentially serve as a launching point for other superhero movies — an approach mentioned in 2007, before director George Miller’s Justice League was shelved — including The Flash and Wonder Woman, a character whose NBC television pilot is being shot at this moment. Robinov doesn’t see the David E. Kelley revival as a conflict, though, pointing out that Superman Returns coexisted with Smallville.

But perhaps even bigger than the Justice League is Robinov’s acknowledgment that Warner Bros. will “reinvent” the Batman franchise following the release next year of The Dark Knight Rises — with Christopher Nolan and wife Emma Thomas remaining involved as producers.

It sets Nolan up as the architect, or godfather, of DC’s big-screen “universe” — he’s already producing Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot — a role that stands to benefit everyone involved.

As we noted earlier, Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Justice League even as it neared production in early 2008 because of a confluence of issues: the writers strike, Australian tax-credit uncertainties, the possibility of an actors strike and, the LA Times adds, concerns that another version of Batman might conflict with Nolan’s films. Some of the central cast was already in place, including Adam Brody as The Flash, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and a then-relatively unknown Armie Hammer as Batman.


  • Romanwild

    Awesome to hear about the Justice League Movie and maybe WW spin off. I really hope so! We’ve been waiting forever and if Smallville could make it cool, I would hope the big screen could get it right too. :-) I’m 44 now people, so could we please get a movie on :-)

  • Anonymous

    So does this implies that Ryan Reynolds will stay as GL? I would assume so.

    The only thing that helps is Nolan is staying on, but i’ll be curious how it supposed to work if he never wanted to consider Batman his villians outside of being a street-level.

  • Mars

    Megan Gale is exactly how I imagine Wonder Woman. Tall, thin, muscled and dark. Thinking of Adrianne calmly and grimmly snapping Max Lord’s neck is laughable.

  • LightningBug

    I’ll believe it when I see it. WBs big screen misadventures with superheroes continue with another announcement that will probably get a “nevermind” just like every other announcement they make about a justice league movie.

  • Guest

    please no. Keep the universe’s seperate.

  • Dave Morris

    JLA? Really? I’m now even more eager… for the Avengers movie!

  • Rpf5029

    “Robinov doesn’t see the David E. Kelley revival as a conflict, though, pointing out that Superman Returns coexisted with Smallville.” Just as Bruce Wayne on Smallville could have coexisted with Nolan’s Bat-franchise. Where was this guy five years ago?

  • nailsin

    Yeah I was in the Nadia Bjorlin camp but Megan Gale would’ve
    looked great. Hopefully she’ll get another shot.

  • Farson89

    To be honest I think the superhero movie bubble is going to burst before we get a JL movie.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

  • Derrick Johnson

    Not gonna lie, this seems like a lame response to Avengers and they are just rushing it out…

  • nonobstant2000

    …cut the crap please..I don’t know what it takes for them to respect their own franchises, after what they did with JONAH HEX ? How is it possible to flew a JONAH HEX movie ???

    I want to see Shynya Tsukamoto directing THE CREEPER, Damon Packard onto SHADE THE CHANGING MAN and DOOM PATROL by Terry Gilliam, and don’t tell me ‘it would be box-office’ failures’, we’ve seen what your professionnals are able of…

  • Shift

    Can’t they wait a few years before rebooting Batman? We’ve already reached perfection. Stop while your ahead.

  • demoncat_4

    yes was hoping marvel doing an avengers film would lead to warners doing a justice leque one since that is proably the only way to have wonder woman on the big screen . plus if they are finaly going to allow wonder woma, and super man, and batman together in live action .bring it on warners .

  • Jericho1368

    I could get excited for a Wonder Woman movie IF they did an adaptation of the George Perez version. Come to think of it, George Perez’s Wonder Woman #1-6 would be a great film; long but good and a respectful take on the character.

  • DaVeO

    Nolan as an overseer for DC hero films. Yes please.

  • Tired of inane nonsense

    The “bigger” news is the Justice League news. Batman is old hat at this point. :)

  • Kelly

    Before making a JLA movie, they should at least experiment with the World’s Finest.
    From there you can go on to make a Justice League movie.

  • Jacob

    When is Christopher Nolan going to break into comic books? Him and Geoff Johns could do some amazing shit together.

  • Jacob

    Ever consider that the ban was the show’s producer’s/showrunner’s idea?

  • Jacob

    Hence the reboot of Batman. There’s no way Nolan’s Batman could exist beside Superman, but that doesn’t mean Nolan can’t create a new one that can.

  • Wyatt

    That is possible. But there was a long rumored ‘Bat-embargo’ said to have been done by the studio.

  • Wyatt

    At about the same time that he decides he does not like money. ;)

  • Jacob

    He’s made it quite clear he does this for the craft. I really don’t think it’s about money for him.

  • Jacob

    The producers and showrunners work at the studio. STill fits.

  • Anonymous

    “That film would potentially serve as a launching point for other superhero movies.”

    That was an idea that I (and others of course) proposed YEARS ago, when everything was in limbo (prior to Batman Begins). People know the big 3 (less so with WW, but still …) but this would give people a chance to see how awesome GL, Flash and Martian Manhunter really can be and maybe they’d get other shots.

    But this will ONLY work if DC and WB learn from Marvel’s approach and put together an actual PLAN. Marvel Studio’s seeded so many things in their movies that it gives them endless directions to go with future properties and even more ties to each other. The only HUGE problem is not having access to Spider-Man, X-Men, FF and DD (Ghost Rider can stay out as far as I’m concerned). DC/WB doesn’t have that problem as all of the properties are ALREADY in house. That being the case, not having a plan and stupid internal studio politics (not to mention the reality a new studio head could come in and change everything; see Superman vs Batman …) makes even less sense.

    And how do the new Superman and GL properties fit into this?

    Interesting, but until more concrete and exciting info comes to the fore, this does ultimately come off as reactionary dreaming to industry excitement surrounding the Avengers.

  • Wyatt

    Except for the embargo was rumored to be the reason that the Justice League Unlimited greatly reduced the role of Batman. Not the same producers, showrunners, or even the same division of WB.

  • Flash

    Adrianne is the same height as Megan.

    I think Megan’s chances of being cast in the role at her age are next to nil.

  • Wyatt

    How many people actually admit that it is about the money? He’s getting paid at least 10x for doing movies, as opposed to comics, and I believe that it is quite a bit more than even that. Comics cannot pay him anywhere near his accustomed ‘cost of living’. Call me cynical, but I always think that money matters the most.

  • Bb

    A bunch of strange clueless comments. First it was DC who first announced a JLA movie that got marvel to jumpstart a avengers movie, not the other way around. They are ahead of it all but lets be clear it’s not the marvel universe but the ultimate universe that’s being pushed. I want to see a Avengers movie but it will be the Ultimates. That Nolan will be involved is something that was being worked on and was well worth the wait. Give credit where it’s due. Respect to their characters is what it’s all about now no matter what happened before. Also the number of weak Marvel movies ( FF, Daredevil, Hulk, and yes even Ironman ) out number Warners efforts. Nothing comes close to the Batman movies. Lets wait and see what Thor ( not looking great ), Cap ( hopefully works ), and GL ( can’t wait but worried ) do and I might change that. The JLA was always going to happen but the pieces needed to be put in place. Marvels been jumping to top DC’s moves. Get FF right this time. Rami off Spidy is good. Iron man is still just a big joke unless they get serious. Who wants to bet against the new Superman, or the next Batman? Oh and what’s this about having a plan. Look closer.

  • Kanezona

    Personally, I am THRILLED that they’re going to redo Batman! This comes as GREAT NEWS considering how less than stellar this current Christian Bale version has been. His costume is all wrong, his voice is absurd, the batmobile is tragic, and no batcave?! And don’t start me on Heath Ledger’s Joker. LOVE Ledger, HATED his portrayal. Which is not his fault, he just followed direction. Mob bosses and all of this ULTRA-realism is not why I’m a fan of Batman. I’m a fan of the genre because it’s fantasy and NOT reality. Besides, how many vigilante crime fighters do you know go running around in such fantastical costumes? Not really realistic. And if they’re going to make a Justice League film, then all of these superhero stand alone films need to be able to fit cohesively among one another. The darnkess of the “Dark Knight” just isn’t going to float with a Superman or Wonder Woman. That’s simply my opinion.

  • Kdiebold8715

    Adam Brody would be sick as The Flash…depending on which flash hes playing

  • John

    Marvel is handling their movie continuity so much better. Warners plan for Justice League seems rushed and haphazard and poorly thought out at best.

  • Jacob

    Never said he should stop doing movies. But I’m sure he’s got down time to put out a six-issue creator owned series. Or an event comic over at DC. I just think he’d rock hard at it.

  • Jacob

    Actually, saw an interview with Bruce Timm and he said it was that he didn’t want it to be Batman, Superman, and their sidekicks. All of the original characters had reduced roles in JLU. Flash appeared a lot less than Batman. Hawkgirl was MIA during the first half the first season. Superman was relegated to playing Big Brother. J’onn was a tax driver.

  • SleeplessSleeper

    I would rather just see a series of good Superman films. I could give a crap about them all being on-screen together. The Marvel Universe was more or less created as one large entity; DC wasn’t. Superman and Batman work better in their own worlds, same goes for the other cats. I’m not saying the fangirl deep down in me wouldn’t love it to death, but the realist can’t see it as a good move. Also, reinvent Batman again? Come on, the last film isn’t even shooting yet and they’re already talking shop? Most likely it’s all just gossip.

    Still, Adam Brody would just kill as Wally West. Why is this not already made?

  • Wyatt

    So you want him to do both? Take a look at anyone who tried to balance comic writing and Hollywood, any of them, and see exactly how well it has worked for them to do both. Dini, Smith, Heinberg, or any other. Each and every time it is always comics that suffers.

    Nolan could be the exception, but I would rather bet on the rule and leave the two mediums separate.

  • Wyatt

    Actually, here is an article where Bruce Timm actually talks about the ‘Bat-embargo.’

    He does say that he does not have a problem with it, but he also says that it does/did exist.

  • Wyatt

    Same article also has a quote from the recently departed Dwayne McDuffie from his own website complaining about the embargo as well.

  • Xicano

    I’m a diehard DC fan, but they really need to take a page from Marvel in regards to how they approach their live action films, especially something as huge and important as the JLA. Also don’t agree with a Batman reboot.

    DC animated kills it but their movies haven’t gone over well, other than Batman and maybe Superman. Hoping Green Lantern does well. Regardless I still have the comics to look forward to if the films don’t pan out.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I used to be very anti-justice league movie because I dind’t want DC going around copying Marvel and I also wanted to wait until Nolan’s triolgy finished.

    But I’d be happy just to get Aquaman on screen…

  • RickyLP

    I’m happy Batman will get reinvented.  Hopefully Justice League will be a launching pad for the new Batman where the character and his universe is more comic book faithful than the “realistic” approach in recent timing.