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Watch The Twilight-Esque Trailer For MTV’s Teen Wolf Remake

Oh, all right, the new Teen Wolf series probably owes as much to The CW’s take on The Vampire Diaries as it does to the Twilight franchise, we’re getting into some weird snake wolf-swallowing-its-own-tail territory in terms of pastiche. In an any case, MTV’s new drama resembles either one of those works more than it does the 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy on which it’s loosely based.

Picked up by MTV last May, the new Teen Wolf heaps on the teen angst and bare skin — Lautner-esque lead Tyler Posey is shirtless for a good portion of the trailer, which you can watch below — while dialing back the comedy. It stars Posey (Lincoln Heights) as newly bitten werewolf Scott McCall, Dylan O’Brien (Sweety High) as his skeptical best friend Stiles, Crystal Reed (Skyline) as the mysterious new girl in town Allison, and Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven) as the older and potentially dangerous werewolf Derek. For an added twist, Allison’s father is apparently a werewolf-hunter.

MTV is throwing its full support behind the drama, premiering it at 11 p.m. ET/PT on June 5, right after the MTV Movie Awards.


  • Bill Reed

    But who’s playing the guy in the stands who shows his junk? That’s what viewers really want to know.

    (Tyler Posey sounds like the name of a person designed in a lab to appeal most to wannabe hipster tweens who are always sad because it’s in vogue to be sad.)

  • Raven42069

    screw you mtv…. maybe canada wants to see this clip too, really who needs region restrictions on trailers for tv remakes of 80’s movies

  • Dawnell_do

    I don’t know the show looks promising so maybe i’ll give it a chance.

  • Imitorar

    Did they have to call it Teen Wolf? I mean, if you’re going to make an almost completely different movie, you can at least change the title instead of trying to play off of fond memories for something that you aren’t even trying to recapture.

  • Raven42069

    side note.. it now works in canada :P

  • mtv

    Watch out your favorite stars walking down the red carpet. The only thing that beats the thrill, is watching the madness unfold, ticket in hand, live and in person. Try making eye contact with your favorite celebrity during their speech. There is absolutely nothing like it.