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Wonder Woman Set Photos Reveal Costume Changes

When NBC unveiled the costume for David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman revival almost two weeks ago, it triggered a torrent of criticism, much of it centering on the, well, shininess of an outfit that some compared to a cheap Halloween costume (and worse).

Last night, however, the first photos of Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki emerged from the Los Angeles set of the pilot, revealing that someone at the network may have been listening to the cries of fans. Gone are the light-blue vinyl pants, replaced by a darker, softer fabric. The blue boots also been dropped in favor of the somewhat more traditional red ones, although with gold accents instead of white (the heels, too, have changed).

You can see more photos and a video from the Hollywood Boulevard shoot at The Daily Blam.

The NBC pilot is described as a reinvention of the DC Comics superheroine, who’s recast as Diana Themyscira, a successful corporate executive who fights crime as Wonder Woman while trying to balance the elements of her extraordinary life. In addition to Palicki, Wonder Woman also stars Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale, Justin Breuning as Steve Trevor, Cary Elwes as Henry Detmer, Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy, and Pedro Pascal as Ed Indelicato.


  • Rockin69

    Still looks cheap…Ill give that these pictures are NOT flattering but…I know this will be a disaster

  • DissapointedWWfan

    Granted the boots look better as red but that change is baby steps with this HORRID outfit. It needs to be completely scrapped because it still looks like something off a Kmart clearance wrack at Halloween time. Sorry but this is all wrong! NBC should be ashamed of themselves!!!!! Lynda Carter was spot on as Wonder Woman as Adrianne looks like she is making a Saturday Night Live skit.

  • DissapointedWWfan

    I look at this again and just want to cry when I think of how perfectly Lynda Carter came off as Wonder Woman. This is a bad joke to all of the real Wonder Woman fans. Now obviously costumes have to be updated with every movie or TV show. I mean you wouldn’t put Christian Bale in the campy 60’s TV show Batman suit but at least with every new film it still looks like a Batman costume. Adrianne only looks similar to the Cathy Lee Crosby failed Wonder Woman from the 70’s. Didn’t Hollywood learn? Stick with what’s true in updating and don’t completely change it. This is devistating.

  • Hugo Sleestak

    Still, not the classic outfit, but it’s an improvement.

    LOVE the arms on that girl.

  • Richdadda


  • Michael Sacal

    No heels on the boots makes sense… unless these heelless boots are only for running sequences and all other instances of WW on screen will show her wearing boots with heels on them.

  • Farson89

    It’s not exactly great but it’s an improvement over the disaster that was the previous costume.

  • Bclewis6593

    Much better; the boots are the right color and appear less bulky and a little more practicle than the red ones with the f–k me heels.

  • Claudio Pozas

    That’s not only Pallicki, but also her stunt double (specially jumping onto the car)

  • Dave Morris

    Great. So it’s not a train wreck now, just a car crash.

  • Aggamendon

    I thought it was weird that I really liked the improvements on the costume, but thanks to you I’ve discovered that it’s because I’m not a real Wonder Woman fan! I’m going to stop living a lie and burn all her back issues now.

  • Anonymous

    yes, but a fun disaster!

  • RunnerX13

    That second pic has to be the stunt double, right?

  • Coryjameson


    Those bracers look like plastic.

    She also does not look nearly strong enough to be a superhero.

    You see, after Buffy I don’t think any Wonder Woman show or movie could ever work.
    But a Supergirl or Superwoman would. Which is strange but true. Why is the Supergirl or Superwoman costume more acceptable?

  • Shift

    This is a big improvement to how the suit originally looked. But frankly, even the original look wasn’t THAT bad. But then again, I don’t get why everyone is harping about how bad the costume is. Honestly, it’s pretty good all things considering. It’s familiar of the original costume, but with a slightly more updated twist (gaps, god forbid she have PANTS). I’m rather ok with what they’ve done. For me the biggest issue I’ve got with the series is due to what I’ve heard regarding the plot and premise.

  • Shift

    Completely change it? Seriously? A fan of Wonder Woman for 25 years (and I’m real thank you), I’m going to have to disagree.Tthe only major change they’ve done is give her pants (Gasp how terrible!) Everything else is minor and ascetic in change.

  • Guest

    First, costume is the least of this show’s concerns. Only fanboiz/girlz would have a fit or boycott a show before it has even aired based on something as completely superficial as the freaking costume. Seriously, did you become a fan of a character because of what they are WEARING? What does that say about your priorities, or your appreciation for the character herself? No, this show’s biggest challenge will be determining that there actually IS a large enough audience to justify its production costs, just like every other series.
    Second, costumes never look the same in production as they do post-production. Ever see behind the scenes looks of the LOTR franchise or ANY superhero production for that matter? It all looks like cheap Halloween costumes until they add post production magic.

  • nailsin

    A little better.
    You know with such lowered expectations this might work.
    I don’t if that’s a good thing or not though.

  • Dawnell_do

    The costume looks a little better but still looks cheap and a little plastic. They should have used the original costume and made the Adrianne Palicki buff up a little for the role.

  • comquat

    Oh, this just looks really bad. UGLY outfit. What the hell were they thinking? Flat boots and slacks??? Good grief.

  • Majikp3

    Oh good lord, I was really looking forward to this but after seeing these pictures, I hope it never reaches television. This is going to be as successful as The Bionic Woman remake.

  • RoxandriaTrue

    she looks rlly old in the second pic…. the costume looks cheap i dont wanna be a negative nelly but this is just gunna go down hill i fear