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First Stills From Wonder Woman And Locke & Key

Nestled in this USA Today photo gallery are the first looks at nine television pilots, including NBC’s Wonder Woman revival and Fox’s adaptation of Locke & Key. They’re small stills — what is it with networks releasing postage stamp-sized images? — but they certainly invite closer inspection.

The photo on the left is, of course, Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki in her public identity as Diana Themyscira, head of Themyscira Industries, a company that sells, among other things, Wonder Woman merchandise to fund her crime-fighting endeavors. Although we’ve seen Palicki in her costume, both in the officially released photo and in set pictures, this is our first glimpse of the actress in her character’s “civilian” clothes. (Are we supposed to be reminded of the white costumes Wonder Woman wore in her late 1960s/early 1970s powerless/spy phase?)

The other shot is of most of the central cast of Locke & Key, based on the acclaimed horror series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. From left, that’s Sarah Bolger as Kinsey, Miranda Otto as Nina, Jesse McCartney as Tyler and Skylar Gaertner as Bode outside of what I’m guessing is Keyhouse (aka Hartwood Mansion, near Pittsburgh). Nick Stahl and Mark Pellegrino aren’t pictured.

(via iFanboy)


  • Jacob

    Who the fuck are those characters in the picture? I don’t recognize any of them as the characters I love.

  • Scud

    Weird that they would use a doll with the old costume.

  • Mr. M

    I wouldn’t think it’s weird without hearing the dialogue or seeing the scene in context. Probably Diana saying it’s too skimpy or too 70s (or 80s).

  • k0

    Spinoff really needs an unlike button.

  • Jacob

    (or 90s or 00s)

  • Dawnell_do

    You should know the actors are never gonna look the same as the characters, unless their inspired after the actor like Samuel L. Jackson and the Ultimate Nick Fury.

  • Anonymous

    It’s her saying that the boobs on the doll are too big.

  • Thesnappysneezer

    Nick Fury looks nothing like Nick Fury from the comics. I

  • Thesnappysneezer

    I bet she puts down the better classic costume design of the doll.