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DC’s JLA Movie Plans: Do They Really Need A New Superman And Batman?

So, DC Entertainment apparently is planning a Justice League movie – and it’ll apparently feature versions of both Batman and Superman than are appearing in their own movies. Clearly, DC and Warner Bros are looking forward to seeing how quickly they can screw up their superhero franchises.

There are countless reasons why the idea of recasting not just Batman but Superman in any Justice League movie – never mind one that may be coming out just a year after the in-pre-production Superman reboot that Zack Snyder is currently working on – is a bad one, not least of which is that it’s going to be confusing to audiences (“Wasn’t some other guy Superman last year?”). But more than that, it’s entirely unnecessary. Yes, I get that both Christian Bale and Henry Cavill may be too expensive by that point for what are likely to be, essentially, cameos in a movie dominated by other characters and actors, and so from that point, recasting makes a lot of sense. But… why do Superman and Batman even need to appear in the movie?

Follow my logic: For the majority of the Justice League’s early years, both Superman and Batman were small presences in the story, probably following on from the similar role they played in the Justice Society stories of the 1940s and ’50s. Although they are featured in the origin of the team, they’re barely there, getting what amounts to a “And all of this happened off-panel” treatment compared with the full adventures of Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Martian Manhunter in the same story. Although they are occasionally treated as the core of the team – Hi, Brad Meltzer! – there’s actually little reason beyond name recognition that either character actually has to be in the movie.

Ah, you say, but isn’t name recognition enough? Well… yes and no. Presumably, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern will be appearing in this movie, and he could really be enough of an anchor for most fans to want to see the movie (To put it in some perspective; Thor and Captain America: The First Avengers aren’t out yet, but non-comic fans are still excited about The Avengers based solely on the example of the Iron Man movies). Batman, as movie audiences have gotten used to him, wouldn’t even fit into the fantastic world of the Justice League, and Superman’s power set could cause more problems than solutions when it comes to setting up a credible threat for the League to bring to Justice, so it arguably makes more sense not to include them.

(Using Wonder Woman, should her TV show be a hit, may cause similar problems. Do you bring Adrienne Palicki into the movie, and officially out that show into the movie continuity? And if so, what does that do to close down the scale of the show’s plans?)

That said, name recognition isn’t something to be sneezed at, and I’m sure the chance for DC and WB to play up the Superman and Batman brands – even as they undermine them with confusion over who plays those characters at any given time – will be too much to refuse. But, still. I can’t help but feel that letting Superman and Batman join the Justice League will lead to the kind of disaster that the studio would need a superhero to save them from.


  • Lierson

    It’s not that they don’t need…they don’t care…

    And since they treated Smallville and Superman Returns as its own beast each, the same applies to Wonder Woman.
    Personally, I would like to see Routh as Justice League’s Superman.

  • Cedarwolf

    One of the major problems DC has had with their product lines and movies is that they are always treated as independent products and not part of a larger concept. Marvel, on the other hand, has been all-inclusive the past few years making sure that their products all fit into a continuity of their current universe. (Don’t get me started on what the heck is going on and why they dumped the canon in favor of fast bucks…) At least they all tie together.

    Another problem DC has had in the past is their apparent lack of vision as to how their characters/product interrelate in the “real” world. Marvel has shown this rather well much of the time.

    One can only hope that the upcoming batch of DC movie products doesn’t drive the final nail in their product line coffin. You can only pass off something as a new product or concept so many times before the audience just gives up.

  • John

    Problem is: DC has no answer to Marvel’s “Ultimates.” Nothing as good, streamlined, or comparable. Morrison’s JLA doesn’t compete. It doesn’t show how these characters come together in a streamilned, continuity free, character driven complete story, which is exactly what “Ultimates” does.

    Of course, Bruce Timm’s JLA sets a much better example of that.

  • stealthwise

    Obligatory comment about Graeme McMillan posting something skeptical/pessimistic… there, I saved a dozen people the trouble.

  • Travis

    No surprise here from WB.

  • Zorty

    A JL movie without Batman and Superman is found to fail.

  • Erik Bruhwiler

    They’re pursuing the James Bond model, where they use different actors for the character, as the character – and the expected movie experience – is the selling point. They just want actors who ‘fill the role’ well enough.

    It is strategic. It can be compared to how comics themselves are handled by publishers. They use different writers and colorists per series, and sometimes mix them up mid series or per issue. The readers are affected, but they usually keep following the series because of the character(s) and the unique/specific story experience.

    If they get this working – and James Bond shows that it is possible – then they have a ton of flexibility in creating movies. They will have successfully replicated the comics publishing model in the film business, and that would remarkable, both in creative and financial benefits.

  • Ollie by Golly

    I thought Christian Bale was Iron Man?

  • T4tter

    A JL movie should only use Green Arrow, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and others superheroes who won’t appear in another movie.
    Maybe some cameos coul be cool, but bringing Batman or Superman … as leading characters … would be a huge mistake

  • Darren J Seeley

    I agree. WB could easily feature Martian Manhunter as the main character, throw in Black Canary, Vixen, Firestorm or better yet, Triumph. The JLA roster is far and wide.

    There is only *one way* they can skate by Bats, Supes, GL and WW being in the picture. That’s if Robert Zemeckis hears his phone ring, and someone on the other end suggests motion capture/CGI.

  • Sborband

    You have to have those two in it to make the movie work. Would anyone really want to see a JLA anchored by Green Lantern, even if his movie is a sucess?

  • Steve Rogers1944

    The larger non comic book reading public thinks of the JLA as the Super Friends. So you need to have the big guns, and none are bigger then Superman & Batman. The Justice League cartoons only got a run after Batman & Superman were successful, and they went with arguably the Super Friends lineup.
    Morrison’s JLA pulled the big seven together for the same reason. Not having Superman or Batman would be a mistake. As far as an advisary that would cause Superman trouble, Morrison didn’t have trouble finding any, nor did Bruce Timm.
    Morrison’s run alone has ideas for about a dozen movies, and that’s if you stay away from his wonky past/future/reality bending stories.

  • Madcattv2

    This whole problem could be solved by making it an entirely CGI movie.
    (As it stands, I would prefer that approach actually!)

  • Ngian

    I just believe that WB are jumping on Marvels bandwagon by trying to emulate their Avengers movie.
    Superman, Batman and – i’m hoping – Green Lantern should be successful franchises within their own right. Maybe the odd guest appearance, sure, to show continuity throughout the DC-verse but I don’t think they NEED to do this movie. I think they’ve done an excellent job with the animated spin-offs – DVD movies and such – and these offer the scope and scale for JLA movies but that is perhaps where they should stay.
    I also don’t understand the reasoning behind rebooting Nolans Batman franchise (well, I do – its obviously for this mooted movie). Those movies are brilliant – if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

  • lead sharp

    I agree Mr McMillan, they aren’t really needed in the movie.

    As a fan what I would have loved to see is this.

    Smallville become the new Superman movie franchise. Wonder Woman get a movie, Batman 4 have a tonal change to allow for more fantastic elements and everything tie together on Green Lantern.

    At least this way you could have them in a JLA movie. As it stands you now have three actors in the past 5 years playing Superman (Tom Welling for all intents and purposes) and there will be another in 2013. WB need a clue.

  • deshawn

    Marvel hasn’t done to much to help themselves the first film worked because of jon farveru and his good ideas the script before invovled ironman’s dad being war machine and a bunch of other crap so to say marvel has made anything work is a lie.Ironman 2 also was hit but alot of complaints about the avengers storyline being shoved in were launched by the general audince and critic’s so I mean what did widow do again? and fury just sat they’re whinning both could have been replaced by the coulson guy or whatever and he’d have been better bit I digress.My point being right now is that marvel hasn’t done to well with the avengers storyline and if those same complaints come up in reviews for thor and captain america then they’res a problem.Dc right now is playing it safe and this idea won’t confuse to many as someone said smallville got away with it the schumacer films got away with it and this will be another test but they’re no reason to think the avengers film has a better chance than jl because if audinces found the sheild plot and stuff dumb and annoying in as a side plot can they handle an entire film about it?.

  • deshawn

    Wait did you just say the larger non comic reading audince thinks superfriends? that’s another generation but the15year olds to 30 year olds know them by the justice league cartoon series.And the superfriends show was apart of alot of peoples childhood I mean just because others think it’s bad doesn’t mean everyone else does look at the gi joe cartoons each has sucked and been terrible adaptions the movie murdered the source just like the shows and people complained.

  • Jacob

    They’ve already denied the movies having a shared universe.

  • TheCommander

    Personally I don’t believe for one second that a Justice League movie will ever come out, nor that any of these DC properties will ever make it out of development hell. The recent press releases from Warner Bros/DC reek of “hey, look at us! Don’t forget about us!” in the wake and anticipation of the upcoming Thor and Captain America releases.

    Sure, sure. Green Lantern is coming out. But for a movie coming out so soon, they sure are keeping a lid on it. Meanwhile Marvel has people salivating for more with each teaser they release.

    Whatever. Call me when something actually happens.

  • Jacob

    They’re keeping a lid on it because the movie isn’t quite finished yet. They’ll have plenty of time to market it during April and May.

  • Mulligan-d

    Why in God’s name would they not have Superman and Batman in it? That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard and makes no sense from any standpoint. As for recasting Batman, that was an inevitability. Nolan’s Batman is out of gas already and the third one’s not even out yet. While I’m sure it will be just as brilliant as TDK, Nolan’s concept of “realism” has essentially hamstringed the Batman franchise from any further development in its own franchise. It’s certainly rendered him incapable of ever appearing in some sort of team-up movie.

  • alterclark

    They NEED, at least, the big 5, and preferably the big 7 (comic or cartoon take your pick), for a JLA movie, IMO

  • Alex

    When this projectwas originally announced and cancelled way back last year, it was announced that Reynolds would not be playing the Green Lantern in the movie and also that Warner Bros wasn’t particularly interested in creating a shared universe like marvel.

    McMillan says “Presumably, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern will be appearing in this movie, and he could really be enough of an anchor for most fans to want to see the movie”

    based on what????? Did you hear somewhere that Reynolds will be reprising his role or are you just making ing things up????

    Because an entire fresh face cast of JLA is different then creating a halfcast JLA semi-shared universe.

    Theses articles need to report fact and not these bizzare mashes of hearsay and imagination.

  • Kelly

    I don’t think treating their movies as independent is a problem at all.
    If Nolan had been pressured to make The Dark Knight fit some JLA template, we wouldn’t have gotten such a great film.

    Now, look at the 2hr Avengers ad that was supposed to be Iron Man 2 and you’ll see what I mean, and why Favreau walked.

  • Kelly

    How ridiculous.
    Why would you even compare shock schloch like Ultimates to Morrison’s JLA?

  • Kelly

    We should judge his articles they way he judges movies/TV shows he hasn’t seen yet: a negative hair trigger response before we’ve read them.

  • Shift

    “Disaster” seems a bit harsh in regards to a movie that hasn’t even been made yet. Aren’t you being a bit pessimistic a bit prematurely?

    Here’s the thing: Whether or not Batman and Superman have appeared in the comics constantly, or whether or not the movie is going to driven by the other characters DOESN’T MATTER. Yes, at times they were small presences, but if you say “Justice League of America”, only fans of the comic series or cartoon will say “Martian Manhunter” or “Black Canary”.

    Everyone who are more casual super-hero fans will say “Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman”. Those are the characters that EVERYONE wants to see, both hardcore fans and casual fans, because they are the most recognizable and iconic members of DC comics.

    Back in the 80’s I think, they did a pilot for a Justice League show. It bombed in large part because it was a REALLY bad pilot. But it also lacked attention, because the characters they had were rather obscure to the casual fan. Atom, Fire, Ice and Guy Gardner were only popular for comic fans. Everyone else had no idea who these people were, and add to the crappy look of the show, didn’t even given it a chance.

    Will there be continuity confusion doing a JLA movie unrelated to the films the proceeded it? No question about it. But will it be enough to dissuade people from watching it and enjoy it? Only if the entire movie sucks film, story, and acting wise. If all that works out, the fans will be more than happy to see it.

    The audience is a more resilient than you give them credit for. They were able to handle the changes between the Burton Films and the Nolan Films. They’ve handled the changes between the Bruce Timm cartoons and “The Batman” and “Brave and the Bold” and “Teen Titans” and “Young Justice”. The fans continue to buy direct to DVD animated movies that are all made up of their own distinct continuity.

    This movie can work if you give it a chance.

  • JMC

    You be speaking crap. Just because DC did not decide to create a “reboot” universe, does not mean they can’t draw from hundreds of stories created over the last 50 years. You’re just a marvel troll (and this is coming from someone who loves Marvel.)

  • JMC

    I see what you mean – why bother including two characters that are recognised on a global scale in every country in the word, sell millions of dollars in merchandising every month, and are gauranteed to bring in an audience.

    They should make Vibe the main hero, and maybe Apache Chief. That’ll work.

  • JMC

    That’s an intelligent, well thought out answer. How dare you sir!!!!

  • JMC

    The fact that they AREN”T creating a shared universe like Marvel’s movies clearly demonstrates they AREN”T emulating the Avengers movie.

    And the reason they are rebooting Batman after Nolan is:
    A. No director/producer could top Nolan’s vision so why try when the inevitable comparisons would come up?
    B. I think it’s a sign of respect to a creator’s vision not to try to continue it against their wishes.
    C. Better to try a different approach than drag a franchise into the ground doing the same thing over, and over again.

    Personally I am looking forward to the Batman reboot – a franchise that may be less dark and more adventurous (the tone of Indiana Jones is what I’m looking for)

  • JMC

    I think the real question that needs to be asked is this:

    “Do we really NEED another speculative, pessimistic, and ultimately pointless article by Graeme McMillan?”

    And the answer is, “No we don’t.”

  • Blah

    The latest superman movie was pretty bad in my opinion. But I love the Batman series. Honestly though, it would be easy to see other actors portraying them. But I’d still prefer to see Christian Bale as Batman.

    If they are making individual movies for other members of the League – Like Wonder Woman, Green lantern and even (I hope) The Flash – I’d prefer those to come out first, then see the actors come together for the Justice League movie. Although that’s a fairly unrealistic idea….

  • Shaun

    I disagree… People know of GL, Flash, WW, etc. If the GL movie turns out to be any good and becomes a hit, GL might be a good enough anchor for a JLA movie. If WB can get Flash, WW, maybe Green Arrow/Black Canary established on the big screen too, there’s no reason JLA movie without Supes or Bats is an automatic failure. In fact, I’d prefer not shoehorning different versions of “The Big Two” into it.

    If they can come up with a good movie, and if WB throws their marketing might behind it, people will see it. Iron Man wasn’t a household name before that movie came out. Now it’s the centerpiece of the Marvel movie universe.

    Throw in Martian Manhunter, and that’s a pretty good start for a JLA movie. Maybe add more characters, perhaps including Superman and/or Batman eventually, over time. Don’t load it up too much right away though. Focus on a few core characters and let it grow from there.

  • mp22

    No one wants to see a JLA without Superman and Batman. Pointless making it. But it is alos pointless having different people playing them.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the majority of the public will have a problem with the movie being ‘its own thing’. The only problem it could have would be people (movie critics, mostly) pointing out how the Avengers is a superior effort for having been built over several years. But this could be a minor thing if the movie is really good.

    And THAT is what worries me: the story. Regardless of who they use, if there is not a good story the movie will sink. What menace could be big enough, yet also known well enough to non-comics fans, for the World’s Greatest Superheroes to unite against? Darkseid?

  • fm

    The whole point of doing the TEAM is showing team dynamics and Marvel are brilliantly building towards that with their single entities and actors who will at least become household names. Half the fun is for example seeing Robert Downey jr sharing the screen with Hemsworth and Evans…knowing even in the individual movies they are going to meet and see their chemistry together. How the hell are WB/DC supposed to even drum that kind of excitement with a team property that has nothing to do with the single hero driven movies? Why should I care to see some half rate actor play Superman when Superman is Cavill? Or those bland actors they choose when they were doing the now defunct JLA Miller directed movie?

    You must have Superman and Batman. How can you not? I get Bale might not want to do it but serious you must get Cavill and Reynolds in this if it can ever fly. I do not see if these actors were given a choice that they would refuse. Snyder should not be making those decisions.

    Marvel will cream DC because they really DO know what they are doing.

  • Blubeetle3

    There has only ever been one real successful Justice League without Batman or Superman: JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL!


  • Simon

    Recreating Batman is gonna be hard. Nolan’s Batman franchise was a huge success. Recreating Batman right now, you’ll have a huge chance of being critically panned.

    Superman, may not be too much of a problem, since we already seen the changes for the worst already, so it doesn’t have much to live up to.

  • Blarg

    Since Batman has a mask on most of the time they could probably make the part work with just about anyone as long as there aren’t many Bruce Wayne scenes. And I would think that either Tom Welling or Brandon Routh would be willing to play Superman again, probably not even for a ton of money. Nothing here they can’t work around, I think.

  • Gerrytown

    I truly believe a “Justice League” movie can work but only if done completely CGI. The animation technology that has been pioneered over the past few years (Avatar, etc) can actually make a JLA movie possible. The trailer for the new “Batman: Arkham City” videogame is amazing! and it for a freakin’ videogame! A feature could look 10 times better and feature our favorite heroes in a new fresh way. (If it sounds farfetched, think about how much CGI work has been used for the new Green Lantern movie.) The other reason for the animated approach is that the WB animation people have done great work with traditional animation, so they already have the storytelling down to a science. Let’s hope the WB suits have enough sense to see this goldmine already in their backyard.

  • Kal El


    GL is going to UNDER PERFORM. sorry but the 2nd trailer is still terrible CGI and horrible acting on REnolds part.

    Woder Woman is going to be canceled by thanksgiving

    WARNER has been trying to get JLA off the ground for a decade. With their other properties not kicking butt – this movie wont happen.

  • Jacob

    I would kill your family to see that movie.

  • Strathaar

    People seriously need to calm down. You have several WB executives saying they want to tap the DC Universe enormously in all media. Please remember that the DC Entertainment has really only been in existence for nearly a year. Prior to that you had a few dozen people in different production companies doing their own thing and hoping for a greenlight. Now there is finally a cohesive strategy.

    They are not going to do anything rash. The CCO of DC Entertainment is Geoff Johns. There is no more passionate a creator in the business when it comes to DC Comics. Flash IS being written. Wonder Woman tv show IS in production. Green Lantern IS coming out. Superman: The Man of Steel IS coming out. Really this all came about pretty quickly in terms of development and production when it can take YEARS for a film to even be greenlit.

    As to the subject of someone like Christian Bale being in Justice League I would be enormously opposed. The current Batman franchise does not work with this idea unless you want a grim, dark more grounded film. It simply doesn’t mesh. No details of what will happen after the third Nolan film has been released other than it will be a reboot of sorts. Great! Perhaps then we can get a real Mister Freeze, Poison Ivy or Killer Croc. Heck, perhaps then we can have Two Face without immediately killing him off.

    Zac Snyder has also stated he is not making Superman to mesh in with Justice League. There is nothing to say that it isn’t a distraction or something else. Why introduce Amanda Waller if the very next film up (aside from Batman) is in a different universe. There are ideas at play here and you need to be patient to see what they are before over-reacting to soundbytes. If WB and DCE decide otherwise, it will happen. And the new Superman is not a huge box office draw. So it is possible that when it is actually PLANNED Justice League could use him. And if they don’t, the character of Superman CAN withstand two people playing him nearly simultaneously as that has happened repeatedly in the characters past.

    Justice League is not just Justice League. It’s a platform for sequels and spinoffs and is a way I would seriously look at going to really launch DCU in the film industry.

    I like the management team WB has put together for DCE and believe all the fanboys and girls can relax a bit more. After seeing the footage of GL today I’m very pleased that at least one of my favorite comic book characters is going to have a great movie this year. My other is Thor and I am unsure I’ll even bother seeing it after all these trailers.

  • Fabiodens

    I disagree with you Shaun… Not a lot of people is familiar with Flash, WW, GA, BC and MM.. Flash and WW might be a little familiar, but ask a common man from asia and they’ll be looking at you with wonder… Batman and Superman is a world renowned name.. and dropping them both from this movie will be an automatic failure… The critics may love it but the people that will be paying to see it may be put off…

    Just telling you my opinion.

  • Glantern35

    That’s an odd question. If it is a success, wouldn’t that imply that a lot of people did want to see it?

  • RobF

    Instead of doing the Justice League, they should do the Justice Society set during WW2. That would be just as awesome and wouldn’t be causing this level of problem. You could have Flash and Green Lantern without really stepping on the toes of other movie franchises.

  • smith

    First of all comic fans do not dictate who breaks big at the box office. It is an audience who generally will know who Superman and Batman is and wonder why the hell are we seeing movies that have nothing to do with each other. It’s not as if they are waiting for a significant time for the single movies to lapse. They say they want a JLA in 2013. Ryan Reynolds was quoted to say no one approached him about a JLA movie and it has nothing to do with him but some business arrangement saying quite possibly he would do it I am sure if asked. And I am sure Cavill would not turn it down either. WB/DC anyone reading his, you are going about this the wrong way. First you had Geoff Johns saying nonsense that the single properties are bigger and better than Marvel’s. When all they have so far is just Batman. Cause jury is out as far as GL is concerned until later this year and Superman hasn’t even started filming yet. So what rubbish he was talking I have no idea. And now suddenly with all the excitement with Cap and Thor ( I know many people who don’t read comics who will go see a good movie) DC/WB are suddenly waking up and smelling the coffee. Marvel has more guts than WB/DC. They are willing to take creative risks. WB/DC just waits to jump on the bandwagon and when they do there is no planning or thought. I am telling you, people are going to not take any JLA film seriously if they cast people like Arnie Hammer or some pipsqueak who is not even 6 foot for Superman. Do it right WB/DC or do not do it alt all.

  • Adam Martinez

    Just spend the money WB/DC! Do what ever it takes to build the cast right. We the fans, want to see the best actors playing these roles. Bring in Bale, Reynolds, and maybe Routh or depending how well Henry Cavill does as the new Superman. These are the draw cards for a killer cast that are best for continuity. Is Marvel’s Avengers cast going to change? I don’t think so. As for the super villian? Darkseid and bring in Mr. Miracle and Big Barda too it would be epic. That’s what you need. Think Epic

  • T.

    Screw that logic, people always try to justify not including Superman and Batman in a Justice League movie, and it’s just insane not to. Seriously, how often does a Justice League movie come along? Why would you squander the opportunity to put Superman and Batman in a JLA movie given how rare it is for one to be made?

    Your comic analogy is flawed for two reasons: First, sure there have been stretches in time where the Justice League comic didn’t have Batman and Superman in them. Problem is, most of those stretches without them sucked. Or at least weren’t as great as the stretches in time that DID have them. Second, the comics can afford to do stretches without Batman and Superman because they come out monthly, plus they have a lot of one-shots and annuals, so people will tolerate stretches of the book without them because they know a one-shot, annual or comic run where they return will be right around the corner. With a movie franchise though, if Batman and Superman aren’t in it, viewers know they’ll have to wait 10-20 years for another shot to see a Justice League franchise with them in it again.

  • T.

    Nolan made a great Batman film? Why didn’t he release it? Because the Nolan Batman films I saw were pretentious hot garbage. Maybe if he WAS forced to fit them in a template of a grander universe they’d have been better.

  • T.

    What I don’t get is, why waste the opportunity to have a true big 7 JLA? All the possible cons of having Batman and Superman in it are far outweighed by all the possible pros.

  • T.

    I think the real reason they’re rebooting after Nolan is not because his vision can’t be topped. His vision was topped by every other Batman movie and TV show except for the Schumacher ones. It’s because his vision is too limiting and boring. Once the novelty of an ultrarealistic Batman that is super down to earth to the point of having boring sluggish fight scenes wears off, that’s pretty much it. It’ll be out of gas by the 3rd installment, especially without the Heath Ledger stunt casting for it to coast on.

  • JMC

    No, no – the real reason is what I’ve written above. Your explanation is just bitter ranting that neglects to factor in that your opinion represents 0.0000000001 percent of the population. The rest of us enjoy Nolan’s vision, backed both financially and critically, and are eagerly anticipating a third instalment.

    You just keep hanging on to that delusional blanket to keep you warm at night.

  • JMC

    The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!! Thanks for your input Chicken Little

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    The “James Bond” model doesn’t always work.
    Ask George Lazenby, and Timothy Dalton.
    Plus, it wasn’t a “shared” universe linking to other characters. Now, if there was a “60s Spy” universe with Bond, Flint, Matt Helm, Modesty Blaise, etc all interacting…
    As it is, it’s sort of a shame that Spider-Man and the FF won’t even be referenced because they’re not at Paramount…

  • Thejim

    DC should follow Marvel’s plan, and make a DC movie universe… Having different actor playing the same character in a JLA movie, and said character’s own movie I think would eventually get confusing to the audience…

  • Shift

    Umm… Justice League International was successful because of Batman. Remember “ONE PUNCH! ONE PUNCH!”

  • Erik Bruhwiler

    But it does work, in the sense that the franchise is alive and well, and whether one movie doesn’t do well or not, the franchise persists. Just like comics.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    A comic doesn’t go more than half a decade between issues.
    License to Kill (1989)–GoldenEye (1995)
    (The franchise was almost “killed” due to internal politics.)
    Hell, people get antsy when a monthly misses an issue.
    And since, as I pointed out, there’s no “shared universe” for the movie character(s) to go between films for “guest appearances” as comic characters do, it’s a different beast entirely.

  • Jacob

    Two words: The Twelve.


  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Five words: #9 ain’t out yet.


  • Jacob



    (and with JMS being exclusive with DC now, it’s unlikely it ever will)



  • Therealbourne

    I don’t really care what they do or what they don’t. Ive never really read that many JLA comics. I’m a fan of Nolan’s Batman Begins/The Dark Knight but other than that I prefer the marvel comics/movies. Spider Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor all just really good stand alone or tied together franchises. It just works. You can watch each of the marvel films and easily picture all of them together in the same film. But the Dc movies? It’s not looking so good.

  • Sasonk12

    I have a question was another of Batman and Superman film together painted as animated as the first film was president otter Chloe Piene SUPERM Ubtatman were public enemies