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WC11: V Panel

Elizabeth Mitchell in "V"

The second season of V has concluded, and while the future of the ABC series remains uncertain, that didn’t discourage fans from packing a ballroom Sunday at WonderCon for a spirited question-and-answer session with executive producer/writer Scott Rosenbaum and stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer.

Warning: Due to the nature of the panel, the below may contain spoilers.

Moderator Eric Goldman, executive editor of IGN TV, kicked off the presentation with an exclusive Season 2 clip reel highlighting the conflict between mankind and the alien Visitors. For those who haven’t seen the series, or the 1980s miniseries on which it’s based, V is an epic science fiction drama that chronicles mankind’s first encounter with an alien race. Although the Visitors appear friendly at first, their relationship with humanity quickly goes south as it is revealed the aliens are genetic thieves, intent on creating the ultimate race of beings.
Rosenbaum began by thanking fans for their support, and by expressing hope for a third season. He said V had more viewers at the end of this season than in the spring run of Season 1, noting that “this show is growing.”

Marc Singer in "V"

Singer, who starred in the original incarnation as hero Mike Donovan, spoke on his return to V and his excitement with the direction of the new series. “The new generation is outshining us in many ways, and it’s nice to be invited along,” he said.

Mitchell said she was excited about working with Singer, admitting “I geeked out before I met him and then I met him and I geeked out more.”

Goldman turned the discussion toward story plans for Season 3. Citing the three major deaths last season, Goldman asked, “How dead is dead?” Rosenbaum replied, “Science fiction is science fiction, and on this show you never know.” He did, however, confirm there are no plans for character deaths in the third season.

Rosenbaum also expressed interest in flashbacks, particularly those exploring the existence of the series’ clandestine secret agency Project Ares, and promised lots of screentime for Singer (he plays Project Ares leader Lars Fremont). Rosenbaum also said he would like to see the tables turn on the Visitors, so we would “see the humans hit back and hit back hard.” Singer also won’t be confined to a talking role, the producer said: “He can be polished enough to wear a suit, but he’s a warrior.”

Rosenbaum dropped more hints about his plans for the future, including talk of a scene cut from last season that would send Mitchell’s character Erica Evans chasing after love interest Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure) to find out what caused his disappearance.

The first question from the audience centered on the reinvention of the ’80s series. Of the original incarnation, Rosenbaum said, “When we first saw V, we were blown away. It was groundbreaking.”

Singer added, “It’s one of the greatest feelings that an actor or anyone can have, is to know that something you’ve had a hand in early on has had another life and goes on to mean something meaningful to other generations.” He also remarked that current technology was a defining factor in remaking the series, explaining that it allowed “an interesting melding between the real and the fanciful.”

Fans praised crowd-favorite Mitchell for her portrayal of Erica, a character that attracted the actress to the series. “I loved the idea of being a female protagonist,” she said.

Mitchell said that she was drawn as a child to action heroes: “Han Solo, I wanted to be him.” The actress, who has a 5-year-old son, also liked the fact that Erica is a mother, which allowed her to explore aspects that previous roles hadn’t. But there was one more reason: “I was really excited about fighting aliens.”


  • Superponte

    yeah….this thing is getting cancelled lol.

  • Liam

    Here’s hoping for a season 3. I find it a little hard to belive they’d spend the money and time to send them all to WonderCon for a cancelled show. The numbers picked up, and so did the writing. Maybe we’ll see it.

  • Mr. M

    “…Erica Evans chasing after love interest Tyler Hobbes…”

    Kyle Hobbes. Tyler is her son, which would make this very creepy.

  • Anonymous

    Toast. And deservedly so, though it’s sad this happened only immediately after bringing in Singer.

  • Fivelto

    I wonder if someone asked the panel what is the reason the Visitors came to earth? Two seasons and it still isn’t clear. The Event is also suffering from this problem. The beauty of the 80s version was you found out early in the season and the reason didn’t change because the writers actually knew what it was. I fully expect this show to be canceled. They may have done the panel to try to show that there is support for the show and the hope is that it will be renewed.

  • Anonymous

    They have panels for TONS of cancelled shows at various events, so its not unusual. Those shows still have fans too.

  • Dawnell_do

    I really like this show and hope it gets another 3rd season.

  • Ken

    FlashForward should’ve been the one to stay on the air.

  • whippis

    Just finished season 1. This show is poorly scripted junk. Good riddence.

  • Jim

    The fact that Season Two isn’t available on iTunes (but Season One is) has been the coffin nail for this show for me. If they don’t want me to watch it, no problem…

  • Lynz27

    Everyone who would like to support the return of V, ask for an email alert. You may also email the series producer or any top people connected with the show. I have been a fan since the show’s incepton in 1984. It is so much fun to watch the return of differnt actors from the 1984 series. My adult children are the second generation and I believe theirs will be a third.

    Too bad Jane Badler will not be returning, she was perfect in the first series and even better in the last. Kenneth Johnson’s writings are amazing, still true to form and mystery.

    Please ABC, keep the colors of your symbol bright by allowing a continued fight between Earth and the Vistors. Sincerely Lynz27

  • Anonymous

    My understanding was that it was two fold. One, resources. We are not sure what the state of the Visitors home world is, but it appears that they are lacking certain resources. The other is for breeding. Anna is hell bent on developing a new breed of alien that is stronger and better than the current generation. So partly, it’s rapid evolution of their species to make them an even more superior life form. I am however hoping to see a little more homage paid to the original and find out that we’re food for the visitors.

  • Anonymous

    I liked flash forward, but I don’t think it was an either or. I think there was other garbage on the air that they could have canned and then they could have kept both FlashForward and V on the air. The problem with ABC and NBC is that they can shows way too early, before they give the shows a real chance to shine. That and they still base ratings on an antiquated system (nelson) that just does not work any more, They need to base ratings on international viewership, with the internet this is completely possible.