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Disney moves ahead with TRON 3

Although TRON: Legacy might not have been the movie that many were hoping for, its $399 million worldwide box-office take is enough to establish Joseph Kosinski as the highest-grossing first-time director of a live-action film and, more importantly, convince Disney to go ahead with plans for a sequel.

Sure, that first part is a bit “inside baseball, but it’s worth noting, as Deadline does, that Kosinksi unseated JJ Abrams, who earned the title with 2006’s Mission: Impossible 3.

The relevant information comes a little later, though, when Deadline reports that Disney has, indeed, begun work on TRON 3, with Kosinski collaborating with original writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

If Legacy‘s $170 million production costs and commensurate marketing budget had you thinking the movie’s box-office performance was disappointing, well, you’re not alone. “I had the impression that the film had been a bit underwhelming, despite a $44 million opening weekend,” Deadline’s Mike Felming writes. “But looks are deceiving. For one thing, despite the film’s big budget, TRON: Legacy had the benefit of zero first-dollar box office gross participants. […] Beyond that, the film fed other Disney divisions. The TRPM: Legacy soundtrack sold 615,000 copies worldwide, and the movie spawned ElecTRONica, a featured attraction at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. A TRON: Legacy rollercoaster for the new Shanghai theme park is under discussion.

But, really, should anyone be surprised that Disney wants another installment? Legacy was launched with plans for a franchise — an animated prequel debuts next summer on Disney XD — and nothing short of an unmitigated bomb was likely to change that.


  • Anonymous

    I’m OK with this. I thought TRON: Legacy was a blast to watch. Hopefully Jeff Bridges returns in some capacity and Tron is back as a character…also, more Daft Punk, please.

  • Jacob

    Not surprising at all, but still wonderful news. There’s more to a movies success than box office gross. There’s merchandising sales (as noted here) but also home video sales. It’s #1 on iTunes, it’s all over Amazon’s Bestsellers list for Movies & TV (and has been in the top 100 for at least 61 days) and I’m sure it’s on similar lists elsewhere.

  • Alemander

    Totally agree. Legacy was a tad wordy and full of itself, but it was enjoyable. Give me more actual Tron and I will be happy. If they can make Bridges look like Clu did, why can’t they do the same for Bruce Boxleitner and give us Tron in TRON 3?

  • CJ3

    I thought the movie was amazing, as I saw it twice within a week. I was hoping they would make another story to unpack what happens next.

    This is very good news to me and my friends…

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    TRON: LEGACY wasn’t a perfect movie–and it certainly wasn’t fanboy proof–but it was a harmless two-hour popcorn flick with great visuals and a great soundtrack. I was a fan of the original TRON as a kid, and became a bigger fan of the sequel. I’m definitely down for a third installment.

  • Jacob

    Know what I just realized? There’s no source for this information. The source you claim doesn’t break the news. Doesn’t report it. Mentions it. Never says where the information comes from or if it’s reliable. You’re jumping the gun here and getting us all excited.

  • unown

    The tron charecter will likely to be back beacauase if u saw tron:legacy, u would notice tht when rinzler fell into the sea of simulation, rinzler lights truned back to white. And u say tht Kevin Flynn destroyed the tech in the world not the whole thing. Sam took what is left of it in the real world (which is a harddrive) and he will probaly reconecte it to the matter converter. And it looked like kevin flynn turned into this big star after he destroyed the world. He did not die. So if there is a Tron 3 the tron charecter is likely to be back. And so is Kevin Flynn

  • Bananablitz_14

    Well if u don’t believe it check out the vid on YouTube called “Tron 3 confirmed by Bruce”

  • Jacob

    Do take note of the dates. My comment was five months ago (May-April). That video was posted August 20. One month ago (to the day, lololol).

    And it wasn’t about the confirmation, it was about shoddy reporting (on both of their parts). Mention of Tron 3 was coming from nowhere.