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X-Men Effects Artist Tim Miller Tapped To Direct Deadpool

Tim Miller, who worked in visual effects on X-Men and X2,  will make his directorial debut on Fox’s Deadpool, Deadline reports.

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine spinoff, which is expected to star Ryan Reynolds as the merc with a mouth, features an R-rated screenplay by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick that producer Lauren Shuler Donner insists stays true to its comic roots, with Deadpool breaking the fourth wall.

Donner has described the movie as “a total reboot,” saying, “We’re either going to pretend that X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn’t happen, or mock it, which he could do.”

Robert Rodriguez had been negotiating to direct Deadpool at one point, with Swedish commercial director Adam Berg emerging as a possibility in October when those talks fell through. However, Miller’s name never made the rumor circuit.


  • VonGloom

    So this is what bugs me…I relly think Ryan was miscast as Green Lantern, but perfectly cast as Deadpool. So I get the feeling Green Lantern might be a colossol failure, meaning that Deadpool might not get produced, and that was the film that I thought Ryan would make just a fantastic blockbuster. I know that’s a lot of ifs, but man I wish they had made Deadpool first.

  • MZ

    Everyone has to start somewhere!
    Congrats to Tim, this could be fun!

  • what?!!

    “Expected to star Ryan Reynolds”…sounds like someone has been signed to DC movie properties only. And after all these years I’m still waiting for a comic movie to “stay true to its comic roots”

  • Super-Bat

    I liked that Ryan Reynolds is going to play Deadpool.
    I liked that it was going to be written by the 2 writers of Zombieland.
    I also liked the rumor about Robert Rodriguez directing.

    I don’t think that a first time director should direct Deadpool.

    I was hoping that since they were using the Zombieland writers, they would use the Zombieland director, Ruben Fleisher. He would know how to balance over the top stylized bloody violence and laugh-out-loud Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool comedy.

  • Thom Vane

    Alternatively, if GL is a success it’s sequels will probably get fast tracked leading to schedule mayhem (they’re already writing them.).

  • JMC

    I find it extremely unlikely that a Deadpool film (which is sounding seriously like another Last Action Hero) would perform better than Green Lantern. Deadpool will draw a smaller audience (Kick-Ass numbers) while Green Lantern has the potential to draw a huge box-office due to it’s space opera/ scifi genre no matter what the fanboy naysayers are continuing to harp.

  • JMC

    Why am I getting the same feeling I got when they announced the break-out director for Punisher: War Journal?

    Personally I think they need to be combing the Indie-director circuit instead of giving an unknown a shot at a potential new movie franchise.

    I couldn’t care less about Deadpool as a character, but I would like to see the film do well. Always breaks my heart to see a comics-based property fail (sigh: Jonah Hex)

  • pjb

    by saying this arent you kind of a fanboy naysayer yourself. who are you to say what will work or what wont. while green lantern looks awesome it seems like the hype machine is trying to hard

  • pjb

    that failed because the people in charge of it had no respect for it

  • Sonofspam

    Hiring an unknown director with no previous directing experience? it could be a double edged sword in that he has a lot to prove so he is gonna bring his double a game.

    then again it could mean that he doesn’t have enough experience as a director and this could end up being a disaster and if it flops the studio will blame it all on him.

    I hope this doesn’t mean Fox is so desperate they would hire someone with no experience just to get this thing rushed out.

  • Mark Walley

    When they make this film they should have DVD commentary track by Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds doing Deadpool’s internal monologue? BRILLIANT.

  • Rick Mease

    Bring on the Deadpool flick….but only with Ryan Reynolds! BEA ARTHUR!!!!!!!! CHIMICHANGA!!!!!!!!!

  • JMC

    Your point being? Lauren Shuler Donner’s comments about Deadpool staying “true to it’s roots,” are little different from Gale Ann Hurd’s in relation to Punisher War Zone.

  • JMC

    Naysayer – I don’t think so. I’m providing a logical opinion based on other similar comics-based properties (Kick-Ass), not an emotional, illogical one based on a “I hate Marvel/ DC properties blah, blah, blah” that clot up the internet. You’d be niaive to think that Deadpool is going to appeal to a wider audience than a Green Lantern movie.

    Deadpool, from the sounds of it will be a very unconventional film (hence my Last Action Hero and Kick Ass references) that will appeal to a smaller audience (likely teens and “geeks”). Will it make money? Yes – but it’s not going to be a huge blockbuster because it’s not going to appeal to the masses. Will I see it? Yeah, ’cause I’m a geek. Prediction – Kick Ass box office.

    Green Lantern, however has greater potential to make a lot of money as most audience members can see comparisons to other scifi properties like Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Avatar, not to mention previous superhero films. It has a Director with a proven box office track record. It has the potential to appeal to both scifi and superhero fans – it appeals to a wider audience. In addition, GL looks to be a film you could see with your family, something Deadpool with an MA15+ rating can’t do. That’s just a logical assumption.

    For the record – I’m seeing both films.

  • Philip Ho

    Definitely more interested in Deadpool than G L… ; )

  • Burgers

    While I think going for an R-rating is a glorious thing for Deadpool, it’s only going to reinforce what JMC is already saying… GL = for the masses, DP = for the devoted.

  • Burgers

    Amen. Still sad about giving an hour+ of my life to war zone. And another minute of my life for posting about it…

  • VonGloom

    Actually, I wasn’t saying that GL would fail because it wasn’t a good movie per say, but because RR is (at least by the trailer) doing his usual light canadian wise acre character for Hal Jordan, which I don’t think meshes well with the overall Hal Jordan Mythos or what the film will likely demand of the Character. That’s a big assumption I know, but it’s the kind of tonal error (like say making Wonder Woman into Alley McBeal) that can doom an otherwise well produced and well written project. Deadpool by contrast has a far more popular tone set from the Wolverine Film that had already proved very popular with audiences.

    While GL has the larger fan base, I thought that a poorly received GL coudl be a failure, while a well received DP would have been a block buster. Now, it’s possible they pulled the few wise acre lines from Hal for the trailer so as to appeal to RR’s standard persona, and the film will be more accurate in it’s representation, but I recall watching the trailer and thinking, why is this actor being given a power ring. Ryan’s persona pulled me out of the suspension of disbelife of the film, and that’s not good from the trailer.

    In a Deadpool film again, this whole being pulled out of the film actually plays to the strengths and tone of the film, so it would likely be far more successful if this becomes a problem on the GL film.

  • Ofmasksandmen

    I wouldn’t say Tim Miller has no previous directing experience. You might want to find out who he is and what he’s done.

  • Oldirrtydoogz

    This is interesting. The guy has obviously got an eye for visuals. But how does he manage making a coherant movie? I guess he already has the script written, which is awesome BTW, i’ve read it. It’s anybodies guess how well this turns out at this point though. Could he be more of a David Fincher rather than a Brothers Strause?

    As for the Reynolds thing? The guy has wanted to make Deadpool since what? 2003? That’s nearly a decade, he won’t drop out of this movie. And there is other articles saying Fox has him signed up as Producer aswell. I think the thing with Green Lantern is, well, he’s doing that for the money. That is a big event film. Deadpool is more of a cult, niche film, that he wants to do simply because it’s a passion project.

    Look foward to hearing more info like other casting and what not.