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Passion Play Trailer Unites Mickey Rourke And Bill Murray

Passion Play seemed like something worth getting very excited about when it was announced and as the production developed. Mickey Rourke, always a winner. Bill Murray, ’nuff said. Megan Fox, all the boys like to look at her, and she’s a comic geek. And then there’s Mitch Glazer, the writer/director, reuniting with Murray for the first time since Scrooged.

That last point ought to be enough to sell just about anyone. And if it isn’t, then you haven’t seen Scrooged.

Unfortunately, reports on Passion Play from the festival circuit have been less than passionate. Fox plays a freak-show attraction, a literal fallen angel (complete with feathered wings), whom Rourke’s jazz trumpet-playing character takes a liking to. This doesn’t sit well with Murray’s character, who, as we see in this newly released trailer, somehow manages to look like Robert De Niro in Casino. Hard to say if the reports from festival-goers are accurate based on what we see here, but we’ll get to find out when the film finally hits theaters on May 6.


  • AVdork

    I saw it at Toronto and loved it – as did the audience at the premiere. It is not getting a fair shake. It’s a sad and beautiful film – not meant for our cynical hateful times, what a shame…

  • ModestesPrinzessin

    Bill Murray is in this movie, he’s playing a Dad who is dying of cancer. Something was waaay off in October at the Scream awards. It wasn’t just his behavior in the video afterwards, but also his appearance at, and shortly after that. Then, there’s Amy Poehler saying he can sit during a taping of her show, and then there’s the Comedy Awards. His behavior there was very suspiscious. Then, there was 4/15 at the Riverdogs. In an interview, he mentions the afterlife. There’s also a February article in the Montgomery Herald where mention is made which casts doubt on a golf tournament including Murray, mentioning his health. I really want to know. Is Bill Murray dying from a terminal illness? I did some research in WebMd from what I could see for myself, and my fear is he has pancreatic cancer. That would break my heart, but I hope he will be kind enough to say so if something is going on. I am asking because I care about it, and I care about him.