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Daniel Sunjata, Two Other Actors Join The Dark Knight Rises

Daniel Sunjata

Rescue Me star Daniel Sunjata and two other actors are in line for supporting roles in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Variety reports.

Sunjata, who co-stars on Grey’s Anatomy, will play “a courageous special forces operative,” a part that The Tracking Board describes as “an important character to the story.”

Diego Klattenhoff, who’ll appear in the newly greenlit Showtime drama Homeland, has been offered the part of a rookie cop looking to make a difference, while Torchwood‘s Burn Gorman is being considered for an unspecified supporting role.

The three actors join a cast that so far includes Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Juno Temple, Josh Pence and, presumably, Marion Cotillard.

Written by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan from a story by Nolan and David S. Goyer, The Dark Knight Rises begins filming this summer in Pittsburgh before moving to London, Los Angeles and New York City. It opens on July 20, 2012.


  • Otaku-sempai

    If Marion Cotillard is ever confirmed, my best guess (in light of the casting of Josh Pence as a young Ra’s al Ghul) is that she is, indeed, Talia. Daniel Sunjata could be (an) Ubu.

  • Nads

    If he is in the movie, he HAS to be Bullock.

  • BoyBlunder

    Ok just saying: but Marion Cotillard wouldve been a perfect choice for catwoman……………….

  • kalorama

    Is Ubu a young special forces officer? Because that’s what Sunjata is playing.

  • Hank_Belforte

    This is major. First off this guy is one of the least known AMAZING actors in the game. He’s played to the bread and butter “gorgeous guy that women want and men want to be” in films and tv in the past, got nominated for a Tony in Take Me Out on broadway, but If you want to see what he hasn’t really gotten to show us fans and the industry just yet you need to watch him opposite Roth in Lie To Me. He played a serial rapist and made the character LIKEABLE in a creepy way. He has tremendous talent so I can not wait to see what he does in Dark Knight. And that jaw line is just ridiculous. Makes me self conscious about my double chin LOL. Seriously though this man is a matinee idol, ready made. Just add water. And once you get greenlit by a director like Nolan the sky is the limit. I predict his career is about to go super nova. Great news. I am pumped!

    Hank B.

  • matt

    Looks like there’s going to be a lot going on in this film, with so many characters and locations.