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Bradley Cooper Stalks The Crow

Relativity Media is wasting little time with its planned remake of The Crow. Only days after 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo officially joined the project, the production company has begun negotiations with Bradley Cooper to star in the adaptation of James O’Barr’s black-and-white comic.

Heat Vision reports that Cooper, who headlines Relativity’s hit thriller Limitless, met recently with Fresnadillo in Spain, “where the two hit it off and shared a vision for the character and the film.”

The Crow centers on a young musician who’s killed while trying save his fiancee from street thugs, only to be resurrected by supernatural forces. He seeks vengeance against his murderers, methodically stalking the thugs and killing them. The role was played in Miramax’s 1994 adaptation by Brandon Lee, who was killed in a freak accident during production.

The new version is being produced by Edward R. Pressman, Jeff Most, Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh and Apaches Entertainment’s Enrique Lopez Lavigne and Belen Atienza. Writer-musician Nick Cave (The Proposition, The Wettest County in the World) penned the most recent draft of the script, but a new screenwriter is expected to be brought in to work with Fresnadillo.

Cooper, whose Limitless is still in theaters, will next be seen in The Hangover Part II, which opens on May 26.


  • Travis

    Gawd would this be nice. I loved the first Crow but a script that followed the book a bit closer would be awesome. Can’t say much for anything after the first Crow movie but maybe a remake would rekindle a great story.

  • Jacob

    I’ve seen him nothing but The Hangover Part I, is he actually any good?

  • Joker1031

    Are you people on GLUE? Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven? You must all NOT remember the original! I am sure if you watch it again you will realize how stupid and just outrageous this casting is. If he gets casted, may as well say good bye to the franchise forever!

  • Sonofspam


  • batnbreakfast

    Not having read the book… isn’t this supposed to be about YOUTH, rebellion and rocknroll? Not middle age, mid life crisis and r’ n r?

  • Travis

    I understand you concern but after seeing him in limitless I think he can pull it off. I don’t judge that kind of stuff till I see the finished product after I thought that the Tom Cruise as Lestat was a horrible idea. Which turned out to be gold.

  • Travis

    Its about REVENGE bud!

  • kalorama

    Hate to break it to you, but you missed your chance to say goodbye to the Crow franchise a long time ago, because it’s been dead for years (the last one, with Ed Furlong was just a brain dead corpse kept alive by machines).

    I’ve always been amused by the fan devotion to the Crow because, frankly, it really wasn’t very good. I firmly believe that if Lee hadn’t died during the making of it–thus spawning some kind of haunted, doomed romantic mystique around himself and the film–people would have forgotten it along ago.

  • Thirteen

    Not to nitpick but, I’m pretty sure The Crow was May of 1994.