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Michael Clarke Duncan To Voice Kilowog In Green Lantern

Kilowog and Tomar-Re

Following weeks of rumors, Heat Vision reports that Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan is finally negotiating to voice the porcine alien Kilowog in Green Lantern.

He’ll join a voice cast that already includes Geoffrey Rush as the bird-beaked Tomar-Re in the Martin Campbell-directed Warner Bros. film.

Debuting in June 1986’s Green Lantern Corps #201, the fan-favorite Kilowog was long the gruff Green Lantern drill instructor, training new recruits — or “poozers,” as he frequently refers to them.

Nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his breakout role in the 1999 drama The Green Mile, Duncan is well known to comics fans as The Kingpin in 2003’s Daredevil and Manute in 2005’s Sin City. He’s no stranger to voice work, notably playing Wilson Fisk in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Commander Vachir in Kung Fu Panda and its upcoming sequel.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, Angela Bassett, Temuera Morrison, Jay O. Sanders, Taika Waititi and Jon Tenney. It opens in 3D and 2D on June 17. The second trailer is expected to debut on May 6 with Marvel’s Thor.


  • Dawnell_do

    I cant wait too hear Michael Clarke Duncan to scream out “Poozers”.

  • Paul Allen

    This thing is coming out in two months and they’ve just now casted the voice actors? Is that normal? Seems like a definite rush to the finish.

  • Christopher Berg

    Is it me or does it seem really late to be just finalizing this kind of thing? The movie opens in 2 months. I’m guessing that Kilowog doesn’t have a massive amount of screen time but still…

  • Anonymous

    I’m really kinda surprised that they haven’t done the voice yet. I do wish they’d stop going for celebrities to do voices for films instead of giving the jobs to professional voice actors.

  • Mak

    Does this mean that Michael Clarke Duncan will be lip-syncing? Because I highly doubt that they will animate the on top of the voice-over…

  • Anonymous

    yeah i’ve never heard of anything like that before. in fact, i’m a little confused as to how they could make the movie but not have the final voices done ahead of time… i guess he’ll just be doing overdubs of the person who did kilowog’s stand in voice and then they’ll animate everything to match?

  • Jacob

    Duncan is a great actor, so is Rush. There’s nothing wrong with this casting.

  • Jacob

    He didn’t play Fisk in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, he did it in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. The one on MTV. And by that point he was already associated with the role from Daredevil. It was a one-time appearance. He’s done other, more notable voice work. Like playing Commander Vachir in both Kung Fu Panda’s and Atlas in God of War.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not doubting their capabilities to do the characters justice. I’m just saying that there are many people who focus on just voice acting that would be more than up to the task.

  • Jacob

    More than up to the task doesn’t mean right for the task. Their voices fit these characters so well it’s unreal.

  • Mak

    What are you talking about? That doesn’t make sense? A professional voice actor is just that… A PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTOR. If you going to need someone for voice acting should use someone who does it for a living.

  • Jacob

    Or you could not discriminate. These guys are two of Hollywood’s best, they fit the characters incredibly well, they wanted to do it, there’s no problem. It’s not “Ew, I don’t want a voice actor” it’s “Hey, you know who would be absolutely fantastic for this part?” I mean jeez, no one complains about Tom Hanks and Tim Allen voicing Woody and Buzz.