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X-Men’s David Hayter To Adapt The Dragonriders Of Pern

Dragonflight cover art by Michael Whelan

Watchmen and X-Men screenwriter David Hayter will adapt Anne McCaffrey’s sprawling science fiction/fantasy series The Dragonriders of Pern.

The series, which began in 1967, is set on an exotic planet where elite warriors ride enormous fire-breathing dragons, with which they form a telepathic bond, to protect their world from an airborne menace known as Thread. The saga now spans more than 20 books, which have been written since 2004 by McCaffrey’s son Todd McCaffrey.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hayter will adapt the first novel, Dragonflight, for Copperheart Entertainment and Entertainment One. Although production is scheduled to begin in early 2012, no director is attached.


  • Anonymous

    Sounds a little familiar.

  • The Geekery

    That is excellent news. I loved those books growing up.