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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer Isn’t Monkeying Around

The hype train for Rise of the Planet of the Apes picked up speed recently when it was announced that the release date would be moved from late fall to Aug. 5, delighting one and all. There’s even more reason to express your joy today with the release of the movie’s trailer, which is chock full of apes in action.

Seriously. I dare you not to squeal with glee while watching this. It starts off slow, laying out the story of one scientist’s (James Franco) noble intention of developing a drug to heal the damage done by degenerative brain diseases. When the apes rise at roughly the halfway point of the two-minute trailer… man do they rises. CG primates everywhere, brought to life by the talented digital artists at WETA.

There are so many money shots in this trailer, you’ll have to watch it several times just to take it all in. The apes emerging en masse from the roof of a domed complex. Gathering around the multi-story railings in a large, open office space. Standing over the bed of a sleeping couple. They’re everywhere, and they’re awesome. If you had any doubts about this movie, banish them now. The apes are coming, and they look pissed.

Check out the trailer below, or at Apple.


  • Anonymous

    Any interest I might have had is now gone.

  • Aggamendon

    Your impassioned logic and highly detailed review of this trailer has won me over. Down with the Rise!

  • Marrios76

    Do the talented digital artists at WETA also direct the movie? Not only in the article but at the poster all I see is the name of Franco and the the Fx company. I do understand the excitement but to to me it seems like I’m Legend with better CGI.

  • Lewis4510

    I was a bit skeptical untill I saw the full trailer now I’m on board. From the look of this they’re pretty much kicking the original franchise to the curb by starting from scratch and creating something brand new.

  • Anonymous

    The movie is unnecessary. The concept has been beaten to death over and over already. It’s not people are screaming for yet another Apes movie.

  • Anonymous

    people aren’t screaming for a spider-man or batman reboot, and yet they are going to come.

  • Jacob

    What the hell is I’m Legend? And it’s directed by Rupert Wyatt.

  • Marrios76

    Sorry for my bad english, the movie was I am Legend with Will Smith. And to your answer in the article is not reported by no means the name of the director only that of the protagonist and the company of the special effects.if you believe that this is a good omen of the movie’s quality, thats fine with me. But I do believe that Hollywood is full of directors that simply fulfil the films at the will of the producers, they are not important anymore and that was my point

  • Aggamendon

    I was snarky because I wanted to know what exactly in the preview made you lose any interest that you had, and for that I apologize. I should have just come out and asked that.

    As for your response though: I can’t really think of any move that was “necessary”. And with ten years between the Burton’s PotA, (and then 26 years between Burton’s and the TV series), I really don’t think it’s been beaten to death in th least.

    Now with all that being said, if you don’t want to watch it then you don’t want to watch it, and I really shouldn’t have been a douche bag about it.

  • Jacob

    Source for him being the director. And while not mentioned here, I was just saying that Wyatt, not WETA, directed the movie.

    And I knew you meant I Am Legend, I was just poking fun. :p

  • bunny69

    The only two people this film will be missing are Roddy McDowell and Charlton Heston! But I’m in!!

  • Impressed

    I have never seen any of the other movies, but I think this looks B.A. I mean really, what’s scaries than a swarm of screaming apes? But I also think that the best shot in the whole trailer was when the chimp looks in a mirror like he is seeing himself for the first time. That shot sold me. Because he has become more than self aware, he has become sentient. And I think the premise is that the apes were tortured, so they are getting revenge. That’s just scary. And even if there has been lots of sequels and some remakes, I don’t think they ahve ever had a prequel, so this is all fresh ideas. And besides, if it was a remake, it’ll be better than dudes in hairy costumes for sure. :D

  • Aggamendon

    The events in final 3 movies of the original series all happen before the first Planet of the Apes. They’re part prequel part sequel, and are worth checking out.

  • GrapeApe

    does anyone know when where the movie premiere is?