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Jason Statham Sizes Up Parker

Jason Statham is in talks to star in Parker, a noir thriller based on the series of crime novels written by the late Donald Westlake under the pseudonym Richard Stark.

Variety reports that Taylor Hackford (An Officer and a Gentleman, Ray) will direct from John J. McLaughlin, who co-wrote Black Swan.

Westlake’s 24 Parker books center on a cold and ruthless thief who, despite occasionally resorting to murder to get what he wants, lives by a strict professional code.

Several of the novels have been adapted for the big screen, most famously the 1967 Lee Marvin film Point Blank (based on the first book The Hunter). Cartoonist Darwyn Cooke has also adapted The Hunter and the third novel The Outfit as graphic novels, released by IDW Publishing; more will follow.

Sierra/Affinity, Incentive Filmed Entertainment and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment will finance the film, with Hackford producing alongside Steven Chasman, Les Alexander, Sidney Kimmel and Jonathan Mitchell.


  • Jay123

    Is Cartoonist, the most accurate title for Darwyn Cooke?

  • AJ Ryan

    When I was reading the Cooke version of The Hunter, I kept thinking, “this is just like the movie Payback, I wonder if they based the movie on this book.”

    I was amused when I saw how many “Parker” movies have been made, yet they always change his name to something other than Parker.

    Is it foolish to hope that Statham would/could lose the accent to play Parker?

  • Kevin Melrose


  • Santiago

    I believe that Mel Gibson’s Payback was also based in one of the Parker books…

  • Guest

    Yes Payback was also based upon the Parker books (although we was called Porter). It should be noted that Darwyn Cooke’s adaptations apparently impressed author Westlake so much he allowed him to use the “Parker” name (which no film was allowed to do. I remember I got a chance to talk to Darwyn before the first book came out and you could easily see how excited he was to do them. Every noir fan should seek these out.