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Ryan Gosling Won’t Be Starring In The Lone Ranger After All

So remember yesterday when we were talking about Ryan Gosling potentially joining the cast of The Lone Ranger as its titular masked hero? That was fun, wasn’t it? Well, it’s not happening.

Gosling’s rep confirmed the news to There’s no quote or reason given or anything like that, but it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? Gosling’s out.

Which returns us to the question of who should play the Lone Ranger. I continue to maintain that it shouldn’t be someone too recognizable. The movie’s already got that in the Lone Ranger’s Native American partner Tonto, a role to be played by Johnny Depp. The Ranger sits behind his mask and lives a life of anonymity. Putting someone you can immediately identify in those shoes strips some of that away. Even if the fictional world’s characters don’t know who George Clooney (for example) is, you sure will when you look at him.

Who then should it be? I’d definitely throw Karl Urban’s name out there, as he has proved himself capable of disappearing into his roles on more than one occasion. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam could be a good one, too, even if he is a little on the young side. What do you readers think?


  • jephd

    how about a native american actor to play up the white tonto aspect?

  • Scud

    How about this Hollywood, Timothy Olyphant as the Lone Ranger and Adam Beach as Tonto. Make to much sense? Yeah just cast a white guy as Tonto, perfect casting.

  • Benwahbob

    Johnny Depp is 1/4 Cherokee.

  • 2000filmfan

    If Depp, cared about the Native community he’d let this role go. He’s cast in a ton of stuff and everything Tim Burton does. Adam Beach isn’t cast in anything but Native roles, and has little chance of beating Depp for anything. Depp shouldn’t be so spoiled or so insensitive.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan gosling is the sweetest, hottest guy ever, i love him <333333 this interview with ellen degeneres has got to be the funniest thing ever –

  • Penn

    Charlie and Johnnie in anything is awesome.

  • Katemont

    charlie wd be hilarious –

  • jephd

    oh OK.
    He’s just like Drexl Spivey then?