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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About ‘The Impossible Astronaut’

Yes, “The Impossible Astronaut” was exactly what I’d wanted from the return of Doctor Who: By turns funny, gripping and confusing, it set the tone for what’s to come this season, and asked more than enough questions that I think everyone wants the answer to immediately. Spoilers for everyone who hasn’t seen the episode yet. No, really.

Is That Really The Doctor That Died?
Sure, it looked like him and acted like him… It even started to regenerate like him. But was that the Doctor? Common sense would say no, because otherwise Moffat’s going to end the show when Matt Smith decides to leave. But if it’s not, then who is it? And how did he know something was going to happen with the astronaut?

Why Did The Doctor Gather The Four Of Them Together?
The most obvious answer would be “Because, after the end of this adventure, he knows what’s going to happen.” But if that’s the case, then why not do something to stop it from happening altogether? And also, if that’s not the Doctor, then again: Why those four? Why those numbers?

Does The Doctor Know Who Sent The Messages?
This is the “current” Doctor I’m talking about now, not the potentially future Doctor who may not be the Doctor. Is he going along with River, Amy and Rory because he trusts Amy, or because he secretly knows the only person who would bring all of them together is him?

Amy Is Pregnant? So Why Are She And River Doubling Over With Stomach Pains?
That one kind of speaks for itself. At first I assumed that Amy and River were both having stomach pains because they were the two characters who’d seen the aliens, but then when Amy said that she was pregnant, I started to wonder… Is River pregnant too? Or, and this may blow your minds a little, is River Amy?

Who is The Astronaut?
My first thought, when I saw this episode was that the Astronaut was one of the four people at the picnic – I was fairly convinced that it was the Doctor, to be honest – but I have to ‘fess up: I’ve also seen next week’s episode, and saying anything more about this topic would be, in River Song’s words, “spoilers.”

Next week’s episode is not what you’d expect. You should all make a point of tuning in.


  • Jacob

    Considering Moffat’s whole “time can be unwritten” thing, I’d say that is the real Doctor. There’s no real reason to suspect otherwise. He gathered them together because they’re who was with him when it started. Clearly. They’re all involved. And I’d say that, with The Doctor being all wonderfully clever, he has put a plan into motion to change things.

    Does he know? I’m gonna go with no. I’d say he suspects but isn’t sure yet. Fish fingers and custard was a big clue that River and Rory wouldn’t get.

    Kinda tired of the whole “Is River Amy?” thing. I get that it fits, but still, just don’t like it. Makes Rory pointless, and I like Rory.

    The Astronaut is Twelve. Just throwing it out there, knowing it’s B.S.

  • Internet Sensation ✔

    1. yes thats the doctor! It was stated in the episode at least twice and Moffat said it is defo the Doctor in the Doctor Who confidential episode that airs on BBC3 after the show finished!

    2. Because he knew what was going to happen because it happed to him 200 years earlier! just like in the Time Crash special where 10 knew what he had to do to fix everything because when he was 5 he saw 10 do it! (wibbly wobbily timey wimey)

    3. yeah he probably has a idea but he knows that if it was him that did it then what ever he has himself doing is for the good of the universe so is just going with the flow.

    4. i’m assuming that Amy doubling over is because she is pregnant! and since River is also doubling over and Rory didn’t when he saw the aliens i assume that River might be up the duff too! might be the doctors! might not be! (but River is defo not Amy! but could she be Amy’s daughter!)

    5. no clue about the Astronaut! but interesting tidbit! when the future doctor was killed river shot at the astronaut at pretty close range and did no damage! (even though we saw 5 minutes earlier her aim is fantastic since she shot the docs hat off) after she ran out of bullets she said “of course” i took that to mean that the bullets did no damage! meaning when Amy shot the astronaut at the end of the episode it won’t do any damage! so the little girl inside is safe!

  • sean walls

    I think that the Astronaut is River Song at the picnic, she’s the gunslinger of the group. The Doctor on numerous occasions has asked River “who did you killed?” I imagine its Doctor WHO. I don’t think the pain in AMy’s stomach is because of the pregnancy but rather intensifies the threat of the situation with these aliens.

  • Steve

    I think River doubling over in pain was a red herring so people’d think that the monsters were behind it.

    What about the fact that Rory and Amy found a spaceship that looks exactly like the one from “The Lodger” last series?

  • News On Shuffle

    The short and least amount of spoilers answer I have is River is the astronaut. I know we saw it was a young girl, but I have a theory about that too that goes into a lot of detail about this episode and past ones with River in them. If you want to see the whole thing go to×1-the-impossible-astronaut/

    and add your two cents to the discussion.

    And yes, I do believe that was the Doctor we saw die in the beginning. Does that mean we are ending the show with Matt Smith? Timey Whimey I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. As someone else said, time can be rewritten.

  • SirDeuce

    Every time I scroll down to read the comments, I forget if there is an image in the article. Oh, well, just a generic one of the Doctor, I suppose.

  • Jacob

    In the preview for the next episode, there is a bullet hole in the helmet. The shot connected, but didn’t damage her. But still… Amy shot her. Kinda hard not to take that kind of thing personally.

  • Jacob

    Oh! Fellas! There’s something we’re all not quite getting! Amy AND River are feeling the pains, but not immediately. Rory could be feeling them soon too. It was never stated that the pregnancy and the pains were related, she just figured it was important the Doctor know.

    EDIT: Oh, hey, neat. Disqus accepts HTML style codes! Itallliiiiccsssss

  • Bill Reed

    Nope. They’re pregnant. Knocked up… with SILENT BABIES AAAAAHHHHH

  • Jacob

    Could you imagine.. Nine months of pregnancy, the big day finally arrives, you and the trailer trash father are so excited! And it comes out looking like that. DX

  • Derek

    The doctor wants something changed in his own timeline but he cant do it personally so by showing them all his death he knew that they’d do whatever they possibly could to stop it, thus changing whatever he wants changed.

  • Gemini

    What is up with that Dellaware guy? The Doctor must really trust him if he sent him a letter. I still can’t believe that Amy is pregnant. How come River getting the same stomach aces like Amy?And why did Amy shoot the little girl in the space suit? How come she was in there in the first place??? I can’t wait until Day of the Moon and the rest of the season. I want to find out who River Song is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qwho

    River – Pond. River Song. Amy Pond. Daughter and mother, perhaps? Granddaughter and mother? River could be the astronaut/little girl too.

  • Juan

    Maybe River was right, she doubled up probably because of the prison food. :P Thinking about all this makes my brain hurt, to think what makes sense and what doesn’t. But I guess we need to do something till Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Tardis! The doctor said someone was trying to build a tardis there in ‘the Lodger’ hence his tardis being unable to land at the time as it was causing interference.

    And with the knowledge that James Corden, who was also in that episode, is returning in a later episode we will get answers! I was just surprised that the fake tardis appeared so early!

  • Anonymous

    I think its significant that River went into detail about the fact that the first time she met the doctor he knew everything about her and she definitely identifies him as ‘her’ doctor. To me that means that the meeting on the beach is where she meets him for the first time as a girl, freaks out and kills him, then spends the rest of her life trying to chase him down and make up for it, falling in love along the way.

  • Jacob

    Amy shot the Astronaut thinking that killing it would prevent The Doctors death on the beach. And Delaware will be a recurring character for the season.

  • Tall Robert55

    So has any one suggested yet that River Song is Amy’s daughter??

  • Jade

    I don’t see how anyone is getting that the astronaut is River. It’s well established that every time she meets the Doctor, she’s in prison for who she killed. She knows who she killed and I think she’d remember killing him on the beach, yeah? But she was just as upset and shocked by it as the rest of them.

    Would also like to point out that Moffat has used space suits before: Silence in the Library. Those aliens are called The Silent. Might be meaningless, but Moffat’s obviously into bringing back elements from old episodes, so I’m wondering if it’s relevant at all.

  • Lindsey

    I must agree with you, at first I definatly thought the stomach pains were from the alien, but then when Amy said she was pregnant I thought it was from that. But, remebering that River was feeling them too I’m a little scepticle as to what reall is causingthem and if Amy is really even pregnant at all.

  • toddtr

    I think that the little girl in the suit might have been Amy and Rory’s daughter from the future.

    The Doctor may already know about the death of 1100 year old him. He has good hearing and I think I saw his legs on the stairs when River, Rory and Amy were talking about how they couldn’t tell him about it.

    The Astronaut who shot the Doctor could be anyone. I don’t think it was River though, because she’s already in jail for killing the “greatest man she ever knew” who admittedly is not necessarily the Doctor but it’d be weird if it were anyone else, but she was still shocked by his death here. I think it could be the 900 Year Old Doctor or Twelve. Or maybe even Amy, who kills Eleven in order to set off the chain of events in this episode so that they learn about the Silence and save the little girl (who may be her daughter).

    It was really cool to see the space ship from the Lodger again, I was hoping we’d get a better explanation of where it came from so I look forward finding out what it has to do with the Silence since it seems they’ve been on Earth for a long time now (as of 1969).

    But what does the Silence have to do with the TARDIS blowing up last season?

  • Anonymous

    > Or, and this may blow your minds a little, is River Amy?

    Get out of my HEAD, Graeme. I had that stray thought this morning!!

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the resemblance to the ship from “The Lodger”… and thought it had to do with the BBC saving money and not a throwback to the earlier story. I know: *facepalm* LOL

  • Anonymous

    My other silly stray thought is that River is in jail for killing Capt. Jack Harkness. How–? She finds a way and does it!

    In any case, it was chilling to hear River speaks so presciently about her own death (shudder).

  • ATK

    Silence your internal dialogue and enjoy the ride. That being said, a friend of mine sent me this; found it quite interesting.

    Sightings of the Silence or indications of their presence in Series 5:

    The Eleventh Hour –

    While hanging from the TARDIS, the Doctor looks up into it and for a couple of seconds has a confused look on his face.

    When Rory and Amy exit the elevator on the second floor of the hospital, Rory glances behind him at something, but when he looks back towards Amy, he shakes his head like he forgot something. It is about 42:49.

    In the scene at the end of the episode where Amy goes into the TARDIS for the first time. there’s one point where she leans back on the console and is looking around the room. The camera is pointed towards her face, so we can’t see what she’s looking at. She looks around with a sort of awe-struck smile, but then her eyes linger over something and her expression turns into a look of horror. She starts breathing really quickly and turns as if to get the Doctor’s attention, but as soon as she’s facing him she just asks, perfectly normally, “Why me?”, as if she’d completely forgotten about what she’d just seen. Also, she flicks a TARDIS button/switch/lever at this point. Accidental Amy or something meaningful?

    The Beast Below – At around 9:25 a black figure walks past Amy, she looks confused/scared for a couple of seconds then shrugs it off.

    Victory of the Daleks – Near the end after the Daleks escape, the Doctor moves slowly backwards, as he gets near to the green framed window/doorway he looks to his left with a shock. The camera then switches to Amy and Churchill who both stare to the Doctor’s left with a look of shock before Amy continues on as normal with the line “Doctor, it’s OK you did it, you stopped the bomb.”

    The Lodger – At 21:47 for a couple of shots Amy looks in the distance or at the screen and gasps, then shouts for the Doctor’s attention but he doesn’t listen. She looks away and shakes it off.

    Vampires of Venice – At the end when Rory, Amy, and the Doctor are standing by the TARDIS, the TARDIS door is open and then shuts on it’s own.

    The Big Bang – There are cloaked figures behind the Sarcophagi in the museum; a third figure moves out of shot at the edge of the screen at about 13:31

  • Jacob

    Moffat’s run is going to need to be re-watched repeatedly to get the entire impact. When the Doctor was leaving his message to Amy at the end of “The Big Bang” he jumps into a scene from an earlier episode. The scene actually happened the exact way we saw it in both instances. The attention to detail and foreshadowing is impressive, and I would not be surprised if there are more moments than just these. And for the record, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Silence chose the moments in time for the cracks to appear. We know they blew the TARDIS up. What if they chose the TARDIS because it was The Doctors?

  • Jacob

    Amy’s pregnant. It’s going to be a recurring plot thread for the season. Moffat said so in this weeks Confidential.

  • jonn

    Also there is absolutely no reason the Doctor couldnt regenerate into other forms before returning to the Matt Smith form

  • Vixie

    Maybe he’smeant to be from the doctors past or future.Maybe maybe not.Maybe she is too,or because she’s seen that alien thing more than once too,twice or try and stop it happening in the sucked in or something.?

  • Vixie

    no idea.She told them her story,and i doubt she’d lie.Would she?Exactly and the girl wasnt in the spacesuit at the beach-i only just about caught a glance.Yeah maybe.

  • Peachizio

    i reckon river is possibly a descendant of amy

  • Jacob

    Has a Time-Lord ever returned to a previous version?

  • Radiate

    I’m calling it now: River is Rory and Amy’s child…


  • jephd

    River is the little girl astronaut. When the gang are looking at Old Canton’s arrival River says “Oh God!” (or something like that) in a way that makes her sound like she recognises him in a bad way, it is then revealed that she is actually looking at the astronaut. She is clearly realising where/when they actually are in relation to her timeline. The first time she and the doctor met, when he knew everything about her. She stopped Rory and Amy from interfering, physically restraining amy. Then she was the one who actually told amy and rory NOT to tell the doctor what had happened/who sent them. Sounds to me like shes scared that if they change things at that point she’ll not have the relationship with the Doctor that she treasures (backwards and messed up as it is.) I can see her being Amy’s daughter except for the fact that if that was the case surely amy would’ve told her about the doctor unless she lost her…. but then it gets even more timeywimey and my head hurts.

  • Shawn

    Yeah maybe those aliens from Silence In The Library or the new alien, The Silent was the one in the space suit. I mean, why is everyone thinking that it’s River? I mean the Doctor has quite a few enemies. The question is why would the Doctor let himself be killed? He clearly knew he was gonna die, and he was getting ready for it, and he also knew who would kill him. It was like he saw how he would die at an earlier time and there was nothing he could to stop.
    I’m guessing the Doctor brought all of them together so that they could do something to reverse his death. But this plotline is gonna span the entire season I think, so that’s a lot of waiting we have to do.

    But what if it was River who left the messages? What if her future self summoned them instead of the Doctor? I mean she was able to leave messages for the Doctor when she needed him last season.

    I would love to know if all the water references are significant or just one hell of a coincidence: Amy POND, RIVER Song, The Doctor dying at a LAKE.
    Also the SILENCE in the library and The SILENTS: Are they related or is that a coincidence too?

    Like last season I think by the end of this season we’ll revisit these episodes. Like when the Doctor went back through time to leave Amy a message in the Big Bang, we went back to previous episodes. It’ll probably happen again this season when we find out the answers.

    All this wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff hurts. I love it.

  • Wwenation

    I saw the end of The Eleventh Hour right now to see that, and you are right. Amy sees something and gets scared but she turns around and everything’s fine. And a little later, when the Doctor and Amy are talking, The Doctor is standing in front of the scanner, and his reflection can kinda be seen in on the scanner. When this happens, that grim music comes in the background sorta like that music we heard last week whenever they showed The Silents in The Impossible Astronaut. They’ve started this plot from the first episode of the last season, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see all those foreshadowing in the other episodes. And here I was thinking the cracks in time story line was put in almost all the episodes last season. Weird to think the Silence plot was also put into all those episodes. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them two to be related.

    I remember seeing 2 pictures BBC released a while ago. In it, The Doctor opens the door of the Tardis and looks out but this is seen inside the astronaut’s helmet. The next pic shows the exact same thing except in this one, behind the doctor, there’s a Silent standing.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Since River had stated that she had been with the Doctor at the End of the Universe, I thought she might be a regeneration/reincarnation of either The Master (Time Lords can change sex when regenerating and the idea of ultimate love/hate being only a razor’s edge apart has a kinky appeal) or Martha Jones (who was my favorite Companion).

  • Hideoshi-UK

    Aren’t you confusing the matter for no reason?
    The Doctor who died was 197 years older than ‘our’ Doctor ie a Doctor of the future who set things in motion to affect the outcome of his time.
    The current Doctor wouldn’t know who sent the letter.
    Since River is imprisoned in the future for killing the Doctor, it’s highly probable that the astronaut is actually River.

  • Red

    We’ve already seen Captain Jack’s death as the Face of Boa

  • Jacob

    Whether or not Jack is the Face of Boe has never been confirmed. RTD actively vetoed any story trying to connect the two.

  • Koyoteekoffin

    I think the astronaut is River as a little girl in some odd way. I think the horrible thing she did to get in prison was kill the doctor. I think the doctor and circumstances created more than one instance of himself and he had to die to set things right. Also, I think that it was the doctor who blew up the tardus last season, just a different doctor in a different age. I believe Moffat created a damage control story line. The doctor revistited his own time line which tore a hole in the universe, and he had to explode the tardus to fix it all. River, why she kills the doctor, I don’t know, but that would be the mystery. I don’t know if any of this is true. I’m just guessing.

  • Jacob

    We don’t know who River killed. Has never been said.

  • Jacob

    She was with The Doctor at the end of the Universe in “The Big Bang.”

  • Scavenger

    What is up with that Dellaware guy?
    It’s Mark Sheppard! Who wouldn’t send him a letter, just because!

  • Video Beagle

    Everyone has. And hopefully it’s an idea so fanficcy, only viewers things it’s a good idea, and not Moffat.

  • Anonymous

    Romana had the ability to shape her regeneration, as shown in Lalla Ward’s first adventure. She goes through several bodies before choosing her last one. It’s assumed this was during the period of flux we learned more about in Christmas invasion, where The Doctor still had enough residual energy to re-grow a hand. It was implied at the time that Romana had more experience and training in such things, and it was not something The Doctor could do. Another theory was that she had more control because she chose to regenerate, as opposed to the crisis-based ones The Doctor is usually in the middle of.

    So it’s possible, but I’d guess unlikely.

    The Doctor has had a couple of long periods where he hasn’t needed to regenerate, so it’s not too out of the realm of possibility to suggest he could go 200 years without needing to.

  • Anonymous

    I’m willing to bet that Moffat and the rest of the production team did NOT have a set-in-stone idea of what The Silence was last season. Since “Silence” was more often referred to in the “lack of noise” sense, it’s very possible that while they knew the statements and the result were being said by the unseen Big Bad, they hadn’t actually decided what it would be.

    The “silence” (lower case) last season seemed more like they were referring to, as Robert Calvert described the void in Lucky Leif and the Longships, “The unearthly dark of fathomless absence”. IOW, the silence of the end of the universe. It seems to have gone through some revision.

    This is one of those things I always wonder about when reading or watching long-form fiction – how much was planned from square one, and what was made up on the fly, grabbing a detail from earlier to attach to and make it LOOK like it was planned.

  • Jacob

    I don’t doubt that he could last that long without regenerating, it was just that he could return to a previous one. So far, for the Doctor, they’ve been random. He, himself, has not controlled them. But, if he felt like it, he could learn to control them and return to his favorite for the 13th Doctor. Supposedly.

  • Jacob

    It’s only worth sending him a letter if he sends back a recording of him reading it out loud. *drools*

  • Clparmer

    Moffat said in the Doctor Who Confidential that WAS the Doctor who died. But obviously the gang finds a way to prevent it without destroying the universe.

  • Clparmer

    love that they got Sheppard’s father to play the older him. Make for a great resemblance. Much like the young Amelia Pond is actually Karen Gillan’s cousin (which as I recall from the Confidential for Eleventh Hour, they had not actually met until the filming). You can see the resemblance between them.

  • Red

    Really? I never heard that, I thought the show itself made it quite clear that they were one and the same.

  • Jacob

    It’s already been called.

  • Jacob

    I agree. I liked that they had his dad do it and not just put Mark Sheppard in prosthetics.

  • Jacob

    It didn’t though. That’s the fun bit. It hinted very heavily at it, but never said “Jack is the Face of Boe that The Doctor met in the future.” They’re connected, sure. Undeniable. Never confirmed they’re the same being though.

  • Daily P.O.P.

    Great episode and it’s nice to see the ideas all over the place (but mainly centered on Amy and River Song). I don’t see how the two characters could be at all related aside from a coincidence in names, but that is likely down to the fact that both were created by Moffat.

    I think that the Doctor really did die in Utah (of all places), but that it will get unwritten in some way. River Song is a terribly convoluted character that must get resolved and done away with. This is no mark against the character or Alex Kingston, but she raises far too many questions just by appearing and it kind of stops the flow of a story. Viewers have to stop and guess at what point this version of the character is from… ugh… it’s far too much trouble especially in a story like Impossible Astronaut.

    Due to a recent interview Karen Gillan gave, I don’t think we’ll find out who was in the astronaut uniform until episode 7… and that’s a long way away.

    You can read my entire review (and a snippet from Gillan’s interview) here:

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    “The Big Bang” was a “reboot” or “reset” that occurred “present-day” (2010).
    They seen to happen quite a lot recently.
    “Turn Left”, “Father’s Day”, “Last of the Time Lords” and “Parting of the Ways” were other reboot/reset episodes.
    None of them were “The End of the Universe”.
    The End of the Universe is shown in “Utopia” to be in the year 100 Trillion (or 100,000,000,000) give or take a decade.
    Big difference.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    “The Doctor has had a couple of long periods where he hasn’t needed to regenerate, so it’s not too out of the realm of possibility to suggest he could go 200 years without needing to.”

    Theoretically, the First Doctor lived in that form for 900 years before regenerating into the Second Doctor.
    That’s why he appeared so old at the point the audience met him.
    As regenerations happened more frequently, his appearance became successively younger.

  • toddtr

    Very cool theory.

    But in this episode didn’t we see that you remember the past times you’ve seen the Silence while you’re looking at them? Amy remembered seeing one at the Lake when she met another in the White House bathroom (I don’t think she ever actually went, she must still be holding it).

    So if the Silence had been there throughout all of Series Five, wouldn’t they have remembered them before?

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’d love it if you were right.

  • Jacob

    The Universe was destroyed in “The Big Bang.” This actually happened. Even though it was restored, Rvier and The Doctor still remember it. It still happened for them (and Amy and Rory too). The end of the Universe in 100 Trillion is when the Universe would naturally die. There is a difference, sure, but both are the end.

  • Jacob

    The Tenth Doctor implied this was a subconscious choice in “Time Crash” when talking to the Fifth Doctor. Not an actual, intentional choice, just one that reflects their state of mind and being as they grow older and wiser.

  • Abhay

    I had been figuring River to be Amy based on Silence in the Library– when River dies, she handcuffs the Doctor to a pipe and when he asks her why she has handcuffs if she’s from the future, River goes “Spoilers!” Which it was- it’s a spoiler for the first time Amy met the Doctor as a grown-up and… handcuffed him to a pipe. But after the season premiere, I’m thinking that maybe River is Amy’s kid and also the astronaut kid…? I like the other way better, that Amy somehow regenerates into River– I thought that’d be really cool, but that would mean no more Karen Gillan and who the hell wants that. And River could have inherited the handcuffs…

    That’s definitely River or Amy in the astronaut costume at the beginning of the episode though…

  • Dinohunter73

    So when are they bringing the Time Lords back? I was thinking of a perfect way that it could be done. At the end of season 5 when the Doctor used the Pandorica to reboot the universe, everything should have been restarted so to speak. Would this have not also brought back the Time Lords? It would open up a whole new storyline for the Doctor!!!!

  • Amypond

    When Jack was a poster boy of his home district, he was called, “The Face of Boe.”

  • Jacob

    No, it reset the universe pre-TARDIS explosion. The Time War still happened.

  • Jacob

    I know that. But RTD has gone on the record saying that that didn’t confirm them as being the same person. I’ll take his word over fan theory any day.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    If it was restored, it was rebooted, not destroyed.
    Like the line in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” “I’m not dead, yet.”
    All the reboots mentioned earlier involved “The End of the Universe” in that an alternate or parallel reality ended, not the primary universe.
    Now if River had said “…the end of AN universe.”, then I’d be willing to agree with you.
    But she didn’t

    The End of the Universe in 100 Trillion is…the end. Period.
    According to the Time Lords, there’s nothing after it (and they should know).

  • Jacob

    *rolls eyes* It’s not a different reality that ended. It’s the same universe. They were there when it was destroyed. Then The Doctor, in all his brilliance, brought it back. Same universe brought back to existence. Which then was around until 100 Trillion, when it died. The show has done alternate universes before. Remember Pete’s World? E-Space? Terra Nova? Those are other realities. Everything in Series 5 happened in the same universe as the events of nearly everything else in the show. The theme for Moffat’s entire run so far has been that Time can be unwritten. The cracks in time were unwritten. The TARDIS exploding was unwritten. But the memories of those events still exist within Amy, Rory, The Doctor and River.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    “Same universe brought back to existence. Which then was around until 100 Trillion, when it died.”

    “rolls eyes 360 degrees”
    Exactly. “The End of the Universe” is when it dies, not when it’s rebooted.
    It continued from the reboot.
    If “The theme for Moffat’s entire run so far has been that Time can be unwritten”, then by your rather loose standards, every time Time has been unwritten/modified/rebooted is an “End of the Universe”.
    Every time a “rewriting” occurs, a universe dies, just not “our” Universe.
    Otherwise, a LOT of people have been with various incarnations of the Doctor when universes ended, opening up the possibility that River is, potentially, any of hundreds of people!
    You are, of course, aware of Omniversal Theory as applied to Shared Universes?

  • Dr_montigue

    Ok — Here’s what I think. Hold on to your hats.

    To me, this kinda makes sense with what’s been happening lately.

    Amy is pregnant. The child in the astronaut suit is probably Amy’s future little girl (Amy attempts to shoot her at then end of the epsiode). The Astronaut who kills the Doctor is the same little girl, but has now grown up. River Song has said that she’s killed a great man and was sent to Prison for it. Could the little girl who is in the Astronuat suit be Amy’s yet to be born daughter — River Song???

    The Doctor’s attempt at gathering them all together to witness his upcoming, impending death is meant to also reverse that particular time path and ‘unwrite the future’.

    This is totally crazy (and what isn’t in Doctor Who’s universe), but to me, this seems to make the most sense and ties everything together amungst all of these characters and gives them an out to make room for the next Doctor.

  • Jacob

    Here’s the problem with your theory. River had already been arrested when The Doctor died. Which means she has those memories. And yet showed no recollection of the events on the beach, which she would have if it was her in the suit.

  • Dr_montigue

    so one question. Since River Song is travelling backwards through the Doctor’s time – wouldn’t there come a time when she sees him and doesn’t know who he is or what is to happen to him once she crosses that actual time point?

  • Dr_montigue

    I’m leaning that Amy is River’s mom – espeically after watching the events in ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and – if none other than the fact that at the end of last season’s ‘Big Bang’ episode, it was shown that Amy Pond is now the proud owner of a blankless (yet to be written) River Song Tardis diary. If this is the same diary that was depicted in (and ultimatelty left abandand) at the end of the ‘Silence in the Library’ episodes, it kind of makes that River wants to give it to her mom, so that she can get it from her later – after she is born.

  • Jacob

    That blank diary was River’s. River gave it to her to remind Amy The Doctor existed. It has since been refilled and returned to River (we saw The Doctor give it to her).

  • Dr_montigue

    Correct – i had forgotten that. See what a long break in between seasons will do to someone (let alone episodes) :)

  • DIHarris

    OH MY GOD! I just watched “The Beast Below” one and if you listen, you hear the sound that The Silence make!

  • DIHarris

    I don’t think so. Remember Joy? The girl in the washroom? She didn’t remember The Silence, and said the exact same thing twice–and only had a vague notion of having said that before.

    Perhaps repeated exposure makes you remember more? Or maybe there’s something special about Amy now…