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The Lord Of The Rings Extended Editions To Return To Theaters

The Hobbit won’t be out until the end of next year, but for those who absolutely can’t wait that long to get their Peter Jackson-does-Middle-Earth fix, there’s a solution. This summer, the extended cuts of Jackson’s three Lord of the Rings movies will return to AMC Theatres in celebration of their upcoming Blu-ray release, TheOneRing reports.

They’ll be released in weekly installments, starting of course with Fellowship of the Ring, which lands on June 14. The Two Towers follows on June 21 and then Return of the King on June 28, the same day as the Blu-ray release (funny how that works). Tickets are on sale at the AMC website, which also notes that these are “Director’s Cut Events.” That could mean more than you think, as TheOneRing touts an “EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT” to be revealed in a matter of weeks.


  • Scud

    This is AWESOME.

  • Lex

    I didn’t watch the movies when they first came out. This is pretty tempting.

  • Jacob

    This is nice for the younger fans who didn’t get to see them in theaters the first time around. But, it throws the term “Theatrical Edition” into question.

  • 0bsessions

    Hot yeah!

    I’m just hoping that these stay in theaters for at least a month as the second two fall too close to my honeymoon for me to get to them.