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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About ‘Day Of The Moon’

To quote a certain suit-wearing time-traveler: What? What? WHAT?!? “Day of the Moon” definitely swerved when it came to plot developments, not only refusing to answer the questions from last week, but instead suggesting that the answers are even more complicated than we might’ve expected. Here are five questions I had after this week’s second episode, and, yes: Spoilers, as River would want me to tell you.

What is the Astronaut?
Is the Astronaut the suit, or the wearer? It seems to be that the mysterious little girl wasn’t in the suit by choice, and also not necessarily in control of her own actions. We don’t know why the suit existed, nor what it was doing to the little girl, although there are definitely some assumptions I have based on last night’s episode — we’ll get to those in a second — but the biggest questions of the season still seem to be: What is the Astronaut, and why did it shoot the Doctor?

What’s with Amy’s pregnancy?
It’s Schrodinger’s Cat, but with a baby, apparently. Has Amy’s worry about time traveling affecting the baby come true, or — and this is where I get maybe a little too anal about Who continuity for my own good — is this connected to the crack in Amy’s wall that managed to undo whatever it came in contact with? The end of last season suggested that Amy, growing up in close proximity to the result of a TARDIS exploding, had somehow gained some kind of special significance as a result, so is she somehow, accidentally, creating a baby that will only exist when she believes it? And while I’m at it:

The Regenerating Little Girl is Amy’s daughter, right?
The girl in the Astronaut suit appears to be regenerating at the end of the episode, or at least having some kind of similar energy to the regeneration effect (compare what’s happening with her to what was happening to the Doctor when he was shot last week). What if Amy’s baby is somehow a brand-new Time Lord, created from TARDIS energy that Amy didn’t even know was inside her? Oh, and I’m not finished yet, because I also want to know …

Is River Song Amy’s daughter?
What if the little girl is River Song? River is a time traveler, after all, and a prime candidate for the mystery astronaut (River is in prison for killing “the best man [she] ever knew,” after all; really, what are the odds that that isn’t the Doctor?). We know that the little girl, who may or may not be Amy’s daughter and may or may not be a Time Lord, has been inside the suit before … so what if all of those “may or may not”s turn out to be positive? What if the little girl is Amy’s daughter and is inside the astronaut suit and that the “best man” River has killed is the Doctor? Could Amy really be River’s mother? Always worth remembering: The fourth episode of this season, the Neil Gaiman episode, is called “The Doctor’s Wife.” I’m expecting answers by that point … or at least really strong hints.

Are the Silence linked to the Weeping Angels?
I mean, sure, they are insofar as they both share a “You have to look at them to be safe” gimmick, but is that Steven Moffat reusing his own ideas, or is that more intentional than lazy? Should we be noticing that the two are so similar, and is there a reason why — or should that be left to fanfic writers in years to come? I’m sure we’ll see the Silence again this season (Amy saw one just before the Doctor was shot, remember), so it’s a possibility I might actually get an answer to this one … or maybe it’ll just get pushed out until next season, when I least expect it.


  • SasaharaX

    My theory is the little girl is Romana, but i could be wrong. But i kinda hope it is though in always liked Romana.

  • Sean McLaughlin

    I am not sure anymore but I thought that River was a Timelord and the best man she ever knew might be herself before regeneration

  • Pops loves the tardis

    Sometimes the journey is also the destination. I have successfully introduced my adult kids (28 and 26) to the old Doctor Who series from before 1989… and that is complex enough. No wonder the new stuff is even more so. The other day I was talking to a 30 year old who has never ever watched Who at all (aged 30=born 1981, so by the time she was say 5 or 6 it was arguably in the fandom-driven self referencing decline that led to it being axed in 1989 when she was 8-no surprises there then) and I started to explain about what Doctor Who was about… after a minute (no more, honest) I got as far as the change to Patrick Troughton… by which time that was enough….her brain was bending. See, Doctor Who is by its essential nature a multi-level programme. Those of us who watched Life On Mars evolve into the clear resolution of plots that was the last episode of Ashes to Ashes should know that all things are possible…
    Hey-lets go for a ride this season!

  • DWFan

    Remember what the Silence said to Amy in their underground lair, “that she would bring the Silence, though her role was almost over” My bet is the Silence somehow impregnated Amy. Not sure what it all that means and goes toward some Silence master plan.

  • Stan

    I think the little girl created the suit – “20 different kinds of alien technology”, the girl left the suit on her own, it looks as if it was built for her, so why not by her. And who’s to say that a time lord can’t regenerate into a youth?

  • Aaron Swain

    In regard to the last point: maybe you already got an answer, but you’ve forgotten it…

  • Aaron Swain

    BTW: your theory about River being Amy’s daughter is A.) brilliant, B.) something I had never considered, and C.) probably correct.

  • Zambingo

    When attempting to create a new Whovian just say:

    Doctor Who is a story about a noble, absent-minded but driven man that travels around in time looking for trouble to mess about in.

    Then after that direct them to the soft reboot with the 9th Doctor and Rose.

    If they dig that, they’ll be in. Plus it answers more things about the franchise in a more natural and fluid way than any of us could explain.

  • Pops loves the tardis

    Yes I have… Or have I forgotte…
    Sorry… pardon… what…
    Gosh its quiet here… such silence…

  • Stathamciaran

    I think the idea of the Little Girl being Amy’s daughter is something of a red herring. The Little Girl’s a time-lord, or at least descended from one, so she has to be related to the Doctor or someone else. Amy wouldn’t betray Rory like that, so it can’t be hers.

  • Peregrine

    I have to say, Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon were both incredibly confusing, but not frustrating. We really need to get used to the fact that Steven Moffat doesn’t do the whole ‘self-contained episode’ thing. He may throw a few in for good measure, but it’s really one long, congruent storyline. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the season finale will loop back around to the first two episodes and explain the mysteries left to us.

  • Lindsey

    I’m not sure about River being Amy’s daughter, I guess it could appen. But I do think the little girl is somehow Amy’s, weather it is something caused by the Tardis or something else.

  • The Doctor

    The eye-patched woman in the strange hatch in the door was the most perplexing thing.

  • Pops loves the tardis

    Err… is she the master….
    Now there’s a thought…

  • Twgray

    Well, my reaction to last week’s episode was wtf, but I upped that to a WTF this week. Doctor Who continues to be some of the best programming, and Steven Moffat one of the better writers currently on television…Maybe the best with absence of anything Whedon related (another absolute writing/directing/producing genius, but don’t get me started). Every episode is fun and thought provoking…one of the very few series which I can’t deduce the conclusion long before it happens…not shallow like most of the tripe on the tube. And it just keeps getting better. I have been a die-hard fan since the early 80’s and was overjoyed with the return of The Doctor with number 9. After last week’s episode I had already suspected that River might be Amy’s daughter and that she kills the Dr., being the best person she ever knew…I have no clue where this is headed but I am greatly anticipating the ride!

  • Simon Alexander

    If the silence made them forget things and do things via suggestion, could they have made Amy believe she is not pregnant.

  • jelly

    What about the doctors daughter from back in DT times?…could it be something to do with Jenny?

  • Mark Walley

    More questions that we’ve yet unresolved

    1) As the commentator called the Doctor said “who was that eye patched woman?”
    2) What is with these multiple space-ship / Tardis things they’ve found (this one and the one in the Lodger last series?)
    3) Who was piloting the Tardis to it’s destruction at the end of the last series?

  • Bonnie

    Here’s the problem I have with the little girl being a young River Song: River seemed genuinely shocked/horrified when the astronaut shot the doctor. Then again, the little girl did leave the suit at the end of this episode. Gah confusion!

  • Shawn

    Exactly, I think by the end, we’ll come back to these episodes to solve all the mysteries, just like the last season. She may very well play one of the most important roles. Maybe the girl regenerated into her. But if that’s Amy’s daughter, why would she be in 1969?

    I did not see that ending coming, and I was so damn surprised to see that, and so surprised, I just can’t wait to see what that’s about.

    And sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t think The Doctor’s Wife is about River at all. I read somewhere that she was barely in the episode, if at all, and I think the description of the episode doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting answers to any of those questions.

    I think Day of the Moon needs a second viewing to get a hold of everything and try to make sense again.

    There really wasn’t any conclusion in this second part was there? It seemed like it was the first of a 13-part story :p I don’t think it wrapped up any storyline, except for the Silence, which seemed like a temporary ending to them. I’m sure they’ll come back.
    Damn, I love Doctor Who. Another long week to wait.

  • Aelbein

    Oh please, please, please let it be Susan!

  • Aelbein

    That’ll be a subsequent episode or finale thing, I’m willing to bet.

  • Jacob

    :| That would be so unintentionally hilarious.

  • Jacob


    1: Molotov Cocktease
    2: They’re Silence ships. Moffat said so in Confidential.
    3. The Silence.

  • Cliff Hesby

    If you knew anything you ever said to a human would become a post-hypnotic compulsion would you ever say the words “You should kill us on sight” EVER?

  • DoubleWide

    One thing I found interesting was the TARDIS scanner confirming that Amy was/wasn’t pregnant. BTW, if Paramount does try a new Star Trek series, and I have no doubt they will sooner of later, they should beg Russel Davies & Stephen Moffit to show them how to do a proper season long or multi-season story arc.

  • Jacob

    Good point. I wonder if it was actually a mistake? The technology wasn’t supposed to exist, and they could have underestimated The Doctor, but those seem arbitrary considering some of the things they’ve done. It doesn’t make sense that being able to manipulate an entire species for it’s entire existence, stealing the TARDIS, blowing it up and taking the universe with it, but being taken out by a video phone? Bah.

  • dys

    If you’d been shot in the stomach, would you really be thinking all that carefully about everything you were saying?

  • Cliff Hesby

    At best maybe it was in agony and scared of being a prisoner and was trying to get Canton to kill it.

  • Alan

    I find it strange that you think the problems with the declining years of Classic DW were the result of “fandom-driven self referencing.” My recollection is that the fandom hated the JNT era as much or more than anyone else. JNT exchanged strong and interesting companions like Romana and Leela for vapid screamers like Tegan, Peri (ugh!) and Mel (double-ugh!). What you call self-referencing, I call flat-out ripping off of prior better episodes by mediocre writers (compare “The Awakening” to “The Daemons” or “Warriors of the Deep” to “The Silurians” and “The Sea Devils”). And it certainly wasn’t the fandom that insisted the Doctor wear question marks on everything as part of an idiotic branding exercise.

  • Alan

    Maybe, if I had no idea that the technology to record and transmit video via a handheld telephone existed. It was 1969, and I am frequently amazed at how much more sophisticated my android phone is in comparison to the big clunky communicators used by Kirk and co. in Star Trek.

  • Alan

    Here is what you have forgotten. The Silence were driven from Earth by the Doctor in 1969. They return in 2010 to blow up the Tardis after having spent who knows how long trying to duplicate it (such as with the abandoned ship in “The Lodger”). In other words, the Doctor has just created his own future enemy who has already attacked him in the previous season.

  • Anonymous

    Weren’t the Doctor and Martha stuck in 1969 for Blink?

  • topher

    Its obvious the silents/silence aren’t really gone future 11th would obviously have known that for sure. Besides the obvious fact that Amy see’s one prior to future 11th being killed. We also haven’t seen them wield the kind of technology or power necessary to control the tardis yet doesn’t mean they wont find it later and use it on the doctor during the season 5 time frame though.As far as time lord girl she could be Amy’s daughter or river in the past or both who knows. Although if she is river and a time lord it would seem to indicate that the river we have known for the bulk of her appearances would have been her 13th incarnation since she doesn’t regenerate during her death in her first appearance. The biggest thing that bugs me though is “The silence will fall” statement that seems to be more of a premonition of their downfall than them succeeding in the end. maybe something left across time similar to the bad wolf message from 9th and rose’s time frame.

  • Jacob

    Oooh… That’s fascinating… I actually halfway hope that’s what happened.

  • Jacob

    Well… You do want your last words to be memorable. Not “Oh God this hurts really bad!” That’s going out like a punk.

  • Buhe

    That crack in Amy’s house that we know was caused by the Tardis and the fact she’s been living there practically all her life may mean that it’s temporal radiation may have effected her in some way that her children wouldn’t be like normal humans.

  • Thelocomotive

    Why does River say “of course not” after she tries to shoot the astronaut as it is retreating into the lake having killed the doctor…
    Could the eye-patched woman who appears at the door hatch and says something about Amy still dreaming be similar to the Doctor in the last series appearing to Amy in the forest of Weeping Angels and telling her to remember what he told her when she was 7??

  • Generalgrievous365

    Actually I don’t think she is a time lord. I’ve long had a theory that Regenerating is not a part of Gallifreyan biology, but a perk of being a time lord. Notice I’m not saying time lord is the same as Galifreyan. I believe the regeneration comes from some kind of ‘status” the Gallifreyans gained when they mastered time travel and became time lords. I think the Daleks wanted this “status” hence the time war. Amy’s Schrodinger baby is being affected by developing on the Tardis, so she has Time Lord “status” but not Gallifreyan physiology.

  • Generalgrievous365

    If River is a Time Lord, she still would have died in the Library episodes. The power running through her brain fried it instantly, no time to regenerate. That’s why she knocked out Ten and took his place, so he wouldn’t die.

  • Rich Johnston

    The Silence are The Floofs. See Moffat’s previous prose Doctor Who work. Just like he did with Blink and the original What I Did On My Holidays.

  • Twgray

    Except we all know that conquerors become complacent, otherwise they themselves would never be conquered. Stealing and destroying the TARDIS is much later in their timeline and how could they predict the existence of a ‘video phone’ in 1969. Time travel…it always gives me headache…but it is a fun ride!

  • zozwolf

    If River is Amy’s daughter, couldn’t the “best man I’ve ever known” be her father, Rory; someone who lover her mother unconditionally, someone who may do something heroic in River’s eyes?

  • Marissar35

    What about Riversong kissing the Doctor? After she kissed him, she seem a little concern that that was the first time they kissed. Like it was suppose to happen yet, and that kiss could change the course of history.

  • Tom Galloway

    I really doubt Neil’s episode will do much to explain River. Note that it was actually written to be in the previous series, but was replaced by The Lodger for budget reasons. He has to have rewritten it somewhat to account for the current situation (i.e. Rory’s in it now), but in general I think if you’re bringing in a one-shot notable outside writer, you let them write their episode as much as possible without having them deal with the series arc. For example, Richard Curtis’ Vincent van Gogh episode from last series.

  • GONE

    She was sad because if it was the first time he kissed her it meant it was the last time she kissed him. Remember, after he said that “There is a first time for everything” she said “And a last”

  • Bill Reed

    No, but it implies that, since it’s the first time he kisses her, it’s the last time she kisses him, in their personal timelines, which trend in opposite directions.

  • Rob Peters

    Remember, River is living backwards compared to the Doctor. River said in the previous episode that she fears the time when the Doctor doesn’t remember her. If he’s never kissed her before, then it means she’ll never get to kiss him again. It’s one step further back in the Doctor’s timeline.

  • LightningBug

    I think she was concerned because she believed it would be the last time she would kiss the Doctor, since the pattern of their meetings is reversed from each other’s point of view. If this was his first kiss with her, then she must realize that she is nearing the end of her time with him, and probably the end of her life. We can assume it will not actually be her last kiss with him because he hasn’t given her a sonic screwdriver yet (and we know he gave her one in advance of their encounter in the Library) which means that a later version of the doctor must break the backwards pattern to see her one last time.

  • Alejandro.

    Ok, if the death of the doctor hasn’t been changed. So, who’s the astronaut? Who killed River? the astronaut can’t be River, if she killed the “best man ever knew”, because the River in the lake would try to stop the astronaut, and the river in the lake would remember that. I mean if the man that River killed were the Doctor, she is the astronaut. kinda paradox. So, to resolve the question we need to know, who’s the little girl? is Amy’s daughter?. i don’t know what to think, and…what if is the doctor daughter?. Why the Doctor doesn’t mention the death of River? When the Doctors regenaretes themselves, forget his companions? The doctor forgot Rose Tyler and all that stuff? I mean he was in love with Rose.

  • Nevermore1001

    Perhaps the statement “Silence will fall” does not mean that they will be destroyed, but that they will fall upon the Earth. Perhaps, while we understand it as a downfall, they see their term “falling” as a means of victory, or as a statement of triumph. I think it is like Slartibartfast saying “Come with me, or you will be late,” with Arthur Dent believing him to mean late for something, when he actually meant come with me or die (“Late, as in the late Dentarthurdent.”). Or maybe they meant the end of the universe (since they did make the TARDIS blow up and destroy the universe, and it became quiet and quite literally silence fell upon the universe, not themselves, but silence in general). I think maybe we will come to understand what the Silence meant by that statement in the com in the coming season.

  • Nevermore1001

    For the final question, they do not share the “safe if you look at them” gimmick, with the angels you are safe of you look at them (but not in the eyes), and with the Silence, you are considerably safer if you don’t see them and ignore them. The longer you see them, the more you notice them, the more dangerous the situation is for you (for instance, the lady in the White House who kept turning around and seeing the Silent, and ended up getting murdered by it).

  • Bboggscasey

    Could the little girl be the daughter of River and the Doctor? River did have the stomach pains(is she pregnant?) and her and the doctor seem to have had an intimate relationship. It would explain the girl’s ability to regenerate.

  • Sageshinigami

    Their relationship, for the Doctor, hasn’t happened yet. The only thing is, this River, who is younger than she was the last three times we saw her, was unaware of this. There was no way she could know *when* their relationship wouldn’t exist; just that it would.

    The younger she gets, the more worried she’ll be about this, as she knows eventually the Doctor won’t know her at all.

  • Dreadlk

    Ok just my 2 cents. I think the child is amys and rorry baby.
    I think it was conceived in the Tardis and somehow the
    energy from the tardis made it into a sort of hybrid timelord.
    The space suit that killed the doctor was regenerating because it is
    also connected to the Tardis and I suspect that it’s under the control of the Tardis.
    Why it killed the doctor Is a mystery to me but I suspect it was needed
    to set events in time back on track, something threw them out when
    Tenant was so desperate to live. Hence the Tardis exploding and Amys creation by the event. All roads to me lead to this current universe not being real.

  • Golightly

    I could be wrong but as far as I remember the only two people that felt sick when they saw the Silence were Amy and River Song. Could this be because they are BOTH pregnant? Could the little girl have taken the Doctor’s regeneration energy when she killed the Doctor (if it was her in the suit)? This would mean that she doesn’t have to be a Time Lord.

  • Losille

    “best man”
    The Doctor has reminded us throughout the series that he is not human not a man.
    Or doo Gallifreians use the same man and woman labels humans use?

  • Shawn

    Yeah I heard there was barely any River in that episode, if at all. I heard it had more to do with the Doctor’s Tardis.

  • Shawn


  • Shawn

    The cracks in time seems like they’ll return since they were shown in the trailer. And some stuff from Day of The Moon doesn’t seem right. Like they said Amy was there for days, maybe she was and the things she did in the orphanage didn’t happen, like that eye patch lady said, ‘she’s dreaming’. Or maybe something like that. No doubt we’ll come back to all this soon.

  • Mark Pym

    I don’t think River is the astronaut, she stated in her first appearance that the last time she met the Doctor he was crying and gave her a screwdriver. None of this happened during the first astronaut scene. This of course could have changed because of the kiss at the end of this episode. Her statement that she killed the best man she knew here seems a bit fuzzy. It appears she will serve her time as seen in the Unicorn forest and that she will get professor, thus getting her life back on track. I always assumed she killed the doctor to help him regenerate and took jail time because the 12th incarnation os no longer her husband.

    I also have problem with River being a time lord or even a temporal anomaly, the 9th/10th both stated they could feel if a time lord was there. They can also feel temporal abberration much like Jack Harkness, they feel when someone is not where its belong. River seems to be human.

    The opener of this season is simply amazing, I’m glad though we have a more classic episode next time.

  • Pagurcia

    Wouldnt River have remembered killing the doctor while in the space suit? The River at the Lake had already killed whoever she killed and Im not buying that she was acting.

  • jephd

    The biggest problem I had with this episode isn’t tied to the dozens of mysteries posed by the astronaut/spaceman, the Silents (and moffat/official doctor who merchandising/magazines say silents not silence,), the little girl, mrs eyepatch, river and the baby, I am loving the mystery. What threw me was the doctors willingness to turn humans into a race genocidal if forgetful maniacs. Surely this is the culmination of Davros’s claim that he turns people into weapons to do the things he won’t.

  • Lachlan

    Amy was captured in the orphanage the day that Apollo 11 launched and rescued five days later, just before Armstrong actually stepped on the moon for the first time.

  • Vinu

    I remember a line, I think it was from Amy, that you feel sick in the stomach when you’re with the Silence, or something like that, I’m not sure.

  • Vinu

    Whatever came out of the Doctor’s presence in 1969 with the Silents and the girl and all that, it needed to happen. As in, the Doctor needed to be there with Amy, Rory and River and something happened because of their presence, which is probably the girl or Amy’s pregnancy or something we haven’t seen yet. But something happened and needed to happen and it all happened because they went to 1969.

    And why did they go there? Because the future doctor told so, and he needed to die to make it all happen i guess. Timey wimey wibbly wobbly. That’s my theory…sort of.

  • Shawn

    Also I think the girl could control when she regenerated. It seemed that way anyway.

  • Shawn

    But I think it was more like giving the Silents a reason to run away from there or else the humans would kill them. Ultimately I guess the Silents had a choice…like the Doctor said, what’s the point of having two hearts if you can’t be a bit forgiving?

  • Generalgrievous365

    I thought it odd too, but perhaps the answer is that’s just how big of a threat the Silence are.

  • Guest1001

    Uh, the Silence couldn’t be more different from the Weeping Angels. There’s no guarantee you’ll be safe if you’re looking at them and there’s no guarantee you WON’T be safe if you’re not. In fact, given that the Silence manipulate rather than outright kill most of the time, you’re more likely to be safe no matter what.

    And, obviously, they can be killed. Calling Moffat’s creation of them “lazy” is just like calling that assessment of the Silence “accurate”. Completely untrue.

  • Jacob

    In English, why wouldn’t they?

  • Shawn

    Oh right, thanks, i sorta missed that.

  • Lindsey

    I completely see what you are saying and have thought of that too, but also though that maybe she didnt betray rory at all, she did say that maybe traveling in the tardis could have an effect on the child, you never now.

  • Toady

    The Silence blew up the TARDIS last season right? And the exploding TARDIS caused the cracks in time, and Amy grew up with a crack in her bed room.

    And now Amy is and isn’t pregnant at the same time.

    What if this was their plan? Not to destroy the universe, but to use the cracks in time to prepare Amy for this pregnancy.

    When she woke up they told her that “We give you honour. You will bring the silence”

    Amy’s going to give birth to that little girl. And later that little girl is going to play a major role in the Silences plans.

  • Rep Cs Nop

    Hint: River Song wears a space suit in her wikipedia photo.

  • Jacob

    Bigger hint: River was wearing that Spacesuit in her first appearance on the show.
    Why it doesn’t matter: It’s not the same suit as the one in this story.

  • brightandshiney

    River lives her life backwards to the doctors, her past is his future. So wouldn’t she remember, if she as a child killed him? Her reaction to his death and reappearance in the diner seems too real. That and she wasn’t in jail the first time they met in the library. I still love the theory. I’ve always wondered about the doctors daughter, and if she will ever come back into play to have any connection with this?

  • Stathamciaran

    If that *is* the last of the Silence, it’s Moffat’s first terrible blunder. At the same time, I refuse to accept that is the last of them. There has to be some sort of explanation for the Silence that Amy saw in 2011, doesn’t there? Even though the Doctor solved the issue of the Silence in ’69, that still means what happens in 2011 happens, so the Silence are still out there. Perhaps Moffat will riff on the idea that people think the moon landings are fake, and use that as a loophole somehow for people to forget the Silence existed.

  • Stathamciaran

    No, she said she was dying, but ‘it was okay’. Just like the Tenth dying – he seemed to be able to hold it off for at least a little while, but it was inevitable.

  • Ladyetaine

    My guess is the little ‘timelord girl’ is related to the doctor. Since we know he had kids, and he has a ‘clone daughter’ out there, not to mention his grand-daughter from the first season.
    As for river being related to Amy and Rory, who knows. She does know an awful lot about the TARDIS and acts like it’s home to her (of course she could also have that from being married or otherwise involved with the doctor) One interesting note is, as far as I recall she’s never flirted with Amy or Rory, despite being an otherwise flirty individual (as shown especially in silence in the library/forest of the dead)

  • Shawn

    Nah there’s no way that’s the last of the silence

  • Shawn

    I refuse to believe the girl is related to Amy as her child. She has to be someone else.

  • Ladyetaine

    Well, a ‘child of gallifrey’ may not always be a timelord. Timelord seems to be a title and something one attains rather than just a species. The doctor said himself that his ‘daughter’ was just an echo. Perhaps becoming a timelord involves the ritual when a child hits 8, and without that they are simply ‘a person from gallifrey’* which would indicate why the doctor would not sense the little girl (or any other non-time-lord people of gallifrey)

  • DS

    The pregnant/not pregnant mystery is simple really: Amy’s baby is dying/regenerating constantly.

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t want River Song to be Amy and Rory’s daughter because that seems weird to me and crossing a line but thats just me.

  • Alex

    People will forget that the silence existed because unless they are watching the moon landing video that part of the video never exists in your mind after your done watching it. Although, i completely agree that this isn’t the end of the silence.

  • hugh

    she was simply commenting that it would never be that easy. alien killing rarely has been on doctor who.”you,there! chap with the wings! five rounds rapid!”

  • Lalo Martins

    nonono. The moon landing video wasn’t about people knowing the Silence exists, because of course they wouldn’t remember. It was about getting one of the Silence to plant, in pretty much every human for centuries, a post-hypnotic suggestion to shoot the Silence on sight.

  • Lalo Martins

    What Stathamciaran said, and also: some time lords, especially females, have demonstrated a level of control over regeneration in the past. Romana even gets to try out a few new shapes before settling on the one she wanted all along. I’d even dare to wager that was the NORM with regeneration; the Doctor and the Master are exceptionally bad at regenerating because they’re outcasts (same as the Doctor sucking so much at driving and repairing the TARDIS).

  • Lalo Martins

    You guys do remember that one of River’s first two episodes (in which she dies) is called SILENCE in the Library right? Perhaps that needs re-watching.

  • Lalo Martins

    Maybe the girl is River’s daughter (and the Doctor’s)… and also Susan’s mother! That would be an interesting twist on the whole living backwards riff ;-)

  • Lalo Martins

    Two former companions (Leela and Ace), definitely not born on Gallifrey, have been said to have become timelords.

  • Goblin

    I’ve been hoping for Romana’s reappearance in the series myself.

    I had tossed about speculation (hope) that River might be Romana. As unlikely as that was to begin with (surely The Doctor would know when in the presence of another Time Lord) it has become even more doubtful with the revelations of the past couple episodes.

  • Goblin

    You’re quite right, Alan. The JNT era was often unbearable for fans.

    The Doctor’s companions during that time were some of the worst of the series. Ace is possibly the only one that gets any love from old-school fans.

  • Jhkep2

    There is something about Silence in the library that I keep thinking about with this new silence but I can’t quite figure it out. I believe they are both moffet episodes

    River is upset after kissing the Doctor because if it is his first kiss that means it was her last. She said this episode my beginings are your endings and my endings are your beginings. From her point of view her romantic relationship with the Doctor just ended.

    I like the theory that if river is amy and rorys daughter maybe the man she killed was Rory to save the Doctor

  • Howyadoin972

    I don’t think River can be Amy’s daughter. She is always talking about a time when The Doctor will meet her and not remember her anymore. Since the Doctor and Amy are moving forward as she is moving backward, the Doctor would know Amy’s daughter as soon as she is born.

  • Kismit1

    Maybe… but Amy did tell the doctor, instead of telling Rory…. she was worried about travelling all over time & space. Was she getting it on with some of those aliens, or with the doctor, or what?

  • *Spoilers*

    that’s a nice idea, but she didn’t recognize Rory in the last episodes of season 5; she just called him the Roman Centurion…

  • Dr.Hwat

    The time River is talking about has already happened, when she met The Tenth Doctor he didn’t know her, but she had a sonic screwdriver and proof that he trusted her in the future.

  • Void-null

    The astronaut is another one of those events that will never have happened because “time can be rewritten”… Since the Doctor who gets killed is a 200 year older version, that would imply that:

    a) the last episode of doctor who will be in mere 200 years and

    b) that Matt Smith will have to play The Doctor until then (without aging a single day).


    It can’t be River Song because she was as surprised as the others with the Doctor’s death, and in her own timeline she knows why she’s in prison.

    I would guess it’s a strong way to get the Doctor’s friends attention because he can’t do this alone. The Silent is there when the Doctor dies because they won’t have been wiped out yet.

    Besides, what’s up with the blue envelopes? Why make Amy and Rory travel across the planet in airplanes, buses and so on, when he can just go and pick them up? I’m assuming River didn’t get rid of her vortex manipulator… That must be either beacuse a certain level of secrecy is required or the Doctor was led to do this by a Silent (IF the Silents have some power over his mind, which I doubt).

    The little girl can, in fact, be Amy’s daughter (now she’s a complicated space-time event too) but at the end of the season it’ll turn out that she wasn’t pregnant at all and the child ceases to exist.

    Now, the pregnancy isn’t like Schrödinger’s Cat at all, ’cause the cat is both dead and alive at the same time and his definite state collapses into either of them when an observation is made.

    The TARDIS’ scan in an observation and says “yes” and “no” in an oscillating pattern. My hypothesis is: Amy is trapped between two parallel universes, one in which she’s pregnant and another in which not. Reason: no clue. But if you think about it, this might be linked to that one-eyed woman peaking from inexistent windows in this episode and in the third. I think we’ll be seeing more of her.

    More: I guess River Song is really just a human from the 51st century or so. But very smart… Remember when she told Rory that when she had met the Doctor he already knew all about her?

    Of couse… She’s been interacting so much with him before they meet that she gives a lot of “spoilers” away. Then, one day, The Doctor meets young River Song (who I suppose is still a grad student…) .

  • Guest1

     thats from silence in the library series 4 i think with donna nobole

  • Ali

    you people are all wrong the girl had a american accent meaning she cant be a child of amy or song, the best guess we got right now is that the silence somehow got the doctors dna and cloned her cos think about it the they was alot of new born silence’s at the orphan house and the guy there knew the silence, the spacesuit needs a time lord for it to work ? , think about it the hand started moving when the doctors was next to it , or it can be one of the old doctors child’s and he never knew about it and her mother/doctors lover couldnt handle the fact that her kid is a alien so gave her away ? but she is 100% not amy/songs child

  • Jacob

    Accents aren’t genetic. You get your accent from where you live.

  • Colleen

    River made a comment about the suit “It is like it ate her” – maybe the suit eats The Doctor when it shoots him and then takes him somewhere.  Little problem in that the Doctors=’s body stayed behind when the suit walks into the lake, but perhaps the body can be recreated by the suit.

  • Francisco Gomez

    What is the soundtrack song at the end of the day of the moon when the little girl regenrates???

  • RedstoneGaming

    Guys, get the new doctor who encyclopedia. It h a s spoilers. One of the m is that river reveals she is Amy’s daughter!!

  • jrau18

    Spoilers for an episode that’s four years old…