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Larry David And Jane Lynch Join The Three Stooges

Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s modern-day take on The Three Stooges is finally coming together. After years of casting mishaps, Larry and Curly have been set — for Sean Hayes and Will Sasso, respectively — and things are close with Moe, who Deadline reports will be played by Chris Diamantopoulos, known best for his role as Chief of Staff Rob Weiss on Season 8 of 24.

Deadline also reveals that Seinfeld creator Larry David has joined the cast. He’ll play Mother Mengele, “the unfortunate nun who runs the orphanage where the Stooges grow up and learn to create mayhem.” As had previously been revealed, the Farrelly film will follow the format of past Stooges efforts, running through three loosely connected stories. The first of those will follow the Stooges as children during their time in an orphanage. Stuffing David into a nun’s robes is a stroke of genius, and one I’m betting fans will happily pay to see.

In related news, Glee star and frequent Christopher Guest collaborator Jane Lynch was also confirmed for a Stooges role. Deadline reports she’ll be working alongside David’s Mother Mengele as Mother Superior, the head of the orphanage. Production is set to kick off in May.


  • Doug

    IT’s amazing. People praise these two people. I see Larry David’s show and think ‘this is idiotic, it’s like a sitcom without the comedy and the main guy is so annoying I want to hurt him.’

    Every episode was like ‘What do you mean I can’t say that do that be that’? Wow, really clever.

  • Matttait77

    after josef mengele? the nazi angel of death?
    how cute

  • Sleestak74

    If David were a few years younger, he’d be a dead ringer for Larry of the Stooges; just add weird hair and get rid of the glasses.

    The fact that he’ll be playing a woman makes me very pessimistic about the tone of this film. Do we really need yet another gross out comedy, particularly one about the Stooges? I don’t think so.

  • RunnerX13

    So Sean Hayes and Will Sasso aren’t casting mishaps? If you’re going to cast Larry David, why not just have him play LARRY! I guess he’s too old, and we all remember how young and vibrant the Three Stooges were…

  • Adam Rosenberg

    I’m pretty certain based on the name that they allowed David to choose it for himself.

  • Adam Rosenberg

    I don’t think Hayes and Sasso are bad casting, no. I DO think there are more suitable people, or maybe people we just would have LIKED to have seen… but this thing’s been in development forever. These guys are like fifth-string picks. I’m rooting for them because I like seeing people rise to a challenge unexpectedly, but my expectations are dialed way down.

  • RunnerX13

    OK, maybe no Sasso, but Sean Hayes?