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Spider-Man Swings Over Streets In Latest New York City Set Photos

If that photo yesterday from the New York City set of The Amazing Spider-Man — y’know, the draped figure that may be Rhys Ifans wearing Lizard makeup — didn’t exactly excite you, how about these shots of a costumed stuntman swinging, and dangling, over the streets of Harlem?

Of course, from a story standpoint, the enormous spider-graffiti shown in the third image is probably more interesting than the wall-crawler hanging by a city bus.

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Directed by Marc Webb The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary, Chris Zylka, Campbell Scott, C. Thomas Howell, Julianne Nicholson and Annie Parisse. The film opens on July 3, 2012.


  • pDUB

    yeesh, that costumes just doesnt gel with me at all

  • 8===D

    costume doesn’t look so different. Gloves look a little strange in second photo, but really, not that bad.


    I like the first one… is a pity this sort “reboot stuff”

  • Neil

    The costumes ok, i just don’t like the black mark on nether regions…

  • Coryjameson

    That costume is practically fetish porn

  • Steve Rogers

    He has a shiny black dong. That’s different.

  • Shifty

    That second image looks like he wet himself.

  • Rmacosta1987

    I get more and more excited for this movie. It seems to be having a cool style to it.

  • Chris Rea

    Dear god that suit looks awful. Maybe they’re shooting for a Pete-spray-painted-it-himself kinda thing.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen A LOT of different Spider-Man costumes in my day, but this one feels truly uninspired. I’m not sure if they were going for sort of a Ben Reily-esque type of costume, but that’s the closest comparison I can think of right now. And we all know how well THAT whole fiasco was received.
    I’m pretty sure it’s too late for them to change it now, but I think there are going to be LOTS of complaining about that costume the more we see of it.
    Also, does the third picture mean that Spidey now ‘tags’ buildings?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, while I wasn’t a big fan of Ben Reilly, I kinda dug the costume. However, it’s amazing how big a difference the belt of red around his waist makes. Look at that second picture and add that belt in your head…completely changes the look.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    This is likely the stuntman’s safety harness rig costume, so the one Andrew Garfield wears might be better looking, IMO…

  • Jacob

    I never understood why filmmakers think it’s cool that superheroes are tagging buildings with their logos. It’s vandalism. Hell, Clark has been burning his logo into shit in Smallville.

  • Vijinand

    What is with the black crotch? I really want someone to explain why they went with a different costume.

  • MikeH

    Those are stunt costumes so the detail the normal suit will have will not be seen. Plus stuff always looks bad when random photos are taken on movie sets. Lets not be to hasty to judge until you see it in action.

  • cantocomics

    Yeah, the absence of the belt’s horizontal immediately shoots your eye to the MASSIVE SPIDER-DONG.

  • steakdiaper

    the lack of a red “belt” like the original costume makes it look like he’s naked and painted blue, wearing only red gloves, boots, mask, and a dickie

  • Jeep


  • Deanjsimons

    the crotch of the costume just made me rofl

  • histopher

    Blackness on the crotch is probably so they can shrink it in post… I hope so at least.

    First he skateboards, now he spraypaints, this movie is very different to the Spider-man I know.

  • Shadowpdf

    Worst costume I’ve seen … at least as far as the upcoming super-hero movies is concerned. The black dong, the missing horizontal lines of the red “belt,” the red and black spider-webs on his backside, the broken design of the gloves, and the Thor-like costume texturing is just too much. I like the eyes and the central red elements from the head down the chest. But the rest of it is just too ugly and stupidly changed for no reason other than the director wanted to put his spin on it. And while this may just be the stunt double’s costume, such costumes are usually … you know … a double for the star’s costume, so I’m not expecting anything better in the final cut of the movie. I don’t mind the reboot; I love the inclusion of Gwen Stacy and family, I don’t even mind the change in actors. But this costume, quite simply, sucks.

  • Sylar_Wesker

    did Ben Reilly’s costume and Spiderman 2099’s costume have a kid?

  • Christopher Currie

    So Spidey is a graffiti tagger now? Neat.. he must hit up the A-Train in order to be the man, though..

  • Janus31

    I hope so.

  • Muffinhunter

    You guys realize that part of movie-making is getting this stuff to look good ON FILM, right? That picture should not even a little be taken as an indication of what you’re going to see in the movie.

  • Madmike

    This costume looks like a plastic action figure that had a lighter taken to it’s crotch. Funny (the sad kind) to see fanboys tripping over themselves to make excuses for this shitty costume.

  • Josh

    The unusual coloring on the costume is for lighting purposes only. You’ll never even notice it in the finished movie, and that includes the darkened codpiece. Christ, you people act like that really great looking official still of Garfield in the costume doesn’t exist. It looks fine. Yeesh.

  • LightningBug

    Yeah, it makes sense to reserve total judgement till we can see it in action, but this has an uphill battle to wage. The redesign is so similar that it is pointless, yet somehow all the minute changes they made manage to make it look much worse. I’ll take the stupid gloves without complaining if we could just have the belt. This costume is an arrow pointing at Spider-man’s genitals.

  • SNETS272

    that costume looks bad..looks like a bad action figure ..the old one looked way better

  • Emma Ross

    This gets more awful looking every time something new is posted. Are we getting “Ultimate Spider-man”? No, honestly what we’re getting looks a lot more like “Spider-man loves Mary Jane” only with Gwen Stacy instead- Spidey for girls, in other words. And that costume really is horrendous.

    Why is there a dark bit at the crotch? Did Spidey pee himself?

  • Indy

    How on earth does any of these pictures give any indication that his is “Spidey for girls”?

    All we know is that he’s a teenager and fights the Lizard. I’m not exactly excited about the movie but honestly I think its a tad premature to start calling this a chick flick – especially when I’m almost certain it won’t be.

  • Seven_2100

    Im wondering if they are going to try to tie the rebooted movies in with the Avengers, so they share the same continuity e.g. will there be images from te avengers on the cover of the daily bugle or on the news in the background, that kinda thing. otherwise, im really not sure why it was getting the reboot

  • Anonymous

    Actually the costume still looked crap on Garfield too. I just am not a fan of this design because it’s an alteration for the sake of altering a classic costume. No thanks. Hell I’d prefer the ‘Ben Reily’ costume at this point. Oh well.

  • G.

    This movie is still being made by Sony, so no.

  • Ryan

    I was going to leave a comment about his balls, but I see that’s already been said to death.

    I’m also kind of disappointed in the mask. Its practically the same mask from the other movies. Why change the body up so much but keep the same old mask?

  • G.

    Have there ever been so many comments on a SpinOff article before?

  • Kevin Melrose


  • M Kitchen

    It really does look like Spidey wet himself.

  • Guest

    Yeah, not sure about the Spider-Shlong thing either.

  • Stephen E. Horne

    I wanna be like Peter!