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X-Men: First Class Character Trailers: Banshee, Beast, Havok

MTV’s Splash Page has premiered three character trailers for X-Men: First Class that spotlight Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee, Lucas Till as Havok and Nicholas Hoult as Beast. The clips serve as nice introduction to the characters, laying out their abilities — as well as their struggles in coming to grips with their mutations.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn, X-Men: First Class also stars James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensherr, January Jones as Emma Frost, Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkholme/Mystique,Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, Edi Gathegi as Darwin, Oliver Platt as the Man in Black, Jason Flemyng as Azazel, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggart and Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore.

X-Men: First Class charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga, and reveals a secret history of famous global events. Before mutants had revealed themselves to the world, and before Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Not archenemies, they were instead at first the closest of friends, working together with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to prevent nuclear Armageddon. In the process, a grave rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.

The movie opens on June 3.


  • Coryjameson

    Good one Henry. Now you really look normal.

    The actors playing Havok and Banshee are way too similar. They should have gone with an Irish ginger for Banshee.

  • AIMwasright

    Fuck yeah. This movie looks so awesome.

  • Oliver Sava

    Yeah I’m starting to consider a midnight viewing for this one.

  • Beow101

    This movie looks better and better. I’m honestly surprised here.

  • irk


  • Faust

    Those traliers look great.

    But I agree with Cory that Banshee should of been Irish (although at least he is ginger!). Thats a major disappointment. Lets hope Moira isn’t American as well (or Aussie, as thats what Byrne is).

    Hope they do a spotlight trailer on White Queen – I’ve been dying to see how January Jones will do. (Love her in Mad Men).

  • Shifty

    So can someone explain to me why the Fox seem to oppose foreign accents in their X-Men movies?

    Banshee, who is the iconic Irish Marvel character is now Americanized. Moira, a Scottish character is also going to lack an accept. Colossus in the original 3 X-Men films was American instead of Russian. I think Nightcrawler was the only X-Man who had a correct German accent.

    Does Fox not have it in their budged to hire a dialect coach anymore?

  • Doug Smithart

    A mistake. Banshee is Irish, not American, therefore, has an Irish accent.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    No, a choice.  In the comics Banshee is Irish, true.  But you do not take into consideration a very important fact, this is not taking place in the comic book. As such, your preconceived belief does not apply.

    Always best to keep separate the attempts of different media to deal with characters