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Why The End Of Stargate Universe Means Bad Things For Syfy

A moment of silence, please, for Syfy’s SGU: Stargate Universe, which finishes its run with Monday’s episode, “Gauntlet.” Not only am I personally sad about the show’s cancellation, I also think that it’s bad news for Syfy overall. After all: Where are the network’s science fiction shows now?

Sure, I like Being Human, Warehouse 13 and Haven as much as the next man – Well, unless the “next man” happens to be my wife, who really loves Haven – but I’m not sure how much claim to being science fiction either show has, with all three shows (Being Human and Haven especially, Warehouse 13 slightly less so) being more supernatural than science fiction. With the cancellations this year of both SGU and, earlier, Caprica, the network formerly known as SciFi finds itself leaning on Eureka and Sanctuary as its sole science fiction dramas. How did that happen?

(And don’t get me started on the prevalence of the network’s “reality” shows like Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth or Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen. For all the flack that the network gets for its wrestling coverage – and, admittedly, I’m not sure that it gets enough – I feel as if the increasing amount of reality shows goes relatively unchecked. When obvious rip-offs of existing, non-genre-related shows – Hollywood Treasure or Face-Off, say – make it on the network, I feel like something’s gone wrong with the commissioning process.)

It’s all about ratings, of course; SGU gets less bang for its buck than Sanctuary (It doesn’t help that it’s a more costly show to produce), and so the network has to go where the money is. But losing SGU – a show that I’ll admit didn’t really find its footing until the second season, even though I think there’s a lot to like in the first – feels like a mistake that could have been avoided had the network tried to wait out another year, despite ratings. It’s not just the “The show was getting better!” thing (Although it was, he whines, hopelessly), but also… Syfy doesn’t have a space opera show anymore. Is it just me that that feels… wrong to, somehow? Shouldn’t a science fiction network make a point of having a show set in space, just because?

I know, I know, I’m old fashioned: Science fiction doesn’t just mean space, and there’s more to Syfy than sci-fi, anyway (Hence the name change, after all). But even as I look forward to the new shows that Syfy has coming up – particularly Alphas, which I’m hoping will end up being Heroes done right – I feel as if something is missing without that essential outer space element, and Blood and Chrome is still some distance away. Maybe someone can shoot Myka and Pete into orbit in the next season of Warehouse 13 for an episode, just to stave off my hunger for orbital action.


  • Michael Sacal

    Well, Syfy did green light another Battlestar Galactica spin off, Blood & Chrome, so while they won’t have a space opera show between next Tuesday and whenever the pilot movie of B&C airs, they will eventually have one again (assuming the pilot movie makes it to a show).

    That said, I agree with you, canceling SGU is a mistake.

  • Wildstorm

    Well Syfy has a history of cancelling good shows when they finally find their footing but only have a solid fanbase. Look at Farscape. Great show but had only a solid fanbase and no new viewers to bring in the money.

    When SGU started, I was mad that they cancelled SGA. The show was done like BG. Now when they hit the second season, I finally was enjoying it. They had more action. They finally made me care for what happened to the characters. During the first season I didn’t care if the ship blew up or not.

    As for Syfy, for me, I am only watching what I have been watching until that is cancelled, Eureka. I tried Sanctuary and used to watch Ghost Hunters. So if Syfy continues to cancel shows just because it has a fanbase that plateaus, then they won’t have a channel for much longer because they will just alienate people who don’t want to invest time in a series that will be cancelled after 2 seasons

  • Guest

    SGU is getting cancelled because it is an awful show. A poor BSG-sylized rip-off, with angst ridden, broodish, unlikeable characters. Only it’s name carried it for this long. And that’s coming from a fan of SG1 (and even Atlantis).

    But of course the syfying of the channel is complete. They don’t want anything considered to “geeky” or hard edged sci-fi. They want normal shows (targeted mostly at women), that are slightly off enough to be thought of a fantasty/unreality.

    Seriously, Syfy is now Lifetime with magic.


    Couldnt agree more. Once SGU is gone, the only thing left on syfy that I watch is Sanctuary. I dont understand “reality” shows on syfy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked that SyFy has never attempted an adaptation of Asimov’s epic Foundation series. I would think you could get ten years from those books. And they would find a longstanding fan base ready to jump onboard … or am I just old fashioned and no one knows who Asimov is anymore?

  • Joequick

    I stopped watching when they canceled Farscape, and I’m scratching my head as to why being human demands an American remake.

  • Joshportwood

    This is the only show I watch on syfy anymore. I use to be a great fan of syfy but now that they are getting rid of this im not sure if im going to watch the channal anymore. I have watched every stargate thing they have had on syfy. Its is like they. Just don’t want us to be fans of the station anymore. So, to syfy thank you for losing a fan if yours.

  • Graeme

    Just because you like campy SciFi doesn’t mean that SGU is an awful show. SGU was cancelled because 1 million viewers is deemed not enough for a cable network series these days and in comparison to reality shows, SGU is downright expensive to produce. Season 1 was about character development so you could know, understand, and relate to the cast… which is why Season 2 is so much better. You CARE about what is going to happen.

    Bet you like Warehouse 13, eh?

  • Kalu Ekeh

    It truly sucks that this series is ending when it was just getting good. Hell if SyFy would put its production focus on oh, SCIENCE FICTION shows and not reality tv (who ever came up with the idea to diversify their core format should slap themselves… ) they wouldn’t be floundering.

  • Kalu Ekeh

    It truly sucks that this series is ending when it was just getting good. Hell if SyFy would put its production focus on oh, SCIENCE FICTION shows and not reality tv (who ever came up with the idea to diversify their core format should slap themselves… ) they wouldn’t be floundering.

  • Tamarin4747

    blood and chrome? ha! a tenner says it doesn’t get a series or gets pulled after the first.

  • Lilbasket24

    I think that it is a big mistake not only cancelling Stargate Universe, but to put on hold the Stargate Atlantis movie. I will truly miss all of the Stargate characters. I looked forward to seeing what would be happening in the next show and was waiting anxiously waiting for the Atlantis movie. Wish there was a way to change their minds!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like your criticism of the show is valid for maybe the first 5 episodes or so. Like most sci-fi series, the first 5 episodes are full of crap acting and contrived writing (unless we’re talking about TNG, where the crap lasts for multiple seasons).

    But really, your criticism of the network is that it’s targeting women? Toss me a beer from your man-cave, bro, and I’ll tell you how reality tv and “normal” shows to improve their ratings period because they’re desperate for a little bit of profit after releasing 500 sequels to The Cube and Alien Apocalypse, substantially draining their budget for worthwhile productions.

    If Sci-fi wanted to target women, they’d actually broadcast plots framed from a female gaze and use more female leads. “Normal” shows have nothing to do with femininity and have a lot more to do with your channel-surfing everyman hanging out on the channel for a little longer on a Tuesday night so they can get more advertising bux to recoup their massive losses.

  • Masterkui

    i love sci fi, but SGU was rubbish, i was forcing myself to watch it.

  • Grimrich

    The first season was so different from the previous versions of SG that fans had a difficult time adjusting. Personally I was not sure whether I would enjoy it or not. However, the second season started to put things together in a great way. The show has been great. I think they should give them at least one more season to see if they can build their audience.

  • TK

    I could understand if it was an older show, but Being Human is currently running new shows on BBC. I thought it was weird also.

  • uglybunny

    Nothing pissed me off more than finding wrestling on what was once a staple in my TV lineup. BG, SG1, SGA, Eureka and Doctor Who – Sci-Fi/SyFy was on at least a couple nights a week. Now I never EVER turn to SyFy because Eureka and WH13 are the only shows worth my time (looking forward to their return) – and I missed the first few episodes of SGU, so I’ll wait for the DVD/ Netflix release. It was depressing to watch a favorite channel do the same thing so many other cable stations do – fail to provide entertainment in the subject the channel was created for, otherwise known as “MTV Syndrome”. Where money and ratings override quality entertainment, the station puts itself in a situation that requires them to abandon their original followers and make more and more crap to suck in the more simple minded viewer.

  • David Fullam

    It’s a SYFY show. Who cares? It’s all crap. They could have run with the Doctor Who franchise and never did. Shows they have not been playing with a full deck for awhile.

  • Michael Sacal

    SGU was canceled because of fanboy indifference to something that dared to be different from the previous two shows.

    The first season of SG 1 sucked in comparison to the first season of SGU, btw. It wasn’t until at around the third season that the show picked up steam.

  • Michael Sacal

    I like Warehouse 13, heh. One thing I particularly liked ws that episode that used the exterior of the store from Friday the 13th The Series.


    The Sy Fy channel, in a word, sucks. I watched SGU and I’ll stay with the channel because of Eureka. I’ll give Alphas a chance, but that’s it. Most of the rest of the shows are shxt, especially the crap rolled out for the low rent crowd (reality shows and wrestling). Has anyone ever looked at the rating numbers for most of Sy Fy’s reality shows. The numbers are horrible. Mary Is An Idiot and Marcel’s Quantum Stupidity had/have cellar dweller ratings.

  • Suzano

    Hey, I’m an older woman who loves science fiction and edgy shows. I love SGU because it takes place in space and it’s about survival and finding unique planets. The worlds were different and alluring. In SGA, the worlds were not unique. Yet I enjoyed it too. I do not watch these reality shows like Ghost Hunters. I spend a good deal of time searching for quality science fiction shows/movies. Shows like Eureka, Warehouse, Haven are fun, yet filled with silly antics. Too bad that SYFY is canceling Stargate Universe. The character development was great. These people became real with all the angst, fear and joys that are facing all of us. Maybe these shows should add strong, older women characters to their stories. In Haven, they killed off the older medical examiner and replaced her with her strange daughter. Older women are killed off in shows like this and that is why they don’t sell to women. Women would watch edgy sci fi if there were characters they can identify with. I’ll watch any good sci fi because that’s me. And I’m 63 years old.

  • Coryjameson

    Yeah, it seems everyone is getting their Science Fiction elsewhere these days, because SyFy really doesn’t want to invest the money in a show that is actually science fiction. One thing that really killed SyFy’s reputation was the completely ridiculous and LAUGHABLE ending of BSG.

    Blood and Chrome is in danger of sucking also. If the Executive Producers/Showrunners continue the rather laughable conceit that the humans can somehow have powerful war-spaceships WITHOUT ADVANCED COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY and the other ridiculous conceit that humans can fight the Cylons to stalemate WITHOUT ADVANCED COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY – they’re all incredibly stupid and their show deserves to FAIL. There should be all kinds of advanced mobile, yes, Wirelessly Networked devices that the humans use. AND there should be NEW ROBOTS that the HUMANS TRY TO USE AGAINST THE CYLONS. Quantum Encryption, etc. By making the humans luddites and engaging in something akin to late 19th Century warefare, the showrunners are boring true fans of science fiction to death. Yes, the humans are at war with artificial intelligences they created in BLOOD AND CHROME, but that doesn’t mean that this science fiction show should not be forward looking in terms of speculative technologies – it’s one of the spices that’ll keep science fiction fans coming back for more.

    If they go the luddite route, I won’t waste my time watching that “sci-fi” series, I already know what happens – “GOD” did it. To hell with you Ron Moron.

  • Inshadowsunseen

    Science Fiction on television is dead. Syfy is a waste of time. Turn it off.

  • Anonymous

    I recently reread Foundation and found it to be terribly old-fashioned and dull, and its treatment of women hopelessly out-of-date. But even if you created an adaptation loosely based on the premise, it would be hard to sustain it as a multi-season series. The books jump ahead in time by dozens, even hundreds of years, which you could not do with a single cast of characters.

    If the books are ever dramatized, then a series of movies would be the most likely format.

  • Thom Vane

    Bring back Farscape, that is all.

  • Siledre

    I think the cancellation of SGU is a mistake, I am an avid fan of SG1 and Atlantis and although I think they went too far from the fan comfort zone season 2 saw the show start to stand on it’s own feet and I feel that a season 3 with the quality of the writing staying constant and knowing the characters so well now would have given syfy some better numbers. There are very few shows I watch on TV and so far syfy has the majority of those shows but if they keep trashing stuff after only a couple seasons they aren’t going to really have anything I am going to watch anymore.

  • Anonymous

    US shows require 20 per season. British shows typically have between 6 and 13 episodes per year, which is just not enough to sustain an American series over the long haul. Also, in the case of Being Human, UK episodes are a full hour long (56 – 58 minutes) whereas US “hours” only last 42 minutes, so the British shows would have to edited down by 14 to 16 minutes every episode, which does terrible things to the pacing of the show.

    These are two major practical reasons for remaking the show for US consumption, and that’s before you get into issues over where the British writers might want to take the show long term that might not suit an American audience. Or they could just cancel it, which does happen, leaving the US distributors high and dry.

  • Pbsmike

    SGU is just getting good! ….maybe they could revamp it to a half hour show…that would be different and maybe more of a rating powerhouse. Like ma serial…

  • Anonymous

    The big mistake was taking a gamble and canceling SGA at a time when the ratings were still pretty good to try and capitalize on that popularity to launch a new SG show and continue the SGA via a series of TV movies.

    The double whammy of bad ratings for SGU and the economic recession making it far harder to make money from higher cost SGA TV movies (higher cost that the usual TV movie dreck they church out) has done them in. Sad, but I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the Stargate franchise.

  • Kringle

    Television channels/networks aren’t there to entertain us, they’re there to sell time to advertisers. Anything that comes across as quality is happenstance. No niche network will ever remain truly niche, they want/need to draw in as many viewers as possible, to continue to get premium dollars from the ad companies. Sad, I know, but it’s the truth.

  • aaron arthur

    I’m gutted. I think SGU is awesome. I think it didn’t get the best chance another season was really needed

  • Warren

    Last Monday SGU had better ratings than Sanctuary. The move to Monday is hurting that show as well.

  • Jacob

    Only networks use 22 episodes as the base for a season. Cable channels use much smaller numbers, typically between 6 and 13. They don’t have the money to pay for such long seasons. SGU was an exception.

  • Mr Ham

    That stupid channel should have never changed their name and canceled Mst3k.

  • Psychofox

    Same ol drizzle from an old SG1 and Atlantis Fan. I’m new the the franchise, but will never ever want to touch that older stuff because of people like you. I love SGU, and your bickering didn’t help, and if it’s so different from what I love anyway, then who cares about what you like right? There, I will never support an SG1 and Atlantis product either. Is that how you want it?

  • Psychofox

    Honestly, I may not even tune into Blood and Chrome because it’s on SYFY. Sorry BSG fans, your network has pissed me off one last time. Give SGU some closure, a 2 hour end, something. We deserve it. Then maybe… but it looks like a longshot. SO….

  • Janus31

    I liked SGU even though I didn’t care for SG-1 or Atlantis.

  • James MacDougall

    Siffy lost it’s way some time ago. A shame.

  • Papalindsey

    Personally I think SGU could easily give BSG a run for its money. I’d be even more surprised if Syfy didnt rethink their decision than I was by the news of the cancellation. This show was poised to become a goldmine. Sanctuary? Dude.

  • Rhodes7652

    Man I totally agree with you, just because Jack dosn’t say a whitty one liner or Sheppard dosn’t fire off 10,000 rounds of ammo dosn’t make it any worse and in fact makes it better.

    I mean we all know that all the times Mckay was trying to save Atlantis by tapping on his tablet (Which was pretty much ALL the endings to EVERY SGA episode) he was really playing solitaire!

    Sigh, rant over…going to have to go mourn SGU

  • ShavedApe

    So SyFy should have green lit a third season of a horribly written show that was gushing money like a stuck pig all so you could have your precious “space opera” fix? Nice dude, nice. You don’t have to be an MIT grad to do the math and figure out that Bad Writing + Excessive Spenging = Failure both artistically and financially. Duh!

    SyFy would have a “space opera” show if there was someone out there who could produce one that had good story telling, likable characters and didn’t cost an insane amount to produce. It’s cable, which is not an outlet for Lucas Arts Entertainment. Even if SGU had great story telling (which it did not) the ungodly cost of producing it would have destroyed its chances of long term success.

    Until you are smart enough to admit that SGU was the template for what NOT to do when producing a “space opera” for cable then you will continue to want for a sci-fi show worth watching — but one you’ll never get, because you fail to see the big picture.

  • kman

    Since my daugher was young (she’ll be 16 this summer) we have enjoyed watching, SG1, then Atlantis and now SGU (and yes I go back to the original Star Trek in the 60’s). We thoroughly enjoyed and we deeply miss these shows and the concept. With no other StarXXX on the horizon it’s a sad day at my house!

  • Jellybaby7481

    SGU was great for one reason: Robert Carlyle

  • Nikitapita

    I think SGU lost viewers because the people spent too much time on earth instead of fighting the bad guys and exploring in the first season. I myself was lost if i missed an episode. this season is amazing. it should have gotten to this level at the second season. becuse this is an extension of sg1 and atlantis, im not sure whats left for scifi, because there will never ever be anythig nearly close to those showss and the characters who played them. im a chick and i live for hardcore scifi. deeply sad

  • cwbybear701

    I totally agree.. SGU didn’t find its ‘ footing until the 2nd season and now they’re “killing “it!

    I will miss it and I wish there was someway to convince SyFy to keep going with it.

    If I had to pay a monthly fee to watch the channel on top of basic cable,I’d ask for refund!

  • cwbybear701

    I totally agree…Just as the show gets its momentum ,they kill it. And this the network that saves previously cancelled shows from other networks? Kill another show,SyFy but keep SGU!

  • silent fan

    issue, the transition from the previous SGA franchise was a bit messy, as it
    seems to have been seen as choosing one over the other which would have irked
    people. Should have done as someone else says and was the case with SG1 and SGA
    when they had them running concurrently with the idea of SGA taking over from
    SG1 after season 10 or when it became economically unviable.

    I think axing it was a mistake, I personally was actually starting to get into this
    franchise more than the others interestingly, I liked the different approach to the camera
    work and the deeper drama of the storytelling, not to mention there is a very
    broad scope for the type of plots they can develop.

    Seems to be a bit of a case of short sighted accounting decision made by the bean counters, even if it is barely profitable and viewership numbers are flat, it pays to keep people attached to the channel brand through brands they enjoy, that way you effectively have a database of sorts of new people you can pitch new shows to. plus a more clearly defined audience in which the channel can deliver to advertise, Amazon does this to me all the time by recommending similar books/shows to that which I have bought. So the show or SG franchise still perhaps has a part to play in the business model of the channel. Also seems a bit odd, given commerical networks are quite risk averse, in the SG franchise they have a safe brand with a guaranteed following, with new shows it is much more of a case of hit and miss
    which makes for a much trickier post recession recovery if advertisers have more to spend but not on your shows. For this same reason the decision to not pursue with any of the planned movies is curious too

    Seems the weak U.S dollar may have had an impact (in comparison to the Canadain dollar in particular, but being innovative business people, if the current series format is struggling for profitability, why can’t they try a much shorter mini-series of movie length episodes or something similar, so they are keeping the dedicated database of franchise fans engaged until the economy picks up again?

    Lastly, they can probably mend bridges with irked SGA fans by integrating and engaging their cast as recurring characters a bit more frequently, they tried this for one episode, but common sense tells you there is a bit more logic in linking in an Ancient starship with a modern city built by the same civilisation where they can develop patches for better efficiency or equipment upgrades (if they were planning to travel to ship I’m sure there would be some backwards compatability) through database chair to meet challenges rather than just interlinking with only “Homeworld command”

  • Westlake_man

    I agree why should i have sat. tv now it was the reason i got it in the 1st place to watch sci-fi not wwe r what ever else the station shows. back to sci-fi books.

  • David j Crandall

    SGU needed time to develop its story-line, It’s great now. SyFy sold out when it changed it’s name. Wrestling…? WTF? I’d rather watch old Science Fiction movies of whatever-quality and they stay true to their name. Perhaps they should call the channel “whatever sells”

  • sirald66

    Its SyFy ala MTV.

    I think the new-media rule is to look for series that have been canceled that you like, so you can download the whole set and have a good weekend.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the real issue with all the shows geeks like getting cancelled, and all the movies they like (Scot Pilgrim, etc.) not making any money is that they have no spending power, no matter how much they may actually love movies and TV shows. I mean I love Fringe, but there’s almost nobody I know who’s watching it, so at this point I will not complain when it is cancelled. You can’t expect networks to keep paying to make shit nobody is watching.

  • Acontius

    My 2 cents. I love SGU and once it goes off the air there will be NO REASON for me to watch syfi channel.

    SG1 was great until the “fargate” episodes, I’ve still never watched season 10.

    Atlantis was total crap.

    And for those comparing it to BSG try this comparison.
    SG1 s1-s7 = Classic Trek
    SG1 s8 – s10 = TNG
    Atlantis = Deep space Nine
    SGU = ST Voyager

  • RobbieP

    I think the biggest problem with SGU, is that from the begiining it was set out to be the STARGATE show for people who didn’t really like STARGATE, much the same way that DS9 was made for people who weren’t huge fans for ST:TNG.

    People often complain that all tv offers is the same thing over & over & over, but it seems that whenever people try to do something different – that they’re shut down for their troubles.

    My bet is that if SyFy had removed the name STARGATE from the title and just named the show DESTINY – that it’d still be on the air. It also didn’t help that SyFy announced the cancellation of the show with more than 10 episodes to go – few people want to board a sinking ship these days.

  • Kevin McColl

    We have seen this coming a long time now, which is why I formed:!/group.php?gid=113679001986375

    Save SciFi on facebook.

    Unfortunately I know its too late….

    Much like Comcast destroyed TechTV, even though it had HUGE ratings and a following….

    They are now 1/10 what it was.

    Now Comcast has destroyed the SciFi channel, and I refuse to use SyFy (which was the camel’s nose in the tent of change).

  • Kevin McColl

    There are number for profits and to fund the creativity.

    BUT the cost per profit is much higher when you compare the production and time costs.

    Take Ghost Hunters: Couple of people really hanging out in homes or abandoned buildings. They chat on camera, and occasionally get freaked out. Maybe see something odd. Usually NOT. It seems its their dialog that grabs people, pointless chatter…. ARGH!

    Then you look at SGU. You have CGI artists working on space scenes, Gate Animations, alien ships, and any number of things the costume artists did not have time or money to do. Then of course the Set and costume artists…. Never mind actual script writers and planning. Finally you have the actual acting and how they pull it all together on camera.

    Ones costs is a couple of cameras, maybe pay the camera men and team.

    The other is a army of people equally important……

    Both get air time.

    Both get paid the same for air time….

    SGU looses out for having actual planning and plot.

    I am sure the guys at Ghost hunters are not happy about their winning out against SGU, not that they were competing, but the idea behind Reality TV is its low cost & high profit.

    SGU was not as profitable per time vs. this.

    The trouble really is that the NEW owners of COMCAST/NBC never had it in their heart to support SciFi EVER.

    Heck remember NBC canceled the original Star Trek after a SHORT run, and we had just landed on the MOON. They have no guts or understanding of the audience.

    And then there is the Marketing, it is harder to sell air time for SciFi. Mainly because those buying air time on SciFi or refuse to actually HATE SciFi, or just don’t get it.

    For TechTV I have turned to Internet TV station Revision3 after finding it.

    And now I have no idea and really no hope for SciFi….

    EVEN with this in mind. I will remind others of the point even though not as profitable vs costs as a reality TV Show, it still is profitable for the time it takes, and LIVES longer thus revenue generating longer then a Reality TV Show (Which is really dead after airing…).
    So in the end SGU would produce MORE profit then the reality crap they are doing now. I think its tight wads who ‘just hate actually parting with their money’ to produce quality are the ones behind the push. Keep cost of production low, make your money now, and to heck with living tomorrow…

  • Anonymous

    Dr Who is children’s TV to be fair, it’s a family fantasy tale veiled in some sci-fi trappings, an embarrassment to the genre in my view. SGU was the something that had never been done before, a serious adult take on classic sci-fi tropes and the exploration into the human condition that all great science fiction strives for. It will be sorely missed, and I don’t see Syfy coming up with another show of it’s calibre any time soon.

  • Anonymous

    SGU was a beautifully written show, unfortunately Syfy doesn’t have the calibre of viewer needed to sustain it. Instead philistines such as yourself would rather be watching popcorn crap instead, and bleat about soap opera in the face of real adult character drama. Sad.

  • Jack Derunk

    I’m still kinda shocked people ever watched a Stargate show. The movie sucked and the shows…looked worse.

  • Invest_one_2000

    I am through with the syfy channel. Now i don’t even care if the whole channel goes away. stargate and battlestar was the only reason i watched syfy now its like bravo channel reality hell.

  • Rooster-teeth

    Woah woah WOAH, bitch, I loved pretty much every season of SG-1, including the first ones.

  • Rooster-teeth

    As a Stargate fan that is a fan of all 3 shows, I must push you to watch them.

  • Rooster-teeth

    You should not be watching the Sci-Fi channel at all, sir.

  • Clem

    The main problem on Syfy right now is clearly WWE Smackdown. To hear a more concise explanation, head over to Gateworld and read the wonderful editorial about why wrestling is killing science fiction. But if you want the jist, it’s this – science fiction works best on Friday nights, period. Unfortunately at this time, two hours of prime time is taken up by a show that categorically shouldn’t be on their network. Right at the time people are all geared up to watch science fiction, they’re getting Vickie Guerrero screaming EXCUSE ME. If you want evidence, just look at Sanctuary’s numbers. When it was on a Friday night for the first half of the season, it was doing phenomenally well and brought about an early renewal for Season 4. However, since moving to Monday nights, it’s doing WORSE than Stargate Universe, a show that’s already been cancelled! The fact of the matter is Friday night science fiction was a staple of that network and now it’s not there anymore, the whole thing is going belly up. While Smackdown does pull in a substantially higher rating, those wrestling fans aren’t sticking around for other nights. Smackdown is by no means sharing the wealth, it’s sticking out like a sore thumb and having no crossover potential whatsoever.

  • Sksvampire

    its a bittersweet moment for the show…..Hope they re-unite and get into more chaos together

  • Well H

    Universe was pretty slow the first season with way to much character
    development but season 2 has been great with lots of action.

    Bottom line is I don’t find myself watching Sci Fi anymore.

    At this point I would
    even care if they went off the air.

  • Well H

    Universe was pretty slow the first season with way to much character
    development but season 2 has been great with lots of action.

    Bottom line is I don’t find myself watching Sci Fi anymore.

    At this point I would
    even care if they went off the air.

  • Antwan

    How about SyFy picking up V for the third season that would be a good idea dont you think?

  • Wildstorm

    I guess after this all I have to watch on SeeFee is Eureka, and once that is cancelled I will just delete this channel from my line-up since I don’t watch wrastlin, cheesy $2 budget movies, and stupid reality shows.

  • Bisonkills

    The fact that they canceled Caprica, a show which (once it got going) had far more creative scope than BSG, makes me think those at the top have no patience, and simply don’t allow the time for shows to mature and grow an audience.

    We desperately need HBO to pick up some Sci-fi and do it right, but the likelihood of that happening seems remote. At least I’ve got Game of Thrones to keep me happy for now.

    Never got into SGU, but really enjoyed SG1 as good Sunday afternoon chill out TV. Just good fun stuff.

  • Done with SyFy/NBC

    I am a big fan of the Stargate franchise. I particularly like SGU because it had just about unlimited potential for a variety of long or short story arcs. At first I was infuriated with syfy for canceling the series and I still am. But a large part of the blame goes to the fan base also. We could have kept it alive. I personally suspect that far too many SciFi fans have become SciHorror fans and/or weekly shoot-em-up fans.

    Anyway, NBC also owns a lot of the blame. If a show doesn’t have 5 million viewers within about the first month it’s usually gone. So I will no longer be watching either SyFy or anything NBC-related. They don’t deserve support for the crap they pull.

  • Alan

    You have absolutely no idea how pretentious you sound, do you? If I knew nothing about SGU except the fact that it appealed to someone who goes by the name “Ebeneezer” and who refers to people who don’t like it as “philistines,” that might be enough to ensure I never watched a single episode.

  • Alan

    Does anyone know what Smackdown’s ratings are compared to Sanctuary’s and Eureka’s when they were on Fridays? If wrestling pulls in more viewers, then putting it in a slot where it’s potential can be maximized is the right business decision. Granted, it won’t get me to watch on Fridays, but since I canceled cable over a year ago due to disgust at the ignorant crap I was expected to watch, I’m hardly the target audience for a pro wrestling show.

  • Shiromi Arserio

    To be honest I couldn’t really get past the first few episodes. Although I would like to see the episode with Rodney. I do think it’s sad that a supposed show devoted to science fiction has decided to lean away from it. That was clear even with Caprica, even if that was a “bold” move to get ladies like myself to watch- which I didn’t. But Blood & Chrome is on its way and promises to be real scifi in the sense that there’ll be spaceships and everything. I do think there’s been a lull in scifi television across the networks. It’s expensive to make these kinds of shows. But hopefully it’s just a phase…

  • Drew

    This Season of SGU has been awesome! I was still hoping that they would reconsider it and sign up at least a limited Season 3 – but as usual network executives have no clues and only consider the $$$.

  • Pjamese3

    I’d be shocked if SyFy tried to do Foundation. I think it’s beyond their capability. If the suits there couldn’t stick with Caprica (a great example of what science fiction can truly be), then they wouldn’t have the patience for Foundation.

    What they MIGHT be able to handle is Asimov’s robot detective stories (Caves of Steel and it’s sequels.) Those would translate well to TV.

  • Pjamese3

    Yeah, but at least they let Farscape have a TV movie to wrap up the loose ends (thanks to the fans.) I’ve pretty much given up on…SyFy… since they cancelled Caprica. Caprica was pure science fiction. I guess it didn’t have enough wraslin’ and ‘splosions. If they take Blood and Steel to series, it’ll probably be dumbed down to 90210 in space with explosions and the occasional wrestling guest star.

    I’ve watched both Being Humans and I have to admit, I like the American version better. Usually, I don’t.

    I honestly believe SyFy is in serious danger of losing all those core science fiction fans who thought they had their own network and are now sharing it with wrestling fanatics (Fake sport, people!!) and reality crap fans. Pretty soon they’ll be like MTV (which no longer shows music videos) and SyFy will no longer show science fiction. After SGU is cancelled, Eureka will be the only SF show on the channel. The other handful of shows are more fantasy than SF.

    The only hope SyFy has to keep us is to start up a show like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits or one of those old SF shows from the 50’s. They can buy the rights to old SF novels and short stories and present them on TV. Also, they can get the rights to old SF shows like Space: 1999 and Blake’s 7 and show those.

  • Pjamese3

    You know, it is in the show bible that the Colonials can’t use networked computers because the Cylons are very, very good at hacking in to networks (as shown in BSG.) You did like that show, didn’t you? The idea is that all the Battlestars will be like Galactica. They won’t be Luddites; they’ll have computers. They computers will just all be standalone.

    Real good idea having humans send out wireless controlled robots to fight the Cylons…who have proven so adept at controlling computers wirelessly. I’m SURE that will work out.

    I’m more worried that SyFy will turn Blood & Chrome into a 90210 in space with a bunch of explosions and forgo the exploration of the human condition that BSG and Caprica did.

  • Pjamese3

    What’s the link?

  • Don

    I missed that ep. Would have gotten a kick outta that considering the obvious parallels between the two. David Hewlett was on an ep of F13 (just a random fact)

  • Ceilingvaults

    you clearly never watched Dr. Who because it as never really children’s faire. It is FAR FAR too complicated too detailed to be a childs show. You must have watched one episode out of some 40 plus years shows and thought you had a clue.

  • Jacob

    They are there to entertain us. It’s how they sell the time to the advertisers. The more people that watch, the more they can charge. People watch because they’re entertained.

  • Geistbusters

    This was the ONLY SHOW I watched on “SyFy” (BTW, that is the dumbest name change to date!) and the ONLY SGU show. I hate Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, & Eureka got lame about 2 seasons ago. So it looks like I can cancel that portion of cable. So long “SyFy”. I hope you enjoy the spiral journey down the porcelain portal along with all the other networks that ignored their core audience.

  • Todd

    I gave up on the network after they axed Farscape. I could never get into BSG or any of the Stargate series. And their movies are an unfunny joke.

    The network has become an embarrassment.

  • Jon A. Leslie

    First an apology to Warehouse 13 (which I love, Being Human USA (not as good as the UK original, but worth watching) and Haven (which I honestly don’t watch)- none of you are included in my rant: I am disgusted that SyFy chose to spend their money promoting crap reality shows (and pro-wrestling, really?!!!) & letting fantasatic shows like SGU (and the entire SG franchise) and Caprica (along with a reboot of Battlestar Galactica, which IMO, was 3-fold better than the original) slip through the cracks. SyFy tried to say it was because of low ratings, but they won’t admit fault for that, as they kept moving the shows around so even core fans couldn’t find the shows. SHAME!!!

  • HawaiianI

    I love all 3 SG shows. The only show(s) worth watching now is Eureka (which I like more) and Warehouse 13. Farscape was one of the best shows on SiFi, eh, Syfy.

    I’m looking forward to the new show Alphas.

    O.k., now would it be a good time to do another Star Trek series?

  • Dion

    Sci Fi Channel had absolutely *nothing* to do with financing the miniseries that capped off the Farscape storylines. “The Peacekeeper Wars” was strictly undertaken by Farscape’s producers and later, air rights were sold to Sci Fi, Space and Sky One. Under their present regime, the chances of Siffee (or the present financial conditions at MGM for that matter) underwriting a wrap-up movie for SGU, are slim to none. I expect the sets to be dismantled, props auctioned and the set sale here in Burnaby, within the month. RIP Stargate…

  • Anonymous

    What a bizarre way in which to choose what shows to watch. Perhaps 90’s musical references are lost on you, Alan.

  • W Pa

    Sad to say it but its true there is very little science fiction on the sky channels either by cable or satellite. When you pay close to £300 a year for a choice of viewing which is ment to cater for all. Its obvious Sci-Fy fans have little or no say in the content. I for one will be seriously considering cancelling my subscription.

  • Poetofmilitance

    Just watched the series finale. “Mr. Wallace”, as Rush finally called him, was left gazing off into the beautiful void of the universe in FTL on the observation deck. Three years in stasis has a lot of options open to many things. I hope, as one person wrote, that the sets and props are not to be auctioned off.
    This is a loss and a poor move for SciFi (and… yes, I will always call it that…) simply based off of fan base. Even if you didn’t care for SGU and/or any of the Stargate lines, We Still Need A Space Opera! And, honestly, SGU was a pretty damn good space opera. Thanks guys, and good luck in the future. Please come out of stasis… SOON…

  • B C Price

    As much of a Stargate fan as any i knew this SGU thing was’nt going to last. It seemed like a warmed over version of Battle Star Gallactica. Enough of the dark settings that felt like a soap opra? And for how many years they’d be on that mysterious ship on that mysterious journey was just to boring. It got to be an endurance test instead of a journey for me! And i guess it was because of cost or no imagination, very seldom if any aliens to really excite the imagination You’d think that being trillions of miles from earth you would’nt see landscape that looked like 1500 America. This program died the death of a 1000 cuts. And as far as mixing it up with different ethnic characters to kind of spice it up, doomed from the beginning. And i’m truly tired of the one lone black person that alway’s there defending white peoples interest there dialog being very very limited. The blacks are never allowed to have a dream nor hopes just a subservant yes sir no sir type of individual? Yes SGU had no broad vision are diversity of any kind. It should have been canceled last year!

  • Duckie

    I was personally disappointed in the ending and the way it Leaves you hanging on the final fate of the Destiny crew. I really do not know why they would leave so much unanswered about them. (Unless they are planning to resurrect the series at a later date….One can only hope!!!)

    Either way, I guess it will just will have to remain as a decent series with one of those disappointing endings.

  • Shannon

    Totally agree with you. Really enjoyed SGU and am sad to see it go…my only hope is that they go the way of the SG-1 series and make a couple of two hour movies…continue it a bit and maybe it could come back eventually. I know this is a pipe dream but I can have a dream can’t I?

  • Will2369

    I did not know that was the last of sgu..the only reason,I have cable is because of sfy..without my sgu fixs..I need to find something else to do or a new channel …wowow..this is a sad day for sfy

  • Shadow6352

    I love SGU I think it was the best on Syfy and I’m not into wrestling .When you think about SyFy you think moster and space show. Why call SyFy then if you don’t have?

  • Nicole

    If you haven’t seen thefinal episode you might now want to read this comment, there might be spoilers in it…. I like all 3 Stargate shows. I like science fiction stories or just fiction more than reality. I am sad that SGU has been cancelled I think it was a crappy move especially the way they ended it. There’s still a lot of things and questions that were never finished or answered Luke Amanda and Ginn, they are still in the ship, and they didn’t even make an episode to help them. I thought it was a bad move. And what about the ending, bad. I would rather the ship have blown up. Atleast we would have know what happened to them. But in a way if someone was to ever want to start it up again it ended at a good place also to do that, I think. I was crushed when they ended Caprica too. Now the only shows on SyFy that are even worth watching are Merlin (love this show), Sanctuary and Eureka (whenever it comes back on). And I really hate all the stupid reality shows on SyFy

  • James Dehnert

    If your going to make a network around Science Fiction, then you need to support quality Science Fiction Programing. If ist all about the almighty $$ then that should change their name to something as generic as their programing. Just look at Speed. No wrestling or cooking shows there. A real theme based network should commit to its shows up front as much as possible, and at least allow the show to come to an appropriate closure. Can you imagine if they just let BSG hang? Watching Syfy now is like buying the first 40% of a book, which is why I don;t watch Syfy any more.

  • Wolvern

    SGU really needed some comedy to keep it running, Mckay was epic with the awesome mistakes like blowing up a planet by accident. O’niell was good for his humor overall and then you had supporting cast that made it better like Ronin of the thousand hair knives and Teal’c who never bothered to count his countless “indeeds”.

    SGU was a BSG rip-off in the style it was done, they really needed the landline to the ship even if it was one way so i could see rush getting hit in the head by a supply crate and waking up in the infirmary saying “so much for fast food, i’ll stick to rations”.

    What should of happened is for them to have SAVED the other destiny by docking with it and towing it out of the sun so they were able to repair at least one ship to full capacity or somewhere near it. Then you’d have a show with a decent ship that actually would of been able to do some ass kicking. You then add in some nice co-operation with an alien race in a sector for a short while and have destiny find a planet with the composition to DIAL back to earth (one way again) because they have the ability to place a gate on planets using the shuttles and some jury rigged cables.

  • Anonymous

    So you didn’t enjoy it. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make excellent source material in the hands of a talented, imaginative writing staff. The original

    was hardly great television. SyFy’s reboot, while not without flaw, was highly entertaining. I agree that the episodic nature of Asimov’s early work might cause problems–but as I recall, there were also volumes in the series that focused very closely on tighter timeframes. And LOST has demonstrated that non-linear narrative can work well in television and prime time. Regarding treatment of women in the script, I offer Starbuck from

    as an excellent example of how carefully made revisions to an original work can enhance its relevance for contemporary audiences. Finally,
    SyFy has an established history of making excellent movie-length (or longer) TV adaptations of written source material.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the robot novels would probably be a better fit for a television series than Foundation. And potentially more entertaining. Also, it would be easier to use the template to continue writing additional stories once the original novels had run their course.

  • Smokewell

    Apparently the SYFY channel has given up on the ‘science’ part; but at least they can still claim the ‘fiction’ mantle with wrestling.

    And rather than bash each other and our tastes in ‘Stargate’ shows, maybe we should all mourn the loss of our beloved SciFi channel….or should I say the ‘Quantity, not Quality’ Channel.

  • Cnewz

    The idiots running Sci Fi first screwed up changing the name, then putting on wrestling which is as big of a slap to the face to sci fi fans as you can get, and let’s not overlook the pure sewage of “made for tv” Saturday night specials that they put on proudly.

    The Sci Fi channel has fallen off so badly since the Friday nights when they use to have Stargate SG1 and Farscape. Ahhh Farscape. Now that was a great sci fi show.

    Today’s “Syfy” channel is a shell of its former self and a joke.

  • Sedesa1965

    I agree I am going to miss Stargate Universe I was a loyal viewer. Thought that the show had alot of potential. Don’t like the way it ended! I want more. I am very sad to see it end. Don’t. Even know if I’ll watch syfy anymore. Now that Stargate is gone nothing else I’d like to watch and I don’t like wrestling! What that got to do with science Fiction anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Sad to see SGU end, thought this season was its best. Wish SYFY would figure out what they want to be as a channel but I for one hate their reality shows, find them utterly boring as with any of the other stations’ reality shows. When I need my fix of some good syfy/pushing the “fantasy” genre, I also love watching BBC programming.

  • Trisha

    Hear, hear. I am really saddened by the shift to the fantasy portion of SFF to the exclusion of the science fiction side of things. While I adore fantasy – probably more so than scifi – I still really enjoy my “spaceships fix”.

    And of course there is the sadness of the death of the Stargate franchise.

    And may I say holy crapola about the ending!

  • Papabryant

    While I would agree that SyFy – were it trying to succeed as a commercial network – it would repeat its successful tactic of getting an old show and updating it – Space:1999 would be an EXCELLENT choice. But if you notice SyFy cancels successful shows just as they become extremely profitable – does anyone remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

    This is because SyFy wasn’t meant to make a profit. Its the tax writeoff dump for the rest of the Universal-NBC networks. THAT is the real reason Stargate is no more, that Battlestar Galactica ran for only 4 official seasons, and that we get those crappy, cheaply made monster movies on Saturdays.

  • Ulostulo

    SGU was a good show – not easy to follow or digest and that was exactly the fact that made it a great show too. SciFi is space for me it has always been it always will be. The military part of this opera was just a twist of lemon there. Do I start watching some wrestling BS on SyFy – hell no. Hope this series will continue some day but I am afraid it never will.

  • cash

    brou ur stupd stargate its the best ever man
    atlantis and universe
    bad know about this
    dont cancellllll the showwwwwwwwww :-(

  • Jedi7th

    This is really sad. I love SGU if compare to SG Atlantis. I don’t miss Atlantis but SGU is totally different from SG 1 so it really stand out. The first season I get to know the character but the 2nd season where all the action start and the plot thicken. But it end abruptly. Really hope they can write a better finale.

  • Ftsthbl

    It didn’t help when they moved the time slot Serval times and really didn’t promote all that much. It was a really good show, the most credible of the SG series I believe to date. Please Show time!! Pick this up and lets get back to ‘Destiny”…

  • AlexBerger

    I agree absolutely. I HATED SGU at the start just because it felt like another reality TV disaster in the making. That said, I kept watching and the final 6 episodes really started to get good. When I first heard about the cancellation, I wasn’t overly bummed. Now though, I’m really sad to see it go. It had finally started to really strut itself as a space-exploration based show. Not just another sitcom in space with dead narrative.

    The rest of the lineup is pretty lame as well. I’m in complete agreement. Sanctuary, Warehouse 13 and maybe on a really bored evening Haven are all that keep me coming back. Beyond that? I’d rather boot up netflix or go elsewhere.

    Where are the days of Babylon 5, TNG and their like? Sci-fi that took a realistic approach to scifi, instead of the modern inclination which seems to be as much mockery or crime of convenience as desire to produce quality content. Scifi should be the land of imagination, dreams, and adventure…even what that adventure is just about the unexplored, explosions and cool aliens.

  • Marwel590

    I certainly hope Syfy reconsiders their decision to cancel SGU.  This series needs to return.  There has to be a space series on Syfy.  Please…..

  • Explorer0822

     No, Jacob. Networks exist to serve as a sales tool for companies and their advertisers.  They capitalize on the fact that most viewers are idiots and will watch anything.  Because most viewers are idiots the good shows don’t last long because idiots don’t get them.

  • Qckagjp

     As fan of all 3 series I would encourage you not to let the attitudes of some fans deter you from watching the older series.

  • Michael Jardeen

     The ending sucked. The least they could have done was a movie or epilogue. Instead we get a great episode that leaves us with nothing.

  • Michael Jardeen

    You pretty much nailed my reaction — lose Sanctuary and there is nothing expect the specials and miniseries.

  • Jason

     This new Blood & Chrome series is really going to kill BSG if it wasn’t already dead from Caprica. Sometimes you have to leave things as they are.  Yeah BSG had its slow moment but it was a great show there’s no need for a background story because if you’ve seen the entire series you can tell everyone’s story.  Stargate Universe really did pick up for a space opera.  I think what syfy needs is some input from some people if they can’t make up any ideas on their own.  Sci-fi is not an exact science and people have to stop treating it as such.  It is an expression of the things that we only dream of true being thrown onto a screen and that changes everyday.  

  • djr

    some people are fascinated with space and what might be out there so we live out our curryosity trough shows like sgu and battle star season one of sgu was hard because there were some many new directions to go but we were on the ship most of the time bickering season two starting coming along good and three was even better now I think its getting shut down when the show finally was getting it right space is big show us things we havent seen before and people will watch get off the ship and explore and people will watch like sg1 and Atlantis at least give us a better end to the show

  • Scott hayden

    why did syfy had to cancelled stargate universe?i liked the show.i want to see it come back so we can get the crew home.if any one who wants to bring the show back i want to join. 

  • Gterziani

    I will miss SG UNIVERSE.  I like all of the SG series.  The only other series I liked was Star Trek and Babylon 5.  This so called SYFY station does not really care about fans of science fiction or science fiction.  I guess I will no longer check what is on this station I will just turn to the movies/SERIES on HBO and  AMC.

  • Michael Scott

    Oddly enough, SG Universe was fairly dreadful for most of the 1st and some of the 2nd season, rising to only “ok” in season 2 in my opinion.  However, this final season has been very good.  I’m surprised at how well they pulled this season together. 

    The pacing in the first too seasons was too slow, like they were hunkering down for a long run and were afraid of using up all the good ideas too soon.  Even worse, the characters were not believable.  They were far too dysfunctional.  I understand the desire to build a show around more “human” characters which aren’t such epic heroes, but they went too far in this direction, to the point where the characters and their motives and actions were not believable.  They were too flawed and fractious.  Facing an existential threat, even the baddest most flawed people will generally find some cohesiveness.  The Rush/Col. Young dynamic was particularly unrealistic.

    But I’ve got to hand it to them, with the impending doom of the show hanging over their head the writers really pulled it together and tightened up the plotlines and the characters.  In the middle of season 2 I could not have cared less if the show was canceled, but this last Monday I was genuinely sad to see it go.  Too bad they weren’t able to pull it together sooner.

    The writer of this article is exactly right btw, why not change the network name to something else.  With no flagship Sci-Fi show on the air, why even call it “SyFy” anymore.

  • Rooster-teeth

     Wtf? Caprica was good, I was pretty pissed when the ended it. And seriously, the ending of BSG was totally crap… They should frickin redo that.

  • Mcveyz

    well Im pissed. How could they call that an ending? that sucked. I want to know wat happens when they wake up? they could have gotten them home or something.or even killed everyone off or something.that would have at least been a ending.

  • Blue

     RIP SyFy

  • Adam-green2010

    Well said my Scfi friend and i was a huge fan of Stargate universe and shattered that the it has been axed by Fox. I know its not as popular as they wanted and thats due to people been tasteless sheep these days and would rather watch people sing or cook badly! Guess i will have to just watch stargate SG1 repeats to get my startgate fix. I Still have slight hopes that SGU could come back at some point as the final episdode did leave the story open!

  • Mr. SciFi

    Wow. Is it me or is BBC (America) becoming a better sci-fi channel than SyFy? Good thing they changed the name as I wouldn’t want them to be confused with a REAL channel devoted to sci-fi heads like myself. What with all the reality and wrestling and cooking shows (W-T-F??!)

    I’ve read a lot of the comments below and, yes there were a devoted base of SG(blank) fans that couldn’t get over the lack of kitsch and tongue-in-cheek moments on SG-U but that is the sole reason that the million or so (and it STILL got cancelled? Sheesh!) NEW viewers (and open-minded SG(blank) fans watched it.

    BSG WAS sci-fi (remember the old campaign – “I AM Sci-Fi!”), as was Farscape and Caprica (even though it got slow and somewhat disorganized). Don’t even get me started on shows like First Wave and The Invisible Man – that Sci-Fi COULD have sold to UPN when it was dropped from their line-up. Along with a nice set of science fiction lore, good STORIES make a show. Good stories also build loyalty.

    Thanks abandoning us SyFy. Time for me to take my loyalty elsewhere – BBC here I come. If the proliferation non-sci-fi material continues, it will be the beginning of the end for Sy-Fy. Why? Because as we all know, reality and WWE fans don’t have nearly the loyalty of sci-fi fans. Once Fox or some other schlock network airs something for the ADD crowd, they will switch too.  

  • cpm5280

    SyFy’s biggest problem is one that it will never acknowledge as long as its run by cookie-cutter beancounters:  great television cannot be properly produced, aired, seen and loved when it’s seen as just another widget.

    JUST ANOTHER WIDGET. That’s how they see it, that’s how they make and market it, and they inspire just as much love and loyalty in the masses as does the company that makes the buttons on your shirt. What? Exactly. As soon as somebody else comes along and does it better, and doesn’t abuse the target audience, SyFy will be toast.

  • Jdfinchum523

    I liked SGU, I do not watch Warhouse 13, I finds those characters annoying and unlikable.  I agree that SyFy needs some Si Fi.  Like MTV, it is losing its focus. I enjoy the space series.  I do agree that the SGU characters could have been less damaged individuals and more likable.  Regardless, I am sad to see it go.

  • Positronictom

    Oh no!  Please don’t let SyFy touch the Foundation series.  If the Foundation series is brought to life, let it be by a studio that will pump serious money into it and do it justice.

  • Appropriately Dysfunctional

    “Even worse, the characters were not believable. They were far too dysfunctional.” ….this opinion made me laugh very hard!

  • Pkr

    I saw the last episode of SGU tonight (I live in Sweden) and I miss it already. I want it to contionue.

  • James

    Its been awhile since I watched the final SGU episode but was looking around the net to see if they’d talked about a series closer special or something like they did for the other stargate series. I watched all of SG1 from the beginnings on Showtime, lost interest a season or two in and re-found it later. I watched all of Atlantis and felt it even ended too soon. They were both great series that had deep stories and characters and I was extremely happy to hear about SGU when it was first announced. BSG was one of my favorite science fiction shows in a long time and I was a nice contrast to the kind of bubblegum pop science fiction that the stargate shows had turned into.

    All that being said though I think all of those shows had some pretty bad decisions made here and there (what the hell was with the final couple of BSG episodes). SGU suffered from this more than others as I think they took way too long to try and figure out the balance of the existing stargate series and the BSG series. It struggled with that balance for a long time, often more than the initial 5-6 episodes people talk about. They would often introduce elements (communication stones for example) that would have been better introduced much later in the series, as well as not letting some story elements linger a little longer (like Rush being marooned on that planet at the end of the first season). And right when things started going in the right direction they would throw in something completely unnecessary like the whole using the communication stones to try and take over some planet’s power station. It didn’t really need to take place to move the actual story along. It was just a filler episode really.

    I agree that the shows SyFy has been creating recently have been pretty much crap. I did like Face-Off but I grew up wanting to get into the make-up fx industry. I’ve become tired of ghosthunters and still love destination truth.I still have no idea why in the world they would bring wrestling to SyFy. Of all the stuff they’re bringing to SyFy how does that make the slightest amount of sense?

    The final few episodes were some of the better ones of the series and it was nice to see the writers and actors given a real chance to shine. I loved the episode that showed the alternate timeline’s crew  staring over and creating this advanced civilization. Take away a lot of the random crap they threw out in that series and it could have gone on for another couple of seasons at least. The final episode left me feeling very curious as to where the show could lead, and I think that adds a good amount of wonder.

    In the end though I have to ask if this is all about ratings let us look back at a fairly low rated show named Farscape. How many times was that show cancelled for low rating and high costs? I fear that if SyFy continues down this path there wont be a SyFy. And wasn’t the whole point of the network to create a geeky network for us geeky scifi fans?

  • Guest

    This is so true –  SGU was a brilliant show, aswell as the other Stargate series (Atlantis should have gone to 10 seasons! Syfy bad for cuttin the space opera

  • Angelofdeath6668

    SGU sucked because its just like TNG the crew is on one ship and the fact they keep using the stones to go back to earth got boring  unlike SG1 or Atlantis there was more races lots of ships and planets they went to explore plus the actors watching them got boring

  • Abiblebum

    Man you are right about Star Gate Atlantis & stuck on a ship ? For years on end! OMG give me a break. Lets mix up please for artistry sake…



  • Lonnie

    I want my SGU back if not then give us some movies so there can been an end to some of the questions and then give us back SGA or something that has to do with Stargate that show must go on…

  • tonymost

    The station changing its name from Sci-fi to Syfy should have been your first clue.

  • Naniskay

    i loved all the star gate movies I started collecting all the movies all the time and money wasted it is not fair on the people who love the shows. but still after the show is ended you still have the guall to show the reruns to just throw it up in our faces shame on you

  • gatehacker9th

    hah i totally agree i thought SGU was awesome and a great new take on a brilliantly intriguing francise and i really liked that O’neil got a few guest appearances. i do think they left to many holes in the show thou like whatever happened to the second Rush? and what about those people who stayed on that created planet that where shy back to the ship. there was so much more that could have been done with this show…if ratings al they wanted air it later and put more fucking tits and sex in there hell I’d tune in twice a week hah! why do you think any shows on STARZ or HBO do so well…bring the on the tits syfy just don’t sacrifice strong writing and special effects…come back SGU!

  • chris moore

    lol, no, SGU is one of the worst shows ever produced, and i’m a sucker for scifi

  • Fluffy2001

    It was the only show I watched from that network.

  • Richard Dickenson

    I wanted to let you know about the fan petition to save stargate universe. I will include links to the pages mentioned so you may see for yourselves. The petition was started by Richard Dickenson in an attempt to unite fans and save a great show. The petition has grown to over 63,000 signatures and now has an official facebook page with over 3,000 likes. The signatures on the petition include members of the cast and members of the cast of stargate atlantis. Screen shots of this can be found on the facebook page. People from all over the world are signing this petition and creating a global movement in an attempt to save a wonderful show that was cancelled due to false ratings. All of the info and stats can be found listed in the petition. There are and stats that MGM did not have at the time when they decided to cancel the show. Thank you ~R