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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About “The Curse Of The Black Spot”

Yaaaaaaarrrrrrr! This week’s Doctor Who dumped America, moon landings and even River Song for a heap of pirate action. But, of course, that didn’t mean that there weren’t some questions left unanswered… Here are five of our questions about “The Curse of The Black Spot.”

What Is Going On With The TARDIS?
Unless I’m completely misunderstanding what happened with the TARDIS last night, it got confused by the ghost ship and, instead of failing to do anything, instead dematerialized itself so that it could re-materialize within the ghost ship. As the Doctor himself pointed out, that’s new. We’ve had hints for a while that the TARDIS has a mind of its (her?) own, but being self-aware enough to be in control of traveling through time and space by itself? Where did that come from? And does it have anything to do with Amy’s Schrodinger Pregnancy?

(My current crazy idea: What if the two are connected, and the TARDIS isn’t becoming self-aware as much as just reacting wildly to being in the presence of more than one Time Lord? The second, of course, being Amy’s fetus…)

Has The Doctor Solved Everything?
I admit it; I loved the explanation of not only the Curse of the Black Spot, but also what the mythical sea sirens actually were. In what was an uneven episode — why was the Doctor so down on humanity all of a sudden? — the idea that the Doctor defined curses as anything that humans couldn’t understand, and then went on to explain one famous one (and then an additional myth), was a weirdly pleasing one. Given that the Doctor is a time traveler, I like the idea that he will, or already has, found explanations for everything that’s ever seemed unexplainable. Given that the series has, under the leadership of Steven Moffat, turned its attention to common unnamed phenomena (the Weeping Angels being the true form of statues, the Silence/Silents being the things you see out the corner of your eye that turn out to be “nothing,” the ghost ship here explaining why you sometimes think that you see something in a mirror that isn’t really there), there’s something fitting about that. How long until the show runs out of these kinds of things, I wonder?

Who Is That Woman With The Windows Where They Shouldn’t Be?
An obvious one: Who was the woman in the impossible window that told Amy she was doing fine? I admit, she looked a little like a cyborg River Song to me, but that might be too obvious. Instead, I’m sure she’s commenting on the progress of Amy’s pregnancy. (Didn’t she first appear last episode, before we met the little girl who may or may not be Amy’s daughter?) A cosmic midwife? An observer from some other reality, checking in on Amy for some strange reason? The fact that she appears to be using the slide-window from doors in either 1920s speakeasy movies or, more appropriately I’m sure, medical facilities, makes me wonder whether Amy is actually really experiencing everything that’s going on, or whether she’s actually somewhere else and remembering and/or hallucinating everything … but that would be too weird, wouldn’t it?

Are Amy and Rory The Most Romantic Couple In Science Fiction?
As an unashamed fan of the Williams/Pond pairing, I was willing to cut the show some slack in what should’ve been an eye-rolling “Well, of course Amy’s going to save Rory, because they’re not going to kill him off again” moment of faux drama. If nothing else, I really liked the idea that he has such faith in her that he knew she would be able to resuscitate him, despite her own doubts. We’ve now seen Rory wait 2000 years (at least) for Amy to come out of the Pandorica, and Amy save Rory’s life this episode … Enough, already, sure, but come on: They’re a pretty great couple, right?

(Also: Now that we have seen this, can we please, please never have another moment like last week’s “Does Amy love the Doctor more than Rory” scene? She doesn’t.)

Mind you, the fact that Rory could have drowned did make me wonder something, namely…

What Is Rory?
Is he still an Auton, as per last season’s finale two-parter, or is he now human again? And if it’s the latter, then when did that happen, and how (I suspect that he is, and the Big Bang 2 reset him, but I’m not sure if that has even been explicitly addressed)? Because, if he is still an Auton, then… how can he be the father of Amy’s baby?


  • Shawn

    I think Rory is human because The 2nd Big Bang reset everything. But like the Doctor told Amy last season, he’s a time traveller now, so they’re the only people that can remember everything, including the 2000 years he waited.
    Have we ever seen any companion go to bed in the Tardis? And there are kitchens and bathrooms too?
    I love how the Doctor’s keeping a secret from Amy and Rory and Amy are keeping a secret from the Doctor, and River keeping a secret from all of them.
    Next week’s preview looked so awesome, seems like we’ll finally go more inside the Tardis, and the Ood returns!

  • Eric T.

    Rory is human again. Evidence: this episode. He gets cut, trying to catch the sword when Amy fumbles it, which in turn puts him on the ‘menu’ for Nurse Siren. Autons are plastic, and would neither breathe nor bleed. Nor drown. Nor require attention from a bored medical program…

  • Anonymous

    Unless I’m completely misunderstanding what happened with the TARDIS last night”
    The TARDIS was in phase between two areas of space, as the ghost ship and the pirate vessel were occupying the same place due to a dimensional rip (as opposed to a “crack”). By leaving the ship, The TARDIS would automatically shut down. But it was in the middle of two places, and when it finished the shut down, landed on the alien ship. In short, the TARDIS was a coin, the pirate ship was Heads, and the alien ship was Tails.

    The TARDIS has been described as aware, or at least semi-aware, for decades. Tom Baker would regularly refer to it as “girl”, and not simply in the “all ships are female” sense. Don’t forget Sarah Jane and Rose’s little chat about how he still strokes from control panel on occasion.

    “why is the Doctor so down on humanity all of a sudden?”
    What do you mean “all of a sudden”? In Matt’s first couple of episodes he knocks humanity, first for recording the end of the world on their mobiles in Eleventh Hour, and for the choices made in Beast Below. He’s has little digs about humans all through the series; his first lines in Unerathly Child are positively dismissive of humans..

    Rory is human, as the events of The Big Bang did not occur in this rebooted universe. The trio (and River) remember the events because they were the only survivors of the post-destruction, anomaly-laden universe, but technically they’re remembering events that no longer happened, much like comic fans who remember pre-Crisis stories. In only the last episode he talks about being able to remember the two-thousand and change years of waiting a protecting the Pandorica, but being able to repress them, like a door in his mind. The memories returned when Amy successfully re-created The Doctor by remembering him.

  • Anonymous

    the last one about rory has me puzzled too. given the nature of amy’s child, we don’t know that rory is the father (not saying she banged the doctor, they could be playing a virgin mary angle) but one of the plot points dealt with rory drowning and amy doing CPR. how can a robot drown?

  • Natasha

    Question 6:

    What happened to that final pirate? The one the boy cut? He disappeared without explanation… and then reappeared at the end. Did the siren get him? HOW??????

  • JJ

    River killed a ‘Good man’. Episode 7-‘A Good Man Goes to War’

  • Anonymous

    last episode though, the doctor asked rory if he remembered waiting for amy for two thousand years. rory said he did, just “not all at once” and that he tried not to think about it. if he’s human and it never happened how could he remember it?

    i don’t think the human mind could handle that much information

  • Anonymous

    He got cut, literally and figuratively. The scene was likely simply edited out, and they crossed their fingers that no one would notice. Silly people.

  • Anonymous

    It’s mentioned in this episode, but yes, the TARDIS has any number of amenities, including a pool, a boot cupboard, a Zero Room (at one time jettisoned, but presumably since replaced) and a whole lot of changes of clothes.

  • DoubleWide

    I saw the boy get cut and reaching for the Siren, they they showed his father, then the siren and a puff of smoke, presumably the boy’s “death.”

  • thesnappysneezer

    just rewatched it and like it a lot more upon second viewing, I am piecing together theories of
    relevance, and patching the episode up already within my own mind. It
    does feel like an older episode to me, more like a McCoy story that is
    fast paced, dark in spots and missing something from editing, I am
    certain of this now. It also had a faint Eccleston vibe as well.

    I think we should have had a scene before time where we see the boy
    stowaway, maybe even a bit of subplot about the Captain’s reasons for
    going rogue. That medal the kid had,I think it should have had some
    relevance to the siren. maybe like he led her there. I did like the kid
    unlike some others, he reminded me of Adric, I liked Adric unlike some
    others as well.

    I reckon the Doctor worked it out that the Siren took the Tardis
    when it was not working right, when it was malfunctioning and they had
    to get out but not before. The Tardis is sick, I think he knew it was
    not in trouble or that is why he gave himself to the siren. This is
    important though, I think the Tardis is shown as being sick here and
    that may be a future plot point. Maybe he did make her malfunction on
    purpose to prove a theory or perhaps display her illness which he may
    well be aware of though I think the Tardis being sick is potential for a
    great storyline.

    A question should be asked why this ship is touching the past, seems
    like a crack thing to me or something that should not be going on, it
    could tie in to something or at least it should. this bit reminded me of
    Girl in the Fireplace, Doctor crashed through the mirror and the like.

    Amy gave up, the cpr did not work then moments later Rory came back
    to life. The Doctor walked away, looked back, looked troubled but also
    happy. We may have another Jack situation or Rory might be partially
    Auton or Amy might have some power over the universe still, her memory
    has brought him back from the dead before, she might have just done that

    Now whether any of these notions have any relevance, I think there
    is solid foundation for them there, perhaps they should have been better
    integrated with the story.

    To sum this up, I do think this is better upon repeat viewings and I would like a spinoff about pirates in space

    Oh, also, I am fairly certain this season is Amy being mind probed or possibly some memories might be being placed in her mind.

    Biggest problem here, is what happened to that pirate the boy cut, he just disappeared, I really do think this was sloppily edited and the musical score seemed to not be as attached to the episode as it could. Perhaps if these are memories of Amy’s she did not know what happened to him so we did not see what happened to him? or maybe he fell through a crack and everyone forgot him?

  • Jacob

    The woman is Molotov Cocktease! I’m telling you! Moffat is a Venture Bros. fan!

    And Rory’s human. When the Universe reset, the Auton Rory never existed (but his soul still went through that and has the memories), because the cracks never happened, and the Pandorica was never built. The only reason the main characters remember anything at all is that they remember The Doctor, and the adventures they had with him.

  • Jacob

    His soul still went through it. They established that the Auton Rory had the original’s soul.

  • Jacob

    And when he got cut, it would never, ever heal. So he would have been even more extra careful.

  • Jacob

    Very rarely do we get to see the inside of the TARDIS (not counting the control room), but it has happened.

  • Zach

    If next episode is any indication, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the TARDIS very soon.

  • thesnappysneezer

    not the boy, the pirate he cut.

  • Mark Walley

    I have a question, what is it with things not being as they are perceived to be? Moffat has used this idea of things not being seen repeatedly since at least series 2 (it occurred kinda in the Ghost in the fireplace, and then in Blink) and in most episodes since he’s taken over. So the snake monster in 11th hour appears in the corner of the eye, as does this reflection woman from the episode, as does the silence, as did the upstairs room in the Lodger as did the vampires in venice, and then some only appear under certain circumstances so the angels (kinda) as did the monster in the Rembrandt episode. Even the Tardis has recently rediscovered it’s ability to change it’s perception at least slightly. This can’t be by accident?

  • Nataniel

    What about the Doctor talking about “our planet”… and meaning Earth?

  • Bill Reed

    When Amy’s memories of the Doctor returned him to this universe, so too did Rory’s memories of his adventures with the Doctor. “I was plastic. He was the stripper at my stag…”

  • Losille

    I thought she felt something wrong with the TARDIS and took it trying to help.

    When he left to guard Amy he was plastic in some way because the Doctor told him to stay away from flames and if were injured he wouldn’t heal. Did he become human in an episode that I missed?

  • RoryFan

    I don’t think the TARDIS actions are due to a second timelord, the Dr. once said they are designed to be plioted by six Timelords, so an extra one (or even fraction of one in this case) shouldn’t make a problem. As to I don’t think Amy’s baby is a timelord,it just has a bad case of “Timehead”.

  • Phil Edwards

    Next weeks episode will indeed show more of the TARDIS including an infinite corridor. That and more info on the episode here

  • Zor-El of Argo

    Could the cyborg woman be a Time Lord checking in from a cloaked TARDIS? The Doctor says he is the last, but there could still be a few left that he hasn’t encountered yet, that have been secretly keeping tabs on him.

  • Mic

    Random theories for this season…

    Woman in the windows, looking in on Amy, is a sign that the Time Lords are returning, and they won’t be the colorful bunch from Tom Baker’s era onwards, they’ll be the kinda scary, mysterious bunch from the 2nd/3rd Doctor’s runs, and the 1st too, a bit, as the Doctor and Susan were on the run from what seems an unpleasant lot.

    The baby is a red herring, the little girl is the Rani. Possibly stranded in space and time without a TARDIS, the Rani with a history for chemistry and enslaving alien races, used the Silents towards helping her create a TARDIS (the strange but familiar control room), they’re designing a contraption to the keep the strange girl alive…

    I think evil Time Lords are a for sure, and the Rani seems more likely than Amy birthing a new Time Lord race or Romana (though her return would be a delight – sorry, tangent: remember how Mary Tamm’s Romana said her age was actually older than the 2nd Romana’s stated age… I always thought the clever girl was often crossing her timeline, leaving notes and instuctions for her varrious incarnations to maintain an appearance of linear continuity, when she’s actually all over the place.

    Errr, sorry kinda went off there…


  • Lastnamecumbie

    first of all i love this show and i am happ i found this site because i love your style of input ok imagine it this way what if the tardis is a him and not a she all people call their veichles a she but it is not proven that the tardi is a she and what if it somehow impregenant amy knowing the doctor was going to die so it wanted to preserve its own life because of that and maybe river is her daughter so neither rory or the doctor is the father and maybe the woman watching amy is a people curious to see how a new doctor being born

  • Jacob

    Moffat likes taking our childhood fears and making them real. With the Weeping Angels it’s that statues are moving when we’re not looking. With the Silence it’s the feeling of something creeping up on you. I do believe Prisoner Zero was a monster under the bed. The monsters in “Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the Dead” were why you were afraid of the dark. You could probably find analogues like that in all of his episodes.

  • Jacob

    Spoilers! (knew that from Confidential, but still man, spoilers!)

  • Jason Seas

    This is what I thought about the TARDIS. Since they are grown, that would make them an organism, and the siren either thought or found it to be sick somehow and took it.

  • The_Livewire

    I have to agree with the comment that the Tardis was hurt. She doing fade out just did the green glow thing like the siren (EMH?) Appeared under her.

  • Anonymous

    “…but being self-aware enough to be in control of traveling through time
    and space by itself? Where did that come from?”

    The final arc in Series 3 have Captain Jack Harkness grabbing onto the TARDIS as it was leaving. The TARDIS flew itself to the end of the universe just to escape from him. The Doctor said that it was because Captain Jack was an immortal/time-locked and the TARDIS did not like that/could not accept that fact.

  • Jacob

    Good catch. Just one thing. Jack isn’t time-locked. He’s a fixed point in time. The difference is that things existing in a time-lock exist outside of Space. Like what’s left of the Time War, the Daleks (expect for the continuous “last” Daleks that keep showing up), and the Time-Lords.

  • Ulysses

    What? The Tardis is going to be in an ep of doctor who? Mind = blown.

  • Jacob

    The interiors will be shown. It’s the first time since the show came back. So yea, mind blowing is an appropriate action.