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Rumor: Marvel Eyes Tom Welling?

As fans gear up for Friday’s two-hour series finale of Smallville, a rumor has surfaced that Marvel may have interest in star Tom Welling.

Although it seems unlikely that the studio would set its sights on an actor who’s been so closely associated with a DC Comics character for the past decade, What’s Playing contends Marvel is looking at the 34-year-old Welling for … well, something. The website  floated the possibility of Doctor Strange — a terrible case of miscasting if ever there were one — until “sources who would know” ruled out that role.

“Welling isn’t up for Doctor Strange, and hasn’t been approached for any Marvel property yet,” a source is quoted as saying, “but that doesn’t mean there isn’t interest in him.”

But would Welling, who’s branched out in recent years into directing and producing, be interested in another project? What’s Playing says yes, pointing to his testing for Superman Returns as supporting evidence. His acting career outside of Smallville hasn’t exactly set Hollywood on fire — Cheaper by the Dozen, its sequel and The Fog are the extent of his film roles — so it’s possible that Welling would be up for a high-profile superhero project.

Still, is he a gifted enough actor to easily glide from one superhero role to another — Welling lacks the charisma of Chris Evans — and will audiences be able to shake the image of Clark Kent that’s been ingrained in their minds for the past 10 years?


  • Christian

    Looking at that picture, they could cast him as McDreamy’s younger brother in Greys Anatomy!

  • RayAl11


  • Anonymous

    I could honestly see him as Wonder Man (Simon Williams). But I can’t see Wonder Man ever getting his own film. Maybe as a cameo in the Avengers or something

  • Paul

    Welling has decent acting chops, not “super”, but decent.

  • Anonymous

    Yea. He’s really not the best actor, but he may actually be good to bring in as a director for a TV show.

  • Bill Reed

    Hahaha! Yeah, he’d be great for the vapid Hollywood superhero.

  • Holden

    maybe as a black hair’d Hank Pym…??

  • Oh fanboyz

    Clark Kent doesn’t have as much charisma as Chris Evans, but Tom Welling is far more charismatic. Welling is one of the most charismatic guys in the business. Most in Hollywood would agree on that. Fanboys get actors and the characters they play confused. Clark Kent is a square goodie-goodie, and somewhat repressed. Tom Welling is nothing like that – at all. It is the source of much humor just how very, very different Welling is from Clark.

  • RunnerX13

    Didn’t even realize Welling was an actor.

  • Mistwell

    Yeah, he has the look of Wonder Man.

  • Drac

    All the guest stars on Smallville fall completely in love with Tom Welling. They will spontaneously bring him up in conversations that have nothing to do with him and start gushing about him. He has tremendous personal charisma. I’m pretty sure James Marsters wants to marry him and even staid Michael Ironside gets a bit florid over him. Welling has a supernova charisma. An absurd amount really.

  • Anonymous

    The Sentry!!!!!

  • kalorama

    Doesn’t matter how charismatic he is in real life if it doesn’t translate to the screen.

  • the Prowler

    Keep it in your pants, buddy.

  • Anonymous

    Well if ryan reynolds can be both gl and deadpool then so can other people have two super heroes to their name. there is plenty of them to go around. i think i would want him to be hercules.

  • Toneloak

    Maybe TV’s Bruce Banner?

  • Alex

    Saw the ending. It was better than Superman Returns!

    Yeah, Wonder Man. AN arrogant jerk!

    Who mentioned Sentry. Sentry should be like Gilgamesh the Forgotten One. Remember him?

    Me neither.

    Lex Luthor for President 2018 

  • Tivochick

    Everything Drac said is the unvarnished truth.John Schneider has practically adopted him. With charisma like that, he could sell ice to an Eskimo, and Hellcats to the CW.

  • Jacob

    Still trying to figure that last one out…

  • Vicki4321

    hi its vicki again will tom be makeing any more moves anytime soon and can you send me mail all the time to let me know