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NBC Passes On Wonder Woman

NBC has passed on David E. Kelley’s much-discussed Wonder Woman pilot, which reimagined the DC Comics superheroine as a successful corporate executive who fights crime in Los Angeles.

Entertainment Weekly reports that although the network isn’t saying why the pilot isn’t among the wave of pickups announced over the past couple of days, word is that it garnered mixed reviews at test screenings.

Announced in October, the revival seemed shaky almost from the start, with Kelley revealing two months later that he hadn’t “necessarily committed” to the project. However, when he did commit, Warner Bros. encountered difficulty finding a home for the pilot, with all the broadcast networks initially passing on Wonder Woman before NBC changed course in late January. That was followed by negative reaction to a leaked draft of the script and then the first look at star Adrianne Palicki in a costume that apparently never made it into the pilot.

EW suggests Warner Bros. could shop the pilot elsewhere, but then immediately dismisses that notion, wondering who would want a project NBC rejected. Besides, all the other networks already passed on Wonder Woman back in January.

It’s not all bad news for Kelley, though: The network renewed his midseason legal drama Harry’s Law for a second season. Parenthood, too, will return for another season.

NBC also picked up three other series tonight: Grimm, the fantastical cop drama from Jim Kouf (Angel) and David Greenwalt (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) set in a world in which characters from Grimm’s fairy tales are real; The Playboy Club, a drama that centers on the opening of the first Playboy Club in Chicago in 1963; and Awake (formerly REM), a drama from Lone Star creator Kyle Kellen that follows the parallel lives of a detective who can’t let go of his fractured family after a car accident.

The addition of Grimm may, unfortunately, mean the network passed on 17th Precinct, a supernatural crime drama from Battlestar Galactica‘s Ronald D. Moore that stars Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Stockard Channing and Kristin Kreuk.


  • Frosthollow


  • Michael Sacal

    We’ll see it on DVD some day like with Aquaman. 

  • Scud

    Can’t say I’m surprised at all. I hope the pilot leaks soon.

  • Wayne

     Whew. I think we dodged a big, stinky bullet, there.

  • Arthur

    The new Wonder Woman Outfit can not be a gift from the GODS. Look like  something a Hooker whould ware on the street

  • starstealer

    I really hope “Grimm” isn’t the Fables tv show that has been in the works, because it totally discount what the series stands for already if it is.

  • Shifty

    I have to admit I’m a bit relieved. While I want nothing more than
    to see Wonder Woman to return to the big or little screens (she’s an
    awesome character!), I was not remotely happy with what I was hearing
    about this. Visually, I think the actress looks the part of Wonder
    Woman. Beautiful, tall, and according to people who saw a preview of
    the show, very well suited for the role.

    Everything regarding the plot and story however sounded out of
    character and contrary to the character I know and love. I mean
    seriously? A CEO? That’s not Diana. That’s Tony Stark or even Bruce
    Wayne, but its not Diana.

    And its fairly obvious that whole premise was so that Kelly could
    slip in court room scenes into the show, revolving around Diana’s
    company being sued or dealing with various plots with Steve as a lawyer.

    Although I have to ask: Why do people keep saying the costume design
    for Wondy de-emphasized patriotism and instead emphasizes on Greek
    mythology. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in school, but I don’t
    recall the Greeks wearing red, gold and blue tight vinyl costumes.

  • Thom Vane

    From all accounts it was never going to be Wonder Woman in anything but name anyway.

  • Christopher Currie

    So, I guess this will end up on Itunes at least… hopefully.. 

  • Olympichero62

     DC Fails again. lolol

  • Anonymous

     Ugh so many cop procedurals. I was disappointed to hear this show won’t come on, I looked forward to laughing at it.

  • demoncat_4

    thank god. some execs at nbc had the common sense to not put the train wreck and insult not onl y to the character but to her fans for one by having her be an ally mcbile clone plus giving her batman origin of crime fighter by night exec by day . does not fit wonder woman. hope this also teaches david kelly to stick to what he knows  and leave the  super heroes like wonder  woman  alone

  • Dawnell_do

     Better sooner then later.  

  • Faust

    Thats a shame. :( I hope we will still get to see the pilot somehow. 

    On the plus side – really pleased that Parenthood has been renewed – and Lauren Graham is amazing as always! ;)

    Haven’t heard of Grimm – but it sounds appealling.

  • Summer

    Oh, thank the (Greek) gods. Wonder Woman’s being abused enough in her own book at DC. She doesn’t need to go through the same tragedy on television at the hands on David E. Kelley.

  • Loveanddestruction

    Yes! My prayers have been answered! This has made my day!

  • Anonymous

     Just goes to show that when you deviate from the original source material too much, or get screenwriters who have little subtlety in transfering comic-book material from page to screen it’s little wonder the project falls flat. And this is a pity because with a property that has such a rich heritage to draw from it could have worked beautifully if more care and attention was given to working the mythology into something that captivated and drew the audience along, something like a young woman who, coming of age, discovers there is more to her than she realised… that way you have a “Smallville” scenario where the audience is in on the secret but watches to see how the main character gets to where she will one day discover the full secret.

  • Jay

    Obviously this was cancelled because of the bad vibe it was generating, but let’s be honest… the costume wasn’t doing the actress or the character any favours, and the actress herself is no wonder woman.

    Surely they could cast a true Amazonian beauty with acting chops? The actress who plays Sif in Thor springs to mind.

  • Manny Cartoon

    Wait did the Aquaman thing make it bootleg DVD? I would totally buy that as a 2fer.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of the ORIGINAL pilot for the first series, where WW was a secret agent with a different costume played by blonde Kathy Lee Crosby that was forgotten forever after a new one was made (that led to the Lynda Carter series.) I Know this exists because I caught the ending ending on TV one day decades ago. So maybe this is for the best as well.

    It did have Ricardo Montalban as a villain, though. I remembe wondering, “Why is WW battling Mr. Roarke?” :D

  • Anonymous

    I’m very disappointed by this.  I was quite looking forward to where it was going to go

  • RunnerX13

    Blessing in disguise?  Wonder Woman on NBS means half a season before cancelation.  But imagine Wonder Woman on the CW?   

  • RunnerX13

    Oposed to the actual outfit WW wears??? 

  • Drhiphop85

     Fables I believed is going to be on another network I thought…like AMC or something

  • Shifty

    Actually, test audiences liked the actress they selected from what I’ve heard.  They said she did a great job, but that it was the script that hurt the character.

  • Shifty

    You can watch the Aquaman pilot on youtube.

  • Morgan Wick

    “And its fairly obvious that whole premise was so that Kelly could slip in court room scenes into the show, revolving around Diana’s company being sued or dealing with various plots with Steve as a lawyer.”

    Maybe he should have adapted She-Hulk. :)

  • Godwell

     I was about to say the same. The WW outfit in comics is about as misogynist and hooker-ish as they come. Naturally some fan boy will say “that’s so she can distract men while fighting”, but what about when she fights a woman? I do (however) feel bad for the poor actress who is probably crushed.

    My verdict: SUCKED and glad its alllll gone.

  • Godwell

     Its just a shame that Hollywood just cannot follow the damn half decade old scripts they have before them and instead try to remake or recapture Iron Man and Dark Knight success. CEO? For what? Geesh. At least the old series got two things right…1) not trying to PC the costume (although its slutty) and 2) stick to the format.


  • Wes

    Way to go NBC!   This looks like crap.


     why nbc why not wonderwoman we been waiting

  • Adrianne Palicki

    ** First off – do not be fooled by my Icon – I m not Adrianne Palicki. I just run a fan site for her. **

    Super Woman & Aquaman pilots on DVD is kind of like comparing apples & oranges, as far as DVD releases are concerned.

    The Aquaman was created by the two gents, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who created Smallville.

    Although picked up by The WB network, when The WB merged with UPN and
    became The CW, Aquaman was quickly dropped. They actually had a webpage
    for Aquaman, for a very brief time (don’t blink or you would miss it
    kinda quick).

    Initially Gough & Miller wanted to recoup some of the money they put
    into the pilot and it was  included as a bonus DVD in a number of the
    Season 5 DVD sets of Smallville. After that they made it available for
    purchase through iTunes.

    Wonder Woman was created by Warner Brothers, and although they could
    release it to DVD , I wouldn’t see them releasing it anytime soon,
    especially if they are still looking to sell it to a network. It
    wouldn’t make good business sense.

    Also, I don’t think it would make any bonus DVD material since it isn’t a spinoff of any other series on TV.

    Back in 2003 another pilot was commissioned for, at that time, The WB…
    a Lost In Space remake. They also declined pick up of that pilot. A
    short time after, over several years time, they released 3 seasons of
    the original Lost In Space series, and the pilot of the remake was never
    included in any of the bonus materials for any of those box sets.

    Eventually bootlegs of the promo video were made, of the pilot, which were sent out to networks was sent out and that is what is on YouTube now.

    So it could come out at some point in time – I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  • Munstersrule

    the cw should just do it is warner brothers 

  • Munstersrule

    the cw should just do it is warner brothers 

  • Munstersrule

    the cw should just do it is warner brothers 

  • Jacob

     They can’t afford it. Otherwise they would have picked it up before NBC.

  • Jacob

     They can’t afford it. Otherwise they would have picked it up before NBC.

  • Jacob

     They can’t afford it. Otherwise they would have picked it up before NBC.

  • Jacob

     They can’t afford it. Otherwise they would have picked it up before NBC.

  • WW_R.I.H.

    This was bound to be EPIC FAIL!!! The costume is HORRID. 

  • Bboy_0176

    Are we going to get a chance to see it at all

  • Michael Sacal

    WB released the Aquaman pilot on DVD, and it’ll be included in the complete Smallville set.

  • Josef Newell

    Yeah, I’d also  love  to have a look at it one day.Anyway, this is  WONDER WOMAN!
     hahhahhaa lol 
    By the way, try this image editor