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ABC Cancels V, Picks Up Charlie’s Angels, Once Upon A Time

Amid a frenzy of pilot pickups this afternoon, ABC canceled V, the long-struggling reimagination of the 1983 sci-fi miniseries.

The news comes as little surprise, given the ratings decline for the alien-invasion drama, which starred Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell. The series, which dipped to 6.9 million viewers, added original-series star Marc Singer at the end of second season, apparently too late to make a difference.

ABC also canceled freshman series No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7, Off the Map and Mr. Sunshine as well as veteran drama Brothers and Sisters while picking up nine new shows:

  • Charlie’s Angels, an update of the hit 1970s private-detective drama written by Smallville co-creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar
  • Once Upon a Time, a fantasy drama about a woman who moves to a town where fairy tales might be real (the cast includes Stargate Universe‘s Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin and Thor‘s Josh Dallas as Prince Charming)
  • Good Christian Belles, a soap about a former high-school “mean girl” who returns home after her marriage ends in scandal
  • Last Man Standing, a comedy in which star Tim Allen fights for his manhood in a world dominated by women
  • Pan Am, a soap about 1960s airline stewardesses and pilots, starring Christina Ricci
  • Revenge, a soap inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Apartment 23, a single-camera about a Midwestern girl whose big-city dreams are destroyed after her first week in New York
  • Scandal, a drama revolving around a professional fixer (Kerry Washington) and her staff (including Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick)
  • The River, a drama written by Michael Green (Kings) and Michael R. Perry (Persons Unknown) that follows a crew through the Amazon in search of a missing adventurer

ABC will officially unveil its full schedule on Tuesday in New York.


  • Janus31

    So I guess the V-aliens won.

  • Mr. M

    So long, V. “*That’s* how you kill your mother” will remain one of the great television lines of this decade. 

  • Anonymous

     I didn’t watch any of those shows, except No Ordinary Family, and I stopped midway when it started turning into Heroes part II (really, did we need all those deaths?)

    None of the new ones sound that good, either, and some sound just awful (Tim Allen in a Y, The Last Man setting??)

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I knew the odds of “V” coming back were slim to zero, but I thought “No Ordinary Family” had a decent shot for a second season.

  • Scarletspeed7

    So there are two shows starting next season about fairy tales and NONE of them are Fables?  Thanks for putting the nail in the coffin before it even had a chance to live, network television.

  • DF

    I liked No Ordinary Family & Detroit, but expected them to be canceled. I’m miss Detroit more than NOF. Detroit was a really good show.

    As for the new season shows, I’m interested in Once Upon A Time and The River at ABC. 

  • Faust

    Interested to see what the Smallville creators do with Charlies Angels. Could be good. Just hope that the Angels are actual Women and not teenagers.

     I was, however, hoping for a 3rd movie! They were good mindless fun! :) 

  • Morejbstuff

    wait a minute, so ABC options Fables for a tv show and then comes out with a show called Once Upon a Time that is the same premise as Fables? The main character is Snow White for crying out loud! This seems fishy…

  • CJ3

    Wow, maybe I was delusional as a kid or maybe my grandparents just picked the right shows to watch, but I never saw so many start up shows and cancellations as I have seen over the past 4 years.

    Cancelled Shows I Loved

    Flash Forward
    Terminator: S.C.C. (Should have been called the Connor Chronicles)
    Human Target

    Now I never cared much for V as I if they really thought they could stretch out a mini-series into a full T.V. show that had the bad guys winning constantly with little to no victory on the good guys side they were fools.  Write novels next time, that was a soap opera with aliens and it was dumb.

    All these new T.V. shows sound terrible except for maybe, MAYBE Once Upon a Time.  But since I know like all T.V. shows lately it will last a season or two and be cancelled, I won’t even watch it.  That’s why I waited so long to get into Fringe I figured it will be cancelled.  I wait for a show to have at least 3 season before I watch now because I don’t want to get invested and have it cancelled leaving me wondering what would happen should it had continued.

    But honestly this is good news for me because now I can cancel FiOS and keep just the internet and stick with Netflix and start saving myself $80 bucks a month since all the shows I like get cancelled and the ones I could care less about are left.  I don’t worry if I am missing something.  Thank you ABC, FOX, NBC etc now I can save $80 bucks a month and be done with your corporate marketing strategy that is destroying what good entertainment is.

    But one tip of advice for T.V. shows that get cancelled, at least pay some money to let the actors and producers and writers at least make a two-hour television movie that closes a show out.  4 million viewers may be nothing to you, but that’s 4 million people who are left hanging on to these cancellations like children caught in a bad divorce wondering what’s going on and how will this end!


  • Darnellwheeler79

    This f**king sucks ABC

  • Wolf5960

    Detroit 1-8-7 was a heck of a show. It will be difficult to watch any show on your channel anymore, wouldn’t want to get too attached. 

  • Lewis4510

    None of these sound even remotely interesting.

  • From Fabletown With Hate

    I have no interest in any of these new shows.  Especially not Once Upon A Fables Ripoff. 

  • Eric

    Well the first series ended mid cliffhanger just the same way.  I guess they were just keeping with the original.  Hey ABC you can forget about getting me started on any more of your shows.  I’m tired of being dropped flat on my face every time you decide to cancel something without a proper ending.

  • RunnerX13

    [Y the] Last Man Standing? 

  • Khiaao

    Would have like to see a followup episode to the season final of V