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It’s Official: NBC Renews Chuck For 13-Episode Final Season

NBC confirmed today that it has renewed the action-comedy Chuck for a 13-episode fifth, but final, season, Entertainment Weekly reports.

A perennial bubble show, Chuck averaged just 5.6 million viewers this season, yet was often the network’s highest-rated series on Monday nights. The Event, the sci-fi mystery that follows Chuck, didn’t fare as well, as NBC won’t be bringing back the heavily promoted series for a second season.

It also canceled fledgling spinoff Law & Order: Los Angeles.

In addition, NBC picked up four new comedies today: Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea, inspired by the life of Chelsea Handler; Free Agent, about two quirky co-workers who fall in love; Bent, which stars Amanda Peet as a recently divorced type-A mother who tries not to fall for the sexy surfer dude she’s hired to renovate her kitchen; and BFF, about a woman and her live-in boyfriend who take in her distraught and pushy best friend after a divorce.

The network will officially unveil its fall schedule Monday during a presentation in New York City.


  • AudioComics

    Excellent news! “Chuck” is something many shows aren’t: fun. A last season to tie up loose ends is a luxury most shows don’t get. Very happy to hear this.

  • Lion_okitkat

     Will this renewal help it reach syndication? 

  • AudioComics

    At a total of 91 episodes…probably! 88 episodes (four 22 ep seasons) is considered the usual minimum, although some networks prefer 100 episodes. Still, at 91, I think “Chuck” made it.

  • Anonymous

     Can’t stop laughing that they took The Event off the air for 2 months at a time (even though it’s a show based on SUSPENSE!) and are surprised people didn’t watch it. Also, Blair Underwood turned in the goofiest portrayal of a president since Idiocracy.

  • AudioComics

    Never even saw “The Event.” Did NOT want to sucked into another serialized drama. 

  • pDUB

    the minimum for syndication is 64 episodes, hence why “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia” just got syndicated on Comedy Central after this last season that put it over 70 episodes.

  • Taj Gunn

    I don’t care about chuck. Just let it die swiftly and cleanly.