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What Might’ve Been: A Look At Those Wonder Woman Shorts

Perhaps NBC and Warner Bros. Television should’ve taken it as a sign when, back in March, the first look at star Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was met with a chorus of howls. Like Jim Lee’s comic-book redesign before it, this updated outfit was criticized for, among others things, dropping the superheroine’s classic star-spangled shorts in favor of pants.

Fans were later assured by NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt that Palicki would wear iconic short-shorts in the pilot episode. Alas, the network passed on David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman revival, leaving many wondering what might’ve been.

Well, wonder no more: Courtesy of WonderboyLB and the Wonder Woman TV fansite comes our first, and possibly only, look at Palicki in star-spangled booty shorts that make Lynda Carter’s look like granny panties. They’re so tiny they make her oddly constructed belt look like a Themysciran fanny pack.

There’s still an outside chance we could see Palicki, and that costume, on television — although Warner Bros. Television doesn’t appear to be in a rush to shop the pilot to other networks. “I’m just not sure yet; we haven’t given it a lot of thought,” CEO Peter Roth told The Hollywood Reporter.

Asked how it feels not to see Wonder Woman on NBC’s schedule, Roth responded: “I think Wonder Woman was a very well crafted pilot. But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, I now understand and agree with [NBC Entertainment Chairman] Bob [Greenblatt] that it doesn’t necessarily fit particularly well with their schedule. As well crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea — and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it.”


  • Anonymous

    That’s kind of the first time she’s looked like Wonder Woman to me. The belt is a bit big though. 

  • 2000filmfan

     If you are really a fan of Wonder Woman, (instead of most of these posers), you should show your appreciation. This way the world’s most popular super heroine might get some respect.

  • Alex H

    I’ll probably get people disagreeing with me, but I prefer the version with the trousers with the stars down the side and the red boots.  Not to say I specifically liked that either, but it looked more balanced.

    If it was me designing a wonder woman costume – either for TV or comics or whatever, I think I’d go the route of trying to give strong hints of an ancient greek armour, probably the skirt route.  Also, I’d made sure that the metallic bits of it looked like metal rather than metallic plastic.

    That being said, the main issue with that is that for my vision of the character, the actress here looks too delicate.  I’d more expect someone taller and with the build and muscle tone of an athlete (or as comics would put it “the fitness level of someone who regularly engaged in intense physical excercise”).  Not to mention the fact she should probably look more mediteranean…  But as the concept  for this TV show seemingly had nothing to do with Amazons, it does at least make sense that they weren’t too concerned about that…

  • Stephen Bergstrom

    I think part of the problem is that her torso appears a bit long. Whether that’s due to her body type or a flaw in the costume design, the result is that the belt hangs too low on her, making it look out of place. Almost looks like a crotch shield.

  • Wonderwomanfan1

    Taller? The actress was almost 6ft Tall… 

  • kalorama

    “More Mediterranean”? You mean like Lynda Carter? Or the 70 years of WW comics in which she doesn’t look the slightest bit Mediterranean?

  • Anonymous

    The actress is fairly tall (almost 6 ft) and fairly solidly built. She is by no means frail. 

  • Setoalex75

    The belt is best suited for Batgirl, not Wonder Woman. Th shorts still look cheap. Compared to the amazing quality and material Lynda’s costume was made of, this one is a real stinker!!! The whole outfit gives me a mindgrane. The crooked tiara, the long braclets, the star on her eagle down to her fireman boots. A true Wonder Disaster!!!

  • Landru

    The obvious implants and the manly face are bigger issues, I think, than the crappy outfit.

  • B. Zurkle

    Just two quick questions…..

    One: Do you honestly believe the Lynda Carter costume was good quality?

    Two: Do you honestly believe that Mindgrane is a word?  

  • George Mitchell

    I like it.

    I liked the long pants version as well. I’ve accepted a LONG time ago that superhero costumes generally suck when put on film. Some suck less than others, and I thought the costumes they had for Palicki were well done. I don’t know what this feelings of nostalgia of the old WW series. I grew up watching those shows as they aired and I was a fan. When I tried to introduce the series to my daughters the three of us thought it was rather boring and decided to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons instead.

  • iamwallis
  • Cyfukode

    Oh my God this looks even worse than the other versions of the costume.  The belt and breast plate look TOO chunky.  They should look metallic in my opinion….instead they look plastic with cheap stars on them.  The shorts just look wrong for some reason.  Her legs do not seem nearly long enough.

  • Gene Ray’s Cosmic Cube

    Can’t we adapt superhero costumes to the real world by looking at the colours of everything else in early comics and working from there? In a four colour world, everything is bright. The only reason the costumes work well in modern colouring is that they are established already. Unfortunately, the real world is just too much of a change for this to occur.

  • Watson_brad

    Typical network ‘Yes’ man drone. Oh, oh yeah NOW I agree with the president of NBC after he posted the schedule and blah blah blah. Too bad there’s more of those pissant types running tv than there are those who know what people do and do not want. That said, the costume sucks. PERIOD. It’s a cheap piece of shit and she looks like a hooker in it. Wonder Wears ARMOUR. Not cheap Fredericks Of Hollywood polyvinylplastic…

  • Alex H

    If she’s 6 foot, perhaps it’s the costume making her look daintier than she actually is, which isn’t a good thing.  Looking at the photo actually, he hands on her waist exagerate that more than is accurate. 

    As for the Mediteranean thing – that’s not entirely the point, yes she doesn’t look that Mediteranean in the comics, but bearing in mind this is a character who was born and raised on a Mediteranean island and is ultimately derrived from Greek Mythology, and therefore, it would make sense to have at least a Greek vibe in there.   

    I’d put forward the look in the Wonder Woman animated film as something that worked very well, although obviously that wouldn’t necessarily translate to live action.

  • Alex H

    To go further – was havign a quick flick through the internet and found this:

    Perhaps slightly too grim and gritty, anI’d personalyl say make the skirt uniform at the bottom the whole way round, but in general I think something like this definitly looks a bit classier than shiny plastic.


  • Madmike

    It’s nice of her to take time out to visit with cancer patients, and pose for photos like this.

  • bob

     i think its her upper body, its to long for her legs

  • bob

     she just does not have the body to be wonder women, legs to short for her long upper body. long chest area. hips not wide as her upper body. just not right.

  • Mr. M

    I don’t know anything about the actress, but she has no muscle tone and this costume looks like a WW Halloween costume from a discount store. The design is close to being good, bit the shorts are too tiny (no, I’m not a prude, they just look wrong).  I’m sure given time they could have found someone to nail a great design, but I guess the point is moot.

  • kalorama

    It is the point. The character’s been around for 70+ years and she’s never been portrayed as looking Mediterranean in any of her incarnations, so the notion that the actress who plays her screen should look Mediterranean has no logical basis. In the comics the Amazons have either been portrayed as (A) a bunch of white chicks or (B) a multicultural collection. Is that historically accurate? Who cares? WW isn’t historically accurate. That’s the point.

  • kalorama

    It is the point. The character’s been around for 70+ years and
    she’s never been portrayed as looking Mediterranean in any of her
    incarnations, so the notion that the actress who plays her screen should
    look Mediterranean has no logical basis. In the comics the Amazons have
    either been portrayed as (A) a bunch of white chicks or (B) a
    multicultural collection. Is that historically accurate? Who cares? WW
    isn’t historically accurate. That’s the point. 

  • Kitsternsf

    Ms. Palicki is very pretty but she needs to hit the gym and TONE up if she is to be WONDER WOMAN.  Check out those thunder thighs/cottage cheese thighs in those “iconic” short shorts.  

  • JMC

    Manly face?  Implants?  I think the big issue is just how witless you are when it comes to women.  Unless you’re Heff or the Hoff, a girl like that would be a 10 to most “normal” men out there.

  • JMC

    Says the guy with most likely a gut like a beer-barrel…

  • el_caifan

    I think movie and tv execs listen way too much to internet feedback. They have to realize that the vocal minority which are creating all the negative reaction are the following:
    1. They are doing it for attention.
    2. They arent real fans.
    3. They dont read comic books.
    4. They dont have any creativity of their own-so they shit all over somebody elses creativity.
    5. They are idiots.


  • JMC

    “Perhaps NBC and Warner Bros. Television should’ve taken it as a sign when, back in March, the first look at star Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was met with a chorus of howls”

    In all fairness, those “howls” were made by an extremely small, extremely petty, and extremely out-of-touch minority group of posters.  NBC executives rarely listen to anything they have to say for good reason…

  • Alex H

    It’s not historically accurate no, and I don’t suggest it should be.  However, this boils down to the problems Wonder Woman has as a character.  If this was Superman, Batman, Green Lantern or Flash, the latter two of which are far less famous than WW, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    However Wonder Woman has the issues of:

    A severe lack of anything resembling an iconic Rogue’s gallery, or even one solid nemesis.
    A severe lack of anything resembling any iconic storylines
    Several classic character features that are frankly bizarre even by comics standards (invisible jet anyone?) 

    What Wonder Woman mainly has, is a very iconic name and a very iconic costume.

    Therefore, if I was adapting Wonder Woman (and I don’t mind if you disagree with me, this is just my take) I’d want to look at the basics of the character, and tweak accordingly there.  She is from a race of warrior women who live on a hot sunny island in the Mediteranean, therefore, for consistancy purposes, the Amazons should probably look like they live on a hot sunny island in the Mediteranean.  They don’t really have to look Mediteranean persay, but they should probably look likey are women who practise fighting in the sun all day.  Ditch the invisible jet – perhaps make her flying a property of some item she has about her person. Probably go for one of her mythological villains first time round – they are probably easier to set up because people will already have some innate knowledge of them, therefore you can spend more time defining WW herself without having to do any sort of villain origin. Establish the supporting cast of Amazons and Steve Trevor, perhaps have some background characters who will go onto be villains later.  As I suggested before, have a more realistic take on the costume while maintaining it’s iconic colours and features, and make sure to address that thign about non-american heroine runs around in a patriotic costume – it’s fine, but justify it.

    The basic point being, you want to distill the concept of the character into something that is consistant enough to work in a “real world” setting, without doing as this pilot seemed to be doing and ditching everything and just keeping the name and costume. 

  • Kevinlmcknight

    Paradise island as it was called in the original comics and tv show, was in the Bermuda Triangle .NOT the mediteranian. Learn the characteror get a map. She should look like she always has in the comics and TV…tall, blue eyed, big boobs, and white .Adrianne is not pretty enough to play WW. She is tall but that is the end of similarities. Nothing about her is real fake tits fake hair. The costume looks like hell. This thing was doomed from the get go..

  • Kevinlmcknight

    boy you really don’t know anything about the character. you need to stop posting until you go back and study the character.

  • Kevinlmcknight

    Paradise island as it was called in the original comics was in the bermuda triangle which is no where near thhe mediteranian. Before you start typing a bunch babble that runs in circles research the character why she is in a patriotic costume is one of the first things the queen explains to Diana before she takes it.

  • Tothecloud09

    Alex is correct I am a big ww fan and he is on to something. she has no build, she doesn’t look like she has fought all her life. just like some chick with boobs dressing up for halloween

  • Positronic1

    OK, so “Paradise Island” (or Themiscyra) is in the Bermuda Triangle (even though sometimes it isn’t, and sometimes it isn’t even in the same dimension as Earth), not the Mediterranean.  But, to quote your own post “go back and study the character”.  What, you think the Amazons of Greek mythology originated on an island in Bermuda?  No, they originated in the same general vicinity as the Ionians, the Spartans, the Athenians, the Trojans, etc.  The goddess Athena was responsible for creating a new home (and granting them immortality), away from “Man’s World” on Paradise Island.  But that’s not part of Greek mythology, that’s comic book history.

    So, even though Diana came to life from a statue sculpted by Hippolyta long after the Amazons had left the place where they originated, it makes some kind of sense that the sculptor of the statue would have been influenced both by her own appearance and by classical Greek sculpture.  Does she look Mediterranean in the comics?  For the most part, no.  But the George Perez version I thought did have a subtle Mediterranean cast to her features.  It’s not that important, and certainly there are casting requirements that would far overshadow looking for an actress that looks Mediterranean, but I think that Alex H’s reasoning here is basically sound.

    Personally, if it were me, I’d be looking to cast a Wonder Woman that was somewhere in between Darwyn Cooke’s interpretation from New Frontier, and Alex Ross’s version from Kingdom Come.  Mediterranean features?  Sure, if we can meet the other physical requirements and acting ability first, then why not.

  • Kevinlmcknight

    Ok granted Amazons come from greek mythology but I will say it again. Study the character.  If you look in greek mythology Amazon means breastless. Women archers who would remove their right breast to make it easier to shoot a bow and arrow. In the comics I have seen WW has both breasts. So I think it is safe to say just the Gods are really based on this. Go back and read when Diana was sculpted on Paradise Island. Centuries after the Amazons were placed there. William Moulton Marston even wrote their features became softer, their skin and eyes more fair all while building strength in their femininity. Who cares what the comic book aritsts are making her look like. They are never consistant. This is why WW is so hard to cast and so hard to make a movie for. Everybody has a different idea of what she should look like. I say start from ground zero and build up. Really get to her roots.Then everything will fall into place. The costume needs to be updated of course but it can be done and keep the feel of WW there as well.

  • Tothecloud09

    there is no need to be rude about it. the fact is that wether the island be in the medditeranean or in the bermuda triangle,she still doesn’t like an amazon princess. she has no muscle definition, no build and the costume is enough to give a true ww fan chills up there spine. when I think of ww I think of a tall beautiful woman with long drak hair peircing blue eyes, and defined muscles and some build. She has spent how many thousands of years fighting on the island? so she should look that way. personally I would make a CGI film If I couldn’t find the right actress. you can’t use any beautiful actress and dress them in a wonder suit and call her wonder woman. she has to look the part and she has to be the part.

  • Kevinlmcknight

    No one was being rude. My point is that so many people like you say what they think the character should look like instead of going back to the origins of WW learning about her and making an educated comment. Not just any actress could play the role or the movie would have been cast and done years ago. I know adrianne has no muscle tone.I don’t think she made a good WW. I don’t believe I even said anything about her in my statements. I have followed this character for 35 years. Most people get on these boards and just want to put their two cents in without even knowing what they are talking about.

  • Positronic1

    Tothecloud — Actually, we don’t know that Diana has been around for “thousands of years”.  Diana is the only one of the Amazons who isn’t one of the original group.  She was “born” (or rather, sculpted) on Paradise Island/Themiscyra, we don’t know how long ago.  Her actual age and her apparent age could be the same (unless we are going with a version that ties Diana to her WWII-era Golden Age comic roots). The impression given by most of the post-Golden Age comics is that Diana is a relatively recent creation of Hippolyta given life by the goddess Athena.

  • Positronic1

    Well, I have studied the character.  I have all the Wonder Woman Archives volumes, the Les Daniels book Wonder Woman: The Complete History, both versions of the Wonder Woman Encyclopedia (Fleischer’s and Jimanez’s), and have read pretty much every version of WW from the Kanigher/Andru/Esposito version up through the most recent JMS version (I dropped it after 2 issues, since I thought it was terrible).  Now, I don’t claim to have read every issue, or even most of them, but I am familiar with all of the major eras and reboots.

    But then, that is really one of the basic problems with Wonder Woman. 
    Everyone that looks at the character can come away with a different
    take.  Is she an ambassador of Peace, Love, and the Amazon Way?  Or a
    fierce Warrior Princess sent to Man’s World to kick ass and take
    names?  In the golden age comics there is a lot of preaching about the
    gentler ways of women, but there are also a lot of weird themes of
    bondage and submission to discipline, and the battle of the sexes.  Is
    she an icon of feminism, or gross example of the sexual objectification
    of women for crass commercialism?  How much Greek mythology should a
    Wonder Woman story delve into?  Are the amazons immortal, or do they
    lose their immortality if they choose to enter “Man’s World”?  Does
    Wonder Woman lose her amazon strength if her bracelets are chained
    together?  Can she fly under her own power or does she need an
    invisible plane? What are the exact powers of her magic lasso?  These
    are all points on which the comic books have been inconsistent over the

  • Kevinlmcknight

    Good Points I am glad tosee someone is doing their home work. There are so many different takes on WW  and many have tried to change her. Go back to the WW that Charles Marston first created and the reasons why he created her. The real character will come back to life. She has changed so many times through the years that even she doesnt know who she is.

  • Positronic1

    In general, I agree that the Marston version of the character was the most-completely realized.  On the other hand, the Perez version had the most fidelity to Greek mythology, and that’s worth keeping.  Now, I’m not suggesting Amazons with mastectomies running around — nobody wants to see that. (And let’s be honest, how often do you see any of the Amazons from Paradise Island using a bow?  Rarely, if ever.)  But would it hurt if Wonder Woman looked like she could be Greek (whatever that might mean to a casting director — obviously there are far more important things to consider when casting Diana)?  You could even incorporate Marston’s bondage theme as a reference to the Amazon’s period of enslavement by men, and the bracelets symbolizing submission to the will of Hera (or Athena, or Aphrodite)…

    The two things that I miss most from the Golden Age version of WW:  The golden eagle symbol (which could easily be interpreted as a sort of molded chestplate battle-armor) — that “WW” symbol has always looked awful to me.  And they should keep her origin story tied into World War II — like Captain America, this to me just works best for the character.  If you want to tell the origin and then flash forward to the present, showing Diana just as young and beautiful as she was back then, what’s the problem?  She’s granted immortality by the gods, end of story.  Steve Trevor is important to the origin story, but if you want to update to the present, he can be easily dropped and replaced by other characters.

  • Kevinlmcknight

    The Golden Age collections are great but they are missing alot of the basics of why WW was created. There are interviews with Marston and Harry Peter and advertisements that were important for THAT time period that are still valid today.They were the building blocks of the character.
    Granted you dont see Amazons running around with bows and arrows but as far as that goes you shouldnt see them with guns either .Wasn’t Artemis a great huntress? I don’t think she threw rocks at things. And wasn’t bullets and bracelets one of the games Diana would play as a child,wasn’t that her final challenge to win the WW title? Now where did those guns come from? No man had been on Paradise Island before Steve Trevor. Amazons had no need for guns. They lived there in peace.
    Are you seeing my point? The comics are so inconsistant. The essence of WW that was there and has faded dramatically through the years. The reasons why WW became such a strong character are gone and if they want to do anything like TV or a movie  they have to go back to those reasons.
    Perez’s version EH OK but that was also the time period when sales began to drop.
    I agree that the eagle emblem needs to come back. Why would WW need all of those WW’s everywhere. I know a feminist group got the emblem changed but they need to go back.

  • Positronic1

    Let’s not kid ourselves about the “why” of Wonder Woman’s creation. It was to get little girls (and boys who liked to look at girls) to part with their dimes.  As soon as the unexpected success of Superman became apparent, DC (and AA) began casting around to fill as many niches as possible, to grab rack space from the competitors who were assured to follow. And I don’t think any interviews with Marston or Peters are really relevant. That’s just publicity and self-promotion, and is usually pretty suspect when it comes to truth and fact (look at Bob Kane, one of the world’s biggest liars). So in the end, if it’s not on the printed page of the comics, it doesn’t count. (I’ve read some of Marston’s thoughts and theories regarding the proper relationship between men and women, and it’s mostly gobbledegook to me.  I don’t believe in that dominant/submissive crap.) You have to wonder, for example, why DC didn’t make a big deal like “created by the famous psychologist, Dr. William Moulton Marston” to promote the character.  No, they let it go out under the pseudonym of Charles Moulton.  I suspect DC may have had some issues right from the start with the bondage stuff (and I’m STILL amazed that in that conservative era, that stuff wasn’t blue-pencilled from the get-go…  on the other hand, who knows what they MAY have edited out!)  Have to admit, even reading these stories as as a youngster in the 1970s made me somewhat uneasy about parts of them.

    Now, as to the Amazons… clearly, they had to soft-pedal some of the actual stuff from Greek myth as it wouldn’t have been acceptable then (or probably even now) to a younger audience in the American culture. Yes, the mythological Amazons were considerably more bloodthirsty (none of that peace-and-love stuff for them).  On the other hand, Marston’s Amazons weren’t living in blissful ignorance of the world around them either.  Let’s not forget that they had advanced technologies (purple healing rays and magic spheres that could see and communicate with any part of the world), so a common handgun probably wasn’t going to be beyond their grasp.  You might well ask why did they need guns or even spears and bows & arrows, but that’s getting right to the heart of the crux of the problem.  For a culture that preaches so much peace and love,.they sure do spend a lot of time preparing for war (even if they never actually wind up fighting one).  And although no man had ever set foot on Paradise Island, presumably that didn’t mean the Amazons weren’t keeping up with what was going on the outside world.  Maybe they had spies that would report back regularly (these could have been Amazons, or simply other women sympathetic to their cause).  One might even say that the Amazons were a sort of metaphor for the U.S. during the war — “we’re not warlike by nature, but we’re prepared for a fight if forced into it”

  • Kevinlmcknight

    OK enough of the dick measuring. I tried to make you read between the lines and see how WW came to be but you are so caught up in the story line that you cant see what is right there. You will not find the answer to why WW was created in the pages of a comic book.
    In that time period many men were off to war. Women were forced into the work place. Women and children at that time were taught that men were the bread winners and protectors of the family. They (children esspecially needed to know that eventhough the men were off to war they would be fine and women needed to realize they could raise their families eventhough the men were away. Thus the” yes we can poster”. 90 percent of the comic book reader were young boys. WW helped these young boys to see that women were not weak and did not need a man to be a powerful voice in society.
    WW gave woman a voice in form that would make young men of the future be more understanding.
    Yes the comics was sold to make a profit. That is what every business wants. But Marston took the issues of that day and built a character that everyone could relate to. WW was the mothers, the nurses, the factory workers, all the women left behind to fend for their families
    . This was something he strongly believed in soI honestly don’t think it was all  for profit. That’s why the interviews were valid. NOT so much the storyline.
    As far as the purple death rays and such AGAIN comics are not consistant. I thought I made that point clear in my last statement I guess not. So I’ll say it again. Comics are not consistant. So no need to pull things out of them again you are wasting your time and mine.
    Through the years WW has been the voice for many powerful womens groups. She has made a fixed stand in man’s world
    Do you know why WW is brunette not blonde? Why her eyes are blue probably not because it isn’t in a revamped comic book. It was in one of those interviews that (according to you )aren’t valid.
    She is brunette because blondes were not taking seriously (blonde bombshell or dumb blonde) more recent that why you marry a Jackie not a Marilyn.
    Her eyes are blue because blue symbolized truth and loyalty. Thus the statement “true blue”.
    They never gave her a certain ethnic look because her face would represent women everywhere.
    If WW were written totally for a profit They would have made her look like one of the bonde bombshell pinups of that time period so every little boy would have something to choke the chicken to. But they didn’t they wanted her to have substance and meaning.
    She had something worth fighting for then and still does today if people would go back to her roots and build up again.
    It has been fun sparring with you. But I am done. Until you look beyond what is on those pages you will never undertand WW’s beginnings.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but Lynda Carter filled it out better . . . and without padding.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like some really bad cosplay