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David O. Russell Quits Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Movie

There I was, reading my book, when all of a sudden I felt the elation of tens of thousands of gamers pouring out through the Force. I stepped over to my computer and immediately understood what had happened: David O. Russell has officially walked away from his commitment to write and direct an adaptation of Sony’s hit video game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

It’s about G-D time. Seriously.

Variety offers very little detail, but notes that “the split was amicable and due to creative differences on the project.” Those differences probably being that Russell had no intention of sticking to the established mythology of the series. The game is about an Indiana Jones-type treasure hunter, a descendant of Sir Francis Drake, and his adventures. The movie was going to be about a family of art thieves, with Russell drawing comparisons between it and The Sopranos.

Thankfully for fans everywhere, rational thinking has prevailed. Sony still plans to move forward with the project — sweet! — with the hunt for a new writer starting today. And hey, for what it’s worth … I hope Russell gets to run with his “family of art thieves” idea, as it sounds fun. I’m just glad it won’t be called “Uncharted.”

Back to the matter at hand … does this mean we can start campaigning for Nathan Fillion to take the lead role again?


  • PointedStickMan

    Best news I’ve heard all month. No Russell, no Wahlberg: Awesome!
    At least now we can still hope that Nathan Fillion will play Drake.

  • Spinel13

    This just made my day!!

    Now they definately have to cast Awesome Fillion x)))



    If not Hank Pym, he NEEDS TO BE NATHAN DRAKE!

  • Richardcasey

    Thank Fuck. That is all.

    Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake.

  • Elias Algorithm

    I’ve not even played the games but I could tell you Fillion is a better choice.

  • Azrael293

    Please let a AMAZING director to take the helm, the writers FROM THE GAME to write it and I second the vote for Nathan Fillion for Drake, ITS HIS ROLE!!