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Is A Heavy-Hitting Villain Teaming With Loki Against The Avengers?

It’s a difficult keeping track of the rumored villains for director Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: First it was Loki and possibly the Hulk, then it was the alien Kree and Skrulls, then it was just Loki, followed by the Kree and Skrulls again, and then Loki … possibly with the Skrulls. And now another possibility has emerged — not instead of Loki and his alien friends, but rather in addition to them.

WARNING: Potential spoilers follow, so if you don’t want to know more, don’t venture past the big Avengers logo.

According to Latino Review, the Infinity Gauntlet that Marvel showcased at Comic-Con International and featured in Thor as one of the items in Odin’s Vault will have a familiar wearer in The Avengers: its creator Thanos, the Death-obsessed Eternal bent on genocide and galactic conquest. There are, of course, numerous comic-book connections at play in the rumor, as Loki had at one point possessed the Infinity Gems, and Thanos once possessed the Cosmic Cube (which Loki is shown with in Thor). Plus they’ve both gone up against the Avengers.

I’m not really sure how, or why, the Skrulls would fit into the scenario — surely Loki and Thanos are a formidable enough menace for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — but then again, maybe they don’t. All we know for sure at this point is that Tom Hiddleston is reprising his role as the god of mischief in The Avengers, and it’s going to be him “versus seven of them.”

The Avengers, which opens May 4, 2012, stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Clark Gregg and Samuel L. Jackson.


  • Squashua

    Thanos looks enough like a Skrull (he TOTALLY has Skrull-chin) that he could just be ret-conned into the leader of the Skrulls, rather than a Titan or some completely out of left-field Eternals reference.

  • Mythos

    I certainly hope not. Loki with the power of the Cosmic Cube would be enough of a threat for the Avengers.
    At the very best, they could insert the Skrulls as imaginary beings created by Loki’s manipulation of reality with the Cube… but I like the fact that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is as down-to-Earth as it can be with jolly green giants and Nordic deities.

  • Nick

    How about some actual Avengers villains like Kang, Ultron, Nefaria, Immortus, Grim Reaper, Master of Evil or The Zodiac? Wild idea I know…

  • Richardcasey

    sounds cool. The Skrulls could be an ARMY Thanos uses, especially if he promises them Earth if they help him do whatever he wants doing.

  • Drhiphop85

    I wasn’t aware that the Skrulls, Thanos, or Loki weren’t Avengers villains. Thanks for educating the ignorant populace LOL

  • DevotedPT

    I do believe that Thanos *and*  Loki as villains in the same movie is overkill. Both are formidable opponents, and the Cube and the Gauntlet are both reality altering-level devices. It would simply be too much, plot and power-wise.

    Now, if Loki created illusions of Thanos and/or the Skrulls, and the movie ended with a sort of “but the Mad Titan IS coming for you/for the Gauntlet”.. that would be a nice way to prepare for the future.

    Another alternative is Loki convincing Thanos to help him in exchange for the Gauntlet, and Thanos only getting it post-credits. That way Thanos would serve a role similiar to that of the Hulk in the Avengers’ first appearance..

    However, if Loki does get the Cosmic Cube and it has similar properties do the comics one… there’d be no need for Thanos, at all.

  • Dark Spark

    I hope they set up something with the masters of evil for the sequel. Bring it down to earth with familiar villains and the heroic counterparts team vs team would be really interesting to see played out in theaters.

  • Khiaao

    wOw, Thanos?? already?? figured he would show to like Avengers 3  :)

  • Red Robin

    Its not a retcon if the franchise is completely different from the comics.  It’s a reinterpretation.

  • Coryjameson

    What a stupid mistake. First, I don’t like Thanos, one of the most retarded and pointless villains in the comic book universe ever. Second, overkill. Third, Thanos will probably only show up at the end after the credits. Fourth, if that is the case, then it will be too much like how this first Avengers movie is set up to begin with. Fifth, there are other more interesting villains: Immortus, Kang, Count Nefaria, ULTRON(everyone forgot him, didn’t they?), Masters of Evil(The one with MOONSTONE please), The Supreme Intelligence (Kree alien race), Hyperion and his DC analog heroes, Henry Pym (you’ve been Pymp-slapped), Advanced Idea Mechanics, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (annual 10), Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Quesada.

    I don’t know – Thor was bad. Captain America had better be good – but as it is Marvel is starting to feel like it’s playing it safe with its movies.

  • rtyper

    Where the cosmic cube or infinity gauntlet are THANOS is sure to appear (followed by ADAM WARLOCK). Methinks this movie is too epic for a single reel, possible 2 parter ala Harr P ?

  • Khiaao

    And DRAX    :)

  • Comic_writer_rod

    No Please no…

  • Jacob

    Ultron can’t be done because Hank Pym won’t be there to make him.

  • Jacob

    I would prefer Thanos to pretty much everyone you listed. Except Ultron, but he needs proper set up.

  • partyhands

    First, I like Thanos. Second, Its an avengers movie, no such thing as overkill. Third, seems likely (which, if you really think that, then why comment in the first place?) Fourth, your sentence makes no sense. Fifth, Thanos is preferable to all those that you listed, most by default.

    I know, Thor was good. Captain America will be good. You are an idiot.

  • Dark Spark

    Henry Pym is a hero not a villain Ant-man, Giant man, Goliath, Yellow jacket, any of those aliases ring a bell? Besides you can’t even do Ultron without Pym showing up first to set the thing up properly just like we can’t have the vision in an Avengers movie until Ultron is done.

  • Coryjameson

    Why do you like Thanos? He’s a nihilistic cipher. What kind of history or character development has he really had? Of course, you may be a nihilistic loser too, because why would you find him interesting to begin with? And don’t give me the garbage that he lost someone close to him.

    You do know that he was always a Darkseid RIP-OFF perpetrated by Marvel?

  • Jmcreer

    Thanos, historically speaking, has been one of the best written villains in the Marvel Universe (especially under Starlin).  I guess if your head wasn’t so far up your arse you may have seen some of the comics he has appeared in.  Your loss.

    And it doesn’t matter how a character began – all that matters is how he has been written.  Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Moon Knight may have had less than stellar beginnings, but the stories they have appeared in were well done.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Well, the best villains are nihilistic.  They cannot be bought off or bartered with.  All that Thanos wants is death.  There is no trade off with him, he just wants the worst thing imaginable.  That is what makes him such a great villain. 

    Suggestions such as Immortus, Kang, or Nafaria?  A time traveler with no real motivation, another time traveler with conquest as his goal (great for ten year olds, boring for adults), and a joke character.

    Finally, since Darkseid has not made his way to the big screen (Smallville notwithstanding) what difference does it make whether or not he is a rip off or not?

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Good reasoning.  I see your point….

  • Anonymous

    Neither The Skrulls, nor Thanos neither Loki were originally Avengers foes, or strongly associated with them. The ones Nick mentioned were.

  • Drhiphop85

    I wasn’t aware he said “originally”…and how can Loki not be an Avengers foe since he is the catalyst for the team’s formation and is the first (second if you count the Hulk) foe they faced and has faced him numerous times afterwards…

  • Coryjameson

    Interesting that you weren’t able to answer any of my questions, even though you claim to be such a scholar of the Thanos stories. It’s not enough to make unsubstantiated statements, you have to provide evidence. Why don’t you give a summary of one of the stories that best develops Thanos’ character?

    Calling someone an idiot and telling them they’re wrong doesn’t sway anyone.

    Now why don’t you get back to me once you’ve learned to present an argument, girlfren…

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    First off, where did *I* call you an idiot??  I certainly did not do that.  If you want to continue a logical discussion, I need some assurances that you have adequate reading comprehension skills.  Or maybe it is just that you replied to the wrong person, either way, you made an error.

    Next, where did I claim to be ‘a scholar’ of Thanos stories?  This goes again to your reading comprehension ability.  All that *I* claimed was EXACTLY what you did, namely, that Thanos is a nihilist.  So, if my statement was unsubstantiated, as you say it is, then yours must be too.  That is an interesting argumentative technique, take down my claim by taking down yours as well.  Interesting, but ineffective.

    Moving on, you asked three questions, the first was about personal taste, the second read like a rhetorical question that was more a pointed statement about how Thanos has not had history or character development, and the third was irrelevant as to the issue of Thanos being a decent villain because derivative does not mean ‘subpar’, and more to the point, that question actually was answered, once again bringing into question your reading comprehension skills.

    Now to the ‘meat’ of the discussion.  I never made any refutation of your claims about Thanos.  He IS nihilistic.  As to the stories detailing his ‘history and character development’ well, I do not have any memorized because I am not compulsively obsessed with mentally recording the history(s) of fictional characters.  If that is what you want fine, go all out.  But keep in mind that a vast majority of the movie going public has NO IDEA that any of these stories exist, and that is the audience for these movies and not a group of minutae obsessed fact checkers.  My answer went straight to the heart of my point, namely that Thanos’ history is largely irrelevant.  My answer went to his character and how it makes for good villainy.  Sorry that you missed the point entirely.

    Also, I find your use of the term ‘girlfren’ as terribly mysoginistic.  Seriously.  Calling me a girl is supposed to be some sort of an insult?  Really?  I think that the fact that you see it as an insult says more about you than it is insulting to me.  But maybe I am wrong.

    Given that I have shown three instances where your reading comprehension has legitimately been called into question, I am unsure how effective a judge you are at determining the quality of an argument.  So….

  • Jmcreer

    Some of Thanos’ greatest appearances IMO (well, not just mine as they are well regarded by most Marvel fans).  I’m not going to summarise them but feel free to look them up yourself – they’re well worth reading and are readily available in tradepaperback form.
    Captain Marvel #25-33

    Warlock #9-11, 15

    Avengers Annual #7

    Marvel two-in-one Annual #2

    Marvel Graphic Novel #1 The Death of Captain Marvel

    Silver Surfer #34-59

    Thanos Quest #1,2

    Infinity Gauntlet  

    Infinity War

    And I agree, CALLING someone an idiot and telling them they’re wrong doesn’t sway anyone – but referring to people as “nihilistic losers” and posting silly, immature posts such as yours does demonstrate to most people here that you are acting in an idiotic manner.  Are you an idiot?  Not sure – but your post certainly was.

    Now I’m sure you’re going to quickly write some “witty” rebuke to save face.  I suggest you go back and read your post and just take the derision like an adult.  Then try to refrain from making idiotic posts in the future.

  • Squashua

    I’ll use the correct semantics next time when the Spider-Man movie has Carnage made from the blood leaking from Uncle Ben’s fatal gunshot wound.

  • Coryjameson

    *sigh* You can’t even read well can you? sad.

    Posting a list of his appearances is NOT AN ARGUMENT. As to the nihilistic loser comment (I touched a nerve, didn’t I?), what would you call someone who could list practically all Thanos’ appearances and thinks he’s “awesome”? hmm?

  • Jacob

    A “fan.”

  • Jack

    Cory, you ARE acting like an obnoxious idiot.  And I didn’t needed to be swayed by anyones post to make that decision – your silly comments and stupid comebacks were enough to help me make that decision.

    The little *sigh* comment alone makes it clear.

  • Jmcreer

    If you had read MY comments you would have seen that I stated that I’m not going to waste time debating/ summarising some of Thanos’ appearances – I just listed some of the comics I have in my personal stash that disproves your silly statements.  If you choose to go seek them out and then return to make a more valued opinion then more power to you.  However you seem more content to just make foolish, grandstanding comments.

    In addition, they’re not “practically all” his appearances, and any half-wit (even yourself) could quite easily google “Thanos” to find the actual comics numbers and titles (I wasn’t going to waste time looking through my longboxes when a simple search could suffice).  In fact if you google Thanos you’ll find a quite excellent Thanos appreciation site online.  Perhaps you could log on and attempt to heckle them with some of your witty observations?

    Touched a nerve? – more a shake of the head, and a rolling of the eyes actually.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    I have nothing but pity for you.  Not even contempt, just pity. 

  • Cjorg2

    You sir, are a schmuck!

  • Jason Tippitt

    Sometimes an Easter egg’s just an Easter egg. Or at least a nod toward a very long game … most of these folks have nine-picture commitments, remember?

    I think we’re more likely to see an in-universe Doctor Strange before we see Thanos; the items here certainly seem to point the way toward that. And I’d hope we’d see both Mar-Vell and Adam Warlock (especially Mar-Vell) before we see Thanos.

    Six of those Avengers are obvious — Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, the Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Seems like Don Cheadle’s already ruled out an appearance by War Machine in the Avengers film. So is Nick Fury the seventh Avenger? Or is there someone else waiting in the wings that is unannounced?

    (Some misdirection that ends in Cobie Smulders’ role being Carol Danvers would be OK with me. Though I admit that’s partly just wanting to see her in some variety of the Ms. Marvel outfit.)

    (OK, *mostly* wanting to see her in that outfit.)