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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About What’s Yet To Come…

Doctor Who may be on a Memorial Day Weekend-inspired break here in the US, but that doesn’t mean the speculation stops here. We’re two episodes away from the midseason break, with final episode “A Good Man Goes To War” being promised to be a “game-changing cliffhanger” according to showrunner Steven Moffat. That alone is worth 5 questions, wouldn’t you agree?

Who is The Good Man In Question?
It would stand to reason that the “good man” going to war is the Doctor, considering that, you know, he’s the hero of the series and everything. But, for some reason, I can’t help but wonder whether it refers to Rory. I’m not entirely sure why I think that, beyond the fact that he’s been shown to be the very definition of a good man throughout the series so far. I know there are many who find Rory particularly off-putting, because he fulfills the traditional “damsel in distress” role so often, but he’s shown himself to be brave, loving, and in “The Rebel Flesh,” compassionate and giving when others succumb to more negative emotions (or, in the Doctor’s case, curiosity about the bigger picture). He protected Amy for twenty centuries while she was in the Pandorica! How good does one man have to be, exactly…? That said…

Is This Good Man The One That River Kills?
River is in prison for killing “the best man [she] ever knew.” Is the “good man” going to war River’s “best man”? And if so, is he going to war against River Song?

War Against Whom? And Who’s On What Side?
River has always seemed rather upset, but not entirely repentant, about killing the best man she ever knew. Is that because she had good reason to do it? What if that reason was that she was saving the universe from some impossible, unspeakable danger? Like, for example, a Doctor that was somehow on the wrong side for once, but couldn’t be convinced otherwise (Well, you know how he gets…)? Is it possible that the Silence have managed to hypnotically implant something in the Doctor’s head that really shouldn’t be there? I mean, we were specifically told that that’s what they did in the season opener episodes, but we didn’t actually see the results of that theory. Is this one of those “you don’t mention a gun in the first act if you don’t plan for it to go off at the end of the story” things…?

What, Exactly, Constitutes A “Game-Changing Cliffhanger” In Doctor Who?
I can think of two possibilities: Firstly, we catch up, somehow, with “The Impossible Astronaut” and see our current Doctor die. Secondly, the Doctor stops protecting the universe. And, the more I think about it, the more the latter makes sense. After all, the Pandorica was built because the various alien races believed that the Doctor was the greatest threat to the universe, wasn’t it? What if that had nothing to do with the explosion of the Tardis? What if they knew that the Silence could turn the Doctor against everyone…?

(Oh, okay, I can think of other possibilities, I admit it. Another strong possibility: We actually finally find out all of River’s backstory, and it’s something no-one could’ve expected. I’m still hoping that she’s actually Amy, after making the River/Pond connection.)

And What Happens If “Our” Doctor Dies?
Here’s my latest crazy theory about the identity of the little girl seen at the end of “Day of The Moon”: It’s actually The Doctor, who has been reborn as Amy’s daughter, thanks to some timey-wimey Tardis jiggery-pokery. Well, I did say it was crazy…


  • Ghost

    My theory for the game changing cliffhanger:

    The Doctor, or somebody else, does something, changes a key moment in history, which shatters history as we know it (and he knows it).  It might just be the FUTURE, mind you, so we can keep doing stories set on present day Earth, but no longer will he be the expert of every time period, he’ll be as much a tourist as the rest of us.

  • Mark_whittington0607

    Based on the ending of ‘The Almost People’ and the trailer and prequel for ‘A Good Man…’ the possibility of the title referring to Rory seems more and more plausible. The coalition of enemies due to appear next week seems to indicate that this will have some link back to the end of last series.

  • Shawn

    Be careful not to spoil anything here as the people in the USA (including this article’s writer, apparently) haven’t seen The Almost People and won’t see it until next week.


  • Nathania Johnson

    No offense, but you might not want to post any more theories about Doctor Who until after seeing the Almost People. It raises so many new questions and makes you re-evaluate everything you’ve been thinking. Even without having seen the episode, it was well-publicized that episode 6 had a major cliffhanger. Unfortunately, US Who bloggers who wait until broadcast are kind of screwed. 

  • The_Livewire

    A possible in joke that would strengthen the Amy/River connection if really meta…

    Alex Kingston’s recurring character on L&O SVU… Miranda Pond

  • Khiaao

    I’m sure most of the US bloggers found a torrent by now :)

  • Kevin Sole

    I love the idea that Rory is, in fact, the “best man” that River ever knew.  And it does make sense on many levels.  The Doctor may be permanently (and deservedly) impressed with his own BRILLIANCE, but he’s enamoured with the Human Race — if he had to pick the best man, it’d probably be a human.

  • CyberNova

    Every one dies the end 

  • Jacques

    Just a note: Matt Smith has been confirmed for series 7. So theories relating to his death, at least for this season, are rather moot.

    Also, the final episode of series 6 has David Tennant AND Peter Davison along with Matt Smith credited on the IMDB page:

  • Jacob

    People still use Torrents? lol P2P was a terrible idea.

  • Jacob

    You really shouldn’t have posted this article… Some of us have seen “The Almost People” and don’t want to accidentally spoil things for those of you who haven’t.

  • Jacob

    Wait, where’s the cliffhanger in that? With no one left alive, the story is over.

  • Khiaao


  • Khiaao

    yes i believe a lot still do

  • Kris McConnell

    “but we didn’t actually see the results of that theory.”

    Go ahead and re-watch that second episode. That very theory is central to the Doctor’s plan to deal with the Silence on Earth.

  • Lemondish

    Of course. Hell, all my television from overseas comes via torrent. There’s no other way to get HD shows in 20 minutes or less without ridiculously complicated DRM getting in the way.

  • Lemondish

    This is Doctor Who. Death means nothing.

  • Khiaao

    Well…. there are other ways but don’t think i should say here, but i will say you will be surprised what you can find using google

  • Lemondish

    Theories? The bloke is dead, mate. Saw it meself.

  • Jacob

    Yea… Try five minutes without having to deal with seeds and peers. It’s beautiful.

  • Najryan

    But with the way the show has been going that time line could be erased or repaired. It could just be a divergent timeline, like in last season.

  • Jacob

    Then it’s still not a cliffhanger, because we’d know they were coming back. ^_^

  • Jacob

    IMDB is written by fans and should never be taken seriously.

  • Shawn

    Well if there are better ways then do tell me….I have to deal with seeds and peers to watch everything too.

  • Davenport

    Well I technically Tom Baker and David Tennant should have been credited this week, at least for voice work!

  • Farson89

    You could just… not read the article if you don’t want spoilers.

  • demoncat_4

    the  good man no doubt means the doctor as for the war could be the doctor windin gup gong to war with the whole for river having the best man she ever knew. still think she is either the avarie or she kills the doctor because he has become as evil as the master .

  • Bumbles


    based on the ending of the “Almost People” the “game changer” is …. the Doctor and Rory rescue the REAL Amelia Pond, who doesn’t remember anything about either of them because she never experienced it. All she remembers is the Doctor is the “raggedy man” who promised to take her away to the stars when she was 10. 

  • Jase

    I have a real hard time buying that. It just strains credulity, even for Doctor Who.

  • PunchingReality

    My theory is – Rory & The Doctor call in their old friends the Space Pirates, & Canton Delaware, III to help in a fight against what remains of the alliance of evil from last season – the Sontarans and the (return of) the Cybermen of Mondas! 

    In a future where Earth long since has realized what the Silence were, mankind is fighting both the Sontarans and Cybermen, and a desperate future form of UNIT uses the Silence’s old attempted Tardises to create the conditions necessary to fight them both – a human companion whose fetus was inundated with energy from a Tardis and a Time Lord – Amy Pond’s baby. Such energy would make her time-line all wibbley kind of like River Song’s.

    The Fall of the Silence meant the rise of False Time Lords, likely unstable and dangerous to the universe… The Good Man she has to kill is supposed to be the Doctor, but it’s really the Ganger Doctor. This is all a wibbley plot to undo the Silence, the Sontarans, and the Cybermen… I’ll bet that the other half of next season is a continuation, but it’ll be without the Pond family for the most part

  • Dswynne1

    Or, you can buy an episode for $2.00 on Amazon for viewing.

  •ás-Britos/659901844 Nicolás Britos

    Online stream, DVD quality, the very day it airs in the UK. I won`t say the name, cause I hate spam, and I have nothing to do with the site whatsoever, but I`ll give you a hint: it starts with cue and finishs with vana. Google it and be a happier person than before.

  • Video Beagle

    It’s not worth buying, as it ignores what was actually said at the end of the Almost People

  • Shawn

    I think if everybody was eager to pay money no one would use torrents.

  • Shawn

    Haha thanks. The problem is I don’t have super hi speed, so I’m not entirely sure streaming works, that’s why I use torrents in the first place. But I’ll try it. Thanks.

  • Anonymous


    The Doctor didn’t melt a fake Amy at the end of the episode.  He melted the flesh Amy was transmitting her consciousness into.  The real Amy has been with us the whole time, just not in her real body.  

  • Jacob

    Direct Downloads. File hosting sites are great.

  • Jacob

    Streaming works, but more often than not, the quality is terrible.

  • Jacob

    Where was Tennant? I caught Baker, but not Tennant.

  • Jacob

    The title doesn’t make it clear that there are spoilers. I’ve seen the episode, but others haven’t.

  • Skullduggery

    In re-watching the Impossible Astronaut this weekend, I noticed the Doctor’s faced seemed a little ‘gummy’ after he got shot.
    That has convinced me that the Doctor who died was the doppleganger.

  • Jacob

    There’s no physical difference between the two, so you wouldn’t have been able to tell if it was. (i really doubt he would have kept the same shoes for 200 years)

  • Nathanblu1

    The game changers that the doctor will no longer be limited to 12 regerations. Its been said in many interviews before this season started filming.

  • Robert Duncan

    That wouldn’t be a gamechanger, that is in fact already the status quo. It was dealt with in a very off-hand fashion in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’.

  • Jacob

    There’s debate about whether or not he was joking when he said that.

  • Davenport

    There were four lines from different Doctors

    “We’ll go back someday” – Hartnell
    “Reverse the polarity of the nutron flow” – Pertwee
    “Would you like a jelly baby” – Tom Baker
    “Hello I’m the Doctor” – Tennant

    The Hartnell and Pertwee ones were just Smith but the Baker and Tennant ones sounded so real I figured they were recordings.

  • Jacob

    I think the Tennant one was imitated. I’m not sure, but I didn’t get the impression that it was an audio clip. But the Baker one had it’s source shown in Confidential, and they’re identical.

  • Kyu915

    I wonder if the flesh could take on memories and a personality that was stored in a library’s hard drive.

  • Shawn

    Direct Downloads soon after they air? Thanks I’ll try that too.

    Hey since we love letting out theories, I have a new one (or maybe an old one that I’ve never come across yet): The Doctor kills his future self. That’s how he knew he’s gonna die, bc he did it. Basically like committing suicide. Thoughts?

  • Jacob

    For 360p (Standard Def) I can find a download within ten minutes. For 720p (HD), it’s about 20 minutes. A bit longer for my prefered host. But yea, very soon. It’s great for Doctor Who because of the Time Zone difference in air-times.

    Without a reason for him to kill himself, I don’t see that happening. It’d be a nice twist, and fit with the events we know of, but he’d need one hell of a reason. It’s kind of the exact opposite of his normal action (save people).

  • Shawn

    Yeah? Well what’s ur preferred host?

    Obviously he’ll need a reason. If it goes all Timey wimey on us then he does it bc Amy told him about it and he does it to set off whatever events that happened bc of it. Gah, I have more theories based on this but the more I think about it the more confusing it gets.

  • Pennyforth

    Now there’s an interesting idea….but the flesh seemed to require a biological reading to create a facsimile body; the personality/memories were transmitted to/imprinted on the gangers after the bodies were already created.

    Hmm, an interesting notion of my own….would it be possible for one person to be in control of a ganger that is a duplicate of a completely different person, or can they only be “operated” by the person they are based on?

  • Kyu915

    Good question yourself, sir. 

    Though would it be hard for the Doctor to either have or get a biological scan from River, if the TARDIS hasn’t already saved one (like desktop patterns) that is. 

  • Shawn

    No I think it was Tennant’s voice they used.

  • Jase

    It wasn’t imitated. They used an actual recording of Tennant.

  • Khiaao

    Who think River and Pond are related? was reading something on another board about rumors saying the next episode will be like an empire strikes back type feel :)   probably really reaching on that one but that “Luke I am your father” is all i remember big from Empire :)

  • Kevin_lee26

    A David Tennant Doctor still exists, the one that grew out of the chopped off hand and is with Rose….