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Could The Event Return On Syfy?

Although The Event didn’t get renewed by NBC, the high-concept sci-fi thriller may find new, if limited, life at corporate sibling Syfy.

Entertainment Weekly and Deadline report that talks are under way to bring the drama to the cable channel to develop the second season as a miniseries.

Negotiations between Syfy and producer United Media Studios (also a division NBC Universal) hinge on the financial feasibility of bringing the series from broadcast television to cable. Luckily for the low-rated show, which averaged just 7.13 million viewers in its NBC run, the ratings bar is significantly lower at Syfy, where half that number is considered a hit. According to Deadline, if the miniseries performs well, it could lead to another season of The Event.

If a deal were to be struck, it will remain to be seen whether budget and scheduling restrictions would permit the sprawling ensemble cast, led by Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter, Ian Anthony Dale and Laura Innes, to return.

Update: Craig Engler, senior vice president of Syfy Digital, wrote on Twitter that, “at this time we have no plans to pick up The Event.”


  • Janus31

    Well that’s where it belongs.

  • percane

    I wasn’t a fan, but I’m guessing it averaged more than 7 viewers ;)

  • JTRobin

    I’d rather see a miniseries to wrap up “V”.

  • Anonymous

    Will Blair Underwood still deliver the worst portrayal of a president in TV history?  Will 90% of the cast still be stoic?  Will it still be a series that is based entirely on suspense, but takes off 2-3 months between episodes?

  • Tomfitz1

    I’d like to see a miniseries to wrap up “Twin Peaks”, “Happy Town”, “flash forward”, “CarniVale”, “Caprica” and so on.


  • Khiaao

     They should pass on Event and pick up V

  • Knightoftomorrow

    I stopped watching The Event after about 3 episodes.  It just wasn’t interesting.  Even if they did bring it back on SyFy and even if I did like the show, I still wouldn’t watch it because I don’t have cable and SyFy is not even on the basic cable package.

  • tom

    This is just it. There are better shows that deserved this sort of extension and didn’t get one. The writers’ excuse of “oh but we didn’t resolve the story” – well that’s your own damn fault. The writing was on the wall…

  • WhatHuh?

    It isn’t going to happen. A little too late in trying anything really. Many of the actors have moved on to do other TV series.