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Tarzan Swinging Back Into Action With Black Snake Moan Helmer

For many of us, the last time we saw ape-man Tarzan in film was the 1999 Disney feature (there were two direct-to-video sequels). That’s a long time to go without watching a dude raised by apes swing from tree to tree, howling like a madman and avoiding civilization wherever and whenever possible. If you share that sentiment, then I have some good news for you: Tarzan is swinging back into action.

Black Snake Moan writer/director Craig Brewer is set to write and direct a new Tarzan film for Warner Bros., Deadline reports. His pitch actually spreads a story out over three films, so we’re looking at a trilogy, assuming this project gets off the ground.

Interestingly, the studio also has another Tarzan flick, with Adam Cozad (Jack Ryan reboot) penning a script for TRON: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski to direct. It’s not clear if work on that project will continue, but Deadline describes Brewer’s Tarzan as a “passion project” for the filmmaker. Jerry Weintraub will produce with Alan Riche and Tony Ludwig.


  • Lewis4510

    Making is as a Indiana Jones style period piece action movie is the only way this would work.

  • Jmcreer

    I agree, and would add that Indiana Jones and the tone/ way it was shot owes a lot to the Tarzan novels (as well as Doc Savage etc).  In fact, you could pretty much replace Indy with Tarzan, and Marion with Jane, tweak their relationship a little, and Raiders of the Lost Ark is a Tarzan film.

    I personally hope they don’t try to go for a “realistic” Tarzan as was Greystoke, and really play up the fantastical elements of the novels e.g. Opar, the lost cities, the action, and especially Nazis – Tarzan needs to kill some Nazis (stay away from the stereotypical Arabs and Cannibals Burroughs usually made enemies in the novels).

    Now that I think of it Malibu comics did an excellent series set in modern day that played with the idea of Tarzan’s immortality and him accessing portals to other worlds (hence his ability to find “lost civilisations” in the largely explored continent of Africa).  That would also be a good way to go.