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5 Directors Who Should Reboot Batman

The comic world may be excited about the news that the DC Universe is going to be relaunched and rebooted in September, but there’s another future reboot that’s on my mind right now: Who takes over the Batman movie franchise after Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises? Here are five options for the powers that be to consider.

Whoever makes the Batman film following Nolan’s currently-shooting final installment – because, let’s face it: There’s no way there won’t be one – will have a hard road ahead of them. The Dark Knight was so successful, and Rises likely to be equally so, that there’ll be an incredible amount of expectation no matter whether they decide to break with Nolan’s aesthetic, or try and continue what he’d started. So who could face up to the wave of fanboy and industry scrutiny and still come up with something good on the other side?

Darren Aronofsky
I’ll be the first to admit that I thought that Aronofsky’s plans for The Wolverine – his dark sequel-that-wasn’t-a-sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine – sounded ludicrous and completely unrealistic, but that was more because I couldn’t have imagined Fox letting him take their most successful superhero franchise down the arthouse route. But Warners and Batman? I could easily see that, especially given the success Nolan has had with his direction for the franchise. How over the top and melodramatically gloomy could Aronofsky take the Dark Knight? It might depend how much Warners want to be able to say “From the director of Black Swan” in the promo material…

David Fincher
He’s shown that he can mix critical acclaim with box office success with movies like Fight Club and The Social Network, he’s got SFX experience as well as demonstrated that he can handle big name stars with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Zodiac. Hell, he’s even shown himself eager to work with genre material (The rumored 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea remake he’s attached to) and populist fiction (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). Unless this man is allergic to Gotham City, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be approached to step into Nolan’s shoes.

Mike Mills
Okay, I’ll admit it: Mills doesn’t necessarily have the background that suggests that he’d be the first choice to take over one of the most high-profile movie franchises around, what with only two movies under his belt (Thumbsucker and Beginners, both of which are firmly on the understated side of things), but between his music video and graphic design work, I’m quietly convinced that he’d turn out a fascinating movie that might not necessarily have “blockbuster” written all the way through it, but might nonetheless turn out to be the most visually interesting of the entire series to date, including the Burton years.

Nicolas Winding Refn
Another one from the “Wait, who?” column, perhaps, but Refn – probably best known in the US for his 2008 crime biopic Bronson (starring Tom Hardy, now a favorite of Christopher Nolan, and The Dark Knight Rises‘ Bane – Look, it all comes together!) is already moving into the American genre market with this year’s Drive and a rumored remake of Logan’s Run in the works. With a control of tension and theatrics that match Nolan’s, crime chops earned from movies like the Pusher trilogy and a bunch of critical acclaim (Drive was nominated for the Palm D’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and won Refn the Best Director award), Refn might just be the next Christopher Nolan, even without the Batman connection. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to check if he likes men who fight crime while dressed like giant rodents…

Zack Snyder
I know, I know: You think I’m joking. And I almost was, until I realized that Snyder would actually make a weirdly smart choice for Warners – He’s the helmer of the Superman reboot, and so would maintain visual continuity between the two movies, and would neatly sidestep any Nolan comparisons by… well, pretty much being the Anti-Nolan, albeit one that already has Christopher’s seal of approval by dint of the Superman producing gig. Plus, let’s face it: It would almost be fun, just to see how many Frank Miller panels he’d try and cram into one movie without looking too ridiculous. It’s almost worth giving him the shot for that alone.

But what do you think? Who could take on the Batman franchise and come up with something that stands up to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, or even the 1966 Batman? Use the comments below to tell all.


  • Ricardo Ono

    Zack Snyder… EPIC FACEPALM.

  • Bill Reed

    Wes Anderson: A wry, modern reclamation of the 1966 TV series, Anderson’s Batman (Sam Rockwell) is a guy in the throes of a midlife crisis, who has built himself a family from the ground up, with Robin (Jason Schwartzman), Batgirl (Ellen Page), and his trusty butler, Alfred (Michael Gambon)– plus Aunt Harriet (also Michael Gambon), who is starting to think Bruce and Dick’s relationship might not be so platonic. Meanwhile, he continues his harried caped crusade against his enemies, including a Joker who’s forgotten how to laugh (Bill Murray), a Catwoman who’s becoming more cougar than sex kitten (Gwyneth Paltrow), a Penguin who’s just been diagnosed with lung cancer (Bud Cort), and a Riddler who has seemingly mellowed out thanks to prescription medication (Willem Dafoe).

  • Lalala

    Guillermo del Toro!

  • TAC

    Tony Scott in his True Romance style.

  • Anonymous

    Synder doesn’t really have the seal of approval from Nolan. That kind of decision is always counter balanced between a producer and studio executives. Beyond that mounds of directors were approached and loads of interviews referenced it with them deciding not to take the gig. Snyder was the only remaining option – not to say he’s reviled by Nolan but he certainly wasn’t the first choice.

    By the way, so this doesn’t inaccurately reflect a mass anti snyder sentiment, I’d like to say that I seem to be in the apparent minority of minorities by actually having enjoyed sucker punch – warts and all.

  • Meadow

    I’d totally watch that.

  • Jaygo17

    Robert Rodriguez! Look what he did with Frank Miller’s Sin City. One of the coolest movies ever. And a lot of that movies was just him recreating the epic scenes from the graphic novel.

  • Bill Reed

    Also, every villain’s henchmen are played by the same three guys– Luke, Owen, and Andrew Wilson.

  • Gothamstar

    Duncan Jones would be a good match.

  • Jack

    Darren Aronofsky already tried to do Batman after Batman and Robin. I believe it was based off of Miller’s Year One story. It involved Bruce Wayne being a homeless orphan, who was ‘adopted’ by a mechanic named ‘Big Al’ (AKA Alfred). The Batmobile was, I think, a black, toyota, a cheap one of course. Batman went out in a hockey mask and a baseball bat. Bruce was also psychotic. Like Rorshach. He killed people. Just saying xD

  • Omega Alpha

    “He’s shown that he can mix critical acclaim with box office success with movies like Fight Club”

    Fight Club was neither a box office hit nor a very acclaimed film.

  • Bleh

    Anyone that touched the atrocity known as Sucker Punch should no longer be allowed to make.movies.

  • Mcgints

    As this article I was saying to myself ‘Let me guess: Fincher & Aranofsky’. Not only did the usual suspects appear but they were lumped with Zack Snyder. This is the laziest and most uninspired article I have read in months. Dreadful work.

  • Manuel Moreira

    Hehe. Guillermo del Toro could be my answer to almost every movie. So, yes. I agree.
    Also, I think directors like Alex Proyas or Alfonso Cuarón might be good choices.

  • Brian

    Did you seriously just follow up an article bitching about reboots with an article asking who should reboot Batman?

  • dark knight

    i think it is a  good idea to reboot batman we can have robin mabey later nightwing a new joker and would be a much cooler batman mabey not better then nolans batmans but defo cooler not need for a story of how he became batman

  • Chris_Hunter

    No one needs to reboot Batman. Nolan’s not even done with him, and, after rewatching both BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, Nolan’s work is epic and no one will be able to fill his shoes or top what he has done with the character or mythos. Those movies stand the test of time, ESPECIALLY in comparison to the X-Men films (all of them) and Superman Returns.

  • Christopher Louderback

    No one.  Leave perfection alone.

  • Lead_sharp

    Zack Snyder.
    The question is not how hard you would get slapped, but how hard it would be to stop.

  • Flip Maker

    You should seek out Aronofsky’s Batman script from years ago. It’s horrible. It places Batman in an auto mechanics shop and Catwoman’s a common street wench and on and on and on.  The Batmobile is just like this tricked out car using common items you’d find in a mechanics shop, not some custom car.  If he didn’t write the script, I’d say sure, but if it was anything like his original script that would be bad.

  • Red Robin

    Honestly, I’d rather just let the movie franchise lie dormant for a few years and figure it out later.  I love the Batman movies, but I’m looking forward to seeing some new franchises start up aside from Bats.

  • Randy Watson

    One thing you can always be sure about Christopher Nolan Batman articles, they’re always stroke pieces.

  • Anonymous

    I really do find it shocking that you literally wrote an article like 3 days ago about how terrible all these reboots coming out today are and how they arent necessary and yet here you are now….i dont get what goes on in your head my friend….as for my director of choice….MEL GIBSON!!!!! (i play of course)

  • Hypestyle the Hype Man

    1) Antoine Fuqua
    2) Reggie Hudlin
    3) John Woo

  • Ciaran Statham

    Tell that to the studio now it’s one of the biggest and best selling cult films of all time. Fincher’s star has absolutely risen. Seven, Fight Club, Social Network, and Zodiac? If he pulls of GWTDT, I think he’d be perfect for an interpretation of Batman.

  • CJ3

    I would not want a reboot, I love what Nolan has done with what we have.  I would be happy to leave it where it ends, unless for some reason Nolan wants to come back and write a new trilogy or something that picks up where this one ends.  But a reboot, not interested.

  • Anonymous

    Resurrect Stanley Kubrick. Or Hitchcock.

  • EVH

    Michael Mann

  • TH

    Nolan isn’t leaving the project, he’s just not directing. He is still going to over see production though, like he’s doing for the Superman reboot. 

  • Anonymous

    David Lynch, he’d never do it but it would be spectacular!

    Anyway, I think we should get a break from Batman so the anticipation can build for it once again to where it needs to be.
     I also wouldn’t mind one-shots, or adaptations of specific storylines like The Dark Knight Returns or Arkham Asylum so we can get both great Batman films but not also feel like we keep walking the same ground over and over…

  • Rocket

    we need to wait a good 10 years before the next reboot. After all, isn’t the point of a reboot an attempt to “modernize” a franchise for audiences? If another Batman film were in the works within the next 5 years, it would solely be for the money.

  • Palmer

    Okay, what five directors do YOU think can reboot Batman? Although I do have to admit Zack Snyder made me cringe…and Fincher and Aranofsky do seem a bit obvious. I’d rather go with Matthew Vaughn after watching X-Men First Class or Martin Campbell (although that might change after I eventually see Green Lantern). So, I guess you’re right. This article could’ve been so much better.

  • Guest

    Snyder would be good as long as someone else wrote the script.  But they need to start a new Batman series now, perhaps one not as dark, to tie into a Justice League movie.  I think the tone of the Marvel movies is the way to go. 

  • Mcfuego

    Joel schumacher! if you have to ruin it.. ruin it good!

  • Jacob

    Who says it has to be ruined? Nolan’s not doing a Batman 4 no matter what.

  • Ryan Dunlavey

    Brad Bird.

  • Johnny-z

    David Fincher – oh yeah!

  • Vishal

    Ever since I saw Se7en I felt it was the ultimate batman movie in disguise,substitute Somerset for Bats, and Jason Todd’s Robin for Mills. That was Gotham Citybrought to life!! even now it reminds me of Gotham Central. So if Fincher (and AKW doing the script) is chosen then it would be a dream come true!! Wes Anderson,Micheal Mann and Alex Proyas(who dir my other fav movie along with Se7en;The Crow) are good shouts. But please no Snyder or Rodriquez.God no.

  • jobobo

    i would watch this too

  • Jmcreer

    Let Bruce Timm have a go.  No one knows Batman better than him.

    Love the Nolan films, but it’s time to slightly lighten the tone of the films and go for a more action/ adventure route IMO (Indiana Jones etc)

  • Jon

    david cronenberg?

  • Kevin

    I would watch the shit out of that.

  • Miami Blues

    Clint Eastwood.  Deliberate, meaningful, and violent.

  • Mr Hero_v1

    I don’t really have an opinion on who directs but there’s a lot more Bat-stories to tell and that needs to be done with a new perspective. Get rid of this whole reboot BS, none of that mess just progress in story

  • CHris Kaufman

    I’ll take any of them but the Thumbsucker guy.  Doesn’t Grant Morrison want to direct?

  • Carloshll726

    The Dark Knight had flaws. I’m glad Christopher Nolan is leaving Batman behind after The Dark Knight Rises. It sucks…

  • Esteban Pedreros

    I think I’m glad you are not the Executive Producer

  • Anonymous

    I feel that they shouldnt really reboot, just start where he left off from.
    i think mills or refn might do a better job and the other guys should find there own superheroes to revamp.

  • Averyscratch

    My name is Graeme I’m going to name four acclaimed directors and then throw in Zack Snyder to make sure people will get worked up and leave feedback. Cunt

  • Angela

    At this point, I think it would be better for a new Batman live action TV show than yet another movie franchise. Superman, for example, has had several, and each one had their own unique premise.

  • Batcake

    Aronosky would ruin batman I read his early script for year one involved bruce loosing the family fortune after his parents murder and growing up in a junk yard with “Big Al(african american mechanic as oppose to alfred) and training there as he grows up and makes devices out of old car parts to use as gadgets. Then he gets the family fortune back and hires big al as a butler… that would have been worse than the bat nipples shumacker gave us.

  • Faust

    No, no , no!! Keep Chris Nolan for a double trilogy!!! Why does he have to stop at 3 movies? His movies have been amazing – as is the casting! And with soooooo many great Bat villians to choose from, I’d love to see his take on them! A non comical Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze!! Clayface – any one would be great!! The Riddler!! I could go on!! haha…

  • Edhodo333

    They shouldn’t do a new batman series. I think a movie based on Robin (Dick Greyson) himself would make a good movie and have the Nolans Batman cast be supporting cast and take the back seat.  Directed by Matt Reeves (Let me in).

  • Edhodo333

    They shouldn’t do a new batman series. I think a movie based on Robin (Dick Greyson) himself would make a good movie and have the Nolans Batman cast be supporting cast and take the back seat.  Directed by Matt Reeves (Let me in).

  • demoncat_4

    would love to see Darren take a shot at batman . zack if he does welll with superman could see warner’s making him the go too guy for their others characters like batman. though the joke is that zack is suppose to direct the film version of the dark knight returns .

  • Caen5874

    NOLAN IS NOT LEAVING THE BAT-FRANCHISE! He’s producing future movies after “Rises”… OMG get over this whole Nolan leaving thing!

  • Jeff Frost


    Also, use of punctuation would assist others in understanding what you are attempting to convey. Thanks, dark knight.

  • Aeonstrife

    Nobody should. Nolan did it right so leave it be. Nolan as far as I know is not producing a Batman reboot. He is producing a Justice League film with a new Batman.

  • The_mbembet

    Nolan is the best and nobody could do better than him

  • Lex Clayman

    Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and Gerard Way should collaborate and make the next series. Morrison Writes, and Johns (donner’s old assistant, remember this) and Gerard Way co-direct. It kills me to say that Way has chops, but I think this would be an awesome movie. Especially if it let Morrison finish Batman Inc properly.

  • Hub

    No you are the one who deserves an EPIC FACEPALM for using that phrase.

    I agree with the general sentiment of your comment though.

  • Hub

    I think… I think maybe you just described my dream movie?

  • Hub

    Sure I’d love Guillermo Del Toro to make a Batman movie. 

    But then when would he make Hellboy 3, mountains of madness, the pilot for the hulk tv series, a video game and all those other projects Del Toro has on his plate?

  • Raymon Ryu Ronquillo

    This list is a bit lame. Well 60% lame being that only Aronofsky and Fincher would be good for Batman. Who would be great for Batman? Timur Bekmambetov or David Slade, that’s who.

  • Faust

    I didn’t know they were making a Hellboy 3!  I loved the first two! Guillermo Del Toro is Amazing!! And a Hulk pilot from him is a MUST SEE!!! ;)

  • Faust

    Nolan on a Justice League movie?!?!?!? That would be AWESOME!!!

    I would say let it be the big Seven, but I know he could make anything work!

  • Batbat

    Snyder? Please no…

  • Mr Hero_v1

    I was going thru ready everybodys posts and saw 2 suggestions that could possibly make good and interesting moives, Bruce Timm and Guillermo Del Toro. Timm knows how to keep it balanced, have it dark but a bit lighter. I just don’t know if he would be up for taking over a project that size. With Del Toro we would possibly get some of the best versions of villians like Man-Bat, Killer Croc, Clayface, etc. We have our origin story thanks to the great work of Nolan, after “Rises” it should be someone elses chance to tell another great set of Bat-stories in a different way than Nolan. Just keep them from making another like Batman & Robin or Batman Forever. DON’T REBOOT THE FRANCHISE. I have grown to hate that word

  • Cforshaw672200

    The ‘Mountains of Madness’ script is awful… all the villains live on top of salt water, and can be killed with salt, and there are even worse things than that. 

  • Cforshaw672200

    Hmm… Five CREATORS I would love to see put in charge of the next Batman franchise?

    David Simon, co-creator of ‘The Wire’, because his Batman would actually be challenged by the urban decay of the world that surrounds him, and confronted by the harsh realities of a city like Gotham.

    Clint Eastwood, because he would create a world-weary Batman who would be increasingly weighed down by the never-ending fight against crime, and would likely re-examine the reasons he feels the need to keep fighting.

    Terry Gilliam, because it would look and feel like no Batman movie ever, and can you imagine Batman trapped inside Gilliam’s version of a Joker-over-run Gotham?

    Michael Mann, because people have responded brilliantly to the realism of the Nolan movies, so why not go from probably the best American crime-movie director of the last two decades?

    Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, because everyone can go on about the genius of Nolan’s movies, or claim that Burton’s movies were amazing (they weren’t), but the greatest interpretation of Batman in any media is still, for me, the animated series. Why not give these guys a shot at the movies? Especially as they have managed to successfully integrate Batman into the JLA, which is where we all expect the next Bat-franchise to be heading.

  • Cforshaw672200

    No-one needs to reboot Batman? Well, I’m sure the people who make a living off-of this cash cow – not just the studios, but the regular people who take smaller jobs on this type of film – would disagree with that. I agree that there is no artistic reason, but there is a economic reason with the Batman franchise being a guarantee of a huge opening weekend. That is why there will be another Batman movie, and that is why asking who should direct it is a valid reason.

    Oh, and ‘Superman Returns’ wasn’t half as big a waste of time as the incessant moaning of a bunch of whiny trolls who have got their own way, given that their precious Christopher Nolan is helping make a new Superman movie, so please, just drop it. If anything, Nolan needs to hit ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ out of the park to restore the faith I lost in him after watching the nonesensical train-wreck that was ‘Inception’…

    How on Earth can every critic call the film a work of genius when the first half of the film takes forever to set up a bunch of rigid, belaboured rules about what you can and cant do in dreams, before just turning round and going, “Yeh, forget about the first hour. Turns out we were wrong.” Why spend so long saying it, then? Pure lame. Plus, reusing character names from ‘Following’? Why? I enjoyed ‘Following’ ten times more because it just got to the point.

  • Numberthirty

    Unless you could get David Lynch or David Cronenberg to film Arkham Asylum, just leave well enough alone.

  • Faust

    what did you think of the first 2?

  • Trajce


  • Trajce

    Snyder would be perfect. He would ramp up the intensity to 11. A much clearer shooter of action than Nolan

  • AJ Harper

    Michael Mann’ (Heat, Collateral) dark gritty style would be a perfect match for batman reboot

  • AJ Harper

    Michael Mann’s (Heat, Collateral) dark and gritty style would be perfect for a reboot

  • fabio blanco

    Lexi Alexander, the director of the BEST Punishera adaptation ever.

  • Jack R

    All of your choices, with the possible exception of Refn (who? indeed) are  heavily stylized or psychological. 

    Better choices may perhaps be: Contemporary (although I admit very stylized you can’t beat his energy on film):  Greengrass.  Nostalgic yet fresh…and not all that far off from Nolan? Abrams.  A reboot true to character with the perfect mix of grit, adventure, flair, and plausible tech; plus chilling, complicated villains?   You don’t have to look further than Casino Royale: Martin Campbell.  And if he nails GL, I think it’s his if he wants it.

  • megaTRONlegacy

    Michael Bay. I love what he did with Transformers 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Hub

    They’re not making Hellboy 3, that’s the point. 

    The Hulk pilot has a Hulk designed by him and might be directed by him if he has time, but I very much doubt he has time. What I was trying to say, was that Del Toro has been announced for all kinds of amazing projects, and it just seems like they never get done because the next thing you know, he’s switched again. 

    It’s not that I’m not looking forward to Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, but Del Toro’s The Hobbit would have been incredible. I love Del Toro and I always get a bit dreamy when they announce new stuff by him, because it always sets my imagination running at what he can do with those properties, but in the end I just have to think “Will this really happen?”

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to say it, Edgar Wright.  Yes, he’s known for comedy, but his scripts are tight when it comes to story and look at the action scenes in Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim, the man knows how to film fights.

    With the right script, Wright could show everyone that he can do more than comedy and break into the American audience that has been foolishly ignoring his work

  • Shoked909

    How about no one, at least for a while.

  • Mrhhppp

    the guy doing the mortal kombat webseries should do it. he’s mixed reality with fantasy pretty godo for MK, Im sure he can do it just as good for batman

  • Benjamin Andrew Moore

    It still wasn’t a critically-acclaimed box office success.

  • Anonymous

    Excelent! Except for the Murray as Joker part. I would cast Jim Carrey, Paul Bettany or even Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • David LeVack

    I don’t get the impression from everything I’ve read that SNYDER actually gets a “seal of approval.”  “And while Zack Snyder was announced & confirmed to director last Monday, Vulture includes the following eyebrow-raising info; “We’re told by knowledgeable insiders the reason Warner Bros. picked Snyder for Man of Steel is that the script by David Goyer was rushed, is still a bit of a mess, and that Warner Bros. needs someone who won’t spend months or even years trying to get it just right (i.e. Aronofsky), because time is the one thing they don’t have.”

  • Anonymous

    Batman doesn’t need a reboot. It needs a continuation. I could definitely see David Fincher taking over, though.

  • Xenos

    Like Wes Anderson’s Spider-man?
    Or the indie God of War film?

  • Zen Strive

    Zack Snyder with script from Grant Morrison. At least it would look beautiful and smart while making millions baffled but curious.

  • Rouder

    they need to make it as different as is Nolan’s Batman different to Burton’s Bat.

  • Brukent

    Wow, Bill…a Batman gayfest. Just what this franchise doesn’t need, pandering to the militant homosexual section of society just like every other genre seems to be doing these days.

    I’d ban this film and maybe even threaten the creators with disfigurement if not outright death.

  • V F D Branch13

    You know, if any of these guys did Batman, it’d actually be pretty sick. Christopher Nolan owns it, though.

  • Christopher Butson

    I’d say Snyder or Fincher, but either way I’d like to see them work with the Superman film(s?) that Snyder is doing (possibly giving us a Superman/Batman movie).

  • Faust

    Thanks for getting my hopes up….. then deflating them! :(

  • Batbat

    Snyder, no!!

  • maths


  • John Pannozzi

    Am I the only who would be in heaven if Paul Dini wrote the script to the next Bat-film?

  • Bunx05

    I think Fuqua could do a good job. Hudlin, no. Undecided on John Woo (even though I love him).

  • Cornbreadflavor

    The Dark Knight Returns should be the basis of the next batman made. I like Bale, but Bruce Willis would make the perfect 50+yr old batman. That moment between Bruce and Clark in the forth book (third act) would be a thing of beauty. Oh,David Gordon Green would be a good choice.

  • Hub

    No, man, it has to be Bill Murray as Joker or it wouldn’t be a Wes Anderson film.

    And come on, “a joker who’s forgotten how to laugh”, who else could this be but Bill Murray? It’s perfect.

  • unsean

    I would like to someone like Antoine Fuqua take on the Dark Knight, because he’s proven that he can handle action as well as character-driven pieces.  There’s also his impressive resume: Training Day, Tears of the Sun, The Replacement Killers, King Arthur (maybe not so much for that one), Brooklyn’s Finest, as well as others that aren’t coming to mind at the moment.

    He’s talented, he gets action–without pandering or wink, wink, nudge, nudging–and he doesn’t need to have his films cut as if his speed or Ritalin was about to run out.

    Though most importantly, he’s a proven quantity.

    There is also Albert Hughes, one half of the Hughes Brothers, who having amicably left Akira, may have some time on his hands.

  • Future Director

    J.J. Abrams needs to direct and Steven Spielberg needs to produce. With that being said, This ‘film’ should take one of two directions. It could be 3d animated, looking like the Polar Express, and having Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill do their respective voices. Or, they should pick totally new actors to play any rolls in the movie…