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It’s Official: Matt Smith Returning For Another Season Of Doctor Who

Matt Smith return for another 13-episode season of Doctor Who, plus the Christmas special, the BBC confirmed this morning. Whether co-stars Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill — companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams — will be with him remains to be seen.

The news was delivered on Twitter by Sam Hodges, head of communications for BBC1, and quickly followed by messages from head writer Steven Moffat, who wrote, “14 eps + Matt DEFINITELY. I’ve got a plan and I’m NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS. Now hush or River shoots you with her Spoiler Gun. […] So many QUESTIONS!! You’ve all had too many spoilers as it is. Now settle down and PLEASE let me get some work done.”

While it’s still early, the silence surrounding Gillan and Darvill lends weight to recent suggestions by the two actors that this season will be their last. TV Overmind notes that, since the return of Doctor Who in 2005, two seasons has been the longest amount of time for any companion.

Of course, it’s not time to bid farewell to Amy and Rory just yet: The midseason finale, “A Good Man Goes to War,” was broadcast last weekend in the U.K., and airs this Saturday in the United Sates on BBC America.


  • Alejandro.

    Personally, i’d love that Matt Smith can stay for..EVER along Amy And Rory.

  • Mark Walley

    I increasingly worry that Rory’s going to buy it before the series finishes. And by buy it, I mean die properly this time, not like all the other times he’s died so far.

  • Jacob

    I dno about forever, but at least as long as Tennant. No one has come close to Baker’s reign though, it would be nice to see someone attempt to surpass it.

  • Dawnell_do

    Good to know Matt Smith isn’t going anytime soon. Hopefully he’ll stay as long David Tennant did.

  • Faust

    Great News!!!! Moffat and Smith are so good! Please that they are both staying. These past 2 seasons (or 1 and a half) have flew by! To tell you the truth, I really don’t mind if we get new companions. Amy has been great – and Rory has really excelled this season! But its always nice to meet someone new.

  • G.

    I really hate Dr Who. A lot.

  • G.

    Why do all my comments keep getting deleted? Me not liking Dr Who is a valid point to be made.

  • Kevin Melrose

     I’m not sure that “I really hate Dr. Who” qualifies as making a point. That said, I only deleted your first comment on the subject, which was just an F-bomb drive-by.

  • G.

    You’re an f bomb drive by.

  • Alukydaddy

    Being here in the states I know I am a bit behind and that the Doctor Who series doesnt really have the kind of following as over the pond, But I love the Doctor. My 10 year old son has also really gotten into the show. Though we will always argue over who the best Doctor is (I started with Baker) as his favorite is Tennet and mine is Eccleston! I love the progressions of the stories and he and I both love the long format of season long stories. The show has been great since its rebirth so I will continue to have faith until they show me I shouldnt. And I love that these articles appear on my favorite comic book website or I never would have found it…Thank CBR!

  • Jacob

    Lol. That was such an awful comeback.

  • Jacob

    American’s are only one episode behind. ;)

  • Dpcoltx


    Milk came out of my nose!  That’s a first!

  • Anonymous

    They really do need to find an actor who will commit to at least 5 seasons. Of course they are going to find a work around to the whole 13 regenerations thing, but as of now the Doctor only has two regenerations left, and the last one is the Valeyard.

  • Ana Maria Martau

    A i love this very very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.