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Sneak Peek At Batman: Year One

A behind-the-scenes feature on the just-released Green Lantern: Emerald Knights has already made its way online, providing a first look at the next direct-to-video project from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series, Batman: Year One.

Warner Bros. Animation released a pair of stills from the adaptation in April, but this video delves into how the directors, producers and actors brought Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s well-regarded 1987 story to life. Of particular interest is how co-directors Sam Liu and Lauren Montgomery tried to remain as faithful as possible to Mazzucchelli’s art, in some instances even using the actual comic-book panels.

One tripping point for fans may be the casting of The O.C. star Ben McKenzie as the voice of Bruce Wayne. Granted, Kevin Conroy has become so closely associated with the role over the past decade that any other actor takes some getting used to, but McKenzie … well, see for yourselves. The cast also includes Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as James Gordon, Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as Selina Kyle, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) as Sarah Essen, and Alex Rocco (The Godfather) as Carmine Falcone.

Batman: Year One is set for release in September.


  • Nataniel Costard

    Is the guy doing Batman`s voice in this featurette the same that will appear in the final film? It sounds like Adam West trying to be funny….

  • Ryan

    This makes me excited for this movie. I think the best of Bruce Timm’s stuff is his Batman stuff.

  • demoncat_4

    been waiting for dc to do an animated version of this story. for a while. . and can see why they went with ben for batman’s voice for batman is just starting out as gothams protector . young and wet behind the ears. though ben sounds like he is trying to do bale as batman. can not wait for this to be released.

  • Coryjameson

    Going “low-tech” with Batman, as was indicated in this featurette, is stupid. At least Grant Morrison was bringing Batman into the modern age with his run on the various Batman series. But now that the A-holes That Be at DC have essentially fired him from Batman (I bet Batman: Leviathan is never published, despite protestations to the contrary), they’ve decided to make Batman an anachronism once again.

    DC is committing suicide and it’s really sad

  • Brianobx

    @Coryjameson, no actually it makes sense for the story. Have you ever read BATMAN: YEAR ONE?

  • Greg

    Have you ever actually read Batman Year One?

  • Drhiphop85

    I don’t think he has…because none of what he said makes any sense LOL..

    FYI: Morrison is still writing at DC, his title drops 2012…But yeah continue to complain

  • Janus31

    Ben McKenzie sounds pretty bad but since James Gordon is the real
    star I guess it doesn’t matter.

    You know, Bryan Cranston would make a great James Gordon in a
    live action Batman film.

  • Dawnell_do

    He sounds a little like Christian Bale did Dark Knight.

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited. It looks really good. I love Year One (except for that Catwoman portion, typical Frank Miller misogyny). Bryan Cranston is perfect for this role and I think Ben McKenzie’s voice works really well for this Batman. And Eliza Dushku is really a no-brainer. Will probably buy right away.

  • Anonymous

    I think getting a younger actor to do a younger Bruce’s voices rather than Kevin Conroy’s is a good move probably because his voice isnt suited for a younger bruce’s.

  • Jacob

    You’re not really following the news, are you? Leviathan starts next year. 2012. So does Batman, Inc. volume 2.

  • Jacob

    An older Gordon, definitely. He should definitely audition for the role. It would be epic casting.

  • Cemil Karakullukcu

    Oh snap! The video’s gone!! 

  • iskios

    Love how the purpose of these features is to publicize and essentially advertise their films, but they have them taken down from the internet. Dummies!

  • Jacob

    Considering the terrible quality of the video, I highly doubt they intended for it to get released.

  • mrgroonk

    I would have been more upset about McKenzie being Batman if I had not seen SOUTHLAND. That guy has some awesome darkness in him.

  • BreathOair

    I agree, I get so frustrated with these “official” releases…

  • Jmcreer

    I admire how consistently you come up with stupid, ill-thought out comments.  Congratulations.  It’s always nice to have someone to count on.

  • SlightlyMad

    “This video contains content from Warner Bros Entertainment, who has blocked it on copyright grounds”

    Is this one of those unavailable outside of the U.S. things (I’m in the U.K.)? 

  • viewsonic999

    Nope – getting it in US as well.

  • viewsonic999

    Meant to say that I get the same message and cannot view the vid…

  • Anonymous

    No more video. Time Warner found you guys.

  • Anonymous

    This looks fantastic. They nailed the tone of the book!

    Not to mention Cranston as Gordon is inspired!

  • Josh Parra

    I applaud you Time Warner for ensuring that no one sees your promotional materials. Good job making sure that excitement for this stays at a minimum.

  • Rob

    HA.  Amen, Josh.

  • Cjorg2

    Cory Jameson doesn’t read any DC comics whatsoever.  All his time is spent clogging up posts with his bring and juvenile anti-DC crap.  He needs to stay under his bridge and stop boring everyone.

  • SlightlyMad