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Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About “A Good Man Goes To War”

The secret is out – Well, one of them, anyway. But the revelation of who River Song is just opened up a whole new can of worms. Is it really any wonder that we’ve got 5 questions about last night’s Doctor Who?

Am I The Only One Who Felt A Little Deja Vu Here?
I know why we got the whole “getting the gang back together” opening, but it really reminded me of the opening to “The Pandorica Opens,” and not necessarily in a good way (At least we’d met those character before; the various characters the Doctor gathered for his so-called army this time around were, for the most part, brand new, making their introductory scenes curiously weightless). For an episode that had so much to give – and, to be fair, really came through in the second half – the first twenty minutes or so of “A Good Man Goes To War” felt like filler, especially with the odd comedy packed in (Not that it wasn’t funny, but all the same – the Sontaran nurse who cures humans while pleasantly promising to kill them in battle later? The “tall one and the fat one” who don’t need names because they’re gay Anglicans? The spectacular “What do I see in you?” visual joke?). I really enjoyed this episode – even moreso the second time around – but was it only me that thought it was really uneven in terms of pacing and tone?

Who Are All These New Characters?
Talking of the new characters in the Doctor’s army: Lorna Bucket? Madame Vastra, the Silurian Sherlock Holmes (which may or may not be an Easter Egg shout out to Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s other series, the wonderful Sherlock) and her companion/girlfriend Jenny? I wonder whether these are throwaway characters meant to evoke numerous unseen adventures that the Doctor has been having without us watching – a running theme this season, think of the opening to “The Impossible Astronaut” – or some sneak peeks at stories yet to come, the same way that River Song went from throwaway character in “Silence In The Library” way back in season 4 to the character at the center of this season in more ways than one. If it’s the former, then I hope the powers that be change their mind, because I would happily watch a Victorian-era detective show featuring Vastra and Jenny.

Who Are The Army At Demons Run?
We’ve seen this Anglican Army of Clerics before, in last year’s “The Time of Angels”/”Flesh and Stone” two-parter – River was working with them at that point, interestingly enough – and they didn’t seem to think that the Doctor was a threat back then. Does that mean that he somehow wins them over to his side when he rescues River – assuming that “The Time of Angels” happens later in their timeline due to River being an adult – or perhaps those episodes happened before this current storyline? In either case, why do the Clerics think that the Doctor is such a threat? And is it connected with the explosion of the Tardis as seen in last season’s finale, which convinced the Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen and numerous other alien races that the Doctor was the greatest threat in the galaxy?

How Do The Silence Fit Into All Of This?
We know that the Silence tie into this story somehow – an older Melody will end up inside their astronaut suit in 1960s America, after all – but how? Are the Clerics convinced that the Doctor must be stopped because the Silence have programmed them to think that way and made them forget? And if so, does that mean that River really is just a Manchurian Candidate for the Silence, and the person inside the astronaut suit that killed someone who may or may not be the Doctor (or may, in fact, be a ganger duplicate)?

What Is So Special About Amy?
She’s not only the girl with a crack in time and space in her bedroom wall, she’s also the woman who remembered the Doctor back into existence in a rebooted universe and the mother of the first of an apparently reborn line of Time Lords. Amy Pond, it seems, is either extremely lucky when it comes to her sense of being in the right place at the right time, or there’s even more to her than meets the eye. Somehow, I doubt all of these things are just coincidence…

Extra Sixth Question, Because It’s The Mid-Season Break Already:
How Can I Wait Until September For The Next Episode?
Seriously. Just knowing that it’s called “Let’s Kill Hitler” makes the wait seem even more cruel.


  • Mr. Q

    *minor spoilers*

    At the end of the show, River blames the Doctor for these forces using Amy’s child as a weapon because he’s made himself such a threatening presence rather than what his name implies. But isn’t it the fault of those who cause harm to all life (Daleks, Cybermen, etc) that incur the Doctor to act against them? He offers them a chance to stop but his enemies, much like the dumb kid poking the bee’s nest with a stick, continue to push their luck and end up losing no matter what they do.

    They may blame the Doctor for being the man the universe fears, but its because of them that the Doctor does what he must… because no one else can.

    That’s how I see it.

    And, yes, the wait alone after finding out the next episode is called “Let’s Kill Hitler” is extremely cruel. =(

    Mr. Q

  • Tomfitz1

    I agree with the sixth question.  What is it with all these mid-season breaks?  For a 22-episode season, sure; but a 13-episode season, no way.

    The fifth series, did all 13 episodes with just a week off here and there without any mid-season breaks.

  • Dobber

    Lets talk about the insane rip off prices of the DVD’s for this series.

  • Lion_okitkat

    I totally agree, and it left me slightly confused considering the fact the Doctor has saved the entire universe from destruction countless times in addition to preventing multiply genocides (especially concerning the human race). He’s not perfect, but he’s damn close! LOL

    I’m curious about Amy’s baby. Could it be a Time Lord because of Amy’s prolonged exposure to the crack in time. I thought I heard the Doctor say in this episode that Time Lords came to evolve they way they did because of their long exposure to the time stream.

  • Shawn

    Didn’t u pay attention? Amy and Rory had sex while in the TARDIS and since the baby was conceived in the TARDIS with exposure to the Time Vortex, she became part Time Lord!

    And River has a right to be angry at the Doctor for being the biggest threat to everyone because it is because of the Doctor’s fame and threat that she was even kidnapped as a child in the first place. Can’t wait to see what happens next and how Hitler even ties into this.

  • Davenport

    I think it’s mainly down to the BBC having a popular show to go up against the September comebacks of various “talent contest” shows.

  • Onebookmark

    I agree about the new characters. I understand why he didn’t but the Doctor really should have been picking up Jack, & proably Mickey & Martha. I hope they end these inferences that the Doctor is Melody’s father. Do the Doctor & River get married & have little time lords?

  • Justin Beach

    A couple of things I’m wondering:

    1) The next episode is callled “Let’s Kill Hitler” – if the Doctor, now obsessed with his own power, starts changing history and doesn’t like the results maybe it is the Doctor himself who raises the army to stop himself. (Goes back in time, changes history, it doesn’t turn out well so he goes further back in time and lays traps for himself to prevent it.)

    2) Do we really know who River Song is? When Rory (River’s “father”) got deleted from history, as if he’d never been born, last season River was still around. Everything we know about River at this point is based on what River has told us – we haven’t actually seen any ‘time lord’ type abilities from her yet. 

  • Fury1978

    Jack was supposed to be in it, but the scheduling didn’t work out because JB was in America doing Torchwood: Miracle Day.

  • Who Fan

    *more spoilers*

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}
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    I’m afraid there are several key plot points, not only from this season, that you have not properly followed.

    re: Amy, The Crack in Time, and Rebooting the Universe

    First point to remember: the crack in time IS the expoding TARDIS.
    Second point to remember: the light from the original, pre-explosion universe is trapped in the Pandorica. We see it restore the Dalek in the museum. Later, it is used to reboot the universe by spilling the light out on every point in time and space at once.
    Third point: Amy was in the Pandorica, surrounced by this stuff that is later used to reboot the universe, for thousands of years.

    This is why Amy is important and also why the explosion (aka the cracks in time) seem to surround her: she is the eye in that hurricane, the primary sentient point that is not touched by the explosion because she is protected by the Pandorica.

    re: The Reboot

    Now, when the universe is rebooted, it is restored to a state as though the TARDIS had never exploded: no cracks in time, no one erased from time, no races aware of the explosion. For instance, Amy’s parents had been erased by the cracks long ago but they are restored as though they had never been erased. It also means that Prisoner Zero never escaped (we will probably loop back to that, no doubt, just to freak everyone out).

    re: The Exploding TARDIS

    First point to remember: We still don’t know who blew up the TARDIS.
    Second point to remember: They never did blow up the TARDIS in the current timeline.
    Third point to remember: Whoever made the ganger Amy also knew how to get a control signal into the TARDIS no matter where in time and space it moved. Seems like a good candidate for whoever jammed the controls and caused the explosion, no?
    Fourth point: The Doctor was not inside the TARDIS when it was hijacked and destroyed – River was. The Doctor was meant to be safely inside the Pandorica. Perhaps, the person who blew up the TARDIS was always, and still is, after River and NOT the Doctor.

    re: Melody Pond
    Her timeline is interesting. 
    We suspect she was conceived on the first night on the TARDIS after the reboot of the universe.
    Amy is kidnapped in England while the Doctor is away (not clear why he dropped Amy and Rory off – because she was pregnant and he knew it, most probably).
    By America (ie the start of this series), we are dealing with the ganger Amy.
    River can’t be at Demon’s Run because she already is (as a child) and, unlike the Doctor, she has a healthy respect for that damaging aspects of paradox. We know that from her conversations with Amy and Rory about revealing the Doctor’s death and her obsession with “Spoilers!”

    re: Space Suit Girl
    Assuming Melody was in the space suit, it seemed to be designed to either keep some aspect of her isolated OR to capture some aspect of her (her time aura?). It is meant to be a mobile prison.
    When Melody escapes the space suit, she falls ill and dies, triggering a regeneration. Why did she get sick enough to die?
    What if the space suit girl is NOT Melody? What if she is the Doctor’s clone/daughter? The Doctor seems to be becoming younger with each regeneration. If she did the same, she would soon be a child.

  • Who Fan

    Amy was still around even though her parents had been deleted, as well.

    The deletion caused by the cracks seemed to just remove chunks of time without removing their consequences.

  • Addy

    It’d be great if there was a science fiction show on UK television to go with all this fantasy crap.

  • Amazing_tales

    Don’t forget, David Tenant was spotted in the shooting of the next half of the seaon. Do a search on youtube for “doctor who season 6 spoilers”.
    There is talk of the human doctor, rose and jack appearing.

  • Lion_okitkat

    This helps, I missed most of the Pandorica two parter and a few bits of A Good Man goes to War (my brother wanted to play on his X-Box). Its all so complicated, timey wimey, and glorious! I love it! 

  • Wants Jack Back!

    Check out Imdb. It has David Tennant AND Peter Davison listed in the cast for this season’s finale. SQUEE!!

  • Mr. Q

     Oooooh! So that’s how human/time lord babies come from. ;P

    True, River has a right to be mad but, for the most part, she seems to have turned out to be a friend of the Doctor… But I might be proven wrong about that later in the season.

    Mr. Q

  • Mr. Q

    O_O Ok, just reading that blew my mind. You certainly brought up some excellent points (and got a headache just trying to comprehend the time travel paradoxes caused by the cracks and the reboot).

    Mr. Q

  • Stephen

    ANYONE can change imdb – it’s fake

  • RichNCrispy

    HOLY CRAP! I just an awesome realization. So, River as a kid was the girl inside the astronaut suit than she was the one who shot the Doctor at the beginning of the season! That must be why she is in jail! For killing the Doctor!! My brain just exploded!

  • Roddy McCorley

    Am I the only one who thinks Creepy Eye-Patch Woman looks like River Song?

  • Simon Southey-Davis

    When the Silents turned out to have a copy of the Time Engine from The Lodger, I figured the whole business with the child was an attempt to obtain (or ‘grow’) a Time Lord to be a suitable pilot. I’m sticking with this theory in light of the revelations about Melody’s pseudo-Time-Lord DNA, though the whole question of WHY is still very much up in the air. 

    I have no clue yet how Kovarian&Co and the Silents tie together or why the former consider themselves at war with the Doctor, though it would seem a reasonable guess that Melody and the Time Engine are linked to both their ability to control a ganger across time & space and to the sabotage of the Tardis. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the Silents themselves turned out to be a huge fake-out and not the season’s Big Bad at all.

  • Buhe

    Simply put, The Doctor, alone, managed to do things that a whole army failed to do, including making the Daleks feel fear, and some would wonder what would happen if such a being became evil since even the Doctor isn’t perfect.

    Also, this army is religious and probably doesn’t agree with evolution and the Doctor seems to indicate that being a time lord was a mutation for his people and that River might be a sign that the human race might go through that same mutation which might be against their beliefs, or for some since it was shown that some of them respect the Doctor in past episodes.

    They may feel that River is possible evidence that the Doctor is trying to change their race to become like him, even though he had nothing to do with River’s conception, and there’s the fact that Amy grew up in a house that had that crack that came from the Tardis which may have had time radiation coming out of it which was probably part of it since the Doctor couldn’t really figure out how a human time lord could be whipped up.

    Conception inside the Tardis may have just completed the process.

  • toddtr

    River seemed very surprised by the Doctor’s death in the Impossible Astronaut, just as much as Amy and Rory. She didn’t seem to recognize the Silence or the astronaut suit the little girl was in. Of course she could have been lying or acting in order to preserve the timeline. I just don’t know if she was the girl in the suit.

    When Rory came to recruit River in this episode, it seemed like it was the first time she was seeing her in a long time (and depending on where she was in her own personal timeline that could be true), but she didn’t seem to recognize him at all in the Pandorica Opens.

  • Who Fan

    *more spoilers*

    Okay, a couple more things that intrigue me.The only folks we are aware of regularly time traveling are:Gallifreyan time lords (The Doctor, The Master, and the bubble-universe-trapped remnants of Gallifrey)Captain Jack – who is somewhat human but mysteriously nearly immortal (he does die, finally, saving the Doctor as the Face of Bo)
    River Song – who we now believe is a human time lord

    Interestingly enough, Captain Jack and River travel using the SAME time travel device. River buys Jack’s vortex manipulator after it has been cut off of him (no doubt part of the process whereby, over time, he loses all of his body except his face – all without being able to die – ick). Its really not clear that the so-called Time Agency EVER had more than one time travel device, by the way, and Jack may well have stolen it when he left them. (Finding out who makes that device and why and how they come to lose it would make for an interesting story arc. My money is on River making it at this point.)

    So we are only aware of four working time travel devices loose anywhere in the current timeline – the Doctor’s TARDIS, the Master’s TARDIS, Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator, and the hacked up TARDIS from House’s bubble universe.

    All of the other TARDISes are un-created as part of the time war between Gallifrey and the Daleks.

  • the Dagman

    There are a lot of pieces of this puzzle you have not pieced together as yet. But I have put those pieces of the puzzle back together. I have figured out who the villain behind everything from this season and the last is. His name was on full display in this episode in fact. The banner and the Clerics showed it. He is Omega.

    Omega, the Gallifreyan who first theorized about collapsing their star and harnessing it into the Untempered Schism. Who was laughed at and ridiculed and branded with that name by his instructor, it being the lowest grade of the class. Who was proven right when he banded together with Rassillon and someone known only as “The Other” to do it and in doing so ushered their race into being the Time Lords in the first place. And in so doing, he and his TARDIS he made were banished into an anti-matter universe he had created while everyone believed he was destroyed. His body was eventually destroyed, but he has kept himself alive by sheer will and his exo-skeletal helmet and gauntlets there, but trapped. He first tried to seek out revenge in the story “The Three Doctors” by trying to destroy the universe but was stopped by the first 3 Doctors combined. He later tried to regain a Time Lord body for himself in “Arc of Infinity”, only to be thwarted by the fifth Doctor (Peter Davison). And was believed to be destroyed then, yet again.

    Seeing a pattern yet?

    The universe WAS destroyed last season. Autonomous flesh gangers are made real by a ride in the TARDIS. And someone sure has a hate on for the Doctor. Who better to hijack a TARDIS than someone who first made them? Who else could project Amy’s consciousness throughout all time and space and outside as well (The Doctor’s Wife)? And I can see a disembodied presence decrying the Doctor for all the universe’s ills raising up an army of “Clerics” too.

    Oh, and the “Impossible Astronaut” that killed the older Doctor in the episode of the same name? It wasn’t the girl, she was there already as River. Actually, it could only have been the Doctor himself. That is why it was impossible. He shot his reconstituted autonomous ganger that he said could come back. The Doctor likely went back to get him at the end of this episode. And taking rides on the TARDIS makes autonomous gangers “real” remember? Which explains how he could have begun regenerating before he was shot a second time. He was made real. And it was the Doctor’s ganger who we saw under the woman’s dress and dancing with Laurel and Hardy. The Doctor knew he was going to have to die, so he let him go have some fun for a couple of hundred years first. And it also makes a great decoy to hide what the real Doctor is up to next. Amy noted it was like he was trying to draw attention to himself remember.

    Also, back in Arc of Infinity, Omega was trying to take over the Doctor’s body. He was stopped, but not before he stole the Doctor’s biodata from the Time Lords. He used that to make himself a temporary physical form that looked just like the fifth Doctor before he was believed to have been destroyed a second time. So, when he makes himself an autonomous ganger to inhabit later this season he likely uses that biodata to do it. And then takes a ride in his own TARDIS to make it a real Time Lord body…     that looks just like Peter Davison.

    Peter Davison is going to be playing Omega later this season.

    So that is the guts of what I have put together so far. Well, except that River Song could very well be “The Other”, but that is just an unsubstantiated hunch at the moment. I hope I did not make anyone’s head explode.

  • Jacob

    “River Song went from throwaway character in ‘Silence In The Library'”

    River was never a throwaway character. Moffat always had big plans for her.

  • Jacob

    We saw her start to regenerate.

  • Jacob

    The point of the split was for the fans. So that we don’t have to wait nine months for new Doctor Who.

  • Jacob


  • Jacob

    All of the rumors surrounding that have come from IMDB. Disregard all rumors if they don’t come from a news source or an interview.

  • Anonymous

    they did the one thing i didnt want them to do.
    pulling that twilight “cant screw the mom, gotta screw the daughter”

  • the Dagman

    Ganger tech + Library computer hard drive + a ride in the TARDIS = a new body for River Song

  • Who Fan

    Sweet! A great way to explain why Davison looks so much older than when he regenerated, too. Maybe they will get Eccleston back, as well, so there are three Doctors fighting Omega, again.

    One tiny, not very important quibble: Omega did not create the first TARDIS. We suspect the Doctor did that given that Susan named it. Prior to the invention of the TARDIS, the Gallifreyans travelled in heavily militarized time ships.

  • SageShinigami

    It’s not “if he became evil”.  It’s, “We have no idea who this guy is that repeatedly shuts down these awful, terrifying, “unstoppable” armies.”   The Doctor has been trading on the fact that he is a fearsome warrior, and now it’s come back to haunt him. 

    And River isn’t their evidence that Doctor is trying to change their race.  River is the attempt to fight back against this mighty, unbelievably powerful warrior that seemingly cannot be stopped.   They created a Time Lord (with more than a little help from the fact that Amy is not normal) so they could fight fire with fire.

  • SageShinigami

    She reads Gallifreyan.  Reads and writes in it.   Even people who live in the TARDIS with him can’t do that. 

  • ATK

    Interestingly enough though Amazon has Season 6 part 1 on blu ray for $18. Surprisingly the most reasonable release to date. But yes, I agree with you the Season sets are way too pricey.

  • ATK

    They are planning something hugh for the 50th Aniversary so while things on IMDB can be changed by anyone, their may be some truth to these rumors. I only hope Eccelstons statement about having nothing to do with the Anniversary is a ploy, simply because their was so much bad/incorrect press around his leaving the show I hope he is throwing a curve and will appear in the aniversary episode.

  • ATK

    And here I was all focused on how she stole Odin’s Eye Patch.

  • Lalo Martins

    Or maybe River Song looks like Madame Creepy Eye-Patch. That could have all sorts of explanations… simplest one is River “took” her appearance last time she regenerated, much like Romana took Princess Astra’s.

  • Lalo Martins

    not quite true. The Daleks had time machines. And John, from Torchwood S02E01, was also a Time Agent and somehow winded up in the 21st century. And Jack’s brother.

  • Lalo Martins

    in the novels, it’s intended that The Other is really The Doctor. Of course, that’s not canon, so just mentioning it for the sake of additional mind-blowage.

  • Jacob

    The Doctor stole his TARDIS. At best, Susan created the current name for them.

  • Jacob

    We don’t know that the one River bought was Jack’s. Just that it belonged to a “handsome time agent.” And we do know that the Time Agency had more than one. There’s Jack’s, River’s, and John’s.

    As far as I’m aware, there are three methods of time travel in the show.
    1: TARDISes (Time-Lords).
    2: Vortex Manipulators (Time Agents + River and Grey).
    3: The Rift (lots of monsters that create fun adventures for Jack and his team + Jack and Tosh).

  • Roro

    A few things to keep in mind.

    River was born because the Tardis was in ‘timeflight’ while Rory and Amy were doing the nasty on their wedding night with them in it.  This is different than Rose having the time vortex dumped in her being, as Melody was conceived with this radiation around, whereas Rose was just a human vessel.  Jack is immortal because of Rose.

    You can’t forget about the Valeyard for the future.  (13th Regen is coming up! Especially if you count the tenant dual regen that he dumped into the hand that also created Doctor Donna..)

    The Sontaran was a classic throwback, as was the blue merchant.  No clue on the Holmes girls.
    The Solurian army and Planes were throwbacks from last season.

    The greatest man river knew.  Is it really the doctor?  For most women, the greatest man they know isn’t their lover, it’s their father.  River looked like she was going to cry when she saw Rory.  Which was while she was in prison for killing the greatest man she knew.

    River shot at the astronaut but missed, yes River missed…  River never misses, but she followed it up by saying ‘figures.’  She knows something about this event.  Could this be because in a different timeline the events played out differently?  Was this self-sacrifice intentional?  The Doctor told them to not interfere deliberately.  Rory has sacrificed himself for the Doctor before too.

    All time agents have a vortex manipulator.  It’s not a Jack only thing.  Until the time agency was dissolved in the far future.

    Overall, lots of questions.  But none of what was asked here, is what I’d be asking.  Doctor Who is very canon heavy with over 47 years worth of stories to draw from.  Canon they draw from rather often.  Just like Omega, or the Valeyard I wouldn’t disregard as upcoming things. 

    Also, River was never a throwaway character.  Her appearance in the library was intentional.  She meets the doctor in reverse.  His first time meeting her, is her last time meeting him and her death.  Which means she was always something coming up in his future repeatedly.  Now we have the answer to why the Doctor will always come running when she calls, besides any future relationship between the two.

    I love how moffat has this all worked out.  But my main question right now is how do the silents play into this.  Silents will fall.  So they did in the opening.  So the silents are some kind of catalyst yet to come as well with Melody, and the Tardis exploding.  The Doctor is causing dominoes to fall in some grand scheme of things he can’t see.  Only one man that I’m aware of can manipulate the doctor this well.  That man isn’t Omega, though I could see Omega being another pawn of that man.

    We also have some new info this season.  Timelords can regenerate into either gender, Galifreyans evolved due to exposure to the timevortex into becoming timelords.  This leaves some amazing story potential open.

    The headless monks are rather similiar to the smilers too.  The church army having its own reasoning about the doctor that could be either way.  If he’s against them, they work to stop him, but if they can use him to their advantage, why not use the universe’s greatest weapon to their advantage.  It’s very political, not religeous like anti-evolution(in fact, future religions may adapt evolution as a true form of creationism/divine plan).  This next half of the season is going to be AMAZING all around though.

    I still think the Valeyard may have an upcoming role in future seasons though.  Just as the psychic pollen played a role in getting ahold of Amy’s memories pre-Rory wiped from time.

  • Jano

    One thing that is assured is that a younger River will one day be the Doctor’s companion.  The older Alex Kingston River will probably still make appearances as long as both are not present at the same time.

  • Who Fan

    But, as I pointed out, the majority of the Daleks don’t exist anymore – and never did in this timeline. That’s the definition of a timewar – going back and changing the timeline so your enemy never existed. Its probably not canon for the tv show but in one of the books this was also used to explain why there are so few timefaring races – they usually screw up and remove themselves from their own timeline.

    The Daleks that DO exist were either hiding in the vortex or a parallel reality – we’ve seen both so far.

    Otherwise, yes – the time corridor technology of the Daleks is very crude time travel.

  • Who Fan

    We don’t actually KNOW they had more than one vortex manipulator. Jack’s and River’s could be the same (and since Jack is perennially fresh-faced owing to his immortality, I believe we are meant to understand they are the same). We never saw John travel with one, I believe – he arrived via the mysterious – and possibly non-canon – Rift.

    As to the Rift, if we start counting natural phenomenon and supernatural beings, there are probably several other ways to travel through time, such as The White and Black Guardians.

  • Who Fan

    The Doctor may well have stolen it AND invented it. ‘

    The High Council would have claimed ownership of any technology that powerful since it could be used to threaten their existence. Well, and, in the end, it DID destroy them, no? (Sort of – huddling in an extra-timeline bunker, aside.)

  • Who Fan

    The Other and The Hermit, who trains the young Doctor in all things timey-whimey, are both understood to be the Doctor, yes?

  • Kiely6

    Any Chance River is Amy and Rory’s Daughter and the Doctor’s Mother.

    That is what I looked like to me at the end of the last episode.

  • Deanjsimons

    As for how to survive til September – Torchwood’s next season begins in a few weeks and that runs through July and August. So the Doctor Who-niverse won’t be entirely gone from our lives. 

  • ATK

    Very nice theory, that would be most excellent indeed. Hopefully Eccelston makes it back thought he has said he won’t. I have a suspicion that Tom Baker will make an appearance as well. He has recently started opening up to more and recently did a couple of audio plays. I may be dreaming but it’s a good dream.

  • toddtr

    When River pointed out the cot to the Doctor, she specifically pointed at the Gallifreyan writing on it.

    The Doctor used that cot when he was a baby, and now he’s given it to Melody. River reads and writes in Gallifreyan. That’s how River knew his name in Silence of the Library, she read it off his crib.

  • Roddy McCorley

    Actually, simplest explanation is Creepy Eye-Patch Woman IS River Song.

  • the Dagman

    I was thinking that as well for a bit. Then I reviewed her last appearance and she laid a big fat kiss on the Doctor that would seem too excessively creepy if she were his mother. It was when he dropped her back off in jail.

    Now if she were “The Other”, that could actually mean that she is the mother of ALL the Time Lords. In that she was the one who introduced the Time Lord genes into their genetic make-up. Which would make her a contemporary of Rassilon and Omega too. Possibly even being the mysterious female Time Lord who was prodding Wilfred along and was last shown with Rassilon in “The End Of Time”. Of course, that would have been after the Doctor saves her from the library computer by way of an autonomous TARDIS stabilized ganger.

    And if she is “The Other”, that would make Amy the grandmother of the Time Lord race, explaining her importance. Now the Doctor might not be aware of who exactly River might still be, but his TARDIS would. His TARDIS has already archived control rooms the Doctor hasn’t built yet, remember? She would surely recognize the earlier time version of the mother of the Time Lord race.

  • Oldewolf

    “Am I The Only One Who Felt A Little Deja Vu Here?”

    No… and not in the good way. A lot of plot aspects here mirror The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang. Mainly an army being raised to deal with the Doctor as a threat and him not “getting” it. We’ve been here before, it just that the army of the scared this time is human not a union of the Doctor’s “monsters”.

    It’s also a bit of a symptom of the show since the relaunch. Each series has been capped by a massive universal threat, generally greater than the last. Aside from the need to find the plural for “apocalypse” this has cast the Doctor as being of ever increasing power. That doesn’t bode well in my mind for the series 6.5 or the series 7 finales.

    Then again, I’m starting to wonder if the show should go back to the old school format – 13 hours of the season broken into unlinked stories running 2, 3, or 4 hrs each.

  • Jacob

    He stole it when he was young. It’s a type forty TARDIS, meaning there were thirty-nine types before it. It does not seem likely he invented it (developed it, really. it’s an organism).

  • Jacob

    The 50th Anniversary is still two years away… The show started in 1963.

  • Jacob

    We do, actually. John had his own. Grey bonded it to his wrist and attached a bomb to it. Then there’s Grey’s, which even looks different than Jacks.

    Why wouldn’t the Rift count? Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s not viable. I don’t even get how it’s “possibly non-canon”… It was introduced in a Ninth Doctor episode. And seen again in a Tenth Doctor episode. Jack had Torchwood Three built around it because of the havoc it caused. All of the events of Torchwood are canon. There’s no way to spin the Rift into non-canon right now.

  • Jacob

    I wouldn’t mind a return to that format, but I prefer Moffat’s (some standalone episodes, but with a story running through them with a big pay off). Just dial down the threats. If it keeps getting grander and grander, it’ll collapse into absurdity.

  • Callum Saunders

    amy was still around when her younger self was deleted too. the doctor explained that by reminding them they are time travellers and that changes things

  • Callum Saunders

    and it also means they have 2 event episodes (the finales) which draws in more views.
    and it means that they can have cliff hangers as well which they couldnt do when we’d have to wait a year for a new episode.

  • Oldewolf

    I agree, dialing down the “linking plot thread” would be a good thing, a nice compromise. But I’ve got a nagging feeling the collapse is starting and they’ve ordered the sharks.

  • the Dagman

    Nope. Time Lords cannot interact with their past selves. She can’t be River.

    Yes, the Doctor did it last season. But that was while the universe was blowing up. The other times in the past all had the virtue of the Time Lords able to police reality back then. They aren’t there now to do that.

  • Earl Leonard

    Doctor 1 may have stolen it, doesn’t mean Doctor N didin’t invent it later/earlier!

  • Jacob

    They don’t use sharks anymore. It’s military-grade warheads and refrigerators. I mean, come on man, it’s the 21st Century. Sharks were so 70’s.

  • Lion_okitkat

    I have to agree slightly. Sometimes the season finales can be a bit much. (Still love the show though, don’t hate me. LOL)

  • Who Fan

    People on board the Doctor’s TARDIS can read and speak all languages because the TARDIS translates for them. The Doctor has set it to NOT translate SOME Gallifreyan (remember they could read the cliffs but not his name on the cot).

  • Anonymous

    Also… to anyone who has read Lungbarrow… did you notice certain… correlations?

     Mirrors/Innocet/House of Lungbarrow
    Eyepatch Lady/Insane Housekeeper who beat the Doctor/Eyepatched Crone in the vision/ Pythia in the Chasm/Eyepatch Lady!!!/Did I mention EYEPATCH LADY
    Alllusions to the Doctor’s true nature and his Dark Chess Player Past as The Other.
    Abigail’s Song – Bright Shadow – Jungian archetypes-looking to the future AND the past, reconciling the two for the  Health of the Greater Good
    The Technicolor Dream Coat – HAVE WE SEENA ANYTHING LIKE THIS, a rainbow colred something, at least, ANYWHERE in thecurrent series? Cna anyone answer this for me? coz I can’t remember.
    The Three Women- signified in Lungbarrow by Dorothea,Leela, Romana (The fates, the three witches in Macbeth, Threefold Goddess, MAiden, Mother, Crone.) Possibly signified in current series by Melody, Amy, Kovarian.!!!!! ..what if Amy becoems Kovarian? That would be creepy! Anyway…

    Waht do you guys think??????? WHere is MOffat going iwht this? I smell EPIC. If they can do it right. And remember, they are making it HECTIC fora reason. Perhaps it has something to do with the DOctor’s mind, like Amy was experiencing life from the Ganger, so too perhaps the Doctor…

  • Faust

    I thought the episode was great. And a nice reveal of who River is at the end.

    I didn’t really see it as Deja Vu, because like you said in your 2nd question – there were so many new characters, that I was abit lost for like, the first 15-20 minutes! haha…

    All I know is that I am extremely excited about the final 6 episodes! And its nice to hear you say that its back in September – (I thought maybe October) – so only 3 months wait! And then its back again in December for the x-mas special! (last years was the best yet!). It just feels like we are getting alot more Dr Who!!

  • Faust

    And I loved River’s speech at the end – very emotionally charged!

  • Faust

    Yeah, I don’t buy the 3 to 4 ep single discs. Total rip off! I wait for the complete box set with all the extra features! ;)

  • Faust

    But what about all the episodes where multi doctors appear and work together? There have been eps where 2, 3 and 5 Doctors have appeared together.

  • Faust

    I should of Added – if there are no other time lords – whos to stop him or her (River)?

  • Faust

    Wow! You sound like you know your stuff! I like some of your theories, esp Peter Davison returning – we shall find out how right (or wrong) you are soon enough. ;)

  • Davenport

    ‘Jumping the Shark’ doesn’t really mean much in relation to British TV, ‘Bringing Back Den’ would be a more appropriate terminology.

    However I personally don’t think Whos been better since the relaunch and from chatting to alot of people, it seems that (in the UK at least) I’m not alone. It’s actually starting to do what a reboot should, modernise the ideas and concepts of the original material. Like it or not things like season long/multi season plot arcs answering as many questions as they raise along they way are part of modern television (and no, placing a word or name in the background of each episode, a la Badwolf, Torchwood, Saxon does not constitute a plot arc).

    I agree in part with the dissapointing season finales, however alot of it I put down to RTD writing himself into a wall and having to come up with a convenient plot device to get out of it. For example:

    Parting of the Ways: All of a sudden looking into the Eye of Harmony gives you god like superpowers? Despite the Eye being open for a long time during the film that immediately preceded this series and no one got them.
    Last of the Timelords – The Doctor suddenly becomes Jesus and uses the power of the Earths belief in him to defeat the Master? WTF!
    The Davros one – Suddenly has the power to divert regeneration energy into a severed limb and create a clone who for some reason is more ruthless than him and kills all the Daleks?
    End of Time – Less said about this episode the better I think!

    The rebooting of the entire universe may have been a Deus Ex but it was a sensible one as opposed to the eleventh hour saves that RTD pulled from somewhere.

  • Shawn

    Actually, she didn’t point at the Gallifreyan writing, the camera just showed the writing there, but the Doctor was reading the leaf thing inside the cot and that’s how he knew who she was, just like Amy and Rory read it off the leaf. We were just shown the writing to fool us until Amy and Rory found out her identity. Moffat said so on twitter since a lot of people didn’t get that.

  • Anonymous

    According to the Cartmel Master Plan, wasn’t the Doctor the reincarnation of The Other, not the actual Other?  The other would have invented the Tardis and his reincarnation then stole/was stolen by Sexy Thing epochs later…

  • Anonymous

    Sensible only if you ignore the fact that the Doctor was rescued by a Doctor already rescued.  It’s a contrivance as wonky as how he beat the Master…

  • Anonymous

    Just to add to my comment. Time Lords can interact with their past selves as long as it’s part of their present. What they can’t do is go backwards and interact with their past selves.

  • Anonymous

    He has saved the universe but he does have the capacity to do evil. The Doctor does become the Valeyard at some point in time. In fact, I think it’s his 13th incarnation, and we have seen him become full of himself since there are no more Time Lords and Time Lord rules to follow. So who’s to say that he can’t become a threat?

  • the Dagman

    Remember what happened in “Father’s Day”? When Rose interacted with her past self to save her dad? That’s the kind of stuff the Time Lords stopped from happening when it was done in the past. Void creatures find their way in and destroy reality from the inside out. And that was just some nobody little earth girl. With a Time Lord it gets much worse. To do it as casually as described by River being her own kidnapper is insane and destructive to the extreme for all of time and space.

  • the Dagman

    Wrong. Where a Time Lord is in time has nothing to do with it. From their perception a past self is a past self and you cannot interact with it.

  • Posterboy

    What if River is Susan’s mother?

  • Jacob

    Then he’d be kissing his daughter. Which he’s not, since River is Amy and Rory’s child.

  • broadwayzgirl

    He’s only the 11th. So while he has been full of himself in past episodes being the last time lord, it’s not because he’s the last incarnation.

  • Rosie♥Hemingway

    BBC iplayer does not have this episode or any other doctor who episodes and im desperate to see it since i was told there was no episode on saturday and now everyone in my class is talking about it and im the only one who has missed out, please help me?

  • Jacob

    There wasn’t an episode on Saturday (i’m assuming you aren’t American, since the show isn’t that popular stateside; otherwise, disregard all of this). This aired on June 5th on BBC and June 12th on BBC America. These articles are timed around the BBC America airings.

  • JJ

    If you’re looking for an site online to watch it then there’s And there’s always torrents.

  • firestarter

    but she watch the Doctor die, if she was the one that killed him she wouldve remembered

  • Simon Southey-Davis

    Yeah, The Big Bang was probably a paradox too far, BUT… I can rationalise it.

    All else said, though, I have to give the Moff props for LITERALLY ‘rebooting the universe’ when he took over! That made me chortle.

  • New Who

    I am new to Doctor Who and I cannot believe it has taken me this long to jump in the bandwagon. Each episode is well crafted and smartly written. I started watching in the David Tennant era and have been a loyal viewer ever since!

  • Curious

    Proof please?

  • Yeah Well…

    Except for when they do.

  • Shawn

    Well Moffat said it himself on twitter and then even before series 6 started:

  • Light Yagami

    This is what makes a good mid-season finale: Having so much you want to find out in September. Also, since the next one’s called ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ it’s obvious that they’ll be going back to WWII….Again. This is the third time I know of, in the revived series, at least, that The Doctor goes back to WWII. I know he did it early in Series 5, and I think the 9th Doctor did at some point. Maybe he actually plans on killing Hitler each time but he keeps missing it so now he’s going to make sure of it…But Hitler’ll probably pussy out and poison himself like we all know he does….

  • Dappleby75

    it is the “silence” not the “silents”

  • Borjan

    The Doctor is Melody’s father? What psychological crack in your mind cooked up THAT crazy theory.

    Rory is Melody’s/River’s father, and the Doctor is her LOVER. Which, all things said, should be pretty damn obvious at this point.

    Married? Who the bloody hell knows? River’s said that their timelines MOSTLY work in reverse: each time the Doctor generally sees River she’ll be younger than last time, and vice-versa. It’s implied that for both of them, the first time one meets (or remembers meeting) the other will be the other’s last time ever seeing them.

    Actually, it’s a pretty potent love story, all things considered. A buttload better than the contrived ‘true love’ of the Tenth Doctor with Rose Tyler at any rate. IMO, anyway. Because although River came off as irritatingly smug and arrogant during Series 4 & 5, her backstory being fleshed out has made her a much more plausible character WITH all those qualities, and more likeable and understandable as a result. Helps that the more I’m learning about her, the more I’m convinced she and the Doctor are well-matched. Her origins definitely help in that area.

  • davstorm75

    if you watched torchwood, captain jack was part of timeagancy and we meet at least on other agent with the same time travel device as jack with reference to others.

  • Borjan

    Don’t you get it? That’s WHY she screamed when the Doctor was shot the second time and killed for GOOD – because she can’t interfere with her own timeline like that, and yet is so FULL of self-loathing for shooting him at that time. She remembers, and it’s KILLING her to watch from an outsider’s perspective.

    River was, after all, raised as an apparent assasin to eliminate the Doctor. Chances are good that the older Doctor she shot was when she was VERY young and didn’t know him very well, coming to regret it later in life. That’s what I think, anyway.

  • Borjan

    If THAT made your brain explode, consider THIS – in ‘The Big Bang’, when River confronted the Stone Dalek she was able to make it beg for MERCY, of all things, JUST by telling it her name.

    Think about it. The Doctor is a ‘Good Man’ who River was gaoled/jailed for killing, right? Who do the Daleks fear most of all, and just HOW do you think one would feel if they confronted a person renowned for having outright KILLED the Doctor, their greatest enemy and fear?

  • Borjan

    I think she WAS lying – it would make sense due to the circumstances – but we’ll have to wait to find out.

    River didn’t recognise Rory in ‘The Pandorica Opens’ precisely BECAUSE he’s a part of her personal timeline (ie: he’s her father). The Doctor didn’t forget Rory because he hardly knew him at the time he was erased, but for Amy and River, Rory’s a major part of their joined histories. Hence why River, despite being a time traveller, forgot he existed (and also why Amy temporarily forgot the Doctor after he sacrificed himself to reset the universe).

  • Borjan

    *Headdest* Where in God’s name did you assume the Doctor EVER wanted to screw Amy. For God’s sake, he was shocked and horrified when she kissed him, especially when he learned she was to be married the next day, and even sought out Rory to FIX their relationship! Don’t you DARE pull this bullshit out of your arse to justify hating the Reveal simply because you disliked it.

    And for that matter, it’s not like – unlike Twilight – Melody/River is going to grow up around the Doctor! There’s no ‘imprinting’ or bullcrap like that – it’s implied that she’ll grow up elsewhere, meet the Doctor, hate him (possibly, if they raise her awhile) and then fall in love over their meetings together. And with time travel, she will match his age more closely.

    Hate the revelation if you wish, but don’t be immature and compare Moffat’s much-better story construction and writing to that travesty known as ‘Twilight’. One thing I HATE is when people like you make stuff up out of wholecloth, or deliberately choose to see things in a way which they aren’t.

    Please grow up. You’ve every right to dislike the ‘River-is-Amy’s-daughter’ thing, but I BEG you not to warp or exaggerate it, OK?

  • Borjan

    You need to at least go back to the Christopher Eccleston era (Series 1, 2005), and then watch from there up to the present. You’ll miss a few things, references, and great stories otherwise.

    Whether you want to watch the classic series is entirely your decision, though.

  • Faust

    I haven’t really enjoyed the ‘war time’ stories. Ok, but nothing special. Like last season with the Daleks – and the 2 parter from season 3 – again with the Daleks.

    But then again – I’m not a big fan of the Daleks either, so that probably didn’t help. (Dont everyone hate on me!!) Their voice just does my head in.

  • Samuallo

    I kind of agree with your points but i have 2 things to say:
    1. About making a new race, if you remember when Donna evoked the tardis and became part doctor part human and the doctor said then that she was amazing due to have intelligence and that human “spice” i think that has some importance of what may come!!
    2. i think they are being carried away with the recent storylines, but with the little girl who is the timelord counters jenny the “daughter” of the doctor when he stuck his hand in the DNA multiplyer, i think that they are trying to make the storylines too complicated for people to grasp and then they split the series up which is even worse!!!!

    I would like to ask a question on what you guys think is going to happen!!!

  • Samuallo

    I have another thing that has been annoying me, most people on here think the “good man” is the doctor, but there is so many connatations that Rory is a good man, and lats face it he has been the one going to war so much, i hate not knowing whats going on haha!!!!

  • Rw Robwalker

    The answer to who they all are and why is everything happening is linkedvto the return of Omega. Rewatch the scene when the Doctor is in disguise as a headless monk. the are nazi style banners up behind thevarmy leadervwith the sign of the omega on them.

  • Rw Robwalker

    You can download on itunes

  • Anonymous

    A: It is likely River is a sleeper Manchurian candidate and is the one that is supposed to kill the Doctor. It sounds as if she was successful. However it could also be that her parents sacrifice themselves to save the Doctor from River. The good man could be Rory. See B for why she doesn’t mention mom if that is the case.

    B: Amy could be a Time Lord. The Master mentioned he was found as a child with his pocket watch. 1: Amy has no parents (but grandparents that don’t talk about their dead kid?). 2: Her house is a 2 story but there was a second flight of stairs. 3: The DNA is “part time lord” conception on a TARDIS doesn’t make someone a Time Lord. That is a pretty awesome mutation if that is the case. If that were the case I would expect Sara Jane Smith to be regenerating after spending several YEARS on a TARDIS. However if Amy were a time lord under suppression this may explain it. (Rani?). Another thing: since when did the lizard chick become an expert in Time Lord physiology able to recognize time lord DNA at a glance on a screen?

    C: Stop and think about the first time we meet Song. He dumps her effective in a new Matrix of the whole damn universe’s library. If I were evil that is a pretty good place to be to plot evil stuff. Or in the name of good, she’s in a position to appropriate the library and build a new Time Lord Matrix.

    D: The clerics seem to be several steps ahead of the Doctor. Could they have been playing 3 steps ahead? Baiting the Doctor all the way back from the cracks in the wall? Did they face the Valeyard and are trying to cut him off from being created? River is meeting the Doctor in reverse order. At the end of that chain the Doctor could be, through recursion, saving River, himself, who knows but RiverDoctor is an exercise in recursion.

    E: Jenny, Doctor Donna, River, even Sexy. The storyline seems to be pointing to a rebuilding of the Time Lords (for better or worse). With all these Hybrids and clones and crap I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought back Tennent via that lopped off hand as the Valeyard….

    F: I would wager the reason they think of the Doctor as a warrior is the result of him getting River back as an infant. Since we are dealing with a Time Lord the bulk of the getting her back could have happened in the past. (They could also be attempting to break a pre-destination paradox)

    G: The Cuthulu knock-offs have been strangely absent and they have evolved enough to at least project an image through time and space (Time Lord Victorious vision).

    H: We still don’t have an explanation on why Amy doesn’t remember the Daleks and Cybermen.

    I: In regards to B we do know once you travel in time you are a bit out-of-sync with the continuum so it is likely changes in history may no replicate properly. Since time is always changing it is possible that the Doctor’s death at the hands of the astronaut is a new event that River is unaware of.

    J: Post LOST and Battlestar Galactica I have lost a great deal of faith in writers ability to “not make shit up as they go” so do not attribute convoluted plots as “clever” when “made up on the fly BS” would suffice as a description.

    K: There are 4 rogue TARDIS units know, The Medding Monk’s, Rani’s, The Master’s, and Sexy. Now we just need 4 Time Lord’s to pilot them: wait… Dr… Jenny…. River… who is the fourth canidate?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.. fyi based on the series so far Susan’s parents have already been born and died apparently (I was a dad once) so we can assume at the very least Susan’s parents are gone. So River + Doctor = Child (perhaps) but not likely one of Susan’s parents.

  • Shawn

    A. Possible, especially Rory’s sacrifice.

    B. Amy has parents, didn’t you watch last season’s finale? 

    C. Doubt it.

    D. More than likely that all this started around the time after he regenerated into Eleven. Or even before.

    E. I think a return of the Time Lords is more likely than ‘rebuilding’.

    F. Could be very true.

    G. I don’t know.

    H. She didn’t remember them because of the cracks in time.

    I. Nice thought, but it’s more likely that River was lying.

    J. Watch Fringe. And most of this stuff were planned from last season. And even if it’s made up on the fly, does it really matter as long as it makes sense and is clever?

    K. The Master could still return. 

  • Woters

    There was also a nice Thunderbirds quote when Vastra [Lady Penelope] tell her coachman [Parker}, that he can pack the coach [Rolls Royce] away as I wont be needing it again tonight, very well my Lady.  Not word perfect but its nearly 2 in the morning.

  • Woters

    Whilst Eye Patch Lady looks down at me…..How about a regenerated Davros, Female and with legs!!!
    Look at the mouth and lips, black and evil and the voice has Davros’s inflection, especially with “Dok-tor”.  Maybe a whim, but, Davros is a fixed point in evolution, not a reused charecter..My timelines are a bit  mixed up…The spacewo/man who kills the Doctor was in current 22 century, but the girl that Amy ‘tries’ to shoot back in 1969, is from the orphanage, now we see her regenerating in the alleyway, so she cant be the same[visually] as the one who kills the Doctor in 2011.  Now if she is Melody Pond, then Young Melody and River are crossing each others timelines.  Amy is held by the Silent, is that  when she is ‘gangered’ and is genetically modified for the birth of Melody Pond.  But when they enter into the monastary Amy and the Doctor say they had been there before without Rory.  Possibly the dead Doctor is a ganger from the Monastary, reduplicated from the information that Flesh Doctor later retains from ganger Doctor’s sonic screwdriver – remember river was saved into the library from her sonic’ in quite a few of these sonic screwdriver that ‘her’ Doctor had made for her.
    Lastly, there are a lot of ‘mobiles’ the cot, the orphanage, the pirate ship and somewhere else??????

  • Ralmidaz

    I don’t understand why they have completely cut the show off from past seasons. When Chris (9th) left the show and David became the 10th, Rose was with him and it had only been a single season. So keeping past characters is obvious. But When David left, with that depressing say goodbye ending the show completely changed. I have no problems with this, we need to get used to the new Doctor, and after a season of Matt we have. But when i watched the opening of ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ i felt cheated. The doctor raising an army of friends and not one mention of some past people, no we just we given a bunch of new guys. I understand that characters like Donna, Martha, Mickey, Rose etc can’t be used. But Maybe we could of gotten Captain Jack back so he could lend a hand. I mean, the Doctor was ‘going to war’ surely an immortal man would be incredibly useful. 

    And I have a question about Rory. Is he still a robot, the Roman soldier who has lived for two thousand years. Or did the Big bang 2 and the Universe been reformed make him human again. I assume that he is human, been a father and all. But i don’t think it was ever mentioned. and seeing him dress up in a roman soldier outfit in this episode made me think of this. 

    And What is it with The Doctors Female companions becoming so important. Rose became BadWolf, Martha travelled earth and made the Human race restore the Doctor to full health (somehow) and Donna became the Doctor Donna. And Now Amy has given birth to a Time Lady.

    Also am i the only one who feels that it is slightly awkward that The Doctor and River/Melody are in a relationship(whatever it is exactly), but earlier in the previous series Amy (Rivers Mother) was trying to seduce the Doctor. And now Amy just happens to have a Time Lord/Lady child.

  • Gregg

    They wanted Captain Jack but he was busy with Torchwood which is why they couldn’t get him. And Rory’s a human now. 

  • Konstantin Siegl

    I also have a question: Who is that woman on the picture, the one Amy sees over and over again? How does she fit in the story.(I haven’t finished season 6 yet.)
    Sry for bad english, I am from Austria