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Can All This Year’s Superhero Movies Be Hits – And Good?

We’re midway through the summer of superhero movies – Thor and X-Men: First Class are behind us, with Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger still to come – and a couple of things have happened that you might not have expected. Is this the summer that ignores conventional wisdom and offers (gulp) good superhero movies that are also reasonably successful?

Of the two movies released to date, I think it’s safe to say that Thor did almost exactly what everyone both expected and wanted it to: It more or less hit expectations in terms of box office – and did so despite concerns that 3D might damage gross, which may end up being important by the end of the summer, interestingly enough – and was as enjoyable as people expected it to be (I keep seeing commentary to the effect of “It’s not as good as the first Iron Man, but better than the second,” which seems entirely right to me). But X-Men: First Class is the surprise in two ways; firstly, that it wasn’t as bad as many – myself included – had feared, and secondly, that it didn’t underperform as badly as many had expected (Yes, it’s the lowest opening of any of the X-Men movies to date, but considering the state that the franchise has been in since The Last Stand and Wolverine, I’m just surprised that it made more than the high $40 millions in the first place, never mind it dropping less than 60% in the second week). Does this mean that the audience appetite for superhero movies isn’t dipping? And, more to the point, does this mean that we’ll somehow magically get four good superhero movies this summer?

Well, we’ll see. Like almost everyone who’s seen the trailers, I have my worries about Green Lantern because… well, what is awesome on the comic page apparently looks day-glo dumb on the cinema screen. I’m also worried that it might be too out there for audiences used to the more grounded superheroics of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batman – although, perhaps, Thor will end up acting as an accidental gateway drug to the full-on cosmic of Lantern for many moviegoers, which would be both ironic and probably annoying to the more realistic Marvel – meaning that, even if it turns out to be wonderful, it will still be far enough away from what audiences thought they’d get to release a wave of disappointment that could lead to box office failure. That said, audiences seem to dig the similarly ridiculous, out-there Transformers movies, and if the high concept of “Lord of The Rings meets Star Wars” means anything, it should mean “smash hit,” so we’ll see.

Similarly, Captain America: The First Avenger feels like an unknown, still. It feels very similar to Lantern – Relatively unknown character to non-comic readers, heavy on the backstory versus the high concept, with a well-known lead actor not known for this kind of role, and director that doesn’t necessarily seem like they’re cut out for this kind of thing. I suspect that, of the four, Cap will be the one that comes closest to failing, if only because I doubt that the international audience will be as excited to see such a patriotic/jingoistic character at the core of their big-budget bonanza, but… stranger things have happened, especially if rumors of Raiders of The Lost Ark-style tone and humor turn out to be true.

So, will this be the year when four superhero movies turn out to not only be good but also not eat into each other’s audience? I’d love to be able to say yes, but… let’s face it, what are the odds, really? Put your predictions as to which ones will end up letting us all down in the comments, as ever.


  • Mythos

    I’m Portuguese (a country most of you have probably never heard of) and I’m still excited for Captain America – more so than any of the other movies, in fact. I wanted to watch Thor because it seemed good and, especially, because it tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is a genius idea and a great marketing ploy, but I was not very excited. Thankfully, it turned out to be a fantastic movie and I really enjoyed it.
    Now, truth be told, I’ve become a bit of a comics nerd in the past few years, and I started reading Ed Brubaker’s Captain America series after seeing great reviews. So I’m very interested in the movie because I’m a fan of the character, so I can’t really be seen as the rule. Most people I know won’t be very much interested in a symbol of American patriotism – not that we’re anti-American, mind you, just that it’ll look more like propaganda than a good idea. There’s a great character in Steve Rogers, but he’s clad in a flag, and most people might be put off by that.

    Oh, and I’ve also enjoyed Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run and Martin Campbell is a director I always keep an eye on, but I’m not nearly as interested in the movie as I am in Captain America’s. For one thing, I haven’t seen enough to find it more than a formulaic origins movie, and I don’t really think Ryan Reynolds as cocky pilot Hal Jordan will be as interesting a lead as Chris Evans playing the nuanced and fascinating Steve Rogers. But I’ll probably watch it anyway, so we’ll see.

  • Scott M Davis

    I agree with Mythos, GL just hasn’t grabbed my attention in any sort of form.

    BTW Mythos, I am sure a lot of heard of Portuguese, but that’s a language not a country. Primarily spoken in Portugal and Brasil. Got friends in both countries.

  • Flip Maker

    I wonder if the concern shouldn’t be about this summer’s crop of films, but about the next summer that sees this many super hero films.  I liked both Thor and X-Men and plan on seeing GL and Cap.  But will four super hero films in one summer create that dreaded “super hero fatigue” and hurt next summer, one that sees Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and isn’t there a lil’ Superman film coming, too?  Certainly next summer has bigger name heroes, but could this summer also over do it for movie goers?

    My prediction?  Nope.  Keep making good super hero films and the audience will come.

  • Kiel Phegley

    Graeme, you know I love your stuff, and I agree with most of what you say here, but your read on Captain America is kind of backwards. I don’t think Chris Evans is well known at all to anyone outside comic movie hardcores (I always use my mom as the barometer for this stuff, and she doesn’t have clue one who he is). On top of that, I see no way in which Joe Johnston is “not cut for this kind of thing.” Guy has directed Wolfman, Jurassic Park III, Hildalgo and The Rocketeer. That’s a pretty wide variety of stuff, but even without the A+ resume piece that is the last one, I don’t think anything on his IMDB page all the way back to his early work for Lucas/Spielberg screams “can’t do a superhero period piece.” I personally think he’s a way better fit sight unseen for Cap than Branagh was for Thor.

  • O.

    If I was a gambling man, which I am, I’d bet that audiences will be able to at least say that all four of these movies were at least “good” (and some kind of small success).  Green Lantern might be the biggest gamble.  It’s probably too fantastic for many but Ryan Reynolds just might do the trick.  I’m more confident about Cap considering Marvel Studios has proven that they always do a good job and audiences should eat up the WWII setting.

    Next summer is a sure bet.  You can’t tell me that record-holders like Batman and Spider-Man won’t retain their audiences.  Avengers will be the movie to watch but I can’t imagine people won’t want to see Robert Downey Jr. and friends on the big screen.

  • Jacob

    Most of us haven’t heard of Portugal? I can’t tell you where it is, but I’ve heard of it. ^_^

  • Jacob

    It’s a language and a demonym. Similar to English when referring to the language and the people of England.

  • comicfan

    I hated x-men first class. I don’t care what reviews say, the ending was idiotic. the way people talked and acted around the mutants was moronic and Magneto was a pretentious ass and a hypocrite.

    Brian Singer needs to stop being involved with the movies. he is poison.

  • Ryan O.

    Quit trolling comicfan, the only X-Men movies that have been worth a damn are the ones that Singer has been involved in. 

  • Kents1

    Captain America star Chris Evans (the actor not “known”, according to this article, for playing super hero ish roles) had his breakout role playing the Human Torch in TWO Fantastic Four movies ( not to mention a critically praised turn in Scott Pilgrim playing evil ex number 2)

    And Joe Johnston ( the “director not necessarily cut out for this kind of thing”) cut his teeth working art direction on a couple of little u related films, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark… Before directing the Rocketeer (WWII period comic movies) Jumanji and Jurassic Park 3…

  • Lex

    Only if DC’s 52 first issues all are in the top #1 spot in sales. Wait… that’s impossible.

  • Kents1

    Sorry. I didn’t see kiel’s post and I apologize for belaboring the point. One point I will belabor is that it doesn’t matter as much if four super hero movies come out in one year as to whether 4 GOOD movies come out that are worth seeing.

    Way back in 1989 we were treated to four yes four youth / mature age swapping films. Vice versa ( tHe guy from Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop) 18 again ( George burns Charlie shattler) Like fAther Like Son ( Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron) and the last to be released in this pack was probably the only one you’ve ever heard of…Big, starring Tom Hanks and nabbing him his first Oscar Nomination.

    Btw..I teach high school and I can tell you there is a huge contingency of non fans that are going to watching Green Lantern solely for Ryan Reynolds…

  • Logan’s Midnight Runner!

    So far, I liked X-Men: First Class the best. Then Thor, which I liked but felt could’ve been better with some changes and outright omissions from the movie. Green Lantern seems to be getting mixed to bad reviews so far on some sites I’ve seen about the internet searching for them. I have a feeling G.L. will be the one that comic/G.L. fans will like, but maybe still have some issues with in the end, as with Thor in some respects. I have a feeling I’ll really like Captain America. Maybe as much or better than X-Men: First Class.

    In any case, whether they sink or swim, I’m hoping that the Hollywood powers that be can not be blinded by the dollar signs (yeah right! ;D ) and pay attention to the stuff that helps AND hinders these movies. So hopefully later on, they can make better ones in the future.

  • Logan’s Midnight Runner!

    P.S. I’m also of the thought that Green Lantern probably won’t get the #1 spot when the weekend box-office is said and done. Jim Carrey’s movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins opens this weekend too and you know kid’s movies usually own with an iron-grip at the box-office!

  • Paul

    Looks like GL is going to stink.  Darn it.

  • Anonymous

    I actually do agree that the third act of the film stumbled as is often the case in these superhero film. His turning sides at that point felt forced, and his little speech at the end just sounded terrible. Also, the mutant and proud thing kept coming across as too cheesy.

    Overall I liked the film a lot. I didn’t like the beginning. I didn’t like the ending. I didn’t like the special effects so much. I hated the window dressing Shaw called lackeys. I loved the middle of the film immensely though, once they introduced us to adult Erik straight through until the final battle. I loved that the kids acted like kids are supposed to. They were impulsive and reckless in the way you’d expect teenagers who get superpowers to act.

  • Kyle

    Regardless of wherever Green Lantern ends up on the review scale, I have an absolutely certainty that the biggest bomb of the four will be Captain America. Joe Johnston is the utter definition of a hack. I think The Wolfman might be the first film I actively booed when the credits rolled. The man has zero panache in his work, so the screenplay needs to be stellar for the film to work…we’ll see.

    X-Men was surprisingly entertaining, though I’m certain the six weeks of Bryan Singer reshoots over Matt Vaughn’s work had alot to do with it (as well as cutting down January Jones’ dreadful performance to just a few scenes).

    Thor was fine, at least the scenes on Asgard…the earthbound stuff was snooze worthy, but no worse than Iron Man 2.

  • Mythos

    Being Portuguese means I am from Portugal. Speaking Portuguese means I speak the language. Two different things.
    But I’m glad to know people are actually familiar with my little country.

  • Mythos

    That’s good to know! At least, if the reasons for having heard of it are good.

  • Joe Grendel

    Portugal is to Spain as California is to the United States. But without the Kardashians.

  • Durkadurka

    Spain-adjacent.  Come on now, think more of us than that.  

  • Jason Merrin

    Green Lantern will do well financially and will be a terrible movie (speaking as a fan of the comics, the creative team is just too all over the place).
    Captain America will do poorly financially (relatively), but will be the best superhero movie of the summer. That’s my prediction.

  • cpahl2000

    I can´t see Green Lantern as a hit, as I could see in trailers, it´s looks good but let´s get it clear, Green Lantern isn´t a popular character aside comics´field. Captain America is different, and it has something on its side, the Avengers movie. Marvel got right when all movies related to Avengers had something, a bridge between the movies to lead to Avengers. What GL has to offer? 

  • Durkadurka

    I have high hopes for Captain America, even abroad.  I mean, everybody hates Nazis.  And if this Cap is more like regular Marvel U Cap (as opposed to Ultimate Cap) then the jingoism will probably be much less of an issue.  I think the biggest variable is Chris Evans.  Marvel has done pretty well at casting, though, so i’m optimistic that he’ll surprise me.  And Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull?  I’m not sure it’s possible to have somebody better. 

    I can just hope and pray that GL isn’t a total bomb.  I’m gonna see it ASAP regardless, but i would really like it to be good and well-received. 

  • Kanati

    If any of the four will be a terrible let down it will be Green Lantern.  As stated in the article, it looks “day glo dumb”.  And that’s a shame.  There’s absolutely no reason for the green sparklies everywhere.  There’s no reason the entire costume should be CGI.  At the very least there’s no reason it should look so BLATANTLY cgi.  :(

  • Squashua

    Of the four, in ranking from trailers, I’d give (best to worst)

    Captain America, X-Men, Thor, Green Lantern.

    After seeing Thor, my rankings went:

    Captain America, Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern.

    I don’t think GL will do that good; it looks terrible.  I’m not seeing X-Men till it hits DVD.  I will RUN RUN RUN to the theater to see Captain America.  And I like DC Comics > Marvel.

  • nik

    I think Captain America is far more well known than Graeme thinks.  Of any of them, I’d think Cap will do the best.

  • Jacob

    What the hell is a Kardashian? Oh god… California has it’s own STD now, don’t they?

    Also, Spain has states?

  • Jacob

    Actually.. I have no idea how I know of it. Probably high school.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Man, this is something I really hate about the internet these days. If someone goes against popular opinion, some angry person comes out either calling them a troll, whiner or hater. So the guy didn’t like the movie, so what? Maybe he had valid reasons for it. Someone not liking what you like isn’t some personal insult against you.

  • Lesya

    2008: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Wanted, The Incredible Hulk and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

    Conventional wisdom?

  • Ricardo

    I agree. Eu sou do Brasil e também quero assistir ao filme. ;)

    There is a lot of dumb anti-americanism around the world, for sure. But it hasn’t infected everyone.

  • Daniel Brown

    Early Rotten Tomatoes reviews are not looking good for Green Lantern, so except for Nolan’s Batman movies, DC still isn’t getting it right. 

    I do think that Captain America will add to the Marvel winning streak this summer along with the very strong Thor and X-Men First Class. 

  • Guest

    If they’re hits, then they’re good. At least to some people. What’s good is a matter of opinion.

  • Lewis4510

    Out of that list only Iron Man And the Dark Knight were any good. Hulk was meh and Hellboy 2 sucked.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    And out of those two, only Iron man was good because Dark Knight sucked too.

  • guest

    In most cases, like with entertainment, what’s good is a matter of opinion.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    Curious how you left out the first superhero film of the year…The Green Hornet, which tanked in January!

  • Shaun

    Interesting comments. I think that “X-Men: First Class” was considerably better than “Thor”, which I found quite disappointing.

    I’m uncertain about “Green Lantern”. I’m not a reader of the comic, so I don’t have much feel for the character. I like Ryan Reynolds, but I actually think that he takes away from the character – he’s known for more comedic roles. That being said, he is a good dramatic actor too, so maybe he will straddle that line.

    “Captain America” – I’m not sure what to think here. I don’t think that jingoism is necessarily a problem, particularly if it is addressed in the film. Like many people, I’m not crazy about the USA, but I have a soft spot for Cap, who embodies an ideal, not a reality. That being said, non-comic-buying general publics around the rest of the world may well look at the shield and the flag costume and say “why do we need more American propaganda?”

  • Tedly

    The comicbook movies this year have been amazing. Xmen wasn’t my favorite — I felt they could’ve really amped up the whole 60s vibe and run with it more, make it ‘look’ like a 60s film, 60s styled soundtrack, really peg it in that era. Thor was a huge surprise..perfect cast to thank there. GL and Cap are going to be wonderful, c’mon everybody knows it! :-)

    Worried GL is too out there? That’s what cinema is for, man! Just wait til you see GL’s FEET, tho. It’ll weird you out at first…

  • Lewis4510

    I wouldn’t be surprised if GL outright bombs at the box office. And not in a so-so barely break even kind of way. I mean in a Jonah Hex stink up the place kind of way. The reviews for it are that bad.

    I saw the trailer for GL with Thor and the audience was mostly “whatever” about it.

  • Joe

    don’t forget the sequel to the most successful comic movie of all, dark knight rises

  • Anonymous

    They’re the aliens from DS9.

  • Jacob

    Am I supposed to know what that is? Is that the planet they come from?

  • Sonofspam

    strangely i think Cap is a shoo in for many reasons but i think the time is right for him.

  • Matthew Lane

    Yes but by the same definition Star Wars wasn’t a popular franchise before the first film came out either.

    I predict that GL will do really well & may actually be a good movie. Unlike Thor which did really well & was complete and utter drek.

  • Matthew Lane

    Please watch the movie before you negatively judge the movie.

  • Matthew Lane

    Yes, the reviews of a movie thats not even out until tomorrow. Seems to be a lot of people with a view on this movie sucking & its not even out yet. So either people are all suddenly developping precognitive abilities, or theres a whole lot of people wishing that this movie fails, so that they can indulge in this childish hatred for something that hasn’t been released yet.

    From the trailers alone, i’d say this movie has significantly more promise then Thor did based on its trailers & everyone seemed to think Thor was brilliant even though it had almost no susbtance to it.

  • zalman

    Seen Green Lantern last night, and it was good! As good as Iron Man and also a vibe of Superman the Movie feel. This film being more of an origin story does seem fast paced but all the key characters are there and newbies will “get” them. As for the Green Lantern suit, it does look better than what we see it the trailers.

  • Jacob

    Critics saw the movie weeks ago. Now that the reviews are coming out, it’s getting destroyed.

  • Unforgiven_mirror

    He’s reffering to the Cardassians, one of the alien races featuring heavily in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

    And Mythos, of course people have heard of Portugal, it’s not exactly the best kept secret. I’ll test my knowledge for you. Portugal is a country on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The capital is Lisbon. The language is Portuguse, a romance language stretching back to the roman empire. Portugal has a very good football team, who unfortunately failed to make it all the way to the finals in the world cup last year. They scored seven goals to none against North Korea though. A few hundred years ago Portugal was a naval super power and the Portuguese empire included substantial areas such as the current country of Brasil where they still speak a variation of Portuguse.

    how was that? I’m from Western Australia by the way.

  • Allentaylor8

    Why don’t you give it a rest? It’s obvious you’re a GL fanboy. You want GL to succeed, we get it. The guy was just giving his opinion based on some of the negative reviews that are coming out for the film. Guess what? All the critics that are ripping GL have already seen it and the general concensus is the film STINKS..BIG TIME! Thor was a good, solid, enjoyable movie…now don’t get all sensitive and upset about Thor’s success just because the critics are ripping GL a new one and it might end up becoming one of the biggest disappointments of the summer so far.

  • Matthew Lane

    Fanboy? Really? Wow, way to fail at basic rhetorical technique. Sure i want GL to succeed, why wouldn’t i. 

    As for reviews, so far there have been very few real reviews out. Alomst all the reviews that are out so far seem to be by people who have watched the trailer and infered the plot from that. We wont see any real reviews, from any sort of respectable reviewer for atleast another 24 hours at least. An even then i’d rather make up my own mind of the quality of the film then leave it up to the same critiques who told us Thor was a great film (it was not a great film).

    GL may be the worst film ever made in the history of everything, but since you haven’t actually seen the film yet, you personally can’t attest to that fact. At best you are passing off hersey evidence & internet whispers (from other people who also haven’t seen the film), as if they were fact.

    There’s no need to kill the movie before it comes out by passing judgement on its quality long before you’ve actually watched it.

  • Matthew Lane

    No its not. There are almost no real reviews out yet, but actual reviewers with any credibility. The people who are ripping the shit out of it have not seen it, they are just assuming its going to be crap.

  • Matthew Lane

    dude, he’s got every right to have disliked the film. At least he watched the film before judging it, unlike people here who are bad mouthing a film thats not even out yet.

  • Matthew Lane

    Wait Portuguese is a country… An here i was thinking it was just a way to cook chicken.

  • Citizen X

    I live in New Bedford, Massachusetts…highest population of Portuguese-Americans in the US.  The city just celebrated Portugal Day last Friday. I going to have some linguica
    and madiera wine and go watch Green Lantern.

  • Kanati

    I’m not judging the movie.  I’m still HOPING that it’s good.  And I’ll find out about 24 hours from now.  But I *can* judge the costumes based on the trailers.  And THOSE…  are not so hot.

  • Jacob

    There are more than 60 reviews out. Those are “actual reviewers” with “credibility” and they’re tearing it to pieces. No assumptions are being made. They’ve seen the movie.

  • Bb

    Sorry but Thor was a weak movie, poorly writen and thought out. New X-men should have been better and I liked it more then Thor because it did give more, but It tried to put years of story into one movie and became a joke after a while. If Green Lantern isn’t a good movie it will be sad but will make the point that a good director and writer are needed for these movies. Warner has it right with Batman. That has to be the example.

  • Urizen

    No, there have been a lot of real reviews published. Professional reviewers are shown advance screenings of the films so that they can publish reviews ahead of the films release, this is nothing new. I don’t know where you’re getting all this stuff about no “respectable” reviews coming out beofre the premiere of the film. For example Rex Reed, a PROFESSIONAL reviewer for the New York Observer has called it:

    “as bad as it gets—a dumb, pointless, ugly, moronic and incomprehensible jumble of botched effects, technical blunders, and cluttered chaos. Oh yes. It is also—did I forget to mention?—boring.”

    Again, that’s not some anonymous internet fanboy venting his rage at the trailer. That’s how actual professional critics are responding to this turd.

  • Matthew Lane

    And Reeladvice (the movie website) review said: “The film’s direction might prove to be a negative note for some but for those who appreciate character development over flash then it fits the bill perfectly.”

    Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic said “is both off the wall and out of this world — literally. More science-fiction space opera than superhero epic, it works in fits and starts as its disparate parts go in and out of effectiveness, but the professionalism of the production make it watchable in a comic book kind of way.”

    So straight off the bat (no pun intended), there are positive & mixed reivews coming in from crebile sources. It seems that the people who didn’t like this film expected it to be a huge action film & it was never intended to be a huge action film. It was intended to be a character piece with some action in it.

    It’ll be a while till i get to see it (as part of Australias punishment for getting Thor early, though frankly getting Thor early should have been punishment enough), but i’m reserving my judgement until after “I” personally have watched it. I don’t trust critics, as they have a tendency to make up there mind before they watch a movie & if it fails to meet the criteria for there presumption they mark it down accordingly. Critic thinks a movie is going to be an action film & its not, well then it fails in being an action film, critic marks it by the criteria of an action film. We’ve seen it before with critics and we’ll see it again.

  • Urizen

    “Character Piece”? Even out of the minority of critics giving this film a positive review, there’s a consesus that it’s a dumb blockbuster action movie and the visuals overshadow the story.  ”Short on story but visually entertaining, Green Lantern glows most brightly as a special effects showcase leaving dramatic pathos to other men wearing tights.”-Jonathan W Hickman”Green Lantern’ is purely a popcorn movie for 12-year-olds, who won’t be disappointed.”-Andrew O’Hehir”Cornball dialogue and poor characterizations drag down the successes of the incredible visual effects.”-Julian RomanIronic; for someone who seemed so concerned about only accepting negative reviews from “respectable reviewers” you have no problem citing a positive review from a seemingly anonymous blog contributor. A poorly written anonymous review full of grammatical errors which says the exact opposite of what most mainstream critics say about the movie. Sounds respectable to me.

  • Matthew Lane

    Not at all, i’m pointing out that not all the reviews are negative (& just for the record Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times, is not an anonymous blog contributor). I’m just saying don’t let the general premovie bigotry of this film being crap colour your own eventual perceptions. It may indeed be the crappiest movie ever made, but until you personally watch it, the most you can say is “some critics who watched this movie didn’t think much of it.”

    Me personally, i didn’t think much of Avater when it came out, doesn’t mean it was a bad movie, just meant that i didn’t think much of its generally over done plot line, poor characterization & over reliance on special effects. Of course thats my personal opinion as someone whose actually seen the movie. All i’m saying is wait until you yourself have seen the movie before you all publicly denounce it. I mean seriously guys, this GL movie hatred has gone on from day 1, even before the filming started.

  • Rich

    After seeing Green Lantern last night, I can respond to the question in your headline:

    No, they aren’t all good.  Thor was fine but unspectacular, X-Men: First Class was quite good, but Green Lantern… blech.  Most disappointing film I’ve seen at the theater in years.  So much potential, and they screwed it up.  It’s already a critical flop, but now I’m curious what it will mean for future DC movies if it’s a commercial disappointment too. There’s a chance it won’t be, but its huge budget will require an impressive box office gross to yield a viable franchise.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    But he also didn’t really qualify why he hated it. So his post came off as troll or nerdrage behavior.
    “Ending was idiotic” How so?
     “The way people talked and acted around mutants was moronic” Example?
    “Magneto was a pretentious ass and hypocrite” In what scene?

    Simply spewing venom in a short little post is just as bad as trolling. This is a discussion forum but he had no ambition to discuss anything.

  • Maximus

    your crazy The Dark Knight is the greatest comic movie of all time & one of the best movies ever the only comic book movie to get several Acadamy Awards nominations Winning Best Supporting actor for the Joker………..specking on Green Lantern it was ok mediocre or middle the road at best….so far x-men first class was amazing the best x-men movie by far maybe the best marvel movie right up there wit spidey 1&2 & iron man….thor was a good movie not as good as iron man 1 but close waaaay better than part 2…..i think captain america might be the best out of all of them it has the best trailer by far & should have a great story