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Samuel L. Jackson Reads The Hell Out Of Go The F_k To Sleep

Go the F_k to Sleep, author Adam Mansbach’s parody of saccharine children’s books, apparently struck a chord with exasperated parents, shooting to the top of The New York Times bestseller list. It’s funny and profane, but it apparently lacked a certain … something.

That something, it turns out, was the voice of Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson. But the once and future Nick Fury took care of that on Monday, when he recorded the audiobook for Go the F_k to Sleep, which is now available for free at Or you can listen to it below.

“I remember all of those times when I did read to my daughter when she was that age,” Jackson says in the introduction, “and everybody tells you that reading stories will put kids to sleep but it never works. It didn’t in my house. […] But I did say, ‘Go the fuck to sleep’ to her a lot, and I think at some point she would look at me when I’d come in her room, and she would look at me and say, ‘Go the fuck to sleep, Daddy?’ and I would say, ‘Yeah, go the fuck to sleep’.”


  • Nataniel Costard

    This just won the internet forever.

  • Anonymous

    The book (and this awesome reading) are gold! Pure gold!

  • Flip Maker

    Here’s what’s wrong with this: NOTHING.

    That’s brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    I would pay money to see him do a reading tour of this. Just saying.

  • Scud

    I can finally sleep now.

  • ハワード ジョセフ


    *Disclaimer: This comment is not intended to condone or condemn this book or Samuel L Jackson’s excellent reading of said book. It is intended for comedic purposes only.

  • Dawnell_do

    This is just epic, please let Morgan Freeman be next!