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Stargate Franchise’s Sad Final Destination: A Liquidation Sale

If there were any remaining doubts that the cancellation of Stargate Universe marked the end of the long-running sci-fi franchise, at least for the foreseeable future, this news should put them to rest: DigitalSpy reports that Bridge Studios in Vancouver, where all three Stargate television series were shot, will play host this weekend to a liquidation sale featuring wardrobe, props and set decorations from Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and SGU.

The flyer, which you can see below, touts “1000s of items” from “14 years of production,” with “everything priced for immediate sale.” It’s a sad end to the franchise, to be sure. But I wonder how much they’ll ask for a Stargate? I have the perfect spot in my yard for one.


  • Davidvarient

    this has got to be the most f#cking discusting news ive heard all day! i was really really hoping that at the last minute the powers that be at sci fi….i just cant believe its really its gone truly and end of an era …Bastards!

  • skullcapcomix

    …About time. Maybe “SyFy” can work on something else now, other than playing rip-off movies made by Asylum Studios on their channel. Currently the only show worth watching is that “hollywood Treasures” show…

  • zurd0

    Your Brain is Emty man… How can you say that… SG franchise is something unique and the best sci fi show at least for me… by the way  “hollywood Treasures”  S#cks!!!