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Legendary Brakes For Hot Wheels

Warner Bros.-based Legendary Entertainment is looking to strike a deal with Mattel to bring the Hot Wheels t0y car line to the big screen as an edgy, Fast Five-style feature, Variety reports.

It’s not the first time in recent years that Hollywood has kicked the property’s tires: In 2003, Columbia acquired the film rights, with McG attached to direct. He dropped out three years later, and the project went into turnaround, with Warner Bros. picking it up for Joel Silver to develop. But when Speed Racer (inexplicably!) stalled at the box office, the wheels came off the toy adaptation.

According to the trade paper, several producers had been competing for the Hot Wheels rights, but Mattel veered toward Legendary and Warner Bros., “not only for their interest in the property but because both have an existing relationship with the toymaker.”


  • Jack Derunk


    What’s next? Hungry Hungry Hippos?

  • pDUB

    In the near future, the world is ruled over by a tyrannical Zebra-lord, and he has made food scarce to control his subjects.  Only four creatures are driven enough to challenge his rule and free the world, they are not only hungry for freedom, they are the HUNGRY, HUNGRY HIPPOS.

  • Adamh12110

    They should at least do one of Hot Wheels’ more expanded concepts like Battle Force Five.

  • Dawnell_do

    It has to be like the fast and the furious.