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Starz Picks Up Live-Action Noir

Starz has greenlit Noir, a live-action adaptation of the popular 2001 anime series, Deadline reports.

Announced in November, the project is being developed by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, executive producers of the cable network’s hit Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Steven Lightfoot (Criminal Justice, Camelot) wrote the adaptation, and will executive produce with Raimi, Tapert, Joshua Donen (Spartacus) and Bill Hamm.

The 26-episode original series follows two young female assassins who team up to fight a secret organization only to discover they are mysteriously linked. So they must work together until they can uncover the secrets of their past — or until one of them kills the other.


  • Dawnell_do

    I never hared of this anime before. 

  • SageShinigami

    It’s not Dragon Ball Z, but it’s…fairly well-known, so…sorry?

  • Jacob

    It can’t be that well known. It’s not on the level of even Detective Conan.

  • ATK

    They produce soooo much anime every year it’s hard to keep track. I watch a fair amount but I am not familiar with this one. While I’m here though these are a couple of my fav’s from the past couple of years, since the Shinigami above seems to be willing to comment but not educate.
    A Certain Scientific Railgun – Companion series to A Certain Magical Index which is good but I prefer railgun.
    Angel Beats – You’re dead and the afterlife is in High school – it’s better than it sounds, especially when the angel is trying to kill you.
    Death Note – No explanation needed other than Watch it and love it – Warning; Your Brain May Hurt
    The Upcoming Marvel Anime’s are descent. X-Men has been the best to date but Iron Man and Wolverine have their good and bad points.
    Supernatural – The Anime Series has been utterly fantastic. Even if you are not a fan of the show it is stunning.
    Their are many more anime out there and my taste are my taste so just cause I recommend something doesn’t mean you will like it. Fortunately Anime has variety so their is something for everyone.  

  • Maximus

    big anime fan not fimilar with this either my favs r Naruto Shippodean, Bleach, DBZ is legendary of course, Beserk & the X-men anime is very good i do not like the wolverine 1 the iron man is so-so great animation but ok

  • Sonyslayer

    I hardly watch anime, except for miyazaki and a few select anime shows (death note, gungrave, Samurai Champloo). But, i have heard of Noir, and was vaguely aware that it was some kind of classic anime. Just saying, I am kind of 1up-ing you anime fanboys on your own history.

  • Anonymous

    well, i am not into anime and even i have heard about it. I never heard of Detective Conan though. So yeah, it has to be well known…