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Watchmen Screenwriter Alex Tse To Tackle The Crow Remake

Despite being embroiled in a legal feud with The Weinstein Company over the distribution rights, Relativity Media is pushing ahead with its remake of The Crow, hiring Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse to pen the script.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) and actor Bradley Cooper are attached to the film, which The Hollywood Reporter says is described as a “reinvention” of the 1994 box-office hit.

Based on the 1989 comic by James O’Barr, The Crow centers on a young musician who’s killed while trying save his fiancee from street thugs, only to be resurrected by supernatural forces. He seeks vengeance against his murderers, methodically stalking the thugs and killing them. The original adaptation, released by Miramax, was a critical and commercial success that achieved cult status, in part, because of the on-set death of star Brandon Lee. It spawned three movie sequels and a short-lived television series.

Writer-musician Nick Cave (The Proposition, The Wettest County in the World) penned the most recent draft of the script, but Relativity signaled in April that it would bring in a new screenwriter to work with Fresnadillo.


  • jim gorr

    No!!! Why remake a already great film, and disrespect the late Bandon Lee?!?

  • Adam Hasser

    The beauty of The Crow is that you can tell different stories with out having to reboot it. I hope they keep the original story as canon and just create a new character.

  • Dawnell_do

    They tried that with the sequels, but they never worked so their going back to the original, but hopefully the’ll stick closer to the comic book. 

  • Alicia2ashez

    Brandon Lee was perfect for his role. There have been numerous sequels
    and a short-lived television series, but they’ve all failed to replicate
    the success of the original. What makes anyone think a re-make will be
    anything different, especially with Bradley Cooper, a comedian, as Eric
    Draven. I don’t see a need in a re-make of this already great film. All
    everyone is doing lately is making re-makes or sequels, and to be honest
    almost all of them suck. The only way I can see anyone thinking Bradley
    Cooper can do it is because he is known for his role in the hangover..
    key word he is KNOWN. I do not see a reason as to why he would be placed
    for such a serious and deep role when he really isn’t the type we see.
    Yes, it is important fan actor to branch out, but not on this type of
    film. Some movies don’t need to be re-done, especially one such as The
    Crow, where an amazing actor and person tragically died on the set of
    the movie. Rest in Peace Brandon Lee, THE Eric Draven.

  • Carparts

    The only good sign here is Nick Cave’s involvement.  A Crow movie with the same tension and realistic looking graphic violence as The Proposition would be incredible.  Although since Nick Cave isn’t actually directing, I don’t expect much from this movie.