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The Office Recruits James Spader

James Spader, who guest starred in the season finale of The Office, reportedly is in talks to join the hit NBC comedy — but not as a replacement for Steve Carrell.

Although the three-time Emmy winner appeared in the May 19 episode as Robert California, one of several applicants for the job of the Scranton branch manager, Entertainment Weekly reports that the network actually wants him as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin. He would replace Kathy Bates, who’s believed to be leaving to focus on the second season of Harry’s Law.

However, while Bates appears only occasionally on The Office, EW contends Spader would have “a significant weekly presence.” The plan is for his character to take the branch manager position, only to realize the job is too small for him. So he somehow convinces the corporate office to appoint him as the new CEO.

Spader joined The Practice in its final season as the unethical lawyer Alan Shore, shaking up the stale drama before his character was fired from the firm and spun off into Boston Legal. He won three Emmy Awards for playing the character on the two series.

Watch Spader’s scene from The Office season finale below.


  • Carparts

    Spader will be a fine replacement for until we get Michael Scott Rebirth.  Oh wait, this is TV…

    This is also the first I’m hearing about Harry’s Law’s second season.  If that show is going to keep going they just have to have Spader and Bill Shatner do guest appearances.  And then a TV movie Harry’s Law/ Boston Legal crossover.  I’m getting pretty far off topic here, aren’t I?

  • Thomas Greer

    thats pretty awesome

  • Savonti

    I’m really not wild about that idea. 
     Steve Carrel left some pretty massive shoes to fill, well all know that but I’m worried that they are trying a bit too hard fill that void.  I think back to all of the potential “Michaels” in the finale and I don’t think any of them came off as natural or organic as Ricky Gervais did in his cameo earlier in the season.  Sure, Gervais was reprising a role so naturally it would be easier, but I digress.

    For all his talent, I just can’t see how Spader(;s character) would make a positive contribution to this very uncertain era of the Office.

  • Spaceghost23

    Spader was awesome in the season finale.  he’ll be a great addition to the cast.